Friday, November 02, 2012

Aweekstweets October 28 to November 2 2012: the week I facebooked 3 philosophers, 1 of whom I dated

"#BigData Offers Big Opportun 4 Retail Financial Web Cos" ( JK--Cites #IBM re 2.5 quintillion bytes data cre8d daily
Context. I once recall priest using word "context" in homily at university chapel. Only context I've ever heard the word used homiletically.
Great new solution-oriented #IBM whitepaper: "#BigData: New insights transform industries". Download at
Low-latency summit happening this month? Don't tell me it's happening 5 seconds from now. If so, need low-latency transport. Teleportation?
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life JK--Really? You know a railroad that lets people ride shirtless?
"The #BigData Platform Manifesto" ( JK--Discusses imperatives that must be addressed in comprehensive big-data platform
"Do More with Less using Expert Integrated Systems" ( JK--Excellent compare of #IBM #PureData 4 Analytics re ORCL
"Optimizing for Transactions, or Over Engineering for Everything' ( JK--Good discuss of #IBM PureData 4 Transactions
Download "Harness the Power of #BigData: The #IBM Big Data Platform: An IBM eBook" ( JK--Excellent reference work
"Google explains how more data means better speech recognition" ( JK--Computational linguists train models on #bigdata
"How the Internet economy works: guns, butter, & bandwidth" ( JK--Discusses transnational bandwidth import/export
"8 Real-World #BigData Deployments" ( JK--"Big data" doubles every 18 months? Moore's Law? Or the More&More&More Law?
Karl Popper ( "generally regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century"
True science is simply human activity of building and testing interpretive frameworks through controlled observation of real-world phenomena
New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data Scientist: Bringing True Science into the Business Process' (
"#IBM continues 2 build position in digital mktg" ( JK--"clearly considrd 'strat partnr' [not] 'seller' by ent custmrs"
I realized I love my devices much more when they don't pop-up windows, notifications, and/or alerts in my face. I turn that crap off always.
Doing dozen-plus concurrent social discussions is like Bobby Fischer competing in simultaneous chess matches. Wait, he was nuts, right?
"Private Cloud, #BigData Give Mainframe Shops New Life" ( JK--Good @joemckendrick piece. See #IBM
"Greenpeace summons Clippy to diss MSFT data centers" ( JK--Can people stop mentioning that? MSFT dropped it long ago
SQL has so many sequels with those 3 letters in their names, or just the last 2, that Hollywood needs to release it all as DVD boxset.
RT @sethporges: Dear NYC subway: you're crowded, smelly, slow. But damnit, I miss you
Machine data analytics? ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit JK--Cites #IBM @JeffJonas & "excitable MC" @JasonSilva #ibmiod
Machine data analytics? ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit
Machine data analytics?:
Totally digging #KEXP live broadcast this week from Reykjavik. For small isolated chilly nation, Iceland is hot! Amazing musical diversity!
Putin in hang glider. Putin hunting bear. Putin swims raging river. He should get his own Discovery Channel show: "The Outdoorsy Despot."
WSJ article about "dewatering" NYC. Not called "pumps" anymore? Ladies' fancy shoe industry complain?
WSJ inserts correct number of dashes where "ocksuc" goes in title of Robert Frank doc re Stones. Great "Wheel of Fortune" word.
Calm, dry, cold, overcast. Actually, a pleasant November morning. No drama.
Rush Limbaugh says of Gov. Christie, "He's fat and a fool." ( And adds: "I know whereof I speak."
Good workout this evening. Some nights I push myself all day but the tension melts away effortlessly at the club. Tonight was such a night
I'm like a pig in shit tonight. Rental car company gave 12 free song downloads. Got Pere Ubu "Terminal Tower" & "IHOP" from Luna "Pup Tent"
I'm a voter in a swing state, and I don't approve of this message avalanche.
