Friday, August 10, 2012

Aweekstweets August 4-10 2012: the week Earth warmed ever so slightly

"10 #BigData Migration Mistakes" ( JK--Good list, but applies just as much without "big" in the equation. 

"#BigData Tackles Longtime Salesperson Headaches" ( JK--Lead prospecting and qualification. Very interesting. Hmmmm 

What's this "for delivery only" special offer from Burger King? They deliver? People order out for that stuff? Am I missing something? 

#BigData discussions in LinkedIn groups? Now that I've been doing for 2 weeks, they're deeper than on FB, certainly. But slower than Twitter
Cool mosaic of profile photos from Twitter fake accounts ( Majority are young, female, and attractive. 

"The Twitter Underground Economy: A Blooming Business" ( JK---I'll sell this tweet to the highest bidder. Any takers? 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emmylou by First Aid Kit from The Lion's Roar JK--"I was born to endure this kind of weather." 

Thought leadership. Often, it's "thought clarifier-ship." If you've expressed old idea more clearly than others, you can lead the discussion 

I expect reporters to do homework before speaking. I don't relish responding 2 someone's 5-year-out-of-date stereotype of #IBM #Netezza
CRUD of #BigData is same as small data: SQL. But executing Big Analytics on data, struct v unstruc, just as central. That's where SemWeb key 

Keep in mind that Big Data is fundamentally Big Virtualization. Wrap everything behind abstractions. Semantic interop. Higher-lvl vocabs. 

#BigData programmability model? It's equal parts model-driven, declarative, & procedural. SOA, REST, & MapReduce. Java, C#, & LAMP. A mash. 

@LoraineLawson No problemo. Besides, can't stop some people from twisting stuff out of even the clearest contexts to suit their purposes 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone by The Monkeys from More of The Monkeys JK--Prefab Four's hardest rocking hit. 

@LoraineLawson Thanks. It's already been "misconstrued" by a rival as me speaking in my current capacity. 

Just drafted a new article for #IBMDataManagement magazine on #Hadoop cluster management. 

"Marissa Mayer Husband Just Launchd Fund 2 Invest In #BigData" ( JK--Hey obscure hubbies of famous wives. Get over it 

Interesting video morphs try 2 render famous pretty people unattractive ( Note: "ugly" Beyonce & Gwyneth still lovely 

"Interviewing data scientist candidates? Ask these questions" ( JK--Interesting focus on cognitive/creative athleticism 

"Meet The Research Scientist Who Is Turning YouTube Into A Data Goldmine" ( JK--Video analytics on people's self-presos 

RT @jameskobielus: Of course U dont necessarily require PhD 2 analyze #bigdata. In fact, PhD may B counterproductive... 

3h Of course you don't necessarily require a PhD to analyze big data. In fact, a PhD may be counterproductive. a PhD... 

"Growth In The Financial Markets Starring the Quants" ( JK--Not sure I follow logic of "core of #bigdata is variance" 

"NASA Applies Text Analytics to Airline Safety" ( JK--Detect/prevent safety issues by mining human reports & convos 

"7 Ent-friendly Ways o Dealing w/ #BigData" ( JK--@LoraineLawson didnt make clear she intervu'd me when w/ #forrester
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Boys Don't Cry by The Cure from Boys Don't Cry JK--Robert Smith. British post-punk's best male eyeliner 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's My Life by The Animals from Retrospective JK--Eric Burdon. British Invasion's best righteous shouter. 

"New Memory Method Lets Users Remember Long Passwords" ( JK--Chief skill is recall where stashed post-it where scribbld 

Harvesting tons of great fresh reading material from LinkedIn #bigdata discussion groups. Even when discussions limp, brain food abounds 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Baby by Donnie & Joe Emerson from Dreamin' Wild JK--1979. Quiet, slow, yearning blue-eyed soul. Very nice. 

