Saturday, January 24, 2015

Aweekstweets January 18-24 2015: the week I shrugged it off

Jeb Bush promises “adult conversations” in Washington. No word on whether that will involve angry cursing & explicit sexual content.

RIP Ernie Banks. Hall of Fame infielder/slugger was steady performer for a team that didn’t deserve him. Should rename Wrigley “Banks Field”

Johnny Depp. At some point Hollywood producers will shun him as a high-overhead actor. Chews the scenery as fast as they construct it.

It's good that I came to data in mid-career. I was more than ready to unlearn what I'd previously picked up. It already felt old. I felt new

Finally! WSJ includes digital access within the scope of my print subscription. I consume its news products avidly.

New #IBM jk blog: "Simulating customer cognition with or without neuroscience" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins) by Father John Misty from I Love You, Honeybear JK--2015. That Tijuana Brass?

Prognostication. No, it's not how anteaters ingest & chew their food. But it's similar.

"Sentiment Analysis..Tweets..Apple Live 2014: Going beyond positive & negative" ( ) JK--Word cloud goes beyond: cussing

"Innovation of Tech (IoT) Explained" ( ) JK--Innovative confusion technique: re-wording a well-accepted tech acronym

"Artificial-Intelligence Experts 2 Explore Turing Test Triathlon" ( ) JK--Checking alternatvs to what Alan hath wrought

"The Semantic Web: Moving Forward in 2015" ( ) JK--Update from the good folks at W3C.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Show Me by Mint Royale JK--Lyrics here:  . Omits chorus lyric. "Ja-boom ja-boom...sha la lee"?

"In-Memory Databases Put “Action” in Actionabl Insights" ( ) JK--Wikibon puts #IBM BLU Acceleration for #DB2 in context

"Population Data as 3D Organic Structures" ( ) JK--Visualiz'n suggests blue&purple asteroids flattening major US cities

"A world without statistics" ( ) JK--Don't see point of this thought experimt. Why not imagine physics without gravity?

"Striking parallels between math & sw eng" ( ) JK--"Math is a design." I think of it as a quantitative pattern grammar

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cinnamon by The Long Winters from When I Pretend to Fall JK--2003. Her skin is edible extract of tropical tree bark?

"Analytics o Things" ( ) JK--TDavenport on IoT sensor-data patterns discoverable via adv anlytcs, ML, cognitive comptng

"The Language of Data Visualization" ( ) JK--Fundamental principles for data-scientific narrative construction.

"What’s Wrong with this Picture? The Art of Honest Visualizations" ( ) JK--Cool illustration of how pictures can fib.

"How to Create Effective Workspaces 4 Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Interesting discuss o “cognitive vs physical ergonomics"

"Understanding Data Science as Service" ( ) JK--Self-svc advanced analytics on-demand in cloud, a la Watson Analytics

No, Java, I just want to update you in my browser. For the trillionth time, I don't want to make your stupid search page my default.

I'd like that "Supersize Me" guy to do more projects on that theme. Next up: 30 days of consuming nothing but Starbucks coffee & muffins

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Detangling Herd Bias From Crowd Wisdom" ( )

Machine learning? A cheatsheet for the working data scientist p1:  p2:  Friday #IBMDataMag qh

Hey football fetishists, please don’t squeeze ‘em. What would Mr. Whipple think?

Support for spatial data in a PureScale environment has been added for app with embedded spatial features. #db2 

DB2 PureScale cna be run in more virtualized deployment environments to accelerate testing and QA or to accel... #db2 

Ability for DB2 PureScale to leverage TCP/IP helps deliver HA and DR more cost effectively for wider set of u... #db2 

Additional options for using commodity network hardware. #db2 

Not only does this enable faster analytics against DB2, it also ensures continued high throughput on row-base... #db2 

Automatically routes analytic queries to the appropriate shadow tables, which leverage IBM's BLU in-memory te... #db2 

@IBM_DB2Enables DBAs to boost query speeds automatically without having to manually create, manage and tune c... #db2 

Maintains in-memory columnar "shadows" of row-based operational-data tables. #db2 

FP5 brings the mainframe fully into the in-memory revolution. And only IBM offers that. #db2 

Load-and-go simplicity on zLinux and Wndows reduces TCO and shortens time-to-value on DB2 deployments #db2 

