Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stuff I stuffed in my old kit bag January 9-13 2012

Big Data Plans: You Need More Than One

Oracle's Bad Quarter: IT Spending Sign, Or Fusion Confusion?

7 Data Management Ah-Ha Moments

The End of Social Media Groups?

Data Science Skepticism

MDM Hits a High Note

How Google and Apple will control TV

Self-service IT: Are users up for the task? Steps Past CRM, Into Social Marketing

CRM in 2012: Big Changes in the Wind

Will Google Join the TV Revolution This Time Around?

Automakers Rush To Offer Apps in Cars

Hadoop hits milestone 1.0 release

Internet access isn't a human right, says Google VP

Big data and the disruption curve

Oracle rolls out big data play with aggressive price, Cloudera

Mobile, Data Will Define 2012

The Other "BI"

The New Science of Big Data

To Know, but Not Understand: David Weinberger on Science and Big Data

Big Data -- Big Money Says It Is A Paradigm Buster

Apache Launches Hadoop 1.0

Ray Ozzie's latest tune: That's Cocomo with a 'C'


'Big data' to inspire streamlined analytics programs in '12, IIA predicts

Building a Bridge Along the Enterprise-Agile Big Data Continuum

Oracle Makes Big Data Appliance Move With Cloudera

12 New Flash Memory, SSD Devices Provide Diversity

Technology and Finance Industries to Dominate New Domain Applications

Oracle's Big Data Appliance brings focus to bundled approach

Open Source: Not Just for Tech Anymore

Master Data Management And Justice For All

Data Analytics Can Backfire Without Experts

SAS's Year Of Living Socially

IBMs Vision for Analytics in the Midmarket: gaining deeper business insight

Google Social Search Adds 'Personal' Picasa, Google+ Results

Zoho 'Socializes' Its CRM

Microsoft Shows Off Metro

The Data Model's Role in Data Governance

How Lyza Learns from its Users

Q&A: Data Strategies and Philosophical Dilemmas

BI Experts: Good Data Strategy is Good Business Strategy

Why Search-Based Applications are Set to Thrive

A Big Year Ahead for Big Data and Hadoop

BI 2012: The Future that has Already Happened

IBM Closes Platform Computing Deal

Splunk 4.3 gets a boost for business analysis

Oracle Makes Bold, Risky Move With Big Data Appliance Launch

The Problem with Pilots in a Cloud-speed Era

IBM aims to formalize the social enterprise movement

Exostar Launches ForumPass 5

Kapow Delivers App Dev Punch

Oracle Jumps on Hadoop Bandwagon with Cloudera

CES Shows the Future of Television

Oracle fills another gap in its #BigData offering

Oracle updates its TimesTen in-memory database

Web-Based Platform Revolutionizes How Retail Companies Market Their Brands

Oracle reveals pricing for its SAP HANA rival Exalytics, signaling imminent release

State Dept.: Governments can't fight social media

Does NoSQL Mean No Security?

IBM Attacks The Complexity Of Security With Identity Intelligence

Google search: This time it's personal

SSD prices will fall below $1 per GB in 2012, says IDC

Dell launches dedupe appliance, VMware integration

2012: A Tablet Odyssey

Oracle Strikes At SAP Hana With TimesTen Database


Oracle Launches Cloudera-Powered Big Data Appliance

Data Analytics Can Backfire Without Experts

BI Metrics Interesting, But Not Strategic

How Governments Are Hurting the Web's Progress

Automation, Analytics Increasingly Important for Sales Data

A Data Governance Framework Jigsaw Puzzle

Google Kills Author Search, Redirects Users to Google+

Managing Big Data: What Every CIO Needs to Know

IBM smashes Moore's Law, cuts bit size to 12 atoms

Oracle updates TimeTen in-memory database, aims at SAP HANA

Oracle fills another gap in its big data offering

IBM creates data storage at the atomic level

IBM smashes Moore's Law, cuts bit size to 12 atoms

Microsoft to launch real-time threat intelligence feed

A quick look at the creation of computer-language translation efforts -- 58 years ago this month

Microsoft the Sleeper Hit Of CES 2012?

Ford Wants Vehicles to Monitor Your Health

IBM Research Determines Atomic Limits of Magnetic Memory Could Rewrite TV Reality

Google's Eric Schmidt Denies Android Fragmentation

Data Mine This: Government Challenges Scientists

Data storage industry preview 2012: Rise of SSDs and clarity for

Why Did Kodak, Motorola, And Nortel Fail?

The Future of TV: You'll Be More Involved

Red Hat, Jaspersoft Bring Business Intelligence To Cloud Platforms