Hadnt visited local Starbucks in quite some time. But impressed the other day. CDs for sale: Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe & Magnetic Zeros 

"Decision scientists? Game theory perspectives valuable in modeling next best actions" ( Yesterday's #IBM quick-hit 

RT @jameskobielus: All in memory? Depends on what you mean by "all" ( Today's #IBM quick-hit 

All in memory? Depends on what you mean by "all":
"How's #bigdata faring in enterprise?" ( JK--"Sidelining of relational data model"? Hardly. Specialization more like it 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crack Rock by Frank Ocean from channel ORANGE JK--Very much a smooth/sensitive 70s Marvin Gaye groove on this. 

RT @IBMurphyatDI: Did you hear part 2 of my podcast with @jameskobielus? It's a good one! Listen to it here!
Barenaked Ladies to perform, fully clothed, at #IBM IOD 2012 in October. Delivering the very best in whimsical 1990s Canadian indie rock 

Rain has not been an Olympic showstopper, contrary to Londoner fears. It's simply been local color. Grey. 

WSJ article lists women's volleyball PDA moves: group hugs, pair hugs, high fives, low fives, double-high fives, double-low fives, bum taps 

Looks like USPS desperately in need of a bailout. 

4thWeb@4thWeb I'm not normally a religious man, but if you're up there, save me, Superman!

I'm unfriending Donald Farmer because he posted a cat video on Facebook. On principle. 

Proudest accomplishment today? Banging out a quick-hit bringing quantum computing into #BigData discussion. 

ABBA "Dancing Queen" ( JK--2 Qs: 1) Why cite tambourine as disco beat instrument? 2) Why no tambourine on this? 

@KaBarMN You are quite right. Most are vdr marketing-loaded with promo stuff. BTW, #IBM has me, @thomasdeutsch et al discussing substance.

"Apache Cassandra db upgrade due this fall" ( JK--V2. October. Concurrent schema change, virtual node, JBOD deploy supt 

@KaBarMN Nope. I'm participating in, and starting discussions in, several of them on a daily basis. I sift thru the field. 

I avoid LinkedIn discussion groups where it's just people starting "discussion" that simply involves them plugging their product or report 

I just saw somebody tweet that he wants you to vote for him as "analyst of the year"? If so, please vote for me as "ex-analyst of the year." 

George Harrison "What is Life" ( JK--During early 70s period when his recordings better than Paul John & Ringo's 

"Apache Hama" ( JK--Pure Bulk Synchronous Parallel compute fw on HDFS 4 massive sci comps eg matrix graph & ntwk algos 

"Deceiving w/data" ( JK--Crush o clever correlations can cloud causation & cloak con jobs in crap confidence intervals 

"StrataRx: Data science & health(care)" ( JK--Sounds interesting. Hopefully analytics can help "affordable" in HC act 

"Virtual machine software is only the beginning" ( JK--Excellent discussion. Mentions #IBM pioneering in 1960s 

"The Internet is getting faster" ( JK--Last-mile broadbanding of planet Earth proceeds apace. Fat pipes everywhere! 

@GOOD CEO discusses how SMBs are setting the example to drive innovation and sustainability. #IBMsmb
Housing crisis spurs entrepreneur to start a business focused on green building techniques. #IBMsmb @GOOD
Mike and Ike candy manufacturer drives social responsibility in Bethlehem, PA. #IBMsmb @GOOD
Smaller Businesses Playing A Big Role in Social Responsibility #IBMsmb @GOOD
Just draft my quick-hits for next week. Pushing the envelope on several new themes. You'll see. 

"Flying Nun Opening Theme 67 - 70" ( JK--Avionics tolerated post-Vatican II, but sisters strictly grounded now 

9 Aug 
Decision scientists? Game theory perspectives valuable in modeling next best actions:
Decision scientists? Game theory perspectives valuable in modeling next best actions:
Touting oneself as "thought leader" is bit like calling self "funnyman." That's the target youre aiming for, professionlly. Results may vary 

"Love in the Age of #BigData"? If someone can embed an infatuation optimization algorithm in the human heart, that would be freaky. 

