Sunday, December 09, 2012

Aweekstweets December 1-9 2012: the week I exhausted the house Rice Krispies supply

Wet paper. I asked the Washington Post to redeliver. At least the Web version never gets soggy, no matter how much I surf.

Prescriptive analytics?:

Listening 2 Robert Goulet "There's No Place LIke Home for the Holidays." Can't listen 2 him anymore w/out thinking o Will Ferrell impression

"Overlaid videos of all landings at San Diego Int Airport from 10:30am to 3pm on Nov 23, 2012" ( JK--Cool & sorta scary

Did a quick count. The last time I acquired a CD was 8 albums ago. All of my purchases since early in the year have been downloads.

One of my to-dos for my vacation period is to scan and Facebook more of my personal photos dating back 30 years. Selectively.

"10 Medical Robots That Could Change Healthcare" ( JK--I draw the line at Roombas that check us for crabs.

"The Rise of the Mansumer" ( ) JK--Contrary to popular belief, most don't need to be outfitted with Kramer's "manssiere"

In fact, my highschool years were spent making mental notes of which girls were prettiest. I couldn't care less about popularity.

Reading pop sociology book about popularity in highschool. Actually, I had no idea who was popular in mine. Just a blur of faces & names.

Aliens intercepting our radio transmissions will conclude Xmas is religious holiday honoring the holy trinity of Santa, Frosty, & Rudolph

"Rotator." Word is ultimate palindrome. Self-referential. Rotate it.

Luv feminist humorist Gina Barreca's analysis of why Romney lost big among single women voters. Chivalry is opposite of good manners.

John Waters' "pencil-thin mustache" is thinner than any pencil I've ever seen. Does he draw it on with a pencil?

I prefer #KEXP podcasts to NPR music podcasts. Why? KEXP DJs play full songs, keep their chatter to a minimum, & rarely dwell on themselves

The Waitresses "The Comb" ( JK--1978. Live. Actually, Tin Huey backing Chris Butler & Patty Donahue. Great one!

"Robot can shapeshift into anything" ( JK--"electropermanent continuous conventional moving parts"

Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice" ( JK--Love Christopher Walken's dance moves on this video.

Listening to Alt-J "Dissolve Me" ( JK--One of the year's best new artists. Won Britain's Mercury Prize.

Exhausting but productive business daytrip. Delta Shuttle to LaGuardia. Up to #IBM TJ Watson Labs. Met Jianying Hu. We co-present next month

Listening to The Drifters "White Christmas" ( My fave version of this. Why won't my all-Xmas station play it?

Web era is so old now that I get oddly nostalgic sometimes for the mid-90s. Ah, those were simpler times. You could cuddle a modem.

CNN crawlers sez "pot smokers enter legal limbo in Wash state." Untrue. Growers wholesalers & dealers do. Most smokers won't acq >1oz @ time

Grammy noms 4 Alternative Album are in. Grammy noms 4 Alternative 2 Albums R singles, EPs, streaming, seeing artist live & humming few bars
RT @ITKE: In his first guest post, @jameskobielus reveals the missing piece of #bigdata puzzle: (hint: it's not sexy)

Prescriptive analytics? ( Friday #IBM quick-hit, in advance. I'm on travel tomorrow. One less thing to worry about.

Prescriptive analytics?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Story of My Life by Pere Ubu JK--1993. Fun fact: David Thomas is anti-Newton. He discovered anti-gravity.

"Too “Logit” To Quit: 5 Ideas For Using Logistic Regression In Your Biz" ( JK--Not just ideas. These are core apps

Core approaches for assessing the significance of variables in statistical modeling (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Town Called Malice by The Jam frm Snap JK--Armageddon starts when they declare war on Gene Pitney's Town Without Pity

"Unlearning Our Old Data Ways" ( JK--Excellent reality check on Nate Silver. Just sound data scientist best practice

Saying that data scientists are storing data in advance of any specific requirement doesn't mean they're clueless. They are search/explorers

"#Bigdata dirty secret: Companies store data but dont know wot 2 do w/it" ( JK--Neither secret nor dirty. Exploration!

"How to Calculate Your Customer Lifetime Value and Cost of Customer Acquisition" ( JK--Core metric of #bigdatabiz ROI

"The Future of Data Wisdom" ( JK--Excellent discussion of 3 levels of smarts powering automated recommendation engines

"Do U speak Scandinavian language?" ( JK--Just English:result o succesiv historic creolizations (

"#IBM Expands the Power of Social Business with New Cloud, Mobile Advances" ( JK--IBM SmartCloud 4 Soc Business & Docs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Day Is Dawning by The Hidden Cameras from The Smell of Our Own JK--Gay marriage unbanned as of today in Washington st

Big BI? Self-service data science ( Thursday's #IBMquick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Man in Black by Johnny Cash JK--He was an anomaly in country-western. Legend was an unabashed liberal. Listen to this

Big BI? Self-service data science:

Watched the first episode of the terrific British series "Doc Martin." Exquisitely put together from the very start.

