Saturday, November 22, 2014

Aweekstweets November 16-22 2014: the week I milled and milled among millions through this mind machine of mine

Sitting here deleting one email after another that point to one #bigdata blog after another, each featuring a dumber metaphor than the last

"Baidu’s Andrew Ng on Deep Learning and Innovation in Silicon Valley" ( ) JK--Video, image, speech, & face recognition

"Why dangers of secondhand smoke could change innovation dynamics of marijuana industry" ( ) JK--Any smoke harms lungs.

WSJ "Countdown to Thanksgiving" ( ) JK--Today's issue brilliantly uses graphic-novel format to present cookbook.

Iced tea. There aren't any iced-tea snobs to speak of. I like that about iced tea. Unpretentious yet refreshing. Not dripping with hipness.

What would be radical is if all shoe manufacturers denominated sizes in length & width of th foot that would be most comfortable in the shoe

My shoe size is anywhere between 10 and 12, medium to wide. Per my latest inventory of all the comfy ones of multiple makes in my closet.

Let the record note: first Christmas carol overheard of the season: “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” by Gene Autry. Kohl’s. Sat Nov 22. 2pm

Dear Uber: A tweetstorm is inappropriate for corporate apologies. It feels insincere. And it feels dashed off in haste, not thought through

Textual disambiguation. Breathe deep. Say it again, this time with more feeling. Tex-tu-al dis-am-big-u-a-tion. Ah, yes. How sweet it is!

Gonna have me a pale ale. All hail pale ale! Pale ale don't tell no tale.

“The sky is th archive.” NASA speaker said that was trad’l astronomer reason for not saving all observational data. Celestials move minutely

Good speakers are prepared for the unexpected. This afternoon I cut my hand on a podium splinter. Had to suppress curse word & soak th blood

Chris Mattman o NASA JPL. Hands-down most interesting presentation today. Their #bigdata challenges & approaches. Extreme-scale data science

I speak at 4:30. Final speaker on Friday afternoon. So I’m sure I will have their full undivided inattention.

Successful Cities Break Down Silos, Embrace Big Data 

Why Smart Cities Turn to Analytics for Managing Water, Electricity 

Sensors, Big Data Analytics Propel Environmental Monitoring 

How Crowdsourcing is Helping Connect the Internet of Things 

People say Crystal City has no soul. It's not true. I once worked here for a few years. Its soul is knowledge workers exerting selves to max

Morning's speakers spent more time than necessary defining #bigdata. Mine will be the soul of brevity.

Yet another “big data is like teenage sex” spiel. Yeah, sure. It’s becoming self-service.

A “women’s unisex rest room”? What the...?!!

Good. I’ve tricked a lot of people into reading one of my original poems. I get my jollies.

In high tech conversations, there's often no way o knowing in advance if U're being "too tech," "not tech enough" or th "wrong kind of tech"

#ClickFrenzy 2014: 27.7% increase in online retail sales. Full alert:  #SmarterCommerce #IBMExpOne

#ClickFrenzy sales jump nearly 28% over last year. How will US #BlackFriday #CyberMonday compare?  #SmarterCommerce

Holiday shopping sales are way up 'down under.' Check out the data from this week’s #ClickFrenzy  #smartercommerce

"What's New in DB2 10.5 Cancun", #DB2 Tech Talk: Live Nov. 20, 12:30 PM ET or replay:  with @samlightstone #IBMBLU

5 things you must know about the hot new #dashDB #datawarehousing solution plus a demo! #KnowMOREinaDASH 

Hear about gateways, #analytics at the edge for #IoT, IBM’s #InternetOfThings architecture:  #ChatWithTheLab

Join IBM & Hildebrand on Dec 10 to learn real world solutions that can be implemented now: 

IBM #Informix and GBASE to collaborate on locally innovated #database in China! Read more: 

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: " #BigData and the Power of Positive Curation." Will probably post week after next. Next week a holiday week.

New #IBM jk blog: "Cognitive computing: Programming the artificial mind" ( ). Warning: contains poetry.

No quick-hits next week. Taking a breather, though working, on Thanksgiving week. Next qh will be Mon Dec 1.

Big Media? Sentiment data may... p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh in adv. Speak enggmt tomorrow

Influence analytics? part 1:  part 2:  Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel JK--RIP Mike Nichols.

