Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aweekstweets August 16-24 2014: the week the scenery changed briefly

Just exercised my unfriend and block options in FB and Twitter, respectively. One individual seemed disturbed. The other just obnoxious.

My advice 2 so-called "futurists" is 2 rebrand as "speculationists." You have no magic crystal balls. Not "speculators" unless have $ riding

Glad to be home. Have a thick stack of printed-out #cogcomputing preso slides I'm going to ponder at length. But not on my weekend.

Solid cloud deck. When viewed from an airplane at 30,000 feet, the day isn't overcast. It's undercast.

If there's ever a final episode of "Simpsons," it needs to be Bart racing thru Springfield on his skateboard tying up loose plot threads.

San Jose's streetcars are pretty cool. They give Silicon Valley an urban anchor. Place isn't quite as suburban as it appears at 1st glance.

Jimmy Buffett "Come Monday" ( ) JK--As Labor Day approaches, I feel this way. Yes, my girls, it's been quite a summer.

It's always easier to keep my head straight when I visualize myself as a bobblehead.

Speaking in any number of cities on any number of topics this fall. Pick any number below infinity. That's what I'll be doing & where.

The "ice bucket challenge" is getting kind of boring. What I'd like to see is who steps up for the "molten lead challenge."

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Dredging the Data Lake"

Sitting here in the flats at the far southern end of San Francisco Bay today. Northern Silicon Valley. North San Jose. #IBM office building

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heart of Darkness by Pere Ubu JK--1975. @djkevincole discussed cofounder Peter Laughner contribution & fast flame-out

Data-scientist skillsets? Teaming within open expertise communities p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Uninstalled Facebook Messenger from my smartphone with extreme prejudice. I quite seriously cannot stand it.

Speaker regards jazz as pinnacle of musical achievement. Demeans rock, in this case death metal, as undifferentiated crap. Oh, brother.

Turing test equal parts conversation ("how does other party respond?"), context ("response feel natural?"), cognition ("that human think?")

Culture shift. When someone matter-of-factly mentions her "wife" in prof setting & nobody bats eye, you know 20th century is ancient history

At #CogComputing, I've met vendors o solutions that do algorithmic extract/translate/render o data 2 insights 2 human-relevant narrativ text

Any definition o "cognitive computing" that doesnt reference cognition--i.e., thinking--is non-starter. What thought processes do U compute?

New #IBM jk blog: "Doing something about the weather" ( )

Business travel. What I like most is the change of scenery. It's still work, but with a different backdrop. Sometimes, it makes a difference

Nothing terribly interesting on the Internet this morning, apart from the fact that we live in "interesting times."

Advanced analytics? The converged & accelerated machine learning of ensemble methods ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Speaker has a thick New Zealand accent. Unmistakeably NOT Australian. Short "e" expressed like short "i." Pronounces "express" "ixpriss."

"Introduction 2 Deep Learning: From Perceptrons 2 Deep Netwks" ( ) JK--Good overview. Fundamental 2 cognitive computing

IGNORE ME//An anomalous/anemone insists on/anonymity.

RIP Don Pardo. Near as anybody can tell, he was an incorporeal being: a disembodied voice introducing "Jeopardy," "SNL," & other TV shows

Speaker on neuroscience @ #CogComputing discusses problems recalling 50-year-old memories. I remember the Beatles on Sullivan like yesterday

Listening to Dave Sullivan of Ersatz Labs at #CogComputing blowing my mind with excellent, in-depth tech discussion. All's coming into focus

Enjoying ex-IBMer Chris Welty keynote at #CogComputing San Jose. Cogn sys devel proc: metrics, data, truth, explore, fail, combine, follow.

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "The Larger Stakes Behind #BigData Ethics" ( )

Data-scientist skillsets? Girding 4 commoditization o yr profession p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

"Excuse me, do you speak fraud?" ( ) JK--Good visual overview o network graph analysis & machine learning in anti-fraud

"For #BigData Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights" ( ) JK--Dumb headline. Refers to data preparation.

Earth viewed from 30,000 feet? I see patches of green, brown, & blue down there. I'll keep you posted if other colors emerge on the horizon

Request for definition of "big data" in "simple words." Exactly how much simpler than "big" & "data" must these English words be? "A"? "I"?

Chicken? Don't be! Reach right customer w/ right offer--eg dinner-- @ right time/place w/ #IBM Streams & ODM Webcast. 

Cool topics to immerse oneself in. Keeps life & work fun. There are always cool topics, some of which are hot. That's geek-heaven sweetspot

In a zen zone right now. Waiting to fly out to San Jose for Cognitive Computing Forum. I go to speak, but mostly to absorb. Hot topic.

"Visual control o #bigdata" ( ) JK--MIT data-viz tool IDs sources o aberrant results & recomputes visualizns w/out them

"How This Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Before Humans Could" ( ) JK--Mined 1000s o web-based data sources for clues

Outlier analysis. When applied to politicians' tweets, I'd like to see an analysis of how often they're out there, lying.