Swell Maps "Read about Seymour" ( JK--1978. Short gr8 power-romp from Rough Trade's "Wanna Buy a Bridge" compile
UK's The Economist endorses Obama (, unenthusiasticlly. They skew right. "Republicans have become party o Torquemadas"
"Large-Scale Referential Integrity in #IBM #PureData System for Analytics: Pt 1" ( JK--Good discussion on best practice
"Really need social supply chain?" ( JK---Blurred B2B boundaries? Ancient history. And mix transactions+social is risky
Trying not to follow people who's primary tweeting is about getting in touch with your hopes & dreams. I'm already up to speed on that crap.
Drafted next Friday's #IBM quick-hit: Healthcare analytics? Saving lives in real time. Before lunch. Whew!
Wrote next Thursday's #IBM quick-hit: Decision scientists? Experience analytics drives empathetic situational engagement
Finished next Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit on meta-analysis.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cars by Gary Numan from The Pleasure Principle JK--This classic synth-beat song always delivers deep pleasure.
Finished next Monday and Tuesday's #IBM quick-hits: on peta-governance and speech analytics, respectively. Now....for a fresh cup of tea.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sleeping In by The Postal Service from Give Up JK--2002. Took 10 years for LP to go platinum. That's staying power!
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead from Kid A JK--Song's deceptive simplicity accentuates its brooding power
I dropped a teeny tiny bite-sized little ol' chocolate-covered almond-studded #hadoop cluster into every trick-or-treat bag.
Last night our trick-or-treaters came in normal distribution w/mean around 7pm. Age-wise, though, the teenagers skewed late, toddlers early.
"#IBM #BigData Analytics Splash" ( JK--Good #ibmiod announcement wrap-up by @marksmithvr
All Saints Day. I never once, in all my years of churchgoing, recall the Catholics invoking literally ALL of their 10 zillion saints
"The very long tail – how magazines could make their archives sing" ( JK--Only if have rich trove of aficionado content
Hey numerologically inclined: today's month and day add up to its year: 11+1=12.
"High-tech systems could predict & prevent flooding" ( JK--Basically, next best action on real-time emergency response
Context accumulation? ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit @JeffJonas
@asmalldarkcloud Of later Ubu, "Cloudland" is so-so. But I really enjoyed "The Tenement Years" (1988). Especially "George Had a Hat."
Sheila Chandra "All You Want is More" ( JK--1984. I picked it up at Paradise Records, Madison. Reviewed it.
Desmond Dekker "Israelites" ( JK--Sounds like wife's name is Nalini. I once dated a Nalini.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Satan Is Real by The Louvin Brothers from Satan Is Real JK--Charlie, possessed, died young. Ira sez was out o control
"Lucas: Disney might've been Star Wars' only hope" ( JK--Continues DISN tradition o milk franchises inventd elsewhere
"#BigData: Why it's really an architecture challenge" ( JK--Good piece. Focuses on centrality of #EDW & of robust 24x7
@chrisonea The WTC attack in Clinton's administration wasn't pivotal for him. The WTC attack in GW Bush's admin, however, was for him.
@chrisonea A terrorist incident is an event that presidents must manage. A pivotal event is one that changes the course of a presidency
@chrisonea I'm curious how "rightwinger" is an insult. It's a characterization of a broad range of political opinions.
@chrisonea Try not to change topics or make absurd generalizations. Thanks.
@chrisonea That's quite a stretch: "put everyone down." Don't see how you draw that kind of generalization from a pushback.
@chrisonea 9/11 and Katrina were pivotal for GW Bush, obviously. The Iran hostage crisis for Carter. Pearl Harbor for FDR. etc etc.
@chrisonea Presidents must deal with many moments over the course of administration. Was, say, Koresh Waco tragegy pivotal for Clinton? No
@chrisonea Exactly what I'm saying. You rightwingers who tried to turn a terrorist tragedy into a political issue. Leave it alone.
The Adverts "Gary Gilmore's Eyes" ( JK--You get 2 points in 70s trivia if U know who Gilmore was or why the eyes
@chrisonea Might have been pivotal for you, but nobody else.