" #IBM Brings More Security, Control to Cloud-Based DevOps" ( ) JK--New Bluemix Dedicated Platform & private API tools

" #IBM Scales DevOps for Large Enterprises w/ New Hybrid Cloud Solutions" ( ) JK--IBM’s new DevOps Innovation Services

"Made in #IBM Labs: Protecting Personal Data in the Cloud" ( ) JK--IBM's new patented Data Privacy Engine invention

"It’s Time to Shift to Data-Centric Computing" ( ) JK--Blog by Dr. John E. Kelly III, #IBM SVP & Director of Research

"The Strange, Shifting Shape of Supercomputing Market" ( ) JK--Cites pivotal importance of #IBM #OpenPower GPU machines

RIP Mike Nichols. Pivotal figure in history of postwar skit-centric improv comedy. Hugely great movie director. "The Graduate," for example.

"5 reasons to consider adopting in-memory computing" ( ) JK--Good summary.

"When data drives sports" ( ) JK--Better that it be data than steroids.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Trouble by TV On The Radio from Seeds JK--2014. Another good one from their new one.

"Cities Find Rewards in Cheap Techs" ( ) JK--Planners pull data from inexpensive sensors mounted on traffic lights etc

"Trust The Algorithms, Not The Data" ( ) JK--Huh? No way. Trust the results. The wrong algorithms skew to wrong results

"BigData HR Analyticl Insights: Large Org Perf & Growth Over Period Pt 2" ( ) JK--Exceptionally confusing visualization

" #BigData Has Potential to Transform Health Care" ( ) JK--Adoption o personal health-tracking devices a tipping factor

" #IBM shares plans 4 supercomputing future" ( ) JK--"More coprocessrs+acceler8rs 2 incr comput speed & powr efficincy"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drumbeat by Weekend from The '81 Demos JK--OMG! #KEXP finally played one of my faves of all time!

"Top 10 Big Data Companies (By Revenues)" ( ) JK--Who's #1? #IBM. No surprise there.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Call Her No Tramp by Betty Davis frm They Say I'm Differnt JK--1974. Deliciously dirty lady-funk from Mrs Miles

Target stores’ profits up. I told the wife there must be a good reason why the local Target fixed their sign’s burned-out second T recently

If I see another hairsplitting discussion of "bigness" in a data context I'll scream. What's next? Learned disquisitions on "datatude"?

"2015 Predictions: Big Changes In Store For App Dev Leaders" ( ) JK--Blog flowing from #Forrester AppDev groupthink

"Uber Exec Floats Digging Up Dirt on Journalists" ( ) JK--Breathtakingly sinister sentiment. He still have a job?

"Can #BigData Answer Farmers' Questions?" ( ) JK--Discusses "prescriptive planting" analytics.

"The Must-Have Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--The "resources" section of this is most interesting

"Why Data Management and App Dev Must Come Together" ( ) JK--Cool discussion of interest to data scientist app-devs.

Need competition to see who can design the most annoying browser pop-ups. Many specimens in the wild. Creatively evil Web devs are among us

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bonnie and Clyde by Serge Gainsbourg from SG JK--We rob ze banks, non?

Social sentmnt? Utility or futility o weed out bogus online reviews p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

"Veolia #IBM Join Forces to Deliv New Digital Urban Solutions 2 Transform Water Energy & Waste Mgt Svcs for Cities" ( )

What an odd expression: "I hope this email finds you well." Is the email snooping on my health or general state of mind? Now I'm concerned.

#IBM blogs on entitlemnts included in Pure Data for Analytics N3001: Cognos ( ) & BigInsights ( )

"Build Human Biz on Shoulders of Personal Brands" ( ) JK--Koby playbook: soc med lets lend individ brand+ID to company

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dead Air by CHVRCHES from Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 JK--2014. Brand new from movie soundtrack. Good one.

Wish to thank editor Tara Dunn for indulging my invocation of Neil Armstrong & Mark Twain in defense of an exquisitely minute point of style

Submitted my next #IBMDataMag column: "The Ethics of #BigData for Targeted Segmentation"

Quiet settles in. The only sound is our HVAC system moving heat-pumped air through the ducts of the house. Warms the ducts of my heart.