"Wizard of Oz & new Analytics Fairytale" ( ) JK--Perfect example of cutesy allegorical overreach sabotaging a POV

When someone on LinkedIn says I'm "perfect" to attend some event (at my expense), I'd like them to endorse me: "James Kobielus is perfect."

RT @KirkDBorne: "How common is your birthday?" JK--Mine's annual, Kirk. How about yours?

Data lake. More of an exploratory multistructured data-science archive. Call it that instead. Dredge the muck from that definitional lake

Just saw description of unknown actress as "iconic." Probably one o those never-clicked icons Hollywood requested be purged from its desktop

Those insanely logo-dense #bigdata ecosystem charts. Memorizing those is pointless. This innovative industry defies crisp categories.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa from The Making of Freak Out! Project JK--1966. Great message song. Racial relations

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: InfoSphere Guardium on z/OS" ( ) JK--Wed Aug 27 11:30am EDT #IBMDataMag

"Webinar: Virtual Enzee and Netezza Underground" ( ) JK--Fri Aug 22 11am EDT #IBMDataMag

"IBM Webcast: #IBM Business Tech Trends Report" ( ) JK--Join the entrepreneur huddle Thurs Aug 21 1pm EDT #IBMDataMag

"Apply Open Source to Real-Time App Dev ( ) JK--Podcast: learn about GitHub InfoSphere Streams project #IBMDataMag

"Hail to the Chief Data Officer" ( ) JK--New #IBM website w/comprehensive resources dedicated to CDO role #IBMDataMag

"Insights for Competitive Adv" ( ) JK--IBM redesigns #BigData Analytics website w/Watson Foundations capabs #IBMDataMag

"Take Offensive Against Cyberattacks" ( ) JK--Vid on #IBM InfoSphere Streams 4 hunting elusive black swans #IBMDataMag

"Enterprise-Level Muscle" ( ) JK--Video on #IBM InfoSphere BigInsights #Hadoop #IBMDataMag

"Predict Prevent & Act on Security Threats" ( ) JK--KMadia on stream computing for real-time security intel #IBMDataMag

"Cloud Analytics: A Taxonomy for Service Offerings" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah second of 2-part series. #IBMDataMag

"Explore New Frontiers in Business Analytics" ( ) JK--Polish-surnamed geek splits hairs. Like always #IBMDataMag

#BigData hardcore use cases? Assess when bigger data truly better p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One of These Days by Pink Floyd from Meddle JK--1971. Truly psychedelic jam best played at full mindbending volume.

Explore New Frontiers in #BusinessAnalytics  by James Kobielus

Converging basic and advanced #analytics paves the way for keen #insight and #businessinnovation  by James Kobielus

Why the people who use #advancedanalytics tend to fall under the broad heading of #datascientists  by James Kobielus

How today’s #poweranalysts have tools to do #analysis that used to require a #datascientist  by James Kobielus

Just got email from somebody named "Tony Orlando." Had to resist the urge to reply "Where's Dawn?"

There's misperception of me as "book-smart." Honestly, it took me forever to realize laying them down splayd open tends to break the binding

It sounds truly pathetic when a message states that "A friend wants you to like a page on Facebook." It's come to this? Begging to be liked?

New #IBMDataMag jk article: Explore New Frontiers in #BusinessAnalytics ( )

"Sturgeon’s Law, #BigData & the New Literacy" ( ) JK--Actually, Sturgeon's own work violates that. ~90% of it was great

"Photo Editing Future Based on Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Yikes! Will we ever be able 2 trust foto verisimilitude again?

"Machine predicts heart attacks 4 hours before doctors" ( ) JK--Wow! Think of the life-saving potential!

"How Genes Could Predict Who'll Get PTSD" ( ) JK--Even if could, unlikely that militaries would grant combat exemptions

"State Open-Data Policies & Portals" ( ) JK--Very useful detailed state-by-state overview.

"Making Sense o #BigData w/Virtual Reality & Unconscious Mind" ( ) JK--Collective Experience o Empathic Data Sys proj

"On Path to Adv Analytx, Data Silos Still Major Stumbling Block" ( ) JK--Multichan mktg thrives on unified customr data

Siloes. Tech metaphor that always puts me in a "Green Acres" frame of mind. Always curls my lips into a smile, half-expecting Arnold the Pig

Apache ARGUS project ( ) JK--Framework to enable, monitor & manage comprehensive data security across Hadoop ecosystem

My wastebasket. I'm going to reposition it as my repository for curationally deprecated content. Yeah, that's it.

"AMPLab’s Tachyon" ( ) JK--Distrib FS on HDFS lets multi Hdp&Sprk jobs access same data at mem speed without corrupting

"Apache Storm and Spark Streaming Compared" ( ) JK--Good SlideShare 4 compare these stream-computing open-source projex

Mahout algorithms for recommendation engines. Good SlideShare. Heavy-going practical data science: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tall Man, Skinny Lady by Ty Segall from Manipulator JK--2014. Nice crazy chaotic guitar freakout on this one.

"How do I become a data scientist? An evaluation of 3 alternatives" ( ) JK--Good comparative table of alternatives.