Jane Aire & the Belvederes "Yankee Wheels" ( JK--1978. Akron producer-led outfit w/ very Shangri-Las retro-feel
Shangri-Las "Leader of the Pack" ( JK--Stunningly postmodern feeling story-song that feels very girl-punk
The Beatles "Revolution 9" ( JK--Breathtaking audio collage from the White Album that foreshadows Ubu's sound
@asmalldarkcloud But this was my entree to Ubu: "Real World" ( from "The Modern Dance." Ann Arbor. College radio
@asmalldarkcloud The best place to start appreciating early Ubu was the "Datapanik in the Year Zero" compilation of early EPs. Then the LPs
@asmalldarkcloud Ubu's early recordings were so challenging that even fond fans got worn out trying to wrap their love around it all.
@asmalldarkcloud Ubu's "New Picnic Time"? Yes, I agree. I thought "Art of Walking" was good in places, but spotty. I loved "Bailing Man."
Sammy Davis Jr. "The Candy Man" ( JK--I am a nice man, kids. But please trick-or-treat with adult supervision.
Cabaret Voltaire "Nag Nag Nag" ( JK--Not really a Halloween song. But feels like warlock spitting fire at you
To male rocksingers, "witch" usually means "sharp" & "seductive." The opposite of the hideously self-defeating cartoon hag of legend
Eagles "Witchy Woman" ( JK--One of my favorite witch songs in the rock canon (there are many). Sexy vamp
@chrisonea Not really. That wasn't a pivotal moment.
Our Halloween treat basket? It ain't Godiva. It also aint dumpsta-diva. Somewhere in between. Individually wrapped supermarket choco-morsels
God's given Obama a legitimate opportunity to act uber-presidental at a pivotal moment. Hope he's saying his prayers of thanksgiving.
OK, trick-or-treat kids, the coast is clear. Mr. Kobielus has swept all the slippery wet leaves from his driveway & stoop. Come & get it!
The Beach Boys "Holland" (full album) ( JK--You'd be forgiven for thinking Byrds-channel-Donovan. Real good!
"#BigData steps closer to mainstream" ( JK--Repeatable #Hadoop infrastructure is fundamental to wider adoption
"6 Lies About #BigData" ( JK--Not lies, really. Just self-deception about your ability to manage & use it all.
Eels "Fresh Blood" ( JK--Recent song that feels tailor-made for trick-or-treat day. Aaaaah-OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Stuart Moxham "Vampire of Love" ( JK--Songwriter best known for Young Marble Giants wrote perfect Halloween song
I'd like to thank the idiot who took the two orange pumpkin trashbags stuffed w/leaves from our front stoop. You swiped our Halloween decor.
Looks like weather will be good for trick-or-treaters tonight. I can't wait to hand out the candy. Everybody needs a relief right now.
New #IBM jk blogpost: "Next Best Action Driving the Fluid Modern Experience" (
RT @kexp: LIVE on KEXP from @IcelandAirwaves broadcast, it's @soleysoleysoley! ( JK--Soley. Icelandic lady w/cute voice
Sunshine! Blue skies! Calm winds! Dry weather! Colorful leaves! I'd forgotten about this side of autumn. Keep it coming!
Engaging customer as individual? ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit
Engaging customer as individual?:
Frank Zappa Talks About The Shaggs ( JK--November 1976. He was trying to locate them. "Beyond Captain Beefheart"
The Shaggs "Who Are Parents?" ( JK--Written just before their mommy & daddy taught the sisters the facts of life
The Shaggs "Philosophy Of The World" ( JK--Wiggins sisters split over philosophical differences, & embarrassment
The Shaggs "My Pal Foot Foot" ( JK--It's either about a sock puppet or suspiciously friendly podiatrist.
The Shaggs "It's Halloween" ( JK--1969. Fun fact: Wiggins sisters were coven of lame-o New Hampshire witches.
WSJ piece on computational linguists searching for the DNA of sarcasm. Let's see what these geniuses are up to now.
