Thursday, May 12, 2005

fyi So much for (out of) print...


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Kobielus kommentary:
First off, I’d like to point out that I rather like the randomness of these subject lines, which are, in fact, the subject lines of the Cameron blogposts to which I’m responding. Like so many e-mail subject lines when considered from deep inside the discussion thread, and measured in tangent-upon-tangent-upon-tangent distance from the original point of the original post (if in fact the original had a clear point). Most real-world discussion threads are weirdly meandering. My head is weirdly meandering.

I make no bones. Random streaming stimuli are my favorite prods to creativity and spontaneity. They throw me off my old balance and force me to find a new footing in a decidedly non-Kobielian coordinate space. The more non-Kobielian the coordinate system, the more new stuff Kobielus must know and learn to survive and thrive. The more Kobielus must know, the more Kobielus must grow by integrating non-Kobielian stimuli into a Kobielian koordinate system. And then continue to de-Kobielicize his field of view to the maximum extent possible. To avoid koming into kontinual kontact with a Kobielian kosmos.

That weird alliterative tangent was suggested by this excerpt from philosopher John Scott’s comment on Harold Innis’ thinking on media and culture and perspective:
‘[The] Internet is going to force us to take some needed, but overdue, institutional and political steps to address something like what eye doctors call an "accommodation" problem. When our eyes do not adjust quickly enough, or fully enough, or appropriately to the changing objects in our field of view the doctors tell us we have an "accommodation" problem. We have been accommodating changes in language-technologies in different and dramatic ways since the beginning of recorded history. Changes associated with the internet's vices and virtues are no different, except that the orders of magnitude seem considerably increased. The Internet changes the ways we record, send, and receive messages and will radically continue to change where and how we live, just as past messaging innovations have.’

I’m nearsighted as hell, and my nervous system magnifies the problem by continually zoning out (and in) when I’m under stress (such as always, and aggravated by the dynamism and complexity of all things tech, which is, after all, the dominate koordinate system of my/your/our life). It's cognitive. It's also neuromuscular. It's philosophical too.

I’m never quite able to accommodate all of this kosmos into a single synoptic view. The best I can do is defocus/refocus/de-focus on the various "objects" I stumble across, attempting to integrate the ten zillion scattered facets/fragments of it all into a synoptic view in some abstract higher-level koordinate system in my head.

Problem is, higher-level abstract koordinate systems in my head alone are, by definition, acutely Kobielian. Which makes me squirm. I just can't accommodate a me-only koordinate system. I must blog and be rid of it.

OK, strap me down now.