"Concepts in Predictive Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Interesting masters thesis. Download: 

"How NYC Fire Dept Uses DataMining" ( ) JK--Pred model assigns each inspectabl bldg a risk score 2 priortze inspections

Facebook's flaky API annoys me. Occasionally it craps out in middle of a Hootsuite session without warning. Sometimes it double-posts. Geez

Service-oriented analytics? #BigData analytics consulting as a service ( ) Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's All in My Mind by Teenage Fanclub from Man-Made JK--2005. I like their harmony singing.

Privacy and social experimentation 

Sitting late in the evening alone listening to music on my laptop at home. Perfect time to finish the wine. Perfect time to be selfish.

Hypertension: high blood pressure. Its cerebral correlate is hypercognition: high thought pressure. Curious if they mutually reinforce.

Challenging myself on the strength machines at LA Fitness. Trying to get to point that I can press at least my body weight in any direction.

Just bought & am downloading St. Vincent's eponymous 4th LP, from earlier this year. Been meaning to spend time with Annie Clark's artistry

I'm generally better informed when I avoid TV news. I'm also calmer. No need to process the sounds of broadcasters' sensationalizing voices

Speaking at #Dataversity Cognitive Computing Forum in San Jose CA this week ( ). Panel discussion Thursday afternoon

Love when people's auto-created "#bigdata personal newspapers" have "stories via @jameskobielus" that R simply music videos I tweeted about

"As one guy at the suicide hotline said: 'Life isn't for everybody." -- Robin Williams to Terry Gross (NPR Fresh Air) in 2006

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog JK--1991. I always thought this was Pearl Jam. Great one, nevertheless.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alive by Pearl Jam from Ten JK--1991. Another Seattle grunge group whose sound grows more classic with age.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Brother by Alice in Chains from Sap JK--1992. Seattle grunge group. Cool sound. Has aged well.

Caught "American Hustle" on DVD. Lots o great performances, especially th ladies. Can't decide if I love Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence more

Hollywood films that claim to be "based on a true story." Need disclaimer: "performers better-looking than the people they're portraying."

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aweekstweets August 9-16 2014: the week of wtf

Yeah, I liked "Full Metal Jacket," but wish Kubrick had done a live-action "Beetle Bailey" instead. "Popeye" did wonders for Altman's career

Reader letter to WashPost uses phrase "a family newspaper." What's the alternative? Private newspaper U conceal from loved ones as if porn?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bohemio by Peliroja from Injusticia JK--2014. Great macho singing voice. TomJones-ish

"Pretend" news sources are the funniest these days: Daily Show, The Onion, Fox. Amusing how many people fooled into thinking they're legit

Geez. Events have overtaken my ability to bang out a coherent quick-hit today. Perhaps the next hour will bring clarity & closure.

"Researchers hope deep learning algorithms can run on FPGAs and supercomputers" ( ) JK--"Hope"? Who doubts feasibility?

Big Science? Staggering resource reqs of computational megascience p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Join #IBM for #Transactions Twitterchat: “How important are transactions in a big data world?” Wed Aug 20 11am-12noon ET

The scene from "Mrs. Doubtfire" that my kids & I dug the most: Robin Williams' "James Brontosaurus" rap ( )

Cool. Just heard there'll be a "Doc Martin" series 7 in 2015. I'll binge that as avidly as th first 6 series. As soon as it airs in the USA

How do u prevent a cyber attack? Find the black swan. #ibm #bigdata #StreamingAnalytics #security 

Even more annoying than the post-encounter satisfaction survey is the email a week later nagging you about not responding to the first email

Need terminology flip: high-time we startd calling soldiers "government employees" & workers at civilian agencies as "serving their country"

"The Quantified Self On Steroids" ( ) JK--"Walking the line between self-discovery and [techno-narcissism]"

"Active In-Db Processing 4 Ambient Assisted Living Sys" ( ) JK--IoT smart-home architectr for the ill/disabled/elderly

"Any Way to Avoid Standards Wars in the Emerging Internet of Things?" ( ) JK--Good discussion of IoT standards efforts

"What is Big Structure?" ( ) JK--Very cool: "Nexus o SemWeb, knwldg bases, AI...key component making sense of #BigData"

Now that Steve Ballmer has officially acquired the LA Clippers, expect to see him do the Monkey Dance at every game ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Anonanimal by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast JK--2009. "I know this one, I know this song, I love this song."

"DARPA contemplates vast ocean network" ( ) JK--Essentially, a stealthy survivable maritime Internet of military things

Continuity of work habits. Always my anchor, no matter how much the work itself may shift. New habits take root in, then ease out, the old

"Healthcare #BigData : Blessing & Curse" ( ) JK--"Interpreting govt-released HC data correctly....massive challenge"

"Stop Writing Dystopian Sci-Fi—It’s Making Us All Fear Tech" ( ) JK--Amen! And stop turning it into entertaining movies

Healthcare analytics? Wearable cognition-assist analytics as the new prosthetics (  ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

On some workdays, I'm not entirely into talking about tech. Talking is all outward. But always into writing about it. Writing's all inward

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Using real-time analytics to identify who's scooping whom in online journalism" ( )

Nice to have trove o my own presos on disk. When someone wants me to give them perspective ASAP, I often toss one over transom. Saves breath

Keeping things in perspective. Cardinal perspective is relativity: perspectives vary from person 2 person, & shift for each person over time

The Singularity approacheth, at which point all peaks o inflated expectations converge & be utterly annihil8d by all troughs o disillusionmt

Yet another article that refers to PPACA inaccurately as "ObamaCare." By the same logic, social security should be called "RooseveltBucks."