Next-generation in-memory computing with actionable compression & CPU acceleration: speed with security! #db2 

Application interface enhancements: CLI drivers, .NET data server provider #db2 

Column-organized tables enhancements. High-available disaster recovery. PureScale enhancements. #db2 

Native encryption on DB2 database server. Requires no app or schema changes. Transparent, secure key mgmt bas... #db2 

Add-ons in BLU Acceleraiton, Business Applcation Continuity, Encryption, Performance Mgt #db2 

I'm IBM's Big Data Evangelist. I'm also editor-in-chief of IBM Data magazine. And I'm an IBM senior program d... #db2 

Prepping for #DB2 crowdchat. Great assortment of experts on DB2. I'll chip in my two cents. #db2 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead from Kid A JK--2000. One might construe this sentiment in an OCD context.

"America bestselling cars/trucks built on lies: fake engine noise" ( ) JK--Wrongheaded POV. Customer experience demands

#Hadoop-uber-alles? Probably as mature as it’s going to get p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag quickhit

"5 thoughts on industry analyst research & what it fails to answer" ( ) JK--Perhaps author needs to try his hand at it

RT @DevOpsSummit: JP &James listening 2 keynote @DevOpsSummit Silicon Valley @JamesKobielus @JPMorgenthal @ThingsExpo

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moaning Lisa Smile by Wolf Alice from Creature Songs JK--2014. Cool raving noise chorus on this.

RT @TheIoT #IoT Fogs Logs & Cogs By @jameskobielus @ThingsExpo JK--Stay tuned. My blog on this will post in early Feb 

RT @Onalytica: @jameskobielus Hey congrats youre 16th in influencer analysis on #bigdata! ( ) JK--Cool. Following most

Just remarked to the wife that we're having "light flurries" outside. Then realized the redundancy, a la "heavy blizzard."

Dropdown e-forms fields. Speeding thru them ill-advised. I'm in "United States of America," not "United Kingdom" or "United Arab Emirates"

" #BigData’s 10 Biggest Vision & Strategy Questions" ( ) JK-- @Doug_Laney summarizes findings from 9-author Gartner rpt

"Patent on data science methods, think twice" ( ) JK--Same arguments have been used against software patents in general

"Could Drones Help #BigData Reach The Sky?" ( ) JK--Lead paragraph made me laugh.

Join Us For Our Next #IBM DB2 CrowdChat tomorrow 1-2pm (EST): 

Data scientist skillsets? Nipping statistical-model overfit in bud p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sugah Daddy by D'Angelo from Black Messiah JK--2014. Good one from his latest. Jazzy number with Dixieland swing.

"International Business Machines' (IBM) Q4 2014 Results - Earnings Call Transcript" ( )

Email tests mind-finger ability to target/zap stream of junk messages rapidly, precision, in bulk. All those arcade-hours on Galaga paid off

RT @jeweloree: Pop Viz: What Music Matters Most to @KEXP, Revisited 

RT @jeweloree: Check out my @KEXP playlist analysis: , compare taste o listners vs plays by DJs

Pop Viz: What Music Matters Most to @KEXP, Revisited 

I’d like to see Judge Judy replaced by the Susie Essman character from “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” All obscene scolding is final!

Hear the latest: Informix transactional, cloud, embedded & hybrid capabilities & transforming #IoT:  #IIUG Apr 26-30

2 days until the tech-talk about the IBM #IoT Foundation and the role of #Informix. Register-   #InternetOfThings

Visit the Expo Theater @IBMInterconnect to learn about creating real-world #InternetOfThings solutions  #IoT #Informix

How does #security work in #dashDB? The Chief Security Architect for dashDB explains in this concise blog. 

How does #security work in #dashDB? The Chief Security Architect for dashDB explains in this concise blog. 

What is your hybrid #datawarehousing strategy? #dashDB is a great fit for 3 key use cases. Find out what they are. 

Jan 29: Join us as we take a deep dive into the architecture of #dashDB. Register today: 

New: pureScale for everyone: Continuous availability benefits of pureScale available in a new low cost DB2 offering 

What's new with #ibmblu? Windows and #zLinux support, native data encryption and more! Blog:  @amit505 #db2

Join our Crowdchat on Thursday to learn about new features of #DB2 and to ask your questions: 

"Quick look inside #IBM snazzy new mainframe" ( ) JK--Slideshow with embedded video tour of the new z13 & zEnterprise

Curious if New York City has ever contemplated changing its formal name to "New York City."

