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herenow Complex Event Processing II


Picking up where the previous post left off:

That said, I just want to go off now on a philosophical tangent that ties this all into what I do for a living. I’m an industry analyst. Specifically, I’m an industry analyst with Current Analysis. Like all industry analysts, I’m essentially a reporter, responding to the events of the day and dissecting them in depth. As an industry analyst with Current Analysis, I’m event-driven in a more real-time, fine-grained way than most folks at other firms (e.g., Burton Group, where I once worked). Bottom line: a vendor in my space (Data Management) makes an important announcement (as determined by me), and I respond to that event within 48 hours with analytical/research report that examines that event in depth, laying out—within what amounts to a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis—how that event changes the competitive dynamics/balance, in some major or minor way.

I’m an event processor. To drive that home for you, here (in reverse chronological order) are the 23 events to which I’ve responded in the past 3 months with published reports:


Oracle Announces First Partner Product Under Data Warehouse Appliance Initiative

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Oct 01, 2007] Oracle announced the first commercial fruits of its partner- focused DW appliance strategy, setting the stage for the vendor to deliver its market-leading DBMS as pre-optimized, scalable hardware/software solution for enterprise deployment.

Compassoft Tightens Enterprise Spreadsheet Controls for GRC

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 28, 2007] Compassoft released version 3.5 of its spreadsheet governance solution, adding real-time spreadsheet monitoring and best- practices templates that strengthen its ability to enforce governance, risk, and compliance policies at the desktop level.

Business Objects Integrates Inxight Text Analytics and Search into XI Platform

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 28, 2007] Business Objects launched new text analytics and search solutions that leverage the recently acquired Inxight technology, but has taken only the first tentative step toward integrating unstructured data into its extensive product family.

TIBCO Improves Multi-domain MDM Data Governance

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 26, 2007] TIBCO released TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager (CIM) 7.0, the latest version of its best-of- breed MDM solution, which provides incremental enhancements and a new GUI in support of cross-catalog, multi-domain, multi-hub deployments.

Initiate Systems Enhances Multi-Hub, Multi-Entity MDM

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 25, 2007] Initiate Systems has improved its support for multi-hub, multi- domain deployments with the latest major enhancement release to its flagship MDM platform, and now may be considered a best-of- breed enterprise-grade MDM solution provider.

Microsoft Releases Office PerformancePoint Server 2007 in Major CPM Push

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 21, 2007] Microsoft has released the long-awaited Office PerformancePoint Server 2007, re-launching the vendor into the hotly competitive financial CPM arena with a feature-rich, user-friendly, midmarket-focused solution.

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software Expands Integration Across DQ Suite

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 20, 2007] Harte-Hanks Trillium Software released a fully integrated version of its DQ product family, introducing new collaborative data stewardship and non-name/address features to stay in the thick of this very competitive market.

SPSS Integrates Flagship Statistical Software with Predictive Analytics Governance Platform

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 19, 2007] SPSS released the latest enhancement version of its flagship statistical analysis tool, improving the product’s integration with the vendor’s Predictive Enterprise Services environment for life-cycle governance of predictive analytics models.

Business Objects Targets Mid-market with BI On-demand and Virtual Appliance Offerings

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 18, 2007] Business Objects launched its BI on- demand solution family, further deepening its mid-market value proposition, supplementing its premises-based offerings, and providing a clear migration path for crystalreports.com users.

Business Objects Launches Fully Integrated CPM Application Suite

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 14, 2007] Business Objects launched EPM XI, its comprehensive CPM product suite, which fully integrates all acquired CPM applications and positions the vendor well for greater penetration into this hotly competitive segment.

Cognos Enlists Informatica as Key Data Quality Partner for CPM

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 13, 2007] Cognos announced an expansion of its strategic partnership with Informatica, focusing on resale of Informatica’s DQ solutions into Cognos customers’ CPM deployments and Cognos provision of DQ-focused professional services to CPM customers.

Siperian Deepens Support for Governance of Complex, Multi-Hub MDM Environments

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 11, 2007] Siperian released the latest version of its MDM hub product, extending its already strong data governance functionality through security, metadata, workflow, and other enhancements in support of complex, multi-hub, multi-entity deployments.

Cognos Acquiring Applix to Expand Share of Financial CPM Market

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Sep 07, 2007] Cognos plans to acquire rival financial CPM vendor Applix, further broadening its range of CFO-focused analytic applications. However, the converged vendors face growing competition from Oracle, SAP, Business Objects, SAS, Microsoft, and others.

DATAllegro Implements Distributed Architecture and Online Archiving in New DW Appliances

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 23, 2007] DATAllegro pre-announced future grid-enabled versions of its DW appliances. However, the vendor did not provide independent benchmarks to substantiate its grid price-performance claims, nor did it commit to specific general availability dates.

Netezza Continues to Improve DW Appliance’s Query Performance

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 22, 2007] Netezza released query optimization enhancements to its DW appliance product family. However, Netezza has not corroborated the claimed performance improvements with independent benchmarks, nor has it reduced the price for its DW appliances.

Oracle Enhances Recently Acquired In-Memory, Distributed Data-Grid Technology

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 15, 2007] Oracle released a distributed, In-memory data-grid middleware product incorporating technology acquired from Tangosol. This release further integrates and optimizes the data-grid middleware as a component of the Oracle Fusion product family.