It's been a cooler-than-average summer in the DC area. So I guess that means global warming's being reversed. Gore: call off the alert!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Keep on the Sunny Side by Johnny & June C. Cash from The Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me JK--1974. Resounding joy!

New post on @SmarterPlanet Embracing Change to Re-imagine the #Workforce by @MeghanMBiro #HR 

"Data Science & Computational Public Policy at University of Chicago" ( ) JK--Interesting curricula & research programs

"GGL tackls futur threat o 'homoglyph' spam w/tightr filters" ( ) JK--Non-Latin chars substitut 4 lookalike Latin chars

Read Harriet Fryman’s blog, Seize Your Big Data Moment,  and join us at IBM Insight 2014 #ibminsight

Finished next week's quick-hits early. Now moving onto th following week's. Building a deep ideation pipeline pushing further into th future

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If Not For You by George Harrison from All Things Must Pass JK--1970. Great one. Way better than Dylan's original.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Be-in by The Dandy Warhols from The Dandy Warhols Come Down JK--1997. Hypnotic electronic chant with mantra "am I?"

Hey PR flack whose email I just deleted vehemently, dont even think o exploiting Robin Williams or any other celebrity death 2 sell anything

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alison by Elvis Costello from My Aim is True JK--1977. I remember Linda Ronstadt covered this almost immediately.

" #BigData's biggest impact is not on Silicon Valley" ( ) JK--McKinsey & Gartner numbers/graphs on industry adoption

Data-scientist skillsets? Articul8ng advs of analytics over intuition p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RIP Lauren Bacall. She of the sultry eyes, husky voice, and commanding screen presence.

"Internet Of Things = Internet Of Gateways" ( ) JK--Sort of a router overlay net on top of today's IP router internet

Sorry to inform you that robots will in fact steal your job. But don't worry: they won't eat your lunch. Unless you're on a high-iron diet.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hurricane by MS MR from Secondhand Rapture JK--2013. Delicious sense of impending doom in this vibe. I have this LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Marquee Moon by Television from Marquee Moon JK--1977. Classic group/album that was fairly obscure in its day.

Aerosmith "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" ( ) JK--Good night, Mrs. Doubtfire. You cleaned up real good.

"Ontologies versus Data Models" ( ) JK--Good primer by Malcolm Chisholm.

"Internet Of Things: Batteries Not Required" ( ) JK--Devices harvest energy from ambient wi-fi signals.

"The rise of machines that learn" ( ) JK--Eric Knorr cites one of my articles ( )

Big Science? The open-sourcing of scientific inquiry throughout the world ( ) Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

" #IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit" ( ) JK--Sept 23–24, 2014 Boston. Register: 

"Your mother knows how to push your buttons because she installed them." --Robin Williams

"Up th Ante on Business Intelligence" ( ) JK--Discover IBM Business Intelligence Pattern w/BLU Acceleration #IBMDataMag

"Meet Biz Objectives w/Mainframe-Based Analytics" ( ) JK--Download #IBM whitepaper  #IBMDataMag

"The Untapped Opportunity of Streaming Analytics" ( ) JK--Kimberly Madia discusses #IBM InfoSphere Streams #IBMDataMag

"The Context Conundrum" ( ) JK--W. H. Inmon on the challenge of contextualizing "nonrepetitive" data #IBMDataMag

"Cloud Analytics: Derive Insight Without On-Premises Infrastructure" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah 1st of 4 articles #IBMDataMag

Robin Williams owed his career to th fact that "Happy Days" had jumped the shark. A space alien in a mostly realistic nostalgia-themed show?

Shooting in Missouri & aftermath. Most news outlets' angle: unarmed black teenager shot by cop. Fox News angle: restore law & order.

I'm easily amused. I sit & listen to people 5, 10, 20 years my junior complain about aging. Complain about a real problem, please.

RT @WSJ: From Sesame Street to Steve Martin, friends and fans remember Robin Williams:

RIP Robin Williams. Set new comedic standard for scary-fast stand-up improv. Skilled actor equally adept at drama. His Oscar was for drama.

Closing all your open desktop windows is the moment you realize everything you did today at work. It's like: "I'm tired all over again."