WSJ piece on perfectionism marred by 3 typos, 5 awkward syntactical constructions, & suboptimal word choice. For shame!
Ousted Apple exec says no "decider" without Jobs. I hear G W Bush is available.
Scooby Doo Where Are You theme from season 1 ( JK--Premiered 1969. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad. Zoinks!
The Brady Bunch themes & credits from all 5 seasons ( JK--Premiered in 1969. It was retro-TV even then.
Sesame Street first episode ( JK--November 1969. I was 10, but I watched. Notice Jim Henson juggling 3 balls.
The Archies "Sugar Sugar" ( JK--1969. Most mind-blowing thing about that year was that this was the biggest hit
Jefferson Airplane "Eskimo Blue Day" ( JK--1969. A Paul & Grace song. They cut an acerbic electric groove
Jethro Tull "LIving in the Past" ( JK--1969. I love somebody's characterization of them as "Elizabethan boogie."
Led Zeppelin "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" ( JK--1969. Template for their distinctive folk-explodes-metallic style
The Kinks "Victoria" ( JK--1969. Is that Ray Davies on lead vocal? Sounds like some1 else. Regardless, cool song
The Who "1921" ( JK--1969. Essential exposition from "Tommy." Sexual jealousy triggers murder of Tommy's mother's lover
Beach Boys "Be With Me" ( JK--1969. Moody/romantic Dennis Wilson gem from "20/20." Drummer & best looking BBoy.
The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" ( JK--1969. The decade closed w/distinctly dark tones overtaking rock'n'roll
The Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" ( JK--1969. John digs Yoko so deeply it's painful intense & brilliant
Blind Faith "Presence of the Lord" ( JK--1969. Great LP with Clapton/Winwood/Baker/Grech, & questionable cover
Fleetwood Mac "Coming Your Way" ( JK--1969. Opening track from the brilliant Peter Green-led "Then Play On" LP.
You think Sandy's bad? Here's the doomsday scenario: Jar Jar Binks comes back as audio-animatronic character at all Disney theme parks.
Stocked up on Sandy candy to hand out tomorrow night to trick-or-treaters. It would have been our primary meal if hurricane'd hit us harder
RT @TheOnion: Power Outage Forces Manhattan Deli Proprietor To Eat 300 Pounds Of Pastrami | More #Sandy Coverage:
"Gov Christie cant stop praising Obama for his hurricane #Sandy efforts" ( JK--Gee, duh, he's partisan. Wait...who?
"Don't worry if your house is being flooded. If it's a legitimate flooding, your house has a way of shutting that whole thing down."
In my neighborhood, the worst impact of Sandy was non-delivery of our Wall Street Journal this morning. We got off easy.
"Bush’s FEMA Director During Katrina Criticizes Obama 4 Responding To Sandy Too Quickly" ( JK--Let 'em drown like NOLA? Right. Big data can give us more comprehensive context relevant to any decision scenario. Context is the whole... Right. If you think of "mining" in the analytics sense, it's all about finding nonobvious patterns of interaction... Scott: OK, I see what you mean. The machine/agent-intermediated multi-protocol interaction among user-endpoints on...
"Bad qualities / flaws in Jim's character?" ( JK--"Compulsive liar"? How dare U! Oh, "Jim" on "The Office". Never mind
"Why are some people more resilient than others?" ( JK--Innate stubbornness, willingness to endure BS, hoping 4 better
@Moiseslopez Reminds of another famous quote I just made up: "It's not who I am underneath, but who I *do* that defines me" ~~ James Bond
RT @ForbesTech: Sandy shuts down 3 nuclear planets ( JK--Wow! It's an interplanetary frankenstorm! Powerful stuff!
"#BigData for Small People" ( JK--Disappointed. I expected munchkins. All I got was naughty-boy Nicolas Sarkozy. Speech analytics translates human spoken language into structured textual and metadata representations that may...
