Friday, February 13, 2009

fyi Pull Wii Games Off Shelves, Says Radio Pundit



Response: I wouldn’t recommend pulling Wii off store shelves. It’s more of a caveat emptor situation. My primary problem with Wii--which I used at friends' parties a few times over the holiday season--is that many games require you to lunge, repeatedly, intensely, mindlessly, asymmetrically, herky-jerkily, into bare air, flailing any and all appendages, without any counter-resistance. That felt to my 50-year-old body like a surefire prescription for throwing everything out of joint. Oh yeah...the carpal tunnel potential on handling the controller...that too, but that’s the least of it. I do powerflex twice a week in a class/instructor setting. Every lunge we do has the resistance of weights that we balance on our shoulder blades--plus the slow controlled, balanced movements that systematically work the micro-fibers of our muscles, never relying on pure inertia or momentum to move the weights up and down, side to side. Wii’s not my style, because I prefer to strengthen and calm my body--with images and rhythms generated by my mind, breathing, and muscle memory--not cartoon avatars and idiotic synth-ditties yanking me around on some TV screen.