" #Hadoop in Enterprise Architecture" ( ) JK--Good one. IMHO, Hadoop losing "coolness" while gains foundational stature

Videos and slide presentations from June's Accumulo Summit ( )

"introduction to Apache Accumulo" ( ) JK--Good slideshow on the

"Algorithm Extracts Sound from Silent Vid" ( ) JK--Recovers it from vibes o supple surfaces viewd thru soundproof glass

"Deep Learning Tutorials" ( ) JK--Interesting but definition of "shallow learning" strawman feels petty & condescending

"Power & Promise o #BigData Paring" ( ) JK--Seems to refer 2 profiling, sampling, feature selection, & outlier analysis

"NoSQL, NewSQL, or RDBMS: How To Choose" ( ) JK--Would be more useful if linked to list of products in each category

#Infographic: Outperform your peers with 82x faster insights  #PowerSystems #IBMBLU #Cognos #analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stay Don't Go by Spoon from Kill the Moonlight JK--2002. One of their coolest songs. The beat drills deep into you.

Glad they had no wordprocessors in biblical days. If they'd had em, we'd be unknowingly debating th theological import of autocorrect errors

Cognitive computng? Wrestl myriad definitions down 2 manageabl size p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Bells on Sunday by Mark Lanegan from No Bells on Sunday JK--2014. Good one. Nice slow burn on this.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hard To Be An Outlaw by Willie Nelson from Band of Brothers JK--2014. Good one. Very much an Old West cowboy vibe.

"Computr prgrm can predct 7 out o 10 Suprem Ct decisions" ( ) JK--Aint nuthin. I can predict 10 outa 10 Scalia opinions

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Strictly Rule by Vetiver from Tight Knit JK--2009. You'd swear it's called "ooh you make me." Coos that over & over

I'd be surprised if the current conflict in Iraq doesn't result in an independent Kurdistan.

Didn't have the nerve to catch the Supermoon. I'm to afraid there's a Supersun lurking over the eastern horizon.

Caught "The Railway Man" with Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman on DVD. Excellent true story of PTSD-wracked WW2 vet facing up to his tormentors

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crazy Loving You by Thra Kha Band from Groove Club Vol. 3: Cambodia Rock JK--Some serious guitar-shredding going on

You know your workouts have been effective when your muscles just have a spring and bounce to them on days you don't work out.

Sundays are the heart of the weekend leisure zone. Saturdays are too clogged with chores to truly relax, much of the time.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Old Shanghai by Beck/ Eleanor Friedberger from Song Reader JK--2014. Very nice. Sort of a Marlene Dietrich feel.

Nothing much in the news today. Nothing much except crises all over the world, it seems. Funny how one tends to absorb those into the noise.

Shrugging is the most powerful response to stressful events. Shrug it off, where "it" is the events, the stress, and the moment. All passes.

Sanity lies in knowing precisely how little power you truly have. And how powerful you truly are.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Aweekstweets August 2-9 2014: the week of intuitive mellow

Satisfied Sunday obligations at Saturday 5pm Mass, followed by dining out. Routine the girls & I have established. Actually, makes gr8 sense

Caught "Inside Llewyn Davis" on DVD. Liked it. Spare, taut, linear plot development. Coen Bros do good unfussy character study. Great music

Wardrobe malfunction. Malwear.

Good week. Fairly mellow. I don't use the word "mellow" much. But the week gone by sailed by on pure intution. For me, that's mellow.

Damien Jurado "Life Away From the Garden" ( ) JK--2012. From "Maraqopa," one of my fave LPs of the 2010s. Dig th chorus

When I write, little birdie in my head always asking "Jim, didn't you already say that somewhere?" Yes, birdie & I are on a first-name basis

"Open Data on Net Neutrality: Help Crowdsource Analysis o Comments to the FCC" ( ) JK--NLP data scientists: have at it!

"Data Science Cheat Sheet" ( ) JK--Huh!? This is busy as all get-out. Cheatsheets are supposed to be simple cribnotes

Mary Tyler Moore Show "Ted's Moment of Glory" ( ) JK--Cut to 20:00 mark for classic of Lou taunting Ted: "QUIZmaster!"

"Securing Billions of IoT Devices Poses Mind-Boggling Challenges" ( ) JK--Mnd-bgglng device #, diversity, connectedness

"Audience Dead, Long Live Active Content Consumrs" ( ) JK--"Universal authorship": every1 entitled to 2-cents everythng

"Internet of Things: A Big #BigData Use Case" ( ) JK--EMA's JMyers says ROI calc 4 machine-data analytx straightforward

"How #BigData Helps Tiniest Patients" ( ) JK--Kaiser improved predictive risk assessmt o early-onset sepsis in newborns

"Spotify uses deep learn 2 improv playlists" ( ) JK--Recomm algos drivn by song acoustic analytx find cool unheard jams

"Data Scientist Role Shifting to Focus on Developers" ( ) JK--Actually, data scientists ARE the new developers.

"Making #BigData Work: Retail Energy" ( ) JK--Interesting graph forecasting amount o data to be generated by smarthomes

How Will the Internet of Things Evolve in the Next 100 Years?

Conversation optimization? ...accessorizing your lifestyle online p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

"CSC #IBM Expand Alliance to Speed Client’ Adopt o Hybrid Cloud Mobile #BigData" ( ) JK--CoE offers #BlueMix #SoftLayer

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Staircase at the University by Morrissey frm World Peace... JK--"If it breaks your legs then dont come running to me"

"New #IBM SyNAPSE Chip Could Open Era of Vast Neural Nets" ( ) JK--Cognitive brain-inspired non-von Neumann architcture

"10 most cringe-worthy tech movies ever made" ( ) JK--They forgot "War Games" (1983) with Matthew Broderick. Stinker

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rainbow Connection by Willie Nelson JK--2001. Cover of Kermit classic.

