Friday, August 06, 2010

Stuff I read on the beach if Internet surfing counts as beach activity Aug 2-6 2010

SAP Releases New Version of SAP® Business ByDesign(TM)

Vimeo SAP today social network analysis

Tumblr, a New Spin in the Flurry of Social Media

The Cellular Network - Not Just For Cell Phones

Hal Varian on Combinatorial Innovation [Video]

Microsoft expanding cloud strategy, exec says

As promised, SAP expands open source efforts, execs say

Twitter Celebrates 20 Billion Tweets, 30 Billion Coming Soon

Groupon’s CEO on Coupons and Start-Ups

Enquisite Adds Social Reports

More on Social Reporting in Enquisite

A cost-effective approach for petabyte storage systems

Will Future Virtual Intelligence & Precrime Predictions Kill Privacy?

Social Media Changes Old Web Habits

Phone calls: An endangered species, killed off by social media?

Social media sucks up 23% of time online

JR Raphael: The truth about those 'data-mining' Android apps

Mitch Wagner: Is Google doomed to always fail at social media?

Sun, Oracle VARs Differ Over Future Of Sun Hardware

Booming Social Networking Means Managers Beware

Peter Schooff: The Competitive Advantage of Predictive Analytics: Talking With Information Builders

Kaitlin Brunsden: Managing Data: Talking with Algebraix

Joe McKendrick: AOS, the Polar Opposite of SOA

David Linthicum: Burton Group Outlines a 5 Step Process to the Cloud

OpTier Launches Business Events Module

Social Registration May Come With a Few Surprises

UAE to Go Dark for BlackBerry Data

The Qualified Data Modeler

Ray Kurzweil On 'The Singularity' Future

'CrackBerry' no more

Oracle Product Chief Offers Glimpse at New Fusion Apps

SAP Reports Strong Growth, Completes Sybase Deal

The numbers speak: Amazon cloud soon to be a billion-dollar business

Drupal has a two-prong enterprise strategy

Amazon cloud perfect for building start-ups, says John Seely Brown

Can we abandon the copper plant?

Google Researchers Outline Pseudonym Sign-On

Rdio Opens Social Music Service To Public

Intermedia Adds Cloud PBX Service

Reflections on an Agile BI Program

An Imperative to Build, Not Buy, Agile BI

Successful social media analytics requires commitment, experimentation

Vendors push social media analytics, but some question the technology’s readiness

The price of free Internet: a piece of your soul

Are Business Processes Detected or Invented?

Are Motorola and Verizon Building A Boob Tab?

(Really) Big Data

Everybody's a Mega-Vendor

SAS, WPS and R

Will Cloud Computing Finally Bring Innovation to the Contact Center?

Interdictive Analytics: Catching Baddies at the Pass and in the Nick of Time

A Strategic View of Data Lifecycle Management

Position-based quantum cryptography: A scientific breakthrough?

What Is Microsoft's New Mystery Product?

Bing Maps Gets New Interface, Calculates Cab Fares

Google Multiple Account Sign-In: A Getting Started Guide

Google Multiple Account Sign-In: Why It Matters

On Web's Cutting Edge, Anonymity in Name Only

BatchBook: Sociability Meets Mobility

Software Innovation At Stake in SAS Suit

Teradata Announces 2010 Second Quarter Results

Practical Analysis: Do Oracle Exadata Gains Warrant The Risk?

An Imperative to Build, Not Buy, Agile BI


SOA Or Cloud? You Be The Judge

Car tech: Building the zero-fatality car

Google drops Google Wave

Keeping your company image safe on social media

Social Media Analytics vs. Social Network Analysis

White spaces: Technology overview

Wolfram|Alpha Widgets

Facebook, Farmville, etc. now consume a third of Web time

Complex Event Processing: IT Liberator or Over-Engineering Hell?

LinkedIn Acquires mSpoke

Kickfire's apparent demise

IBM closes acquisition of Coremetrics

Practical Analysis: Do Oracle Exadata Gains Warrant The Risk?

Google Wave failure may help Google Me succeed

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Wave fails, Twitter wins. Why?

Social computing's evolution in the enterprise

Social Engineers Successfully Gather Info

Promoting Equality in the Marketplace of Ideas

Data Management: Building a Solid Foundation for Supply Chain Excellence

Infinite Data Retention Leads to Costly Mistakes

SOA or Cloud? You be the Judge