Drafted latest #IBM #Dataversity column: "The Challenges of Master Data Management in the Internet of Things"

IBM has clearly transitioned proactively into the cloud era across our entire information management p... #dashDBChat 

Customers tend to start in the low terabytes, with plans to scale up the volumes and the varieties as ... #dashDBChat 

Cloud can help with on-prem challenges by eliminating the need to invest in in-house infrastructure an... #dashDBChat 

The concern with on-premises is often bottom line: they need to build a data center, hire an IT staff,... #dashDBChat 

Customers are concerned that they will lose control over their data if they put it in the cloud. That ... #dashDBChat 

Cloud is where you'll maintain your primary data reservoir, lake, sandbox, refinery for data scientist... #dashDBChat 

Cloud brings on-demand, self-service, agility, and scalability to data warehousing and business analyt... #dashDBChat 

As you move into big data territory, scalability-wise, cloud will be the first, foremost, most cost-ef... #dashDBChat 

When you go with a cloud-based DW, you are always running on the latest/greatest in-production version... #dashDBChat 

Cloud is the vehicle for ubiquitous data warehousing, on-ramp for users of all sizes, with no need for... #dashDBChat 

60-minute dash for #dashDBChat starts...NOW!!!! #dashDBChat 

Getting my jittery twitteries warmed up for #dashDBChat. Everything I tweet will be on-demand and in t... #dashDBChat 

@nancykoppdw @jameskobielus Looking forward to hearing your perspectives on the hot new #dashDB offering on today's Crowdchat at 2 PM ET!

Join li'l ol' me + @_hoffman @nancykoppdw @samlightstone @ARonthal on today's chat about data warehousing & analytics 

I'm attending today's chat about analytics w/ experts @_hoffman @nancykoppdw @samlightstone @ARonthal @jameskobielus 

"Google, Stanford build hybrid neural networks that can explain photos" ( ) JK--Hybrid? Deep convolutional + recurrent

" #IBM Verse Fuses Cloud Social Analytics..." ( ) JK--Enterprise email with freemium social collab & built-in analytics

"The Rise Of The Sensornet: 4.9BN Connected Things In 2015, Says Gartner" ( ) JK--Interesting stats.

"Why Your Data Scientists Need 2 B Storytellers & How 2 Get Them There" ( ) JK--Good advice but applies to any biz case

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heroin by Velvet Underground JK--"You can all go take a walk"? I'll bet real-life Lou used earthy epithets to dismiss

Workload-optzd sys? Challenges o scaling 2 Facebookian proportions p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Data privacy and Dynamic Data Masking" ( ) JK--Thurs Dec 11 11:30am EST #IBMDataMag

"CrowdChat: Get to Know #dashDB" ( ) JK--Today 2pm eastern. I and others will be on it. #IBMDataMag

"Discovering Gold in Data Repositories" ( ) JK--Vid: #IBM ecosys helps orgs fulfill #bigdata analytcs needs #IBMDataMag

"Garnering Actionable Insight from Content" ( ) JK-- #IBM Redbooks: Unlock th value of unstructured content #IBMDataMag

"Offering Analytics for Everyone" ( ) JK--Video: Utilize powerful analytics with #IBM #Watson Analytics #IBMDataMag

"Explore Data Insights" ( ) JK-- #IBM Redbook solution guide InfoSphere Master Data Mgmt & #Watson Explorer #IBMDataMag

"The Scoop on #Hadoop: #IBM Plus Hadoop" ( ) JK--Video: the full flavor of #bigdata #IBMDataMag

" #BigData and a Hierarchy of Data Needs" ( ) JK--Praveenkumar Hosangadi on analytics capab-building stages #IBMDataMag

"Textual Analysis of #BigData: Part 1" ( ) JK--Krish Krishnan on entrprse-scale search and textual analysis #IBMDataMag

"Apply Existing SQL Expertise to Capitalize on #Hadoop" ( ) JK--Gord Sissons discusses alternate approaches #IBMDataMag

Incoming GOP congress may not squash WashDC voters' referendum mandate to legalize pot. Selling my house in the NoVa 'burbs. Moving downtown

Dreary, dripping, and chilling out there. Fortunately, we've been spared the snow. So far. Gray I can deal with. White in abundance? Less so

Modeling automation? Machine learning shapes the material world p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

"This Device Diagnoses Hundreds of Diseases Using a Single Drop of Blood" ( ) JK--rHEALTH delivers findings in minutes

" #BigData: redrawing the insect tree of life" ( ) JK--"Originated at the same time as the earliest land-based plants"

" #BigData Is Stopping Maritime Pirates From Space" ( ) JK--Ship remote tracking via shoebox-sized "nanosatellites."

