Wednesday, March 29, 2006

fyi IDC: Data Centers Becoming Smaller, Faster


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The term “data center” is becoming more of an oxymoron every day. A vestige of the big iron days. Every corporate IT resource—data, storage, compute power, etc—is becoming more decentralized through SOA, ESBs, platform virtualization, and compute and data grids.

Even those corporations that continue to centralize some mission-critical IT resources are consolidating into increasingly inconspicuous “data centers.” As the referenced article states: “U.S. data centers are starting to look trimmer and run faster thanks to virtualization and automation tools...The number of pieces of data center equipment is also slimming down to include fewer machines. For example, with virtualization, customers can run multiple operating systems on one machine, reducing the number of machines they need to run their businesses.

And these data centers are, when you pry their lids open, becoming internally decentralized through blades and virtualization. Once again, the article states: “Customers concerned about using software to consolidate and automate their computer networks are interested in products from VMware, SWSoft, Xen and Virtual Iron. Blade server systems are another prime example of the shift to more condensed data centers. Where mainframes once ruled the data center roost almost exclusively, smaller blades that slide in and out of chassis are becoming more prevalent these days.”

Increasingly, what we’re seeing is the rise of the virtual data center in most organizations. In this new environment, the data (and storage, CPU, etc.) is decentralized from the get-go, and will often remain that way (never to radically consolidate on a single storage node or location). But the governance of that distributed data—in the form of a corporate-standard master data management (MDM) environment—will tighten.

Data centers have always had a core competency: moving, massing, and mastering corporate operational data. As centers decentralize, the moving and massing of data will permeate every niche of the corporate environment. And it will all--the ubiquiflow of precious content--be tracked, managed, channeled, optimized, and quality-controlled every step of the way through MDM.

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