"Federal #BigData Market is Evolving. Where 2 Find Future Growth?" ( JK--"consulting, data storage, & analytics apps" 

#IBMDataManagement "#BigData: Data Quality’s Best Friend?" pts 1&2 ( ( co-auth w/ @thomasdeutsch
"Hacking Humanity: Human Augmentation on Horizon" ( JK--Headline creeps me out: Freddy Krueger meets Dr. Frankenstein 

"Will #Hadoop Steal Work frm ETL Sol'ns?" ( JK--Steal? Hardly. Hadoop'll handle unstruct ETL that trad'l EDW not doing 

Interviewed by Michael Miller of PC Mag re #BigData #IBM
Remember 90s rocksong w/ line "tell me all your thoughts on God"? I feel that way when someone asks 4 all mine on #BigData (btw, not a god) 

A morning of continuous activity. Will continue well into the afternoon. Different activities along #BigData spectrum of the known cosmos 

"Ham radio." Terms sounds so quaint. Let's call blogging "ham journalism." Let's call Facebook "ham socializing." Yeah, that's the ticket. 

Marissa Mayer will have succeeded if she gives me one good reason to check my Yahoo email account daily. 

Your Show of Shows: Sid Caesar "This is Your Story" w/ Carl Reiner & Howard Morris ( JK--Brilliant physicality 

Ernie Kovacs "Nairobi Trio" ( JK--A daringly absurd conceptual set-piece comedy gem from TV's early years 

Jack Benny & Mel Blanc classic skit ( If you look past indolent Mexican stereotype, the "si Cy Sue" still funny 

Arlo Guthrie "Reuben Clamzo" ( JK--Live, tour of '78. Tom & I saw him on that tour. He sang it as "Reuben Ramzo" 

Cisco Houston "Deportee" ( JK--His perfect rendition of the Woody Guthrie classic. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Roll On, Buddy by Odetta from One Grain of Sand JK--Amazing deep preacher-lady voice, excellent guitar fingering. 

Pardon me, but every one of the women who ran the Olympic final 100m sprint was a looker. And all super-fast. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp More About John Henry by Tom T. Hall from The Storyteller JK--Brilliant continuation of the saga of steel-driving man 

Catch me moderating #IBM Twitter Chat Aug 30 1-2pm (ET): "#Big Data & Healthcare: How B.D. is Changing Patient Care" (

Check out my page at the new #IBM #BigData hub ( @IBMbigdata
Saw "Of Gods & Men" on DVD. French Trappist monks terrorized by Islamist rebels in the Atlas Mts. Excellent "test of faith" story. 

Whew! The "they're saying bad things about you" squad is back on Internet duty. Was worried they'd lost heart. Stay vigilant my protectors! 

@mauricioswg Haven't gotten 2 "State of the Art" yet. I'm only 6 tracks into Gotye LP. That's number 8. I'll let you know. So far it's gr8 

Have bought and downloaded, and now enjoying Gotye's LP "Making Mirrors." He definitely sounds like Sting meets Squeeze. A great throwback 

Missus & I both love the big Gotye hit. Gonna buy the LP tonight off iTunes. Odds-on fave right now for Grammies next year To Djamal: Are you referring to data science being used in the service of decision support (e.g., business... 

A day of very cool intra-IBM discussions. Now my brain must cool down. Going upstairs for an iced tea. 

Catch my response to Gregory Esau on Google+ ( JK--"Very stimulating discussion. So, if I understand correctly, and ... 

"Extended enterprise poses identity and access management challenges" ( JK--Excellent discussion by @xmlgrrl #forrester
"Making #BigData Smarter" ( JK--Interesting discussion that includes #knowledgemanagement best practices. Food-truck-business analytics initial project for competitive advantage? Block-level map of overweight loiterers... 

RT @merv @NoazDad Trailer 4 "Revolution" shows Wrigley Field abandoned & dark. That's not the future--that's called "October" > that's cold 

If we do indeed find little green men on Mars, they would add a nice splash of color to a world that's too damn red for my tastes. 