What's the deal with the hyphen in "Spider-Man." Is the hyphen intended to symbolize the spider web threads the man shoots from his wrists?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thanks a Lot by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends from The Virginian JK--1997. She should do another traditional country LP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Harper Valley P.T.A. by Jeannie C Riley JK--1968. Great Tom T Hall composition that was a big crossover pop radio hit

Did my yoga alone out along the mirror wall in the big common room at LA Fitness. Kept my eyes closed. Self-consciousness screws me up.

New #IBM jk blog: "Wearables driving real-time actionable analytics into the modern lifestyle" ( )

GESU//They walk on water/like Jesus of Nazareth/if he were a goose.

OK, enough bigness for one day. Enough dataness too, while we're on the topic. Enough, already.

In response to yr many requests, no, I'm not on a first-name basis w/ #Watson. I doubt he even has a first name. I even doubt that he's a he

RT @data_henrik: A8: learn more about #fraud by posting your #SSN and credit card number here.... #FraudPrevention JK--LOL!!!!!!

A8: #FraudPrevention Here's a great #IBM resource to learn more about #banking anti-fraud issues & solutions: 

A7: #FraudPrevention New #bigdata techs--eg #Hadoop #NoSQL--support #banking fraud detection by execute analytx in scalabl MPP cloud pltfrms

A7: #FraudPrevention New techs such as in-memory, a la #IBM #BLU, help in #banking fraud detection through speed & tight OLTP integration

RT @wilsondavisibm: #FraudPrevention A6: Entity analytics very necessary part. List processing, relationship resolution, household analysis

#FraudPrevention A6 tight latency requires fast platforms, clean models, simplified business processes around all that
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

A6: #FraudPrevention Interdicting fraud in real-time requires lo-latency decision-automation closed response-loop back to banking OLTP apps

A6: #FraudPrevention Analyzing #banking transactions as occur requires serious lo-latency #bigdata analytic horsepwr, a la the #IBM platform

A6: #FraudPrevention Analyzing transactions as occur requires OLTP DBMSs with streaming & in-memory capabs: eg #IBM DB2 w/ BLU & Streams

A5: #FraudPrevention When talk turns to anti-fraud customer "profiling," privacy & discrimination sensitivities loom large. Tread carefully

A5: #FraudPrevention Banks should leverage third-party commercial data sources on customers to round out profiling of suspect segments

A5: Anti-Money Laundering Data Marts, Phone Support notes, Teller Information. #FraudPrevention
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A5: #FraudPrevention Key #banking anti-fraud data sources: transactional records, security audit logs, & customer/account profiles.

A4: #FraudPrevention Transactional data mining & segmentation analysis are fundamental to distinguish fraudulent vs legit #banking activity

Nerds who tape on their broken glasses to keep them on their face? Anachronism! Modern nerds tape lazik-adjusted eyeballs to their sockets

A4: fraud model gets applied in real-time to current activities, matches are further analyzed / verified #FraudPrevention
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A4: #FraudPrevention Require predictive propensity models & deterministic business rules to pre-empt & contain fraud before it can do damage

A4: #FraudPrevention Detect fraud requires historical trans analysis, pred models, stream analysis, social graph analysis, outlier detection

A3: #FraudPrevention Multifactor strong authentication flags can flag/deter fraud attempts. Analyze data to pinpoint+predict future attempts

A3: Predictive Fraud #Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Multi-factor Authentication & Cognitive Apps will all help. #FraudPrevention
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A3: data protection, security, encryption help significantly #FraudPrevention
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A3: #FraudPrevention Identifying anomalous banking transction patterns involvs per-customer historicl analysis & profiling 2 flag exceptions

A3: #FraudPrevention Identify potential fraudulent transctions by looking 4 anomalies: unusual amounts, times, locations, access chanls, etc

A2: #FraudPrevention Another key impact of #banking fraud is shift of biz resource allocation toward risk mitigation, away from productivity

#FraudPrevention- A2- Fraud false positives are a key challenge and impact customer satisfaction. #bigdata #fintech
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A2: #FraudPrevention Another key biz impact of #banking fraud is widespread lack of trust in the online financial system.

#FraudPrevention-A2- A Harris Interactive poll in 2013 found 71% would switch banks if they were a victim of fraud. #fintech #bigdata
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A2: #FraudPrevention Key biz impacts of #banking fraud are costs, lags, headaches, & complexities associated w/ensuring iron-clad security

A1: #FraudPrevention Under cover of strong commercial encryption, fraudsters can rob banks blind & remain hidden.

