Wednesday, December 14, 2005

fyi Cyber Security Group Flunks Washington


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Kobielus kommentary:
Wonderful—-a relatively non-partisan issue that I can use to bash Bush, to illustrate his cluelessness on cybersecurity issues. Does anybody seriously think, if Al Gore were elected in 2000, that he would have paid as little attention to cybersecurity as this Republican administration has? He wouldn’t have used 9/11 (and it would have happened under either party’s watch) and its aftermath (and we would have invaded Afghanistan, though probably not Iraq, under a Dem administration) as a convenient excuse to ignore every national security issue that didn’t involve wasteful militarization and irresponsible troop deployments.

Whew—-got that out of my system. To be fair to the current administration, even if the Dems were in power now, cybersecurity (as a national security issue) would be a neverending circus. It’s already a lightning rod for political grandstanding, sensationalism, paranoia. Remember the good old McCarthy days when Commies were everywhere? That’s nothing compared with the identity thieves, virus spreaders, DDoS starters, spam blasters, spyware snoops, and other betes noirs that pervade this new threatscape. Many of the baddies are inhuman, literally (bots), or are human to the extremely limited extent that an untraceable physical finger clicked on an untraceable physical mouse button at some point in the past and triggered a chain reaction that still mushrooms around us.

Name me a politician—or even a single IT industry visionary—who has crafted a comprehensive enough plan for national or global cybersecurity? I mean, a plan, program, or set of governance principles that can effectively frame collective responses to all of the cyberthreat vectors now and in the unforeseeable future? Of course you can’t.

There’s no governance structure that can past this test. Everybody would flunk. Cybersecurity gores all.


P.S. Speaking of Washington, we recovered our car last night, which was stolen last Wednesday. Was abandoned on a residential street in the southeast quadrant of the Nation's Capital. Thank you Officer Sanders, and your partner who let us use her cellphone (Nextel's signal was fine and strong), and the lady who gave Egidia tea and a warm place to hang while we were waiting to have the scene "processed" by the authorities and to restart the vehicle. The thieves did considerable damage. I doubt we'll catch them, but I do have surveillance photos of them stealing it from the parking lot of my wife's place of employment. They apparently live near where they abandoned the vehicle, because there's no nearby Metro stop or main thoroughfare nearby to facilitate a quick escape. They seemed to bolt from the vehicle in hurry, having left it running (draining gas and battery), and leaving their break-in tool. At least those are my hunches on how to identity/target/trackdown these mofos. But I'm no Columbo. Good thing we leave nothing of value in our vehicles. No sensitive identity data. A car, which many people use as a lockbox, is a potential goldmine of identity data. I will throw out the open box of Cheez-Its they left behind, though.