Cubert: an open-source high-performance computation engine for complex #bigdata analytics ( )

Tephra, a new open-source project that adds globally-consistent transaction support to Apache HBase ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Early (feat. BOOTS) by Run The Jewels from Run The Jewels 2 JK--2014. I'm not big on hiphop, but this is great.

"Google taps cloud #bigdata satellites to track overfishing" ( ) JK--Global Fishing Watch partner w/environmntl groups

"Should EHRs Include Social/Behavioral Data?" ( ) JK--Cited report answers that question in the affirmative.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Th Order o Death by Public Image Ltd from This Is What U Want...This Is What You Get JK--1984. LP title is only lyric

#Bigdata for change…use big data to crush #social challenges.  #hadoop4good #hadoop

Don’t mind Chip’s smirk. His developer skills trump crushing skills too!  #hadoop4good #hadoop

#Bigdata can change our world. Let’s channel Jason’s focus in #Hadoop4good  Join the challenge!

When it comes to #socialgood Jason is not fazed by squawking chickens!  Join the #hadoop4good challenge

Jason is immune to Chip’s taunts > Focus, focus! Laser focus for the @IBM  #Hadoop4Good challenge. #hadoop

New world req a whole new level of ardor.  Use #bigdata 4 social good. Join #Hadoop4Good challenge!

Sometimes, #developers need to train like athletes. Chip & Jason take #Hadoop4Good to NEW level.  #hadoop

R U training as much as developers Chip & Jason for @IBMBigData Challenge?  #Hadoop4Good #hadoop

For #socialgood & change…I’ll go extra mile on the finger obstacle course. You?  #Hadoop4Good

Fingr obstacle course? Chk. Coding & doing pushups? Dbl chk. Developers up 4 #Hadoop4Good Challenge? 

Practicing 4 speed & agility needed for @IBM #hadoop4good challenge is serious business! 

#Tech = more powerful & accessible than ever B4, let’s use it 4 #socialgood  #hadoop4good #hadoop

#Bigdata exists in just abt everything, let’s use it 2 make a difference!  #hadoop4good #hadoop

Bring your coding skills, imagination & thirst 4 change to #hadoop4good challenge. Register now!  #contest

Use #Hadoop to solve real world probs using #bigdata & ingenuity  #datascientist #hadoop4good

Use city data sets & make an app for positive change. Register NOW!  #Hadoop4Good #IBM #BigData

Use your #developer skills and create an app for social good.  #Hadoop4Good #IBM #BigDataChallenge

Rise & shine. Unclench your mind. So begins another week. Open your work file. Have a peek.

Who says I watch? I monitor to see if and when it's gotten funny again. Not yet.

Catch me this Fri, Nov 21, speaking at #BigData & Enterprise Architecture 2014, Crystal City Hilton, Arlington VA ( )

Hey Lorne Michaels, reboot SNL before it expires from creative exhaustion. Drop those musical numbers from opening monologues, for starters

Caught "A Most Wanted Man" on DVD. Slow tedious LeCarre thriller. The late Phillip Seymour Hoffman was his usual incredibly watchable self.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Further Down th Road by Spacetime Continuum from Double Fine Zone JK--1999. Smooth jazz = cosmic background radiation

Twisting my head around the concept of parallel universes. Could our space-time continuum be embedded in an unfathomable discontinuum?

When someone says they're "old school," I want to ask if that was back when corporal punishment was standard school discipline.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Forevermore by Thurston Moore from The Best Day JK--2014. Great new noise drone jam from ex-Sonic Youth principal

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Aweekstweets November 7-16 2014: the week humanity planted its foot on a speeding space rock

Got into yoga this morning. Removed my glasses at the start & did my poses in a blurry room guided only by instructor's voice & my bodyfeel

A tall cup of red acai iced tea. Next best thing to a glass of finest red wine. Actually, no it's not. But I like it anyway.

I’m most comfortable with homo-beeswax-uals. People whose orientation is minding their own.

“Water rids the body of toxins”? Oh brother! Helps you excrete waste products, not poisons. Just say it straight. Peepee & poopoo.

Motivational speakers, books, courses etc. They motivate you to become a motivational speaker.

RIP Jane Byrne. I once poured coffee for the former Chicago mayor when I was a waiter in grad school. That’s all I got.

Publishers Clearinghouse always feels like they're clearing their house of every last scrap of get-rich junk mail. From their house to ours.

Hey , give me a better clue than "do you remember Karen?" I met probably a few dozen girls with that first name.