Drafted latest #IBMDataMag column: "Black Swans, Sitting Ducks, and the Role of Geospatial Analytics in Natural-Disaster Risk Mitigation"

Storage optimiz8n? Tipping point where SSDs prevail grows blurrier p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock & Roll by Velvet Underground JK--1970. Only Lou recording where he sounds sorta like a "Wayne's World" denizen.

"Why Topological Data Analysis Works" ( ) JK--In-depth data science topic worth exploring further.

"Boston Will Use Uber Data To Tackle Traffic Issues" ( ) JK--Anonymized. Traffic light timing, street planning, etc.

"Using AI to Study Poker Is Really About Solving Some of the World’s Biggest Problems" ( ) JK--Algorithmic game theory

"AI helps physicists predict dangerous solar flares" ( ) JK--Which could electrically zap the IT infra needed 2 predict

"DARPA-funded research IDs sex traffickers with machine learning" ( ) JK--Analyze ad authors, extract subtle image info

"Evolutionary apprches 2 #bigdata problems" ( ) JK--MIT program: comput8nal pop-based adaptation & genetic inheritance

"Cloud Computing , #BigData and Mobility in 2015" ( ) JK--Deep stack of excellent observations from Ahmed Banafa.

"Everyday Zen: On th road w/ Willie Nelson at 81" ( ) JK--Gr8 profile. Kinky Friedman calls him "hillbilly Dalai Lama"

“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.” ~Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar. Late motiv8nl speaker's real name was "Hilary Hinton Ziglar." Fortunately, parents decided against "Hilary Hodham Hinton Ziglar"

Whenever somebody declares th new year "the year of [whatever]" I go into full eyeroll mode. Yeah, OK. Gonna start giving months themes too?

"How many #Hadoops do we need?" ( ) JK--Article seems to misconstrue "Hadoop" as category label for "any big-data plat"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Wind by Cat Stevens from Tea for the Tillerman JK--1970. Yusuf was quite religious under prior professional name

#Innovation is more than magic – it is the art and science of anticipating the future. @IBMIBV study: 

" #IBM Vision 2015" ( ) JK--May 17–20 Orlando #IBMDataMag Register:  before Apr 11 to save US$300

"Webcast: When Mobile and Business-Critical Analytics Collide" ( ) JK--Tues Jan 27, 11am EST #IBMDataMag

" #BigData in a Minute" ( ) JK--Video: What Does ROI Mean for Patient Care? with Kimberly Madia #IBMDataMag

"A Big Draw: Freemium Edition Cloud-Delivered Analytics" ( ) JK--Visit Watson Analytics website for details #IBMDataMag

"Introducing z13 System Mainframes" ( ) JK--#IBM intros highly powerful, vastly secure mainframe technology #IBMDataMag

"Implementing a Private Cloud Strategy" ( ) JK--Case study video: credit union achieved significant savings #IBMDataMag

"Reading the Tea Leaves for Mainframes" ( ) JK--Download #Forrester report on why IBM z mainframes endure #IBMDataMag

"The #BigData Revolution" ( ) JK--Follow link to pre-order book by Rob Thomas and Patrick McSharry #IBMDataMag

"Advanced Automation for Optimizing Transaction Workflow" ( ) JK--Jim Martin on #IBM IMS Connect Extensions #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Let England Shake by PJ Harvey from Let England Shake JK--2011. PJ sounds a bit Wiccan sorceress on this great LP.

"Present th Data Story Persuasively 2 Make th Point" ( ) JK--Fern Halper on concise clear data storytelling #IBMDataMag

"What Is the Basis of Data Value?" ( ) JK--Paula Wiles Sigmon on value of data refinement & #IBMDataWorks #IBMDataMag

Bob Dylan "All I Really Wanna Do" ( ) JK--1964. Live. Newport. They intro him in the most pretentious manner possible.

