Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stuff that complicated my existence over the past several days May 10-14 2010

Petabyte storage in a Linux distributed file system

RDF meets NoSQL

Social networking boosts legal, regulatory compliance headaches

How Social Knowledge Networks can Help Global Organizations Capture and Retain Knowledge

Open Government, Social Media and CRM

In-Memory Databases Push the Envelope

Delivering data analytics through Workday SaaS ERP apps empowers business managers at actual decision points

Kapow adding IDE to Web data integrator

Twitter Bug Fix Drops Followers To Zero

Twitter Tests Business Toolkit

New IBM Predictive Analytics Software Personalizes Customer Relationship Strategies

IBM Text Mining Upgrade Is Social Media Savvy

Robert L. Mitchell: A social map of the Gulf oil spill

Amazon Web Services sees infrastructure as commodity


Facebook's Open Graph: It May Look Personal, but It's Purely Business

Why Microsoft's Dominance Is Over

SAS Intros Government Fraud Detection Software

Microsoft Unveils Spindex Social Networking Tool

Enterprise mashups: here are tasks best still left to IT

Delivering data analytics through Workday SaaS ERP apps empowers business managers at decision point

The problem with SIEM 3

The problem with SIEM 2

The problem with SIEM 1

HP's WebOS-based Hurricane Tablet Coming, Report Says

How Many Zettabytes Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?

Kapow takes Web data retrieval to an enterprise scale

Six high-level benefits of enterprise mashups


Use cases outlined for federated directory

Kickfire Targets Underserved Users in Crowded Analytic Database Market

Predictive Analytics: A Shopper's Checklist

Q&A: Why Data Quality is a Measurable, Ongoing Effort

Richi Jennings: SQL for the no-fly list, Bruce Schneier and more

SAP's Plattner to renew pitch for in-memory databases

IBM points predictive analytics at social Web

Twitter confirms beta testing of new business features


Social Media Will Play a Big Part in BI’s Future

Revolutionary R, An Interview with Revolution Analytics CEO Norman Nie – Part 2

BPM Takes Center Stage at IBM Impact

Beyond Guessing: Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting with Analytics

Microsoft Releases Office 2010

Microsoft Details Azure Cloud Development

Talend Shows That Open Source Success is Not Just About Low Price

Tibco Refreshes Software Event Monitoring Suite

New software personalizes customer relationship strategies

Sword Ciboodle Identifies the Customer Engagement Continuum

Why Android Will Dominate the Mobile Market

Can You Read this Whole Post?

XML workflow spec finalized

Real-Time ID Service boosts B2B commerce

Are REST-Based Services Capable of Supporting Enterprise-Grade Functions?

Bridging the Gap Between Self-Service and Live Service

“Ad Hoc Analysis” Lacking in Business Intelligence Systems

Business Intelligence Strategies: Keys to Success

Success Secrets of Data Warehousing and MDM

How to Define Accuracy in Analytics for Business

The State of In-Database SAS Analytics

Securing Elasticity in the Cloud

UK to kill national ID card program

Social Media and BI

BI Implications Of SAP-Sybase Deal - Plenty

How to Ride — Not Fight — the Social Media Wave

The Rise of CouchDB

Whose Wikipedia Is It, Anyway?

Contact Centers Go Social

SAP Buys Sybase For $5.8 Billion, Extends Mobile Reach Of Enterprise Software

SAP buys Sybase, gets back in the race

SAP Must Prove Sybase Synergies

SAP Smart To Snare Sybase's Mobile Mojo

SAP Buys Sybase For $5.8 Billion, Extends Mobile Reach Of Enterprise Software

Sybase Acquisition Strengthens SAP's Hand Against Oracle, Microsoft

Why Buying Sybase Was a Good Move for SAP

Sybase, an SAP Company

SAP's Sybase acquisition: Handicapping the big questions

Sybase and SAP: the unanswered questions

What Sybase customers should expect from SAP

SAP Will Buy Sybase; Does It Mean a Shift in Strategy?

SAP Strikes Deal for Sybase

SAP acquires Sybase for $5.8 billion, but why?

SAP to Acquire Sybase, Inc.

SAP's Sybase Acquisition Brings ERP to Smartphones

SAP Puts Its Money Where Its Mobile Ambitions Are in Sybase Deal

SAP Acquiring Sybase, Rocking the Analytics Market with Deep Synergies