A1: #FraudPrevention Prevalence o zombies, bots, & worms in cyber-crime is shocking. Financial institutions everywhere under constant attack

RT @data_henrik: RT @wilsondavisibm #FraudPrevention A1: It's increasing. Now about 80% of #bank #fraud is from organized crime.
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#FraudPrevention A1 in about 30% of cases, internal collusion is involved. (providing lists, data, information)
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A1: #FraudPrevention In addition to new online channels for bank fraud, there are new online social/collaboration tools for fraudsters

RT @InfoMgmtExec: A1: Fraud always increases during Economic Downturns, but has really risen during this past 1. Epidemic. #FraudPrevention

RT @wilsondavisibm: #FraudPrevention A1: They are certainly increasing. From usually 1-2% of revenue to closer to 5%
Fraud always increases during Economic Downturns, but has really risen during this past one. It's an epidemic now. #FraudPrevention
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A1: #FraudPrevention Criminals certainly have more channels for perpetrating bankd fraud these days: web & mobile. It can't be decreasing.

@IBM_@bigdatabusiness @wilsondavisibm DB2 Pleased to be participating in this #FraudPrevention tweetchat.

I will be taking part in #FraudPrevention in #Banking tweetchat today from 11-12 ET. Please join me:  #fintech

Advanced analytics? Pick an algorithm, any algorithm p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Just because I'm "following" somebody on socials, doesnt necessarily mean I'm reading them. But it does mean that I'm not "not reading" them

“Most biz only analyze 12% of their data.” InfoSphere BigInsights 4 Hadoop can change that!  #bigdata

Cinematic title sequences are an art in their own right. Deserve own Oscar. Saul Bass did great ones in the 60s, eg: 

Does EU's so-called "right 2 B forgotten" expire at the subject's death? Can posterity petition to have historical record set right again?

Data "lake" doesn't make sense. Better 2 say data "reservoir": holds resource 2 B consumed l8r. Or data "sandbox": playpen 4 data scientists

Would it be tempting fate to include kicking an actual bucket on your bucket list?

Stereotypical geeks in clashing colors, dress-shirt pocket protectors, & Scotch-tape-repaird eyeglass frames. I've never seen one in th wild

I always GGL foreign words that natively hav accent marks not in English alphabet. I use GGL response text in my work. Eg, crème de la crème

"Gravy train"? At what point did "gravy" become synonym for "luxury"? Was it ever transported in bulk on the railroads like crude oil?

Are frauds in #banking increasing or decreasing? Join us Thu 8/7 at 11am EDT  #FraudPrevention #DB2

" #IBM Extends Consulting to New & Existing Clients with Click-to-Buy Services" ( ) JK--Analytic expertise as a service

Ask these 4 questions before attending any conference. For #ibminsight the answer is yes, yes, yes & yes.  #analytics

Participating in the IT industry standard-setting process is a bit like watching paint dry, but not as fun.

Join me, @bigdatabusiness, & @wilsondavisibm tomorrow #IBM tweetchat #FraudPrevention in Banking, 11am-12noon EDT ( )

VoltDB and #IBM Present: The Key to Unlocking the Economic Value of Fast Data in the Cloud

RT @graemeknows: "Talking to @jameskobielus. Feelin' the flow. Workin' it." JK--Graeme's one of the few I know who brainstorms fast & well

I always skip to byline of any tech article. Curious who author is, what their agenda might be. Then I skim 2 C how egregiously they push it

"Predictive Modeling w/ #BigData: Is Bigger Really Better?" ( ) JK--Research showing yield of fresh insights as U scale

"IBM Named Only Leader in Gartner MQ 4 Mobility Svcs" ( ) JK--And GG did research BEFORE we announced Apple partnership

Catch in-person panel with me @sardire @ajbowles @n2semantics Thurs 8-21 San Jose Cognitive Computing Forum ( )

Decis automation? Retraining & restraining th long-data arm o the law p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

"Direct Comparison of #IBM InfoSphere Streams & Apache Storm in A Real World Use Case" ( ) JK--Good whitepaper

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Got Nuffin' by Spoon JK--Live right now from Dexter&Denny. Standout cut from Austin band's 2010 LP "Transference."

"When data becomes dangerous" ( ) JK--Sci-fi-fueled freakouts not conducive to sober analysis

"Tyranny Of Th Beep: Taming Th @#$! Sensors" ( ) JK--Computer noise pollution kills spirit thru stream of auditory cuts

"Lab that created Spark wants to speed up everything" ( ) JK--Good one on UC-Berkeley AMPLab & Brkly Data Analytix Stak

"SQL-on-Hadoop: Full Circle Back to Shared Nothing Database Architectures" ( ) JK--Great #IBM research article.

"Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment" ( ) JK--Unbelievably rich trove of #bigdata #datascience research journal articles

"Containers: The Enabler of YARN" ( ) JK--Discusses Docker in #YARN #Hadoop context.

Reading Don Rickles' memoir. I'm struck by his utter boldness & counterintuitive approach to comedy. No jokes, just insults, & folks luv it!

"Computer Programming Is a Trade; Let's Act Like It" ( ) JK--Exactly right. Univ degree not necessary 2 B gr8 developer

Join me, @bigdatabusiness & @wilsondavisibm for #IBM tweetchat #FraudPrevention in Banking, Thurs Aug 7, 11am EDT ( ).

