Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stuff I scraped to take my mind off the Gilbert Gottfried controversy March 14-18 2011

Revolution Analytics and IBM Netezza Bring Enterprise-Ready R to the Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse Traffic Control

IBM launches e-commerce practice

Quake warning system provided seconds of notice for Tokyo

DBMS and data warehousing

Japan's Quake, Tsunami Could Disrupt Semiconductor Supplies, Raise Prices

Nanogenerators to Enable Battery-Free Handhelds

Who will be Snow White?

Windows Isn't Dead or Dying

Are You Always On?

Steve Jobs: Apple's greatest legacy or its biggest obstacle?

SAP, IBM team up on in-memory analytics

SAP details in-memory BI roadmap

Roambi for SAS Ratchets Up the Integration Factor

IBM Launches Big Data Boot Camps

SAP's Aggressive Business Application Roadmap

Sensitive Data More Likely to be Transferred on Tablets

Getting The Most Out Of Your SIEM System

The Truth About Malvertising

Oracle Exadata X2-8 and the evolution of Oracle RAC

Lingering questions and (some) answers on SAP, HANA and in-memory applications

This SIEM is a good fit for small and mid-sized companies

IBM Launches Software and Consulting Services to Help Businesses Adapt to Rising Customer Demands

SAP sees BI on tablets gaining ground with mobile workers

HP, Apotheker prep master plan: Five top issues

SAP Showcases HANA Tests and New In-Memory Apps

HP's new strategy: Public cloud, analytics, big data appliances

40 Fast Facts on Cloud Computing

Infor's offer for Lawson could spark bidding war

Leo Apotheker: HP Will Be The Cloud Leader

Feature: Operational intelligence + event processing = smarter,
faster decisions

Making the Leap to Cloud Storage

Study predicts dramatic changes in automotive landscape

Facebook Challenges Groupon By Expanding Group Discount Service

Infor Launches $1.8 Billion Bid For Lawson

The Eerie World of Abandoned Computers

'Google Circles' Looms, But do Google's Nerds 'Get' Social?

Foreigners in Japan Rely on Twitter for Breaking News

Microsoft Announces Global Availability of Internet Explorer 9

HP's new strategy: Public cloud, analytics, big data appliances

Is Microsoft killing off the Zune hardware?

Harvard's Valiant wins Turing Award

The Promises and Challenges of Exascale Computing

Setting up a Hadoop development environment

HP's new 'personal cloud' combines work and life

John Gallant: HP's Apotheker lays out new vision for HP -- Details to come?

No more Zune hardware devices, Microsoft (sort of) confirms

Microsoft Exec Says Cloud Strategy Is Right On Track

It's Time to Decide Whether 'One Internet' Is Over

Microsoft Brings Zune to a Merciful End

Splunk 4.2 Delivers New Levels of Operational Visibility

MyBusiness CRM gets in sync with Google- Apps

HP Ties Future To Cloud, Connectivity

Microsoft's Bing taps into online coupon fever

Red Hat 'virtualizes' data with new JBoss ESB

Leo Apotheker: HP Will Be The Cloud Leader

“Just Right” Customer Analytics

Lawson Weighs Infor Buyout Bid

BPM + CRM = Improved (not Perfect) Customer Service

Stepping out from Hurd's shadow, HP looks to the cloud

No more Zune hardware devices, Microsoft (sort of) confirms

Zune, Cisco email and Guitar Hero filling up 2011 tech industry graveyard

HP's new 'personal cloud' combines work and life

HP unifies software support services

Real-user monitoring times three

Apotheker Outlines a New Connectivity Strategy for HP

Apple's iPod Killed Microsoft's Zune

HP Goes All In On The Cloud

SSD maker OCZ to buy controller company Indilinx

Update: Oracle goes after Microsoft SQL Server with MySQL

IBM Aims to Help Enterprises Smarten Up About Social Commerce

Apotheker Takes Center Stage in HP's Strategic Plans

SAS Talks Up BI Improvements

BrightEdge Introduces Social Analytics SEO Tool

Twilio, a real cloud telephony solution

Memory breakthrough could lead to weeks between mobile recharges

Service-Now Lets Users Be More Social

UltraDNS aims to thwart 'WikiLeaks-style' protest attacks

A Prescription for Public-Sector Big Data Woes

Why Agile BI Needs an Agile Architecture

11 Big-Data Analytics Predictions for 2011

From the BI Scorecard Blog: BI Licensing and Lawsuits -- A Sure Sign of Failure

New flash specification doubles SSD data transfer speed

“Just Right” Customer Analytics

SAS Institute: The Multi-Billion Dollar Business Analytics Supplier

A Propensity for Matching

10 Hot Google CRM Apps

HP CEO bets company on cloud, will offer public cloud service

Large Data Sets Offer Insights, Require A Tiered Storage Strategy

Communication key to post-disaster survival

The Age of Guerrilla Idea Sharing

Apotheker Steers HP Toward the Cloud

Forrester: Expect more enterprise data warehouse software bundles

HP's Apotheker Focuses On Cloud, Not Consumers

What I Look For In A Social Analysis Tool

Seagate Unveils Enterprise SSDs

Infor hiring spree stresses ERP innovation

Facebook goes head-to-head with Groupon

Couchbase Delivers NoSQL Server Under New Advisory Board

HP's Apotheker comes up empty

Now playing: The sounds of data streams

HP "beat the crap" out of Cisco, others


HP's strategy: A credibility check

The price of social media is eternal vigilance

HP's Leo Apotheker Talks Turkey (And Some Trash)

Getting Started On Building A Real-Time BI System: Issues To Consider

Stepping out from Hurd's shadow, HP looks to the cloud

Q&A: Info overload drives demand for ERP, analytics, SAP's Courteau says

SAP plans cloud version of HANA appliance

9 Ways to Sharpen Your Business Intelligence

Netflix May Jump Into the Original Content Game

Cloud Computing, Analytics, WebOS Top HP's Market Strategy: Apotheker

Berners-Lee Calls for Net Neutrality at Govt Roundtable

Internet killed the radio star: let NPR "go dark"

Is EMC ripe for the picking?

Analytics: Better strategy comes from a dogged approach to your data

Apotheker Takes Center Stage in HP's Strategic Plans

Should HP buy

New York Times Paywall: A Small Change That Seems Big

Groupon May Launch IPO on a Wing and an Easily Copied Business Model