RT @IBMAnalytics: Saying that everybody is now a #DataScientist troubles @jameskobielus  JK--"Troubles"? Nahhh. Amuses

Want to thank Michael Schrage for sending me his new book on biz experimentation. Will read. We've met exactly once. 1987. 20th & M NW. ICIT

RT @HistoryInPix: Shields brothers. Texas giants. Literally. All over 7 feet tall

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Me and My Arrow by Harry Nilsson JK--1971. 2 points if you remember the anim8td made4TV movie this from ("The Point")

Drafted new #IBM jk #Dataversity blog: "The Challenge of Data-Driven Security in the Petabyte Era"

Drafted latest #IBM jk blog: "Simulating Customer Cognition With or Without Neuroscience"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jolene by Dolly Parton from The Best of Dolly Parton JK--1973. Happy 69th birthday to the buxom songwriter/warbler

"NYC Students Spark Innovative Ideas to Improve Higher Ed, City Svcs Using #IBM #Watson" ( ) JK--CUNY contest winners

"Top keynotes at Strata Conference and Strata + #Hadoop World 2014" ( ) JK--Links to the video playbacks.

"Crowdfunding propels scientifc research" ( ) JK--Love phrase "panda science": "projects w/gimmicky mass-market appeal"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mr. Face by Ty Segall from Mr. Face EP JK--2015. Good one. Latest from this incredibly prolific musician.

Data journalism? The data science behind spotting media bias p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Apache NiFi (incubating): scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and system mediation logic ( 

"Facebook open sources tools for bigger, faster deep learning models" ( ) JK--Algo libraries optimized 4 Nvidia GPUs

"Google tries to reset Glass embarrassment with cooler wearable" ( ) JK--Shows limits of Silicon Valley hipness hype.

" #IBM says cognitive vehicls commonplace by 2025; fully autonomous cars not" ( ) JK--IBV study: 

"NASCAR's Kurt Busch Testifies That Ex-Girlfriend Is Assassin" ( ) JK--I assume Hollywood already optioned movie rights

"Historic Dawn Wall climb in seven lovely images" ( ) JK--Disappointed. Thought it was 7 images of lovely Dawn Wells.

Whenevr some1 says industry "at crossroads," cant help thinking Robert Johnson desperate. Down on knees trying to flag a ride? Sinking down?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin from The Best of Aretha Franklin JK--1972. "Let's call this song exactly what it is!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gangsters by The Specials from Th Singles Collection JK--1979. Ska-punk wave was short-lived but produced great songs

Watched “Begin Again” starring Keira Knightley & Mark Scruffulo...I mean Ruffalo. Enjoyable music industry tale set in NYC. Good songs.

Watched “Guardians of the Galaxy” on DVD. Chris Pratt seems to be building a respectable, curious career as a leading action-adventure wuss.

Great. Everybody in creation tweeting love for my IoT Expo topic this coming June. Now for the minor detail of me getting thoughts straight

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Aweekstweets January 11-18 2015: the week we trotted out dogs & ponies festooned in bells & whistles