Companies that adopt big data R building data science teams. @Data_Informed podcast w/IBM @jameskobielus. #IBMbigdata
"Podcast: IBM’s James Kobielus on How to Implement Big Data" ( JK--Pt 2 of my discussion w/ @IBMurphyatDI
Dear Presidential Candidates (including the one I support): Quit fouling our YouTube musical experiences with your loathsome ads. Thanks. 

Drafted my next #IBM original blog: "Next Best Action: Its Leading Synonyms and Trailing Cynicisms" 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Superstar by Sonic Youth from If I Were a Carpenter JK--Astonishing cover made me re-listen to Carpenters afresh. 

"Visualizing Social Graph of Presidential Campaign Donors" ( JK--Visualize Obama & Romney w/millions o hands in pockets 

" #BigData Makes Things Better" ( JK--Do they actually pay people to write limp headlines like this? 

"Study: Data scientists are top athletes of the enterprise world" ( JK--Huh? Studs or nerds? Make up yr mind, geeks! 

Curious turn of phrase: "I would agree." You would? Why the conditional? Do you agree or not, now, no conditions attached or implied? 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Yeah! Oh, Yeah! by Tracey Thorn & Jens Lekman from Score! 20 Years of Merge Records JK--Wow! Their voices together! 

"Redefining Visualization as AVI Story telling" ( JK--"though is like a powerful poem." 

"Data Scientists Should Be Design Thinkers" ( JK--U mean "pattern thinkers"? Visualize pattrn of future youre birthing! 

RT @jameskobielus: Low-latency version of MapReduce? Try #IBM Adaptive MapReduce in BigInsights... 

"Can #BigData cut through yr growing resume pile?" ( JK--Need BS-filter 2 reduce resume padding. Petabytes of the stuff 

"Data shows FB commerce does work — just not 4 big brands" ( JK--Strike right conversation tone. Strategic "drop-in" Is Big Data actually a new innovation? Well, the term refers to emergence of many new approaches, alongside and.. 

RT @jameskobielus Key factors 2 consider when doing pred analytix? Here's my list: Prepare: discover, profile, sample,. Key factors to consider when doing predictive analytics? Here's my list: • Prepare: discover, profile, sample,... 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Godless by The Dandy Warhols frm Thirteen Tales Frm Urban Bohemia JK--Begins a bit like "My Sweet Lord." Intentional? 

Beakman's assistant: "Don't you think you humiliated him too much?" Beakman: "No, I think I humiliated him just the right amount." 

"Overhype." Ridiculous word. "Hype" means "exaggerate." Since when is exaggeration the norm? But overdoing the exaggeration? Shocking! 

"Wozniak is wrong about cloud computing" ( JK--Or freaking out way too much. BTW he should have sitcom called "Woz Up?" 

"Rod Serling on Where Good Ideas Come From" ( JK--From everywhere. Hardest thing is writing them well. BTW, great voice 

Prediction markets? Markets won't succeed if offer no better predictions than in-house ( JK--Today's #IBM quick-hit 

RT @jameskobielus: Big Media? ( JK--Yesterday's #IBM daily quick-hit 

I doubt that most chatting on socials goes beyond 2-3 back&forth volleys. Most would-be conversation starters fail at that. Most peeps graze 

RIP Marvin Hamlisch. Best known for performing at Sonya Kobielus' highschool graduation, June 2008, DAR Constitution Hall, Washington DC. 5% most valuable data in what sense? To store near-line in expensive/fast disk? In priority loading into your data... 

"7 tricky sentences 4 NLP & text mining algorithms" ( JK--I assume they're all trained on "Eats shoots & leaves" by now 

"You don’t need to convince everyone" ( JK--What segment of your population is influence-able? 

"Models Behaving Badly" ( JK--Can unfit models be updated quickly enough to compensate for changes in the population? 

"Decision trees vs. Logistic Regression" ( JK--DT 4 intrXn/nonlin/multi-pred vars. LR 4 few vars/intrXns w/linear 

"Tracking Seasonal Online Searches for Sex" ( JK--Sexalytics? Will this graph past muster w/yr Web browsing controls? 

