Wednesday, April 30, 2008

FOA v3 of 3


SOA’s strength is in its inner abstraction, its paradigmatic focus on the goal of maximizing sharing, reuse, and interoperability of key corporate resources over networks, thanks to open standards.

SOA’s goals are laudable, but now we have the presentation, access, delivery, and socialization layers to consider. Socialization layer? You mean social networking? You mean wikis, collaborative bookmarking, and all of that Web 2.0 stuff that keeps on innovating so fast that no clear design patterns, hence no stable interoperability specs, can emerge?

How can we define standards to support sharing, reuse, and interoperability in an emerging network computing fabric that steadfastly refuses to settle down and decide what it wants to do when it grows up?

In which friends organize architectures, and failures only accelerate the push toward some simpler, less abstract, more practical architecture that totally works.

Whether or not we analysts have conceptualized it all in every fine detail in advance.