"Power o non-Predictive Analytics!" ( JK--Article draws false dichotomy btwn biz analytics & predictive analytics
"The Industrial Internet: Even Bigger Than Big Data" ( JK--Actually, refers 2 M2M B2B #SmarterPlanet apps o #bigdata This article is about "meta-analysis"--i.e., comparatively analyzing the prior findings of other researchers, all...
"Analytics & the Drive for New Opportunities in Micromarket Targeting" ( JK--This is truly where #bigdata is essential
"Search, Sentiment, Signals, & Sensemaking" ( JK--"Sense" = patterns+meanings+relevance extracted from unstructurd data
"Can Social Analytics Predict the Headlines Before They’re Written?" ( JK--Piece o cake using "if bleeds it leads" algo
"Deconstructing Recommender Systems" ( JK--Great parsing o functional layers inside heart o e-commerce next best action
"Norvig vs. Chomsky and the Fight for the Future of AI" ( JK--Noam wants valid models. Peter wants statistical models. This is a bit like throwing free bread at people in the expectation that this will boost agricultural productivity....
In latest article (, I say "it’s creepy 2 merely if U were corporate Elmer Fudd wielding #bigdata shotgun"
"Trendy" this and "trendy" that. Don't tell me something is trendy unless you can prove it has odd body piercings & cool music collection
The Internet of Thing. I propose we construct it from appliances that are boxes from which creepy hands swing open lids & reach out
"Why We Need To Mine Government's #BigData" ( JK--Because a) it's there, b) it's ours, and c) it's about us.
"#Hadoop Gets Elastic Like Amazon's Cloud" ( JK--Serengeti Proj virtualizes Hdp 4 speedy cluster & workload optimiztion
@graemeknows I inspected my property & sump pump throughout the worst of it. Water was draining reliably into branch-bestrewn yard. Whew!
"Marketers Flooded w/ #BigData From Mobile" ( JK--The smaller & more numerous/ubiquitous the source, the more important
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Coming Up Roses by Elliott Smith JK--His suicide foreshadowd by lines like "moon is sickle cell, itll kill U in time"
Though Sandy up-ended my plan to talk about engaging customers as individuals in Calgary, my q-h tomorrow is on that topic, so y'all benefit
I declare today "Learn How To Pilot Ships Through Fierce Ocean Storms LIke a Pirate Day." ARGGGGGGH!!!!!!
Modeling automation? ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit
Modeling automation?:
@graemeknows Looks great, Graeme. Thanks for waiting on this. IOD was obviously the time-hog that kept me from finishing it.
New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia article: "Targeted Marketing: When Does Cool Cross Over to Creepy?" (
Engagement. A good indicator of narcissism is whether someone engages you in conversation, listening, as opposed to self-engaging. Ignoring
We survived last night without flooding, power outage, or fallen tree. Actually got a good night sleep. Wind died down.
Pere Ubu "New Picnic Time" ( JK--Whole LP. 1979. For me personally, one of the greatest records of last 40 years
David Thomas & The Pedestrians "Sloop John B" ( JK--David's odd superlanguid melting-down jazz-rot version
David Thomas & The Pedestrians "Happy To See You" ( JK--Also from David's awesome 1st side project from Pere Ubu
David Thomas & The Pedestrians "Sound Of The Sand" ( JK--1981. Powerfully influenced me post-college/pre-grad
The Beach Boys "Surf's Up" ( JK--1971. I'm glad they got arty & "relevant." Title track is gr8 "Smile" holdover
Beach Boys "Feel Flows" ( JK--Standout track from "Surf's Up."
Talking Heads "Once in a Lifetime" ( JK--Standout track from "Remain in Light." "Let the water hold me up."
The Jimi Hendrix Experience "The Wind Cries Mary" ( JK--Standout track from "Are You Experienced."
Bob Dylan "Shelter from the Storm" ( JK--Standout track from "Blood on the Tracks."
Neko Case "This Tornado Loves You" ( JK--Standout track from "Middle Cyclone."