Wife & my birthdays are ~2 weeks apart, & we combine celebrations into a single dine-out. We're both Scorpios. No, we don't eat scorpions.

OK iPhone if it's an "unknown error" how do you know it's not th truth & that you yrself arent in error saying it's an error? Download that!

Politically correct? Well, that depends on who developed the test and how they're scoring the answers.

A free Starbucks downloadable hooked me. I went to iTunes to buy the rest of vibrato-mad Frazey Ford's great new "Indian Ocean" LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wish You Would by JD McPherson from The Warm Covers EP JK--2014. Schmokin! Even better than the Yardbirds' version

Now I'm bracing for new generation of exasperated rhetorical questions. "If humans could land a probe on a comet, why can't we...?"

Wife & I did the second round of seasonal leaf/branch removal late this afternoon. Now I just use my lawnmower like a vacuum cleaner.

Wine. A drink that's pleasant to stare into, regardless whether you're presently imbibing. Whites are a sedate lot, reds moodier on the eyes

Wrote the next batch of quick-hits almost absent-mindedly. Curious if they’ll make sense come Monday morning.

Judge Judy ripping someone a new one with stiletto-sharp cross-examination. People choose to endure her very public televised tongue-lashing

Most tiresome thing about being tired is whining about how tired you are. Also the most tiring. Grin & bear it. So others don’t tire of you.

Technically, it's afternoon now. Where exactly did the morning go? I was so deep in stuff since breakfast that I barely sipped my coffee

" #IBM Unveils New Playbook to Expand Innovative P-TECH Schools Nationwide" ( ) JK--P-TECH: Pathways in Technology

"Data warehousing and analytics on the cloud" ( ) JK-- #IBM Adam Ronthal podcast on #dashDB

Analytic acceleration in th cloud? The next evolution in self-service business analytics  Friday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

The dreaded "Hey Jim check out my blog on #bigdata" message. Um, can you be more specific? I'm up to my eyeballs in those.

"R Programming Language Rides Crest of #BigData Wave" ( ) JK--That's for sure. R is the language of choice now.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No Thugs in Our House by XTC frm English Settlemnt JK--1982. These blokes' pugnacious Englishness defines their sound

" #BigData takes root in world of plant research" ( ) JK--DB of significant 'life events' of ~600 plant species

"Beyond Moneyball: How Big Data Changing Baseball" ( ) JK--Watch out, lest numbers push fun out o the sport's equation

"Future of Big Data – Big Data 2.0" ( ) JK--Geez. Please don't slap numbers on it unless they're actual scale metrics.

"How Will #BigData Make You Feel: Happy & Healthy or Bitter and Bothered?" ( ) JK--The former, if sprinkled in my latte

"How the Internet of Things Can be Best Explored Using Graph Databases" ( ) JK--"Internet of Connected Things." Yes!

Blog titles I've rejected--e.g., "Big Data: Here's Where You Can Stick It."

"Enterprises moving #BigData workloads to public cloud" ( ) JK--Good Network World article on this hot topic.

Blue Oyster Cult "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" ( ) JK--Don't ask for whom the cowbell tolls. It tolls for thee!

"200+ #BigData thought leaders to follow on Twitter" ( ) JK--I've met/know roughly half of these people, self included

"Big Blue turns up volume on 2015 events" ( ) JK-- #IBM InterConnect Feb 22-26. Las Vegas. MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay

Nice about being born on Nov 13: roughly equally spaced holidays counting down to Xmas: Halloween, MyBDay, Tgiving, LudwigVon BDay, HoHoHo

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Run by Snow Patrol from Final Straw JK--I knew @loserboy 'd play this on "Mom Day." I recall his comments 10 yrs ago

Transactional analytics? Channels cull continuous customer expertise from cognitive cloud ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag qh

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Chief data officer: My mixed and nuanced musings on the need for one" ( )

"New #IBM Program to Accel Vets into Data Analytics Jobs" ( ) JK--Grew out o collab: IBM CCA, IBMer vets, & nonprofits

I enjoy the back-and-forth discussions of financial analyst community around #IBM. No comment, except that some craft better analyses.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Judy & the Dream of Horses by Belle and Sebastian JK--1996. Group is paragon of th sensitive-English-schoolboy groove

Spent half-hour on phone with Starbucks last night getting our family cards/accounts straightend out. Looking forward to that birthday drink