Watching the original British TV series of "The Office." Loving Ricky Gervais' smarmy patronizing boss. Feels realistic.

I hope McAfee's software is better at catching malware than the Central American police are at catching McAfee. Good discussion. My take on the nouveau concept of "big data warehouse." To the extent your existing EDW is already..

"Semantic Databases: Destiny Or Distraction?" ( JK--You mean RDF triple-stores like #IBM DB2v10? If so, spell it out.

"Passing parade." Redundant phrase, isn't it? If a parade isn't passing, it's stationary. If stationary, it's simply a gathering.

Hallelujah. Wrote those freakin' quick-hits for next week. That'll be the my last week before taking off rest of the month for Xmas holiday

Cool. I'll be representing #IBM at two govt-focused #bigdata industry events in Q1 2013. My DC-area location comes in handy.

"Post-war"? The human race is never "post-war." There are some in progress, others sure to come. Let's not fool ourselves.

Listening to Crayon Fields "All The Pleasures of the World (Dan Block Remix)" ( JK--Sounds YoungMarbleGiantified

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cannonball by The Breeders from Last Splash JK--Song absolutely demands cranking your stereo to "11."

So, let's see. Fox News is advising some candidates while pretending that it's impartial in covering campaigns. Is anybody surprised?

RIP Dave Brubeck. Expanded the audience for jazz and made it hip with young adults and college students I agree, for the most part, with Oliver Vagner's comment that prescriptive analytics is a rebranding of operations... Everything you say about data quality is true. Which is why my post the very next day was on the topic "Small data:...

Shocking Blue "Venus" ( JK--1969. Most famous of the Dutch one-hit wonder recordings from that period

Tee Set "Ma Belle Amie" ( JK--1969. This one too. Earworm. Like Mouth and Macneal, Dutch one-hit wonder.

Mouth & Macneal "How Do You Do" ( JK--1971. Suddenly popped into my head. Had no idea who artists were. Googled

"Coffee table." It's lke "glove compartment." Why specify one arbitrary item that you might place on or in something so general-purpose?

Listening to Washed Out "Feel It All Around" on #KEXP. Thought I recognized it. Theme song to "Portlandia" (

@pontifex_ltn Imposter! Real pope wouldn't tweet a modified Cartesian solipsistic principle. Pontiff'd say the only "am" is "I am what am"

Surprised nobody created a @thanksforfollowing Twitter acct that simply thanks people 4 following. Only marginally more pointless than many

"Biz Schools Divided on How to Approach Analytics Training" ( JK--#IBM Academic Initiative partnerships on curric devel

"Just Like Social TV, #BigData Coming To The Movies" ( JK--#IBM & USC Annenberg on social sentiment & future of film

"With #bigdata out of box, maintaining order is a must" ( JK--Data domains: human-sourced, process-medi8d, machine-gen

"#IBM Launches New Skills Programs 2 Help Students & Tech Pros Prep 4 Jobs o Future" ( JK--#BigData, e-commerce, mobile

"Google's Cerf Warns that ITU Treaty Talks Bring Threat of Web Censorship" ( JK--Stakes at WCIT-12 conference are huge

Airlines. They should re-brand their frequent flyer programs as credit-card-solicitations businesses that fly airplanes as a side business

Recommendation engines? Accountability for recommendations can grow blurry ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Recommendation engines? Accountability for recommendations can grow blurry:

WSJ article about women not able 2 stop micromanage men doing household chores. Being tidy & having 2 do housework after mom died, this irks

Hey cable news, lose the stupid "fiscal cliff" countdown clocks. Don't give me less reason to watch your mostly overkill overcoverage

I love how YouTube targets me with #Hadoop product ads while I watch, say, a Nirvana video. It knows Hadoop is somewhere inside my nirvana

@data_nerd ETL not going away, nor is ELT, under #bigdata. More flexibility in decision re where to optimally run "T" load (transformation)

"#BigData Debate: End Near For ETL?" ( JK--I think NOT. ETL is a core use case 4 big data, especially re unstruct srcs

Have opened all the windows in my house. Can't beat these 70-degree December days. When's summer vacation?

The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping" ( JK--1981.Their second LP. I met Chris Butler at Second Chance in Ann Arbor

"Lead generation." That's the opposite of what medieval alchemists attempted. They attempted gold generation via lead transformation

"Beware the poetabyte" ( JK--Beware this: "V-V-V O-O-M//Infinite volume./An infinitesimal/crunch. All magnitude."

