Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aweekstweets September 13-20 2009 @jameskobielus

  1. Everything's "social" these days. Social DW? Compress terabyte data mart down to flash form. Trade 'em like baseball cards. Maybe not.about 7 hours ago from TweetDeck
    JK2—Social everything. What that refers to typically is an interpersonal pub-sub service with user-generated content and a dynamically reciprocal membership roster involving various degrees of opt-in, invitation, referral, and self-assertion. Hence, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, you name it. If there were such thing as a “social data warehouse,” that would have to refer to user-generated personal-subject domain analytic content, metadata, rules, policies, calculations, and visualizations packaged up for reciprocal sharing with others. Oh, wait, that’s BI mashup maturity level 4, per my Forrester report on same. Let’s keep calling it BI mashup for now—until the mashups get packaged as “appliances” (e.g., on flash drives). Then, voila—personal mashups sharable in “DW appliance” form factors—via sneakernet. Then again....nah....dumb idea. Scratch that thought.
  2. Computerworld BI Perspectives conf: Pervasive, self-service, low-cost BI for operational intelligence--#1 customer requirement overheard.1:32 PM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Every organization is eager to take mundane basic analytics—i.e., traditional BI—out of IT’s lap, and shift focus to advanced analytics: predictive modeling, data mining, text mining, complex event processing, BPM-integrated analytics, etc. Clear cost reduction and strategic/competitive benefits
  3. "Google's 'Data Liberation Front'" ( jk--Yawn! Informationista Libertarians? Nah, Google just giving you your own data.10:13 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Hmmm...maybe “personal DW appliance” a way of liberating data. But flash drives a security vulnerability. Employees walking off with great gobs of critical corporate data. Gotta watch that.
  4. Sun Oracle DB Mach w/ Exadata: I'm tad disappointed they don't offer solution packaging w/ BI, adv analytics, etc. Rivals going/gone there.8:13 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Rivals such as IBM and Sybase. Impressive as Exadata v2 is, Oracle seems to be competing mostly against Teradata and Netezza, neither of which has moved as aggressively into analytic solution appliances as they should. Teradata bundles some SAS analytic apps with its DW appliances. Netezza does the same with Kalido and some other partners. But I expect these and other DW appliance vendors to go very deep into analytic solution appliances in the coming year—leveraging add-on apps (their own plus partners’), vertical/horizontal logical domain models, and professional services ecosystems.
  5. Sun Oracle DB Machine w/ Exadata: comprehensive pushdown optimization of analytic & OLTP functions to intelligent storage layer. Excellent!8:11 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Rings all the right bells: scalability (multi-petabyte; faster CPU, memory, disk, I/O throughput; faster scans and loads; more efficient compression), affordability ($20K/TB), flexibility (comprehensive pushdown optimization of analytic & OLTP functions to intelligent storage layer; smart flash cache; storage management improvements; packaging as quarter, half, and full rack, etc.).
  6. Sun Oracle Database Machine with Exadata: $20K/TB for multi-petabyte very-high-perf DW appliance with strong compression. 2 thumbs up!8:09 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Such a strong release, I’m wondering how they can top this with splashy announcements at OpenWorld next month. We’ll see.
  7. Daily IT vendor press release glut starting to built to expected, typical post-Labor Day volumes.7:58 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—If you do this job long enough, you have this rhythm in your bones.
  8. RT @genevilleneuve "wasn't sure if you wanted to be cited....thanks again for [Svc-Or Analytics] insight!" JK--My pleasure: great session!7:49 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Service-Oriented Analytics. I’ll be happy to discuss in one-on-ones with customers at Forrester Business and Technology Forum, Chicago, Thurs-Fri Oct 8-9 (
  9. "Autonomy Applies Adv Meaning-based Tech to Transform DBMS Market" ( jk--Predictive probabilistic query inference.6:23 AM Sep 16th from TweetDeck
    JK2—The fastest queries are those that never need to be made. They’re the future queries you eliminate by inferring what the requester’s really looking and delivering it to them. Predictive, pre-emptive analytics applied to the heart and soul of BI.
  10. So proud of self: able to integrate Service-Oriented Analytics into Computerworld BI talk. Will definitely discuss in FORR blog soon.5:23 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Yes, I’m working on that.
  11. RT @Oracle PR: Oracle Unveils Exadata v2: First DB Machine for OLTP: JK--REPORTERS: Very significant release: call my mobile for comment.5:13 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
    JK2—No reporter calls. Looking at the coverage, I don’t think they grasp the significance. More important release than Exadata v1 last year. Key milestone in industry evolution of EDW into an analytic application server.
  12. I'll be speaking today from 2:55-3:40pm (central) on self-service BI mashup. Computerworld BI Perspectives. Westin Chicago River North.12:46 PM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Thank you everybody for attending, and for your great questions. We’ll be in touch.
  13. TweetDeck--with current content--loads faster than most other apps on my desktop. Hence, TweetDeck's becoming my first-up app.11:28 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
    JK2—And it delivers a surprisingly representative cross-sampling of latest industry news and scuttlebutt—I’m following the crème de la crème of them.
  14. "Actuate & Infobright Announce High-Perf Virtual Machine for BI & DW" ( jk--Fully open source DW/BI virtual appliance.8:13 AM Sep 15th from TweetDeck
    JK2—I’m not seeing a lot of customer adoption or interest in virtual BI software appliances, of which there are only a few on the market.
  15. Opposite business analytics/optimization cultures: the SWAGs vs. the Stats. Former rely on gut intuition, the latter on hard numbers.12:49 PM Sep 14th from web
    JK2—Typically, the SWAGs write the checks for the tools used by the Stats. Therein lies a tension that keeps the Stats from gaining the upper hand. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Business is intuitive, at its heart, as is science. Both disciplines rely on numbers to steer the ship, but depend on visionaries who can see the future through the cloud of often distracting stats.
  16. "Google Plans Mirror Tech for Green Computing" ( jk--Article disappoints. Thought was diabolic plot to blind Microsoft.7:29 AM Sep 14th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Has anybody noticed how rapidly “green” fell into the “not” side of the “hot/not” buzzword spectrum.
  17. "Web 2.0 and SaaS: A Breeding Ground for Crime?" ( jk--What th?!? Cloud, virtualization, & SOA too? Nu paradigms toxic?7:06 AM Sep 14th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Clear sign of trade press straining for sensationalism.
  18. Huh? "Coffee" now following me on Twitter. The stuff's stalking me now. Tables are turned. Let's see if it finds @jameskobielus addictive.6:51 AM Sep 14th from TweetDeck
    JK2—Those Twitterbots have become so obnoxious with the “I’m following you” e-mails. I’m only following those entities that I’ve actually heard of, and might have something useful to tweet. I’ve heard of this caffeine-bearing bean, but I doubt that its virtual presence would comfort me as much as its physical instantiation. So I decline.