Today is "Mom Day" on #kexp, specifically in tribute to the departed. I'd like to thank my own for birthing me 56 years ago on this very day

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock & Roll by Velvet Underground JK--Seriously, computations never stopped anybody from dancing 2 rocknroll stations

It's really simple: Make data work—Know more, faster! via @BethTSmith  #cloud #insight #makedatawork

Bust myths to gain insights and make data work for you! via @hfryman #bigdata #makedatawork #ibminsight 

What can an intelligent database for the #InternetofThings provide to your business? Find out: 

Learn about #Informix support for REST API for driverless access to JSON, Relational & Spatial data at #mactechconf 

Hear @thinkovation talk about importance of choosing right technology for successful #InternetOfThings projects  #IoT

Tired of forced & unnecessary upgrades? Maximize your investments with #DB2 #IBMBLU #POWER & turbo charge #SAP apps. 

Want both transactional processing AND analytics? Use #DB2 "Cancun Release" with #ibmblu Shadow Tables  #ibmblu

Register for "What's New in DB2 10.5 Cancun", live #DB2 Tech Talk: Nov. 20, 12:30-2:00 PM ET  #IBMBLU #Oracle

The speed advantage: that's why data-driven organizations are winning race in today’s marketplace!  #ibmblu #saphana

.@samlightstone just weighed in on #dashDB! Six things you should know, plus composable tools you can use with it! 

Join our chat on Nov 18 to learn how to deal with data warehousing & analytics architecture challenges.  #dashdb

Learn about data warehousing & analytics on the cloud with @_hoffman @nancykoppdw @samlightstone @ARonthal  #dashdb

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fitz and the Dizzyspells by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast JK--2009. This song's bellringing-like cadence mesmerizes

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She's Leaving Home (feat. Phantogram, Julianna Barwick, & Spaceface) by The Flaming Lips JK--2014. Cool Beatles cover

How Project Lucy is Helping Unlock the Possibilities of Africa 

Taking Brain-Inspired Computing to Market 

" #IBM Watson Group Invests in Pathway Genomics" ( ) JK--Deliver cognitive app based on user’s personal genetic makeup

"District Data Labs" ( ) JK--WashDC "learning resource for people who want to enhance+expand analytical/tech skillsets"

"The #BigData Marketing Creepiness Factor" ( ) JK--Discusses difficulty of predicting when you've crossed that line

"Analytics and the Rebirth of the Mainframe" ( ) JK--Discusses business intelligence on #IBM System z

"IBM Entrprnr Prog propels rad ideas & innov in cloud" ( ) JK--Eligible startups get up to US$120K credits cloud usage

Big Media? Stds-based object-storage platforms key to streaming media p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

What can we do to make #Cloudant & #dashDB work better for you? We want to hear from you :  @IBMDataWH

'Explore #dashDB' by reading this blogpost by @ARonthal for @IBMDataWH : Saying Goodbye to #MessyData 

Saying Goodbye to Messy Data with #DataWarehousing & #Analytics with, #Cloudant & #dashDB  : @ibmdatawh blog

#dashDB represents the sweet spot for both IT & LOB business professionals looking for a competitive edge  @Ibmdatawh

Meet #dashDB : A #datawarehousing & #analytics as a service offering on the #cloud  : @Ibmdatawh blog by @nancykoppdw

#dashDB is Here, and This Changes Everything for #DataWarehousing on the #Cloud  : @Ibmdatawh blog by @nancykoppdw

Does Famous Amos have to constantly remind people that he's not Tori Amos? She is more famous. That must cause a lot of confusion.

"How Individualized Medical Geog Info Systems & #BigData will Transform Healthcare" ( ) JK--I like the "-ome" graphic

"10 #bigdata projects that could help save the planet" ( ) JK--Includes #IBM in the Amazon basin

"4 Options for Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud" ( ) JK--Good discussion. Wonder how many users will do it.

" #IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups" ( ) JK-- Apply within #SMB #startup #cloud

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rainbow by Robert Plant and the Sensational from Lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar JK--2014. Having gr8 post-Zep career

Beatles, ABBA, & Led Zeppelin all turned down mega-money if they'd re-unite for live performances. I suggest their survivors band together

Email from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon informs me I've won their zillion-dollar sweepstakes. Seems legit. Click.