"5 Reasons "Data Scientists" are Sexy" ( JK--Good discussion, but forgot to mention reason #1: washboard abs

"Marketers: You dont need ‘big data’ when just a little data will do" ( JK--Brylcreem analytics? Little dab'll do ya?

"Storing & Querying #BigData in #Hadoop Distributed File System" ( JK--Good graphic except 4 glaring typo: "bid data."

"Conversational Analytics" ( JK--Reminds FFlores ( concept o "autopoesis" (

"How to Create a Nervous and Vascular System for External#BigData" ( JK--Source signals, find sense, & grok semantics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everything in Its Right Place by Radiohead from Kid A JK--This is my morning song. This sounds like my nervous system

"Pentagon’s Top Technologist Joins #IBM" ( JK--Zachary Lemnios was DoD ASD R&E. Is now IBM Research VP rsch strategy

"Data scientists making $300,000 a year" ( JK--Vincent Granville provided good context on WSJ article.

"#IBM Fights Fraud with New Software" ( JK--i2 Fraud Intelligence Analysis v1.0.5. Big data. SOA 4 app integration.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp NYC: 73 - 78 by Beck from Rework Phillip Glass Remixed JK--Beck may age into grandiose symphonic projects. Hope not

"Hire A Data Science Team, Not A Data Scientist" ( JK--They mean hire many specialized ones, not just one generalist

"The #BigData Marketing Goldmine" ( JK--Cites 2012 pres campaign as triumph o targeting. We experienced it as nuisance

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If I Needed You by Andrew Bird from Hands of Glory JK--2012. Nice country song from the whistlin' fiddlin' artiste.

#Hadoop uber-alles? Storage alternatives proliferate ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Hadoop uber-alles? Storage alternatives proliferate:

WSJ article "The Science of Giving." Expert sez "It's not the thought that counts. It's the gift that counts." Thoughtfulness overrated.

For a sustained online social session, pay special attention to your posture. It's too easy to get intensely gnarled as you get into it.

Pope will tweet in 8 languages, but Latin is not among them. Vatican traditionalists are appalled. To appease, he'll tweet all uppercase.

Mayans. Did they prophesy end of the world, or just get confused by the fiscal cliff? Yes, the world will almost certainly come to an end

Pope has Twitter account. I'd like to render the Catholic Eucharistic liturgy as tweets, full fidelity, straight, no jokes.

Louis CK in a stand-up says he's 42 & he'll "never have a year better than the one before." I'm 12 years older than that, & that ain't true

3 Dec
Louis CK as Abraham Lincoln on SNL ( This is a scream!

Tabloids, don't slack from your civic duty. Is the baby William's? Quick! Get on it!

"Smart cards: A new perspective (An ICIT briefing paper" ( by @jameskobielus (1987). Amazon's long tail is too long

Ray Ozzie didn't invent the Osborne Computer, did he? But Lennon & McCartney created Apple? Was getting fuzzy on computer history.

Control your brand? Your brand must be an organic expression of you. Control the temptation to imitate others & you'll be all right.

Old Town Alexandria is the most Christmasy streetscape in the DC area. Something about colonial redbrick storefronts & limited parking.

Bangin' out an #IBM Redbook today.Head mostly down into the particular of #bigdata consolidation projects.

Scaling from the macro to the nano levels is the key to powerful performance by @jameskobielus

Fractal geometry for big data: Scaling from the macro to the nano levels by @jameskobielus

Pervasively Parallel Processing: What fractal geometry teaches us about scaling and performance by@jameskobielus

Big Data, Fractal Geometry, and Pervasively Parallel by @jameskobielus

New #IBMdatamag jk article: "Big Data, Fractal Geometry, and Pervasively Parallel Processing" ( #bigdata

Always best in every situation to focus on what you can't do, not what you can't. You can't move backward in time & erase the present.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All the Pleasures of the World by The Crayon Fields JK--Australian indie-pop group with nice lite breezy beat.

My fave tabloid headline of week: "OMG--Can you believe Jessica Simpson is pregnant?" Yeah, I believe she's female, ovulating, & copulating

"Cool runnings: #IBM's recipe for a happy datacentre, in pictures" ( JK--Poughkeepsie research labs: energy efficiency

Underscaled data/analytics touted as #bigdata? I call that "bigwashing."

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a little dukelet. Happy for them.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Happy Birthday to Me by Cracker JK--'appy birfday to me mum in 'eaven.

@WiattJones I approach this work with journalistic discipline. Treat blog titles as headlines that, like tweets or poems, should stand alone

3 Dec
Information glut? Collaborative analytics distills it ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Information glut? Collaborative analytics distills it:

Watching as many episodes of "Portlandia" as I can fit in tonight. Funniest comedy of this decade so far.

Imitating Johnny Mathis. I must admit: it's a guilty pleasure.

@WiattJones