"Apple to Pull YouTube App From Devices" ( JK--No big whoop. Apps overrated. I prefer browser interface to YouTube. 

"Amazon's New Secret Weapon: Delivery Lockers" ( JK--Their defensive move against retail "showrooms". 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Desire Lines by Deerhunter from Halcyon Digest JK--Wonderful heart-pounding remorseless beat--like a great workout! 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye frm Making Mirrors JK--Classic song will probably signify "2012" in your memory 

" #IBM's THINK App 4 iPad, Android Tablets Chronicles Centuries of Innovation" ( JK--Not all invented here, obviously 

Umami ( More than sweet, sour, bitter, or salty, it's the only fundamental taste that is inherently organic. 

7 Aug 
New #IBM article: " #Hadoop and #DataWarehousing" ( JK--Yrs truly, sole author. 

New #IBM article: "#BigData: Data Quality’s Best Friend? Part 1" ( JK--Yrs truly co-authored with @thomasdeutsch
RT @HackerNewsYC: The German Model ( JK--Curious how many clicked thru expecting Heidi Klum. 

"Quant"? That's so quaint. They're "data scientists" now, one and all. 

New #IBM blogpost: "Week's Worth of Koby Quick Hits: July 30 - August 3, 2012" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's Entertainment by The Jam frm Compact Snap! JK--Deeply bitter workingclass grievance song is quite entertaining 

Saw "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" on DVD last night. Pleasant lightweight romance with Ichthyology, engineering, & Ewan McGregor's burr. 

The Nationals are one of the best teams in baseball this year, but the local media continue to fixate on longtime loser Redskins. Go figure. 

Tweaking my Facebook newsfeed experience. Ah, the unbearable lightness of no longer seeing crap that gets on my nerves. 

9/11 has not been mentioned, not even once, in this campaign. US culture has shaken off the PTSD from that event. 

Saw "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" on DVD. Overlong, overplotted, & emotionally manipulative. Don't need more post-9/11 PTSD. 

Yes, yes, it did. 

Let's see if this new Twitter photo takes hold. 

I do in fact consume tons o research. Always have. Happy not 2 have 2 produce the stuff myself day in/day out, as long as I find gr8 sources 

As always, blown away by @bevelson depth/breadth. Reading "The #Forrester Wave™: Self-Service Business Intelligence Platforms, Q2 2012" 

Invigorated by #forrester "Must-Have Analytics For Your Retention Tool Kit" by Srividya Sridharan. We never met 

Enjoying #Forrester "Navigating The Customer Lifetime Value Conundrum" by Srividya Sridharan

Reading excellent new #Gartner report: "Market Trends: Analytics, BI & Performance Management 'to Be All-Pervasive by 2020" (Sommer, Sallam) 

Reading "Identify And Influence Identity Stakeholders" by one of my fave #Forrester analysts, the always insightful @xmlgrrl
RT @IBMurphyatDI: Listen 2 P2 of our podcast w/ #IBM @jameskobielus at! How 2 impl #bigdata
"Deontology and data mining" ( JK--Refers to duty-bound behavior, not utilitarian. Sez privacy viol fundamentally wrong 

"Smartphone, Tablet, Or Phablet?" ( JK--That latter nouveau portmanteau term makes me phoam at the mouth. Phooey! 

"Beyond smartphone: Emerging platforms that devs should target next" ( JK--Car, TV, wearable, grid, appliance, retail 

Millennials. Term 2 characterize generation that came of age in past decade. Why were 1976 highschool grads like me not the "Bicentennials"? 

Never heard o any1 literaly "working their fingers 2 the bone." But starving 2 the bone--that I've heard of. Working is key 2 avoid starving 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Swimming Horses by Siouxsie & Banshees frm Hyaena JK--Love seahorse/fetus dubl-expos o lyric: "she gives birth to..." 

Wife tossed a bag of one of my favorite work munchies downstairs to me. Fetched it at the bottom of the stairs. Raisinets. good. 