Prescriptive analytics? Massive-scale prediction & r-t interdiction in fight against cybercrime ( ) Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"DB2 Tech Talk: What’s New in DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release”?" ( ) JK--Attend Thurs Nov 20 12:30pm Eastern #IBMDataMag

Saw DVD last night of "August: Osage County" with Meryl Streep. Searing tangled domestic drama on the scorching Oklahoma plains. Good one.

"Delivering Secure, Adv Data Warehousing" ( ) JK--Enhanced security in #IBM PureData for Analytics N3001 #IBMDataMag

"Collaboratively Enhancing Master Data Quality" ( ) JK--InfoSphere Master Data Mgt has new Stewardship Ctr #IBMDataMag

Tried group calisthenics in pool last night. Interesting: water presents resistance from all sides. Downside: prune skin after 60 mins

"Accurate Threat Detection" ( ) JK--Case study: Adelos applies real-time streaming analytx 2 detect threats #IBMDataMag

"Should Chief Data Officers Have Analytics?" ( ) JK--More resources from #IBM Institute for Business Value #IBMDataMag

"Moving from Programmatic Era to Cognitive Era" ( ) JK-- #IBM Robert Picciano interviewed at #IBMInsight #IBMDataMag

"Understanding the Data Value Chain" ( ) JK--Edd Dumbill introduces an 8-part series on data mgmt lifecycle #IBMDataMag

RT @RobinGood: "Curation is the million-dollar word in today’s big-data-drenched online culture." by @jameskobielus 

"Optimize Customr Relationships & Retention" ( ) JK--Manjunath B. Subramanian on MDM in cust relatnshp mgmt #IBMDataMag

"Context Brings Data to Life" ( ) JK--David Zaharchuk on contextual computing #IBMDataMag

Meteorological melodramatization. It’s not enough anymore to have a simple cold spell. Now it must be a polar vortex coming to devour us.

New #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Behavorial analytics in the era of wearables" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp When the Devil is All Around by Shovels & Rope from th album LIVE on KEXP JK--A continual-touring band. It's a living

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Infoworld column: "Peeling Back the Layers of the Smarter City"

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange blog "Behavioral Analytics in the Era of Wearables"

Dear Tantamount-to-Spam Marketer: Don't feign intimacy with pushy new subject line "let's give us another shot." You're not my type.

#Bigdata for change…use big data to crush #social challenges.  #hadoop4good #hadoop

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I have no idea how Pabst got designated a "hip" beer. Growing up, it was roughly in the same pisswater category as Schlitz and Blatz.

Fingr obstacle course? Chk. Coding & doing pushups? Dbl chk. Developers up 4 #Hadoop4Good Challenge? 

Practicing 4 speed & agility needed for @IBM #hadoop4good challenge is serious business! 

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"Decade after mapping genome, scientists scramble for more imaging data to unravel mysteries" ( ) JK--Hi-res 3D imaging

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bored In the USA by Father John Misty from I Love You, Honeybear JK--Slated for next-year release. Slow, lovely, sad.

"Facebook's Top Open Data Problems" ( ) JK--These are scalability problems, not openness problems.

"Unearthing new materials with aid of machine learning" ( ) JK--Identify useful patterns amid myriad molecular combos

When somebody has trademarked their pet catchphrase, I pull away my catcher's mitt & let it sail over my shoulder into the ditch.

" #BigData: A Backup Nightmare?" ( ) JK--High-volume high-velocity recovery is the key to high availability.

Hands can never be truly at rest in vicinity of keyboard. Even when not typing, slightest slip can deposit typos into your permanent record

#BigData single version of truth? Curation vs. stewardship.... p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Why IBM Gives Top Employees a Month to Do Service Abroad 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp They Don't Know by Benjamin Gibbard from Live @ KEXP 06.06.03 JK--Good acoustic cover of Kirsty MacColl song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Happy Idiot by TV On The Radio from Seeds JK--2014. New. My first hearing. Already, it's one of my faves of theirs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You Got Me Singing by Leonard Cohen from Popular Problems JK--2014. Another great new one from this perennial.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hatfield 1980 by Everything but the Girl from Temperamental JK--1999. One of their great songs about their milieu.

IT talent shortage. You could look at it from another POV, the ambitious employee: chance to grow skills laterally into understaffed areas

Obama nominates Loretta Lynch as next US Atty Genl. This coal miner’s daughter done good. Wait...correction...

Alice Cooper literally looks like a rat in a black leather jacket.

Living in a material world...and loving it. The world is a never-ending source of fresh material to comment on.