Friday, December 18, 2009

That new piece in the sequence of tweet-originated pieces since I started tweeting in March of this year


sometimes thought seems solid as sinew tendon muscle bone can strain sprain break bleed but no though real is immaterial as air not there


hollywood splashcuts explosive screams over under explanation plot machinery all wheels turning no internal combustion


megaspectacle and nanoresponse a corneal aberration obliterates several dozen adjacent galaxies


a fallen faultline slippage of continents is as cracks in a mudplain signal the escarpment between elastic floodtimes


yes there was a guild for gold the florentine strapmakers maintained tenuous alliances even metalsmiths amalgamated


within the walled civita were barriers still restraint and regulation on common observance yet goats were known to roam


the high-peaked hat of the magistrate was his most distinguished the cathedral vault within which ceremonies were administered


automatic as dumb & rash commentary split-screen supplies pretext shares subconscious invites u to fill in the obvious tinyURLs tend to rule


a fax a fedex a telex a xerox and a text were arranged along the counter by heft and proximity one of them didn't belong no one let on


Snow's no worry. Flurries no worry. No need to hurry & scurry. Sit still--the flakes will fall & drape those worries in soft white slurry.