Glad I didn't crack my skull flying backwards on ice on my driveway this morning going for the newspaper. It was raining out. No inkling.
Always have 2 restrain self from correcting when people say cardio is best way to burn fat. Strength training is. Boosts base metabolic rate
Bought 2 new business suits today. Th black is for my son’s wedding in Feb. My last new suit was for my older brother’s wedding 10 years ago
I have already written the next 10 straight quick-hits. I seriously hate to procrastinate. I intend to sustain this buffer indefinitely.
At last count, the Big Ten is up to 14 teams. I didn’t realize that “Big” means “multiply by 1.4.”
Muscle mags all show grimacing guys pumping major iron. In my experience, the most powerful keep their visage calm. Only dummies flex face.
Cable commercials that promise quick cash tend to use that old-fashioned cash-register “ka-ching” sound for emphasis. What is this? 1915?
Come to my #BAmarathon webinar on Feb 3. "Unlocking #BigData: the Power of Cognitive Computing." Register at: 
"Fashion tech startups use data science 2 build virtual dressing rms" ( ) JK--Potential 2 accel online apparel commerce
"Optimization Algorithms in Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Downloadable slide deck is the keeper: 
"Baidu built a supercomputer for deep learning" ( ) JK--High-performance image analytics.
"Show & Tell: Neural Image Caption Generator" ( ) JK--Google's implementation. Details here: 
"The Problem with Recommenders" ( ) JK--Title misleading. Article is good overview of recomm sys solution approaches
"Open Source Storage Gains Traction" ( ) JK--Gartner predicts opn-src stor sw will have 20% market share by end of 2017
"Natural Language Processing Cant Beat Human Translators (Yet)" ( ) JK--Points to Skype real-time auto-translation svc
"NASA Turns to Machine Learning to Identify Stars Faster" ( ) JK--Accelerate star discovery and classification process
"Dog & pony show." What's the deal about mixing species? Dogs riding on pony backs? Dogs herding ponies? Freakish dog-pony hybrid species?
RIP Kim Fowley. Rock industry creative behind-the-scenes veteran dating from early 1960s. Totally uncategorizable: 
Start your #bigdata 4 social good challenge? #Hadoop4good Office Hrs coming! …
New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Gamifying the Real Game of Business" ( )
Social sentiment as mkt intel? Detangling herd bias from crowd wisdom p1  p2  Fri #IBMDataMag qh
New #IBM jk blog: "Why you may never need to become a data scientist" ( )
The consumer-driven mobility ecosystem will drive new innovation in how people get around. @IBMIBV #Auto2025 study: 
By 2025, the vehicle will be sophisticated enough to configure itself to a driver & occupants. #Auto2025 study: 
RT @Natasha_D_G: 999 #developers joined #BigData 4 Social Good challenge  Be the 1000th to #hadoop4good! #hadoop #IBM
"Fog computing: cloud descends to Earth for faster Internet o Things analytics" ( ) JK--Good discuss o #IBM IoT & cloud
"Ford's #bigdata experiments: Can it transform company?" ( ) JK--Interesting focus on behavior & experience analytics
"How science cutting #bigdata down to size" ( ) JK--NSF SciServer projbuilding ecosys for accessing space-science data
"Apache’s newest TLP: Flink" ( ) JK--MapReduce alternative fuses processing & analysis of both batch and streaming data
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith Group from Wave JK--1996. Lyric hinges on the word "thee." Unpretentiously. Perfect!
"Machine learning methods for computer security" ( ) JK--Link points to a doc that's a bibliography of recent research
"Symbiosis of #BigData & 3D Printing" ( ) JK--Discusses synergies in custom manufactrg, QA, visualization, data storage
"Google driverless cars being built in Livonia" ( ) JK--Wow! My hometown! Levan Rd! Where my jr-high minibike assembld!
Real-world experiments? The value of failure in A/B testing ( ) Thurs #IBMDataMag qh & LinkedIn Pulse blog
Learn more about the new #WatsonAnalytics Assemble feature 
Mobile Learning: Key to a Prepared 21st Century Global Workforce  #IBMMobile
Ben Watt's fave tracks of 2014, his influences, & more. I'm a fan. Good website:  @ben_watt of Everything But The Girl
RT @kexpplaylist I'm Writing a Novel by Father John Misty from Live on #KEXP JK--2012. Cool version. Rocks like "Hwy 61 Revisited" era Dylan
Event organizers that offer incentives for "early-bird registration" please be advised. It's not good practice to dangle worms.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Big New Prinz by The Fall JK--Check this guy's track record: 4 decades o still-edgy releases: 
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols frm Never Mind th Bollocks JK--1977. Rotten rages against UK tourism revenues. Why?