Oracle Releases 11g Database for Linux

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 15, 2007] Oracle announced the general availability of its 11g DBMS for Linux x86 platforms, as well as pricing and packaging, but has still not announced when versions for Windows and other platforms will become available.

Business Objects Presents Integrated Data Model for Converging CPM Applications into Cohesive Suite

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 09, 2007] Business Objects committed to integrating its diverse CPM applications into the XI platform through an integrated data model, but did not publish a specific roadmap/schedule of CPM product enhancements that will carry out this plan.

IBM Packages Data Integration and Quality Suite as Appliance

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 08, 2007] IBM announced a grid-enabled, blade- based appliance version of its IBM Information Server DI/DQ suite, complementing and extending its recently revamped its IBM Balanced Warehouse DW appliance product family.

IBM Acquiring Princeton Softech to Advance Information Lifecycle Management

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 06, 2007] IBM announced its intention to acquire information lifecycle management software vendor Princeton Softech, in a move that will deepen IBM’s ILM portfolio but overlap with existing WebSphere, FileNet, and Tivoli offerings.

Business Objects Enhances Support for Product Data Quality

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Aug 03, 2007] Business Objects has enhanced the product data support in its DQ solutions, but it still has not completely integrated its DQ products with its DI solutions, nor has it leveraged its DQ products into a credible position in the MDM market.

IBM Acquires DataMirror to Expand Heterogeneous Event Processing and Changed Data Capture

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Jul 17, 2007] IBM announced that it is acquiring DataMirror, a pure-play vendor of real-time CDC, event processing, and replication solutions, and that it plans to incorporate DataMirror’s technology throughout its data management product portfolio.

Oracle Launches Next-Generation 11g Database Management System

Competitive Intelligence Report Data Management - [Jul 13, 2007] Oracle formally announced the next-generation Oracle Database 11g, which will include an impressive range of enhancements to the vendor’s market-leading DBMS. However, Oracle has not provided a general availability date or pricing for the product.


I’m a Complex Event Processor, like most IT industry analysts, because I dissect events that are multifaceted, and that take place in very dynamic, multidimensional, blurry-edged market contexts. I’m an Event Stream Processor, because I take these (and the countless events that I choose not to write on) in a steady stream, a passing parade, in which I must exercise quick-fuse judgment re which are very important, which are so-so, and which can be safely ignored. Like most analysts, I hold in my head a set of criteria, perspectives, priorities, themes, frameworks, etc for identifying what appear to be the most important events at any point in time. And these criteria continue to evolve as my “space” evolves, and as my understanding of its shifts and deepens with experiences. No, I don’t pretend to be infallible on such things.

How do I filter the event stream, the passing parade, day in and day out? I don’t know how other analysts manage it, but I simply read what’s in my inbox(es), and check the newswires, and plow through the snailmailed magazines etc that pile up, sifting and clipping and throwing stuff into stacks, both hot and cold. One of my core quotidian tasks is to compile an “articles to print” file each and every day that simply contains references/pointers to the online news/articles that tickled my fancy, for whatever reason (there isn’t usually any organizing theme), on each day. Here for example is the full text of my “articles to print” (most of which I don’t actually print—the name’s not to be taken literally—on June 19 of this year):



Coral8 Enables Enterprise-Wide Complex Event Processing with Coral8 Engine Release 5.0

SeeWhy Software Adds Advanced Profiling to SeeWhy Community Edition 3.2

Coral8 and Lab49 Partner to Provide Algorithmic Trading Framework on the Microsoft Software Platform

Coral8 Works With Microsoft to Deliver Scalable Trading Application Frameworks in Capital Markets

Progress Software Reports Second Quarter Results

Actuate Survey Unveils Growing Momentum and Broad Adoption of Open Source Business Intelligence

Raytheon Cross-Certifies with CertiPath's 'Trusted PKI Bridge'

Talend Launches Open Source Data Integration On Demand

I.B.M. to Show Stream Computing System Tuesday


Gartner gives Oracle increased edge over IBM in database market http://cwflyris.computerworld.com/t/1668225/66627838/68090/2/

IBM, Sun Prove Why Grid Computing is Alive and Well


Rational Continues Buying Spree


DATAllegro: an update on Version 3


Symmetric Key Services Markup Language (SKSML) Requirements

SAP Expands Footprint to Meet Growing Demand for Mobile Business Solutions http://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=3497475&access=EH

Sybase Announces New Financial Services Real-Time Analytics and Complex Event Processing Platform With StreamBase http://media.prnewswire.com/en/jsp/latest.jsp?resourceid=3497470&access=EH

StreamBase 5.0 Delivers First End-to-End Complex Event Processing Platform

StreamBase Launches CEP Reference Architecture for Algorithmic Trading

Greenplum Expands Relationships with Unica, Kinetic Networks and Sun Microsystems to Introduce Breakthrough Web Analytics Solutions

Database Trends: Q&A with Gartner's Donald Feinberg


Appian Launches Compliance Manager


IBM Unveils Informix Upgrade



SeeWhy Releases Business Process Management Integration Kit


Exploratory Stream Processing Systems