10,000 Maniacs "Like the Weather" ( JK--One of the standout tracks from "In My Tribe."
School of Seven Bells "The Night" ( JK--One of the standout tracks from "Ghostory."
School of Seven Bells "Windstorm" ( JK--One of the standout track from "Disconnect from Desire."
"The History of Marijuana w/Noam Chomsky" ( JK--Disappointed. Wanted 2 hear people's stories of doing doobies w/scholar
Gay Talese "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" ( JK--Classic '66 Esquire celebrity profile. I just read it. Gr8 character study!
Drafted new #IBM AnalyzingMedia article: "New Analyzing Media article: "Target Marketing: When Does Cool Cross Over to Creepy?" @graemeknows
"IBM IOD 2012: The Big Data Buzz Continues to Amaze" ( JK--Notice how I structure this blog around cool/smart people.
Had to reinforce the base of our standing mailbox with 3 large cinder blocks. Sandy-softened soggy earth had it leaning like Pisa.
Hallelujah! I won't need to do Calgary trip. IBM Canada will find local resource to fill in. Too much weather risk o me not arriving on time
RT @DTurnerBlogs @bob_sutor @HSmigala: IBM Big Data Evangelist @jameskobielus drills deep into insights from #IBMIOD
Winds & drenching, winds & drenching.
New #IBM jk blogpost: "IBM IOD 2012: The #BigData Buzz Continues to Amaze" ( #ibmiod
I'll respond to the RG3 hype when he actually starts winning games. Redskins still stuck in the "suck" column.
Neil Young "Like A Hurricane" ( JK--American Stars and Bars." Cool LP cover. Neil face-flat on barroom floor
Bruce Springsteen "Sandy" ( JK--Asbury Park inundated adds new meaning to "the roar is rising behind us."
"Moving beyond #Hadoop for #bigdata needs" ( JK--Or, more to point, fit Hdp & other bigdata platforms 2 your purposes
"Q&A: Statistician Nate Silver talks #bigdata, sports analysis" ( JK--One of the highlights of #ibmiod.
"Europe's trying crowdsourced lawmaking" ( JK--Mass-participation democracy. Referendum model? Or revolution model?
"#IBM has developed a new carbon nanotube-based chipmaking technology" ( JK--Keeping Moore's Law momentum rolling
#IBM has a really good emergency warning, tracking, & reporting system for employees around the world. Quite impressive!
Hurricane Sandy has disrupted my travel plans tomorrow. Assuming new flight takes off on time, Calgary CIOs will meet a bloodshot evangelist
Service-oriented analytics? ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit
Service-oriented analytics?:
@TonyBaer Forecast is just rain rain rain without refrain.
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Howlin' for You by Kylie Auldist from Still Life JK--Dixielandish reggaefied version of Black Keys song. Good cover.
Went out 3x this a.m. in Sandy's drench: 1st to retrieve (dry, bagged) newspapers, 2nd to bring in (empty) trashcans, 3rd to secure mailbox
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp What Are You Afraid Of by West Indian Girl from self-titled LP JK--Haven't heard this trippy one in years. Luv it.
My favorite Sunday activity. Month-end expense reporting. Luv it so much I must first deaden the nerve-endings with a suitable potion. Saki?
#KEXP listener-voted top 40 albums of last 40 years ( Strong argument for the validity of crowdsourcing! Results rock!
I'm not seeing much interesting research from the IT analyst community these days. Who, if anybody, is breaking new ground?
I will definitely cast my vote for Barack Obama. He is a great president who has accomplished the core of the agenda I voted for in 2008.
One must always pace the bow side of the good ship Preparedness, & resist the inner voices that counsel cowering in the aft end Hysteria.
Bracing for the storm. Which means remembering we've weathered many storms and knowing we'll withstand this one too. Our culture hypes shit
Newsweek's demise. Those newsweeklies were dying 30 years ago when I started resenting their lame attempts at cultural consensus building.
That momentary disappointment when the only Facebook notifications turn out to be friends inviting you to play dumbass games.