"Statistical foundations of machine learning" ( ) JK--Another fine online open-access textbook for data scientists.
"SDN Security's Role in #BigData" ( ) JK--"Smart, self-aware networks capable of defending themselves against threats"
"Predictions: 2015 Analytics and Data Science Hiring Market" ( ) JK--Great phrase: "California loses its luster."
"Are Analysts Primitive Homo Analyticus?" ( ) JK--Love the artwork on this. Want it on my wall.
"Data Preparation Is Not an Afterthought" ( ) JK--Excellent #Gartner note from Lakshmi Randall & Mark A. Beyer
"How biz will use cognitive cmptng in 2015" ( ) JK--Per RHigh: Watson 4 "E's": education expertise expression evolution
"Machine learning w/wearable sensors" ( ) JK--Cool discussion of algo to distinguish 6 physical user postures/movements
" #BigData - What The Heck Are Data Lakes?" ( ) JK--And golly gee, why are they so gosh darn hard to manage? Aw shucks.
"IoT #bigdata problms" ( ) JK--Per @acroll : Wearable overload. Sensing overkill. Data oversprawl. Need contxt over all
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Allie by Belle and Sebastian from Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance JK--2015. One of these indie veterans' best LPs.
"Forecasting: Principles and Practice" ( ) JK--Excellent online open-access textbook. In-depth statistical discussions
Ringo was the surname of an Old West outlaw. I wish the other Beatles had adopted faux desperado names: Doc, Deadeye, Lefty, & Ringo?
Gamified analytics? Cog cmptg limits in autom8 rl-life biz strat game p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh
Independent viewpoints on #IBM z13: Charles King ( ), Roger Kay ( )
Organizations are increasingly using #cloud based #analytics to gain advantages : Find out how?  @IBMDataWH #DashDB
According to a recent #IBM #TechTrend study #cloud adoption is up 92% since 2012  #dashDB @wlucas001 @IBMDashDB
Vetting #Forrester’s Return-on-Investment Calculations for Data Warehouse Modernization  : #dashDB @IBMDashDB
#DataWarehouse Modernization: Vetting Forrester’s Return-on-Investment #ROI Calculations  : #dashDB @IBMDataWH
" #IBM Launches z13 Mainframe -- Most Powerful and Secure System Ever Built" ( ) JK--Read about its many firsts.
"New Analyst Rpt Cites #IBM as Leading #Hadoop Provider Among Developers" ( ) JK--25% identified it as their principal
"Redefining Digital Business: #IBM zNext." Join us for a virtual event today, 2pm eastern. Register here: 
"What Should You Look For In Your Cloud #DataWarehouse?" (  ) JK--New #IBM blog by Rahul Agarwal
Bought & downloaded Panda Bear's latest LP: "Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper." #KEXP Don Yates describes it well: 
"Artificial intelligence experts sign open letter to protect mankind from machines" ( ) JK--O-oh Yoshimi....!!!
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Generation by The Minus 5 from Dungeon Golds JK--2015. Group includes ex-REM-er Peter Buck. Yes, we're getting old
Data is a truly a lever for making things happen in the real world, and data-driven insights are a leverage multiplier.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Fresh Blood by Eels from Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire JK--2009. Mark Everett's father was influential scientist.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Times They Are A-Changin' by Bob Dylan JK--1964. 22-year-old singer-songwriter looks 60-something on LP cover
Catch me speaking on a #bigdata panel, Feb 12-13, Rethink Technology conf, Palo Alto ( )
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Intro/Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash JK--1968. Fun fact: confessed Reno job after Statute of Limitations ran out
Correlation: NOT the natural process by which the Great Barrier Reef was formed.
"Let's Get Nerdy: Data Analytics 4 Business Leaders Explaind" ( ) JK--Good overview. Pls drop th tiresome "nerd" shtick
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ordinary by The Preatures from Blue Planet Eyes JK--2014. My first thought was "Sheryl Crow rocking again?"
"Numbers are Powerful, Especially in Combination" ( ) JK-- @KirkDBorne on challenges of high-dimensional analytics
"These IoT networks 'unapologetically slow'" ( ) JK--Lo-powr M2M WANs. Work in tiny devices going months small battery
Ambient analytics? The future of wearables at work p1:  p2:  Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit
"DB2 Tech Talk: Take a Deeper Dive into dashDB" ( ) JK--Thurs Jan 29 12:30pm eastern #IBMDataMag
"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Managing Linux K-TAPs" ( ) JK--Thurs Jan 29 11:30am eastern #IBMDataMag
"Informix Tech Talk: The Internet of Things Foundation Service" ( ) JK--Thurs Jan 22 11:30am eastern #IBMDataMag
"Cloud Computing Elasticity for #BigData Environments" ( ) JK--IBM Redpaper: building cloud-based solutions #IBMDataMag