Kaukonen & Casady each discuss their respective signature riffs from "Somebody to Love" & "White Rabbit." (

#IBM @AnjulBhambhri: Big data levels playing field between buyers and sellers #IBMbigdata #CMO
67th anniversary of Hiroshima: EMC2//Take matter and factor/in light's second power/then stand back and ask if/it's fungus or flower. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cherokee by Cat Power from Sun JK--Can't wait for release next month. She evolves style in cool way from LP to LP. 

Did something unprecedentd (4 me) this morning. Engaged in tech discussion on Google+ ( May deepen there. Not sure yet 

"SSDs and Understanding Storage Performance Metrics" ( JK--Good discussion. Filing this away for mental reference. 

"Why I'm skeptical re Twitter Political Index" ( JK--Feels like potential "Dewey Defeats Truman" (

6 Aug 
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lost by Frank Ocean from channel ORANGE JK--I notice myself stopping & asking "who's that?". This is a new star. 

"Midsize #IBM i Shops Find BI in Document Distribution" ( JK--Achieve gr8r process efficiencies. Can U measure payoff? 

Already mapped out my quick-hit topics day by day for next week. Getting even more proactive on this so my brain can process in background 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Natural One by The Folk Implosion from Kids JK--One of those burning brooding 90s rock songs that builds and builds 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Got Burned by The Bamboos from Medicine Man JK--Great fresh new rocking soul sound. 

PETA-scale. People 4 Ethical Treatment of #Hadoop elephant? Intelligent behemoth being made 2 carry backbreaking loads. But he's cool w/that 

Would be nice if LinkedIn allowed U 2 participate in discussion groups without being bombarded by help wanteds. But that's their rev model 

RT @alissajanderson: Coming up! Forrester Research Webinar : Big Data Predictive Analytics 101 ( JK--Sounds interesting 

RT @jameskobielus Peta-governance? Controlling explosion o Big Data models will prove difficult ( Today's #IBM quickhit 

Peta-governance? Controlling the explosion of Big Data models will prove difficult:
Asking sci-fi writer to predict future is bit like asking pro gambler to tell you next roll of the dice. Spins a fine story. 

"'Penis Snake' Discovered In Amazon, Looks Exactly As You'd Think" ( JK--Stand back! Don't arouse it! 

"Most Disastrous Typos Of All Time" ( JK--Popeye didn't notice decimal place error exaggerated spinach iron content 

"Write a letter 2 your future self" ( JK--Dear Me (in future), don't ever invent time machine & prevent parents meeting 

Running a bit short on ideas. Hope I'm not tempted to whip out Webster's, comment on the etymologies of the words "big" & "data." 

~$40K/PB raw storage retail now. That's $1K/PB compressed/deduped if assume 20:1 comprss ratio & 20:1 ddp rat. Raw cost dropping constantly 

Listening to Arthur & Yu "Afterglow" from "In Camera." One of those unsung awesome indie LPs from the Millennium Decade. 

Listening to Enya "Orinoco Flow" from "Paint the Sky with Stars." "Sail away, sail away, sail away...turn it up turn it up..." 

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with Dusty Springfield's definitive recording of "The Look of Love." Her most soulful. 

"Scientists create first quantum router" ( JK--Enabling you to lose packets in The Twilight Zone. 

Hey sportscasters, stop with the badminton putdowns. It's a very challenging sport. Every shuttlecock trajectory is like curveball/slider. 

If the Internet is the new religion, we're all tithing with our time. 

Re-rented "The Artist" so Sonya can watch it. One of few films in recent memory that I wanted to replay immediately after first viewing. 

The next orig blog I plan to write will be called "Next Best Action and Its Leading Synonyms (& Trailing Cynicisms)" 

4 Aug 
@SianVanEs Media also promotes airhead men (celebs etc). Apply same standard 2 both genders. Who celebr8s brainy male execs 4 brains alone? 

"8 women following Mayer 2 major CEO-dom ( JK--Why the rush 2 elev8 her 2 major role model? Hasn't yet produced results 

RT @scottyd99999 It seems I just broke Facebook. Sorry everyone, go back to whatever you were doing prior to 2004.