Friday, June 03, 2011

Stuff that constitutes 90.3 percent of the dark matter in the known universe May 30-June 3 2011

The Tech Market on Stranger Tides

IBM Celebrates 100 Years of Health Care Breakthroughs

Attachmate Splits Novell Buy into NetIQ, SUSE Divisions

How To Devise a Data Strategy

Data Management Gets Big

Got Data Quality?

SAP’s Opens Road for HANA and Big Data at SAPPHIRE NOW

EMC World 2011 Stresses Both The Cloud And Big Data

Twitter and TweetDeck finally confirm that they are now one

The directory as graph

Not Too Late for Microsoft Tablets

Future of Tech: Huge Screens, ARM Servers, Geosocial Everywhere

Strain of Bacteria Can Survive on Caffeine Alone, Doesn’t Sleep

Number Guru Provides Free Reverse Lookups

Lockheed Martin Betting Big on Quantum Computing

Does Azure mean the death of the datacenter or the rebirth of Windows?

Microsoft Skype breaks open-source partnership

Email is far from dead; 'no viable replacement' in sight

Iran Vows to Unplug Internet

SAP’s Open Road for HANA and Big Data at SAPPHIRE NOW

SAP And Sybase: The Synergy Begins

Will IPv6 Make Us Unsafe?

Geeks Are Cooler Than Jocks

10 Things Bill Gates Would Change If He Came Back to Microsoft

Apple makes you rich, Android leaves you...bored

Ben Golub: Why modern computing will kill traditional storage


Little MapR Joins Big EMC in New Hadoop Distribution

Jaspersoft Delivers Version 4.1 of Its BI Platform

Customer Analytics Spotty Across Enterprise

Data Integration, Applications Unified in Talend Platform

New Enterprise Performance Management Release from SAP BusinessObjects

Is the cloud killing Apple?

Cloud storage could be the first real cloud failure

Rise of enterprise app stores points to need for better applications marketplace services

Software AG aims to fire up its platform future with Terracotta

IBM improves Sametime platform

Worst hackers ever?


So, What's the Deal With MicroSkype?

Structure of an HTTP request

Apple's Jobs to Unveil iCloud Service

The Case for Data Virtualization (Revisited)

Your Input Will Help Us Improve BI This Week

Six Myths about Data Analysts

SAS Pushes BI to Apple's IPad, IPhones

How We Moved Almost Everything to the Cloud: 5 Lessons

Shark Tank: Ah, the glamorous life of an IT consultant!

Cray debuts GPU-augmented supercomputers

NetApp to resell CommVault's backup technology

Robert L. Mitchell: Why politicians don't get GIS

EMC joins forces with Hadoop distributor MapR Technologies

Twitter buys online ad company AdGrok

Computer science grads fielding 'multiple job offers'

SIEM Meets Business Intelligence

SenSage Achieves In Process Status For Stringent FIPS 140-2 Government Standard


SugarCRM Is a Sweet Choice

Getting Better at Analytics

It's The Dawning Of The Age Of BI DBMS

Assessing the Business Analytics Innovation Summit

SAP’s Opens Road for HANA and Big Data

Social CRM's a Tough, Worthy Goal

Making the Connections - What's a Good Mapping Tool?

A case for Lou Gerstner at Cisco

HP redefines IT performance management

Does Amazon "owe" open source? Maybe a little

The Future of Software is in Data

Polycom To Acquire HP Video Business

The Zune that never was, developed by members of the former Microsoft Courier team

Apple CEO Steve Jobs To Unveil iCloud

Microsoft Acquiring Nokia's Handset Business?

Experian and Symantec Provide DrFirst with Identity Proofing and Authentication Technology

Google Joins Coupon Clamor With Single-City Offers Kickoff

Can iCloud Make It Rain for Cupertino?

Modeling in 4 Dimensions

Your New CRM System: Do You Want Productivity or Results?

IBM Boosts Health Analytics With 'Watson' Supercomputer Capabilities

Schmidt: Google Missed 'Friend Thing'

DARPA's Dugan Talks Hypersonics and Encryption

Innovation smackdown: Vint Cerf vs Bill Gates

No 'Joni Mitchell clouds' here ... OK, just one

Should Microsoft Buy Nokia?

Business Intelligence via Social Networks

Oracle submits codebase to Apache

Josh Stephens: The Network Layer: Understanding layer 3 of the OSI Model

Netbooks not dead as PC makers show off new models

It's official: Twitter buys TweetDeck

Sharing Relational Data In The Cloud

Three Types of Executives in Performance Management

Getting Better at Analytics


HP CEO Apotheker Unfurls His Lofty Vision For WebOS

2 Ways Big-Data Analysis Pays Off

CIOs Turn to Analytics in the Cloud

Content Virtualization Startup Sets Sights On Overload

Skype Protocol Cracked

Business Analytics and Predictive IT

Groupon files with SEC for public offering

FAQ: What's the future of

Google adds '+1' rating feature to Android Market

Richi Jennings: Six days to IPv6 Day; I couldn't care less

All tweet this! Number of U.S. Twitter users jumps

SIEM Meets Business Intelligence

HP Sows Seeds for WebOS Ecosystem

SAP, Dell Hook Up on Cloud, In-Memory Computing

Enterprise 2.0 B.S. List: Term No. 1 Consumerization

World IPv6 Day Will Test New Internet Protocol

World IPv6 Day: The Change Is Coming. Are You Ready?

If you want to innovate like Da Vinci, education is overrated

Mediafeedia Offers Content Management For Facebook

Groupon's Planning Its Hottest Daily Deal Yet: Stock

If You Want to Make a Fortune in Social Media, You'd Better Move Fast

Apple Gets Gruff About Giveaway Guidelines

AuraPortal Lets Users Build Their Own Processes

Enterprises Ready to Shake Out Some IPv6 Bugs With Worldwide Test

Large-scale IPv6 trial set for June 8