"Advanced Tools for Business Decisions" ( ) JK--Deploy Twitter-bolstered InfoSphere BigInsights on Cloud #IBMDataMag
"Joining the #BigData Revolution" ( ) JK--Book release: Rob Thomas and Patrick McSharry #IBMDataMag
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blood Bank by Bon Iver JK--2009. Artist channels a backwoods Wisconsin loner vibe. Who else does that? Only Justin
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Every Age by Jose Gonzalez from Vestiges & Claws JK--2015. Nice one in brooding folkish groove he cuts outside Junip.
"Critical Thinking Goes Hand in Hand with #BigData" ( ) JK--Video: What do we do with all this big data? #IBMDataMag
Mysticism: reveals the je ne sais quoi of me not knowing what.
"Tapping into Complexity of Human Emotion" ( ) JK--Video: Revealing je ne sais quoi of emotional analytics #IBMDataMag
Yesterday, I decided, for rhyming sake (fog log...), to abbreviate "cognitive algorithm" to "cog." A minor "eureka!" moment.
"Implement Data Masking to Protect Sensitive Data: Part 2" ( ) JK--Maji on enterprise-scale data masking #IBMDataMag
"Appliance-Bsd Analytics & Transactional Proc: Pt 2" ( ) JK--Bui & Palaniappan on PureData for Transactions #IBMDataMag
"Can Intelligently Harnessing Big Data Fix Healthcare?" ( ) JK--Krish Krishnan on how insight enhances care #IBMDataMag
Yes, dear PR people, I publish biz-tech opinions. So what's with the "do you want to cover peace efforts in the Middle East?" pitches?
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Name On A Matchbook by Springtime Carnivore from Springtime Carnivore JK--2014. Song passed my "who is that?" filter
Carrier mistakenly delivered the Washington Times instead of the Wall Street Journal. That went immediately to the dumpster.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Boys Latin by Panda Bear from Panda Bear Meets th Grim Reaper JK--2015. Love Noah Lennox' weird processed vocal style
Catch me speaking at Cloud Expo in June, NYC: "Fogs, Logs, and Cogs: The Newer, Bigger Shape of #BigData in the Internet of Things"
Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Why You May Never Need to Become a Data Scientist"
"Here comes the 'Internet of Self'" ( ) JK--IoT/QS lets yr body-harvested self-data auto-control objects in your world
"Machine learning'll eventually solve your JPEG problem" ( ) JK--Auto-curated foto albums. Currently, FB & Google+ suck
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Man in Black by Johnny Cash JK--Not buyin' the explanation, Johnny. I'll bet U were just lazy, sartorially. Like Zuck
"What Does " #BigData " Mean? Cynic's Guide" ( ) JK--Cynic? Hardly. This is an excellent parsing of layers of meaning
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Police on My Back by Th Clash from Sandinista! JK--1980. Never understood that train-horn sound effect. But it's cool
"Clone Your Customers' Brains in a Mathematics Laboratory" ( ) JK--Wasn't that an "Outer Limits" episode?
" #BigData Empowers Swarm Organizations" ( ) JK--Emergent collective behav by similar entities around common objective
Interesting SlideShare on Python programming for data science ( )
"Apache Lens" ( ) JK--Incubator project: unified interface for analytics on data stored in different systems (HDFS etc)
"What is a Propensity Model?" ( ) JK--Predictive behavioral models, of which the blog focuses on customer behaviors
"Common Pitfalls in Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Overfitting, sampling bias, reporting misleading stats, etc.
"Role o #BigData in Modernisation of Statistical Production" ( ) JK--UN study on main challenges for official stats
" #IBM Breaks U.S. Patent Record in 2014" ( ) JK--22nd straight year IBM has topped annual list of US patent recipients
Data-scientist skillsets? The case for and against a Chief Data Science Officer ( ) Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wise Up by Aimee Mann from (Sntrk) Magnolia JK--"It's not going 2 stop till U wise up/so just give up." Zen fatalism?
The Inuit may have more words for snow than English, but I'll bet they have no equivalent for "wintry mix."
"Obstacle avoidance is the next big step for drones" ( ) JK--Need lawyer drones trained to avoid regulatory obstacles.
"SpaceX rocket landing was ‘close, but no cigar’" ( ) JK--Yeah, well, duh! You don't light cigars around rocket fuel!
"IoT has finally hit the mainstream. Now what? " ( ) JK--Cue the Buzz Lightyear clip: "to infinity and beyond!!!!"
It's always nice when a Catholic mass includes at least one hymn with a familiar melody & well-wrought lyrics. One you can sing non-mumbling

Almost done with Hillenbrand's "Unbroken." Though Zamperini's ordeal is focus. I can't stop pondering WW2's eastern battlefield: an ocean