I always make point of specifying precise state/city where DC-area event takes place. Especially if it's Northern Virginia. We're NOT WashDC

"The Big Data Seminar 2014" ( ) JK--September 17–18, Arlington VA, Hilton Crystal City. Krishnan & Inmon #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen from Born to Run JK--1975. Nicely shows off the rocking chops of entire E St Band.

"Take a Quantitative Look at Insight 2014" ( ) JK--October 26-30, Vegas. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"Transformative Analytics" ( ) JK--IBM Press book: discover how IBM realizes value frm big data & analytics #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bad Betty by The Sonics JK--2014. Believe or not, new single from the legendary 1960s Seattle rockers. Very Sonics!

"Establishing Data Governance for Enterprise Business Terms" ( ) JK--Case study: Canadian National Railway #IBMDataMag

"Broadening Support for Apache #Spark " ( ) JK-- #IBM expanding commitmt for #Spark large-scale proc engine #IBMDataMag

"Hadoop Dev for Developers by Developrs" ( ) JK--Visit Hadoop Dev site 4 info on Hdp/InfoSphere BigInsights #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Sister by The Juliana Hatfield Three frm Become Wot U R JK--1993. One of my fave 90s rocksongs. Real girl feelings

"Circumvent IT Project Backlog for Effcient Ops" ( ) JK--Aartika Sardana on data mgt in app consol/retiremt #IBMDataMag

"Automate Conversion to Native SQL Procedures" ( ) JK--Nate Murphy on implementng DB2 native SQL procedures #IBMDataMag

"Virtualize Nonproduction Testing Ecosystems" ( ) JK--RHughes & HSuri on #IBM Netezza Platf Devel Software #IBMDataMag

Geospatial analytics? Ammunition against pestilence ( ) Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Book on "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die." Viewing all of those will consume the rest of my natural lifespan.

"Ask 'crunchy' #bigdata questions tht lead 2 breakthru analytics" ( ) JK--Defines as Qs alignd w/burning biz imperativs

"History o Ensemble Methods" ( ) JK--"Build large # o somewot indep pred modls, combin by vote/avg 2 yield vry hi perf"

OpenML ( ). Yet another new open data-science community. Collaborative development of machine learning models.

Most IT indstry "infographics" have all th clean, crisp focus of a Rube Goldberg machine that's been rendered graphically by Jackson Pollock

When faulty-phone-connection crosstalk content is more interesting than the audioconference you're on, that's a problem of a different order

"Role of NLP in #BigData" ( ) JK--Good. Discussions of oil & gas industry apps of natural language processing are rare

"The Geography of Wikipedia Articles" ( ) JK--Wow. Needs to be correlated to individual contributors.

"Google Translate's Lead Scientist...Help Conquer Death" ( ) JK--Strategic overreach. Grim Reaper already knows endgame

First impressions are important as framing devices. I think of them in a cinematic sense as the "establishing shot."

Another one of those online data-scientist professional-services marketplaces: Experfy ( ). Interesting.

New #ITKnowledgeExchange jk #IBM column: "Algorithms are not magic" ( )

#BigData on the move? Emergence of the mobile back-end as a service p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Drafted latest #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Algorithms are not magic"

Drafted latest #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Monetizing your existence as a crowdsourced data scientist"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Wind by Cat Stevens from Tea for the Tillerman JK--1970. His best work had devotional soul at its very heart.

New @IBMSmtWorkforce offerings combine #social, #cloud and #analytics to add precision to talent management 

"Blistering fast SQL access to your #Hadoop data" ( ) JK--Fatma Ozcan on #IBM #BigSQL 3.0 performance benchmarks.

A lot of things on the Web are horrible timewasters that you can't really know are a waste of time till you've wasted the time.

Dumbest come-on in online publshng that's probably effective eyeball lure: "[such&such] could change yr life." If U click & it doesnt, tough

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Femme Fatale by Velvet Underground from VU+N JK--1967. I luv th faint flat almost comical "she's a FF" chorus on this

Actress Cheryl Hines weds RFKJr. Couple intro'd by Larry David. Would be gr8 "Curb Yr Enthusiasm" plot premise. Where would Larry take this?

Daughter & I did a great speedwalk last night. Actually, didn't start as speedwalk, but we hustled halfway due to impending electrical storm

Toxic algae bloom in western Lake Erie contaminates Toledo water supply. Industry not the prime culprit. Agricultural runoff has run amok.

In border-control news, Texas governor Rick Perry says we need to keep out Syrian terrorists by fortifying the Mexican border.

At one point or another, almost every member o my extended family has had email hacked. When siblings & cousins call me "James," it's unh-uh

Did Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in a single shopping trip. Have no use for the former, love the latter. Dont need overpriced frou-frou food

Listened to this Bill Gates interview from Comdex 1986 ( ). Hard to believe that's almost 30 years ago. Ah, nostalgia!

Dining with the girls at Tippy's Tacos Brookfield Plaza. Unpretentious little joint in South Sprinfield with good enchiladas.