Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stuff I didn't have time for August 8-12 2011

Are Cubicles Killing Us?

Why Does Data Modeling Take So Long?

Hadoop Brings Together Dell and Cloudera

Data Centers May Not Gobble Earth, After All

6 Secrets To A Successful Health Information Exchange

Google+ Floodgates Open -- Everyone Gets 150 Invites and an
Invite Page

Google's Self-Driving Car Crashes

Your Future Friends: Predicted by Where You Go and Who You Know

Why Tablets Don't Kill the Laptop

Attensity Announces Voice of the Customer Survey Results

Study: Twitter Helps Investors Predict the Stock Market

Fastest-Growing IT Vertical? Health Care

Start-up to release 'stone-like' optical disc that lasts forever

Are Google's best days behind it?

Make mine modular: The rise of prefab data centers

ECM in the cloud: Promises and pitfalls

The Data-Fueled Display Ad Revival

NEWS: Dealing with 'big data' challenges: Real-world strategies and

SAP, Google and geospatial analytics

Devising a “Big” Data Strategy

Ahead of the BI Class

Building A Better 'Anonymous'?

Geography Markup Language for Geospatial Data in SQL Server

DARPA expands insider threat research

The accidental revolution: How Apple's iPhone transformed enterprise IT

Microsoft's, Google's Big Data Plans Give It An Edge

Tailored Domain Names to Reshape Internet

XSEDE Network to Exceed Teragrid

Why Tablets Don't Kill the Laptop

Recruiters Like Facebook

Social Networks Can't Replace Socializing

Devising a Big Data Strategy

How Complete Are Your BI And Data Management Strategies?

IBM, NCSA Scrap Petaflop Supercomputer Plans

Social Media Makes Its Mark in London Riots

Yahoo! So Many Visitors! So Little Revenue!

Spansion Announces Industry's First 4Gb NOR Flash Memory

Google's self-driving car in accident; user error blamed

Microsoft adds Hadoop support to SQL Server, data warehouse

IBM Research Drives Services Innovation

Dell Joins Hadoop Crowd With Cloudera Partnership

Hive, DataRush and Hadoop

Google+ to Become Second Largest Social Network in U.S. in One
Year, Says Survey

Companies Lose $2.5 Million from Missing Memory Sticks, Study

Twitter Snaps up Bagcheck, a Social 'Lists' Site

Is Social Networking's Honeymoon Nearly Over?

MicroStrategy, Tibco Go Social

Big Data Analytics: Preparing Analytic Data Differs from ETL for Data Warehousing

BI Vendors Have To Eat Their Own Dog Food

From What Works in Healthcare: HealthLink Dimensions Combats Constantly Changing Data with Verification Tools

The State Of Social Media Analytics

Customary data warehouse concepts vs. Hadoop: Forrester makes the call

Twitter Is Removing Your @Mentions Folder. Here’s How To Get It Back.


Skype Integration Could Save Microsoft

Cloud Identity Problems Solved By Federating Directories

SATA group creates new high-speed storage spec

Twitter tweaks site to give users more info

Twitter tweaks site to give users more info

Verizon strike signals shift in telecom business

Opinion: Why Wi-Fi as we know it is in trouble

RightNow CEO on Improving the Customer Experience

Samsung aims to boost tablet storage with new SSDs

NuCaptcha improves integration of CAPTCHA system


How Complete Are Your BI And Data Management Strategies?

Microsoft to Size Up Big Data With Hadoop

EHRs Give Docs Analytics Tools They May Ignore

How to protect your data when a cloud service vanishes

Zettaset Analyzes Petabytes Of Data To ID Security Risks

Google+: antisocial networking?

IBM Sees Social Interactions Replacing the PC Age


'Big Data' Sprawl Forces New Thinking On Data Warehouse Strategies

Tailored Domain Names to Reshape Internet

Scientists Pop Atoms in Microwave, Out Comes Quantum Entanglement

Zettaset Uses Big Data To Find Security Risks

Why It's A Terrible Time To Buy A Smartphone

Ben Golub: Objects and files and blocks ... oh my!

Britain's PM considers social media ban to curb riots

Solid State Drive Adoption Increasing: Report

Harvard class project compares iPhone, Windows 7, Android, BlackBerry usability; triggers wave of invective

Google+ Adds Games, and Facebook Is Responding

Engineer of original IBM PC declares end of PC era

Google Begins Games on Social Network

Tech Pioneer Oshman Remembered for Vision, Leadership