Thursday, December 17, 2020

Kobielus thought leadership posts in 2020

Predictions for cloud computing in 2021


Predictions for AI in 2021


Reconciling political beliefs with career ambitions


Anti-adversarial machine learning defenses start to take root


Predicting How Biden Might Tackle Tech Policy


Nvidia pushes into a wider application ecosystem


The Upside to Deepfake Technology


Looking into the post-2020 future of Big Tech


AI Governance Rises to the Top of the Stack


Limits of AI to Stop Disinformation During Election Season


Microsoft’s innovative new tools for the ‘new normal’


How NVIDIA’s Arm acquisition will drive AI to every edge


Using robotics and immersive technologies to support work-from-home employees


The Coming Tech Schism in the Post-Pandemic Workplace 


Big tech faces intense political pressure in an election year


Is the carbon footprint of AI too big?


Will Facial Recognition Thrive in the Post-Pandemic Economy?


The sweet spot for robotic process automation in the COVID-19 response


Robotics Will Prevail Over Other Tech Sectors Post-Pandemic


Social engineering hacks weaken cybersecurity during the pandemic


How AI is Enabling Predictive Containment Management 


How AI is Enabling Pervasive Biosensing 


How AI is Powering Social Distancing for Digital Business Transformation


Which tech companies will survive the pandemic-triggered recession?


Quantum AI is still years from enterprise prime time


Will Contact-Tracing Apps Win the Battle?


Interview With Robert Sutor, VP For Quantum Ecosystem Development, IBM Research


How data, AI, and IoT will shape the post-coronavirus ‘new normal’


Quantum AI in the 2020s and Beyond: What IBM Is Doing


Information Technology’s Pivotal Role In The Post-Pandemic New Normal


AIOps In the Post-Coronavirus New Normal: Where IBM’s Heading


GPipe and PipeDream: Scaling AI training in every direction


Business Continuity In the COVID-19 Emergency: How IBM is Responding


Advancing AI with Neuromorphic Computing Platforms


Coding together apart: Software development after COVID-19


Must Data Privacy Take a Back Seat During the Coronavirus Panic?


Cybersecurity Issues Are Growing More Acute Under the COVID-19 Emergency


How Many AI Application Development Frameworks Are Too Many?


Enterprise AI Goes Mainstream, but Maturity Must Wait


AI Model Assurance Keeps Intelligent Apps from Running Off the Rails


Rethinking Edge Computing While Pandemic Is In the Forefront of Global Consciousness


Tracking the Impact of the COVID-19 Emergency on the Tech Sector


TensorFlow deepens its advantages in the AI modeling wars


Triaging Which Tech Vendors Will Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic and Likely Aftermath Recession


Making AI’s Arcane Neural Networks Accessible


How AI Can Potentially be Used in the Battle Against Pandemics


Mitigating the Risks of the AI Black Box


Microsoft Research AI Ethics Checklist Crafts Principles for Designing AI DevOps Processes


Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2020 Addresses Growing Enterprise Need for AI Model Assurance


AI companies plant the seeds for quantum machine learning


Google’s TensorFlow Quantum Is a Key Industry Milestone in Machine Learning Acceleration


Boutique Clouds Rise on Multicloud and Microservices


Google Cloud and AT&T Team to Build 5G Edge Computing Solutions


NVIDIA Acquisition of SwiftStack Facilitates Cloud-to-Edge Data Management for AI and HPC


BMC Strengthens AIOps Through Compuware Acquisition


Deepfake Technology Loses Its Stigma Amid Socially Redeeming Uses


Algorithmia Integrates AI Model Governance with GitOps


The Retirement of DAWNBench — What’s Next for Benchmarking the Next Gen Infrastructure for Industrialized Data Science


Boosting AI’s smarts in the absence of training data


With the Rise of PyTorch, TensorFlow’s Deep Learning Dominance May Be Waning


Engineering Tiny Machine Learning for the Edge


NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW Launches — Streaming Cloud Gaming Taking On Google and Others


Alphabet’s Fiscal Q4 and Year-End 2019 Results Show Strong Growth Under Competitive Pressure


IBM Post-Rometty — The Immediate Future Lies in Multi-cloud AIOps


Launchable Draws on DevOps to Deliver AI-Powered Software Test Automation


Keeping your enterprise AI expertise up to speed


How Credible Are the White House’s AI Regulation Principles?


Apple’s Acquisition of Aims to Deliver TinyML to Edge Devices


AWS Releases AutoGluon, an Innovative Open-Source Tooling for Automated Machine Learning


Democratizing the optimization of AI’s arcane neural networks


CES 2020: Making Sense of the Glut of Innovation on Display


CES 2020: Consumer-Facing Opportunities Accelerate Evolution of the AI DevOps Toolchain


Predictions for Cloud Computing in 2020


CES 2020: It Might As Well Stand for Connected Ecosystems Showcase


CES 2020: Announcements at Intel’s News Conference


Mitigating the risks of AI transparency in the next decade


Friday, December 13, 2019

Kobielus thought leadership posts in 2019

How Applying Labels and Other Tactics Keeps AI Transparent

Public cloud workloads take root in the boutiques

How 5G Will Serve AI and Vice Versa

GPUs Continue to Dominate the AI Accelerator Market for Now

Shining open source transparency on the roots of trusted hardware

At Tableau Conference, AI drives the business intelligence experience but Salesforce integration remains AWOL

Neural Architecture Search Could Tune AI’s Algorithmic Heart

Handicapping the AI modeling horse race

At Ignite, Microsoft convincingly addresses the multicloud imperative

Will data gravity favor the cloud or the edge?

At Evolve, ASG debuts low-code tooling for digital process automation

AI Keeps Buggy Code From Crashing The Cloud

As Hadoop wanes, Cloudera aims to accelerate multicloud data science pipelines

At OpenWorld, Oracle struggles to move the cloud needle its way

Next-generation virtual machines will help power multicloud computing

At VMworld, VMware bets big on convergence of virtual machines and containers

Company profile: sprinkles in new risk mitigation features

VMware’s ‘Switzerland’ cloud partnership strategy will be a key focus at upcoming VMworld

How Long Will IT Remain a Viable Career in the Age of AIOps?

The Dangers of Demonizing AI

The Hybrid Cloud Arena Hits an Inflection Point

At Identiverse, exploring the challenges of building an identity control plane for the multicloud

The data lake is becoming the new data warehouse

AI-Powered Security: Lulling Us Into Misplaced Confidence?

MongoDB grows its solution portfolio while boosting its flagship platform

At AWS Public Sector Summit, Amazon braces for a changing cloud industry

How to provide single-pane visibility across the business multicloud

Giving DevOps Teeth To Crunch Down on AI Ethics Governance

At PegaWorld, Pega provides citizen developers with compliance guardrails

Wrapping a Collaborative Control Plane Around Multicloud Management

At Informatica World, AI automates delivery of smart recommendations for hybrid-cloud data operations

At Red Hat Summit, automation of hybrid cloud management steps to the forefront

Microsoft pushes the intelligent edge forward at Build

At Dell Tech World, data protection provides strategic leverage in the hybrid-cloud wars

What are developers looking for in multicloud programming? Simplicity.

How Multicloud Cost Models Are Shifting

Data Analytics Assure Quality Care by Regional Nursing Home Operator

Wrapping up Next, Google pushes multiclouds to top of customers’ IT strategies

Cloud Next day two wrap: Google makes a strong developer push

Day one wrap at Next: Multicloud stars as Google Cloud opens up its strategy

Hardware Orientation: Asset or Liability for IT Vendors in the Multicloud Era?

The challenge of ensuring effective security across the multicloud

At Flink Forward, Ververica evolves Apache Flink into a unified data platform

On the verge of Next ’19, Google must double down on cloud applications

Mesh madness: The flattening of multicloud networking

Looking ahead to Next ’19, Google puts AI at the center of cloud hyperscaling

How AI is Automating Multicloud Management

As Next ’19 approaches, Google confronts strategic challenges in the cloud

Security built in: At RSA Conference, cybersecurity intersects with DevOps

At RSA Conference, look for ‘post-perimeter’ security to dominate

Google Enters the Hybrid Cloud Arena With A Promising, Albeit Still-Beta, Offering

At Think 2019, IBM brings AI to the multicloud but confronts formidable challenges

Let’s Accept That AI Leadership Is Everywhere

How to manage full-spectrum DevOps that spans multiple clouds

Recapping the Think 2019 “Journey to Cloud” Community CrowdChat

At Cisco Live, executives discuss strategic directions in multicloud networking

At Cisco Live, agile programmability builds and governs multicloud applications

At Cisco Live, AI optimizes networking across the multicloud

Knative may be the serverless computing standard you need

Training AI to Save Lives

Harnessing AI to power automated management of containerized multiclouds

Powering a multicloud world: a recap of Wikibon’s Cisco Live Community CrowdChat

Virtualization is just getting warmed up

Step by step, how enterprises should embark on the journey to the cloud

Using Kubernetes to monitor and control the multicloud networking fabric

Recapping the Think 2019 “Journey to AI” community CrowdChat: AI everywhere

How to run high-performance Kubernetes apps in the multicloud

Implementing the Enterprise Journey to AI

Digital assistants rule the show at CES 2019

At CES, robotics delivers AI into every corner of our lives

Predictions for Big Data Analytics in 2019

At CES, look for an onslaught of AI-stoked digital wellness products

Predictions for Application Development in 2019

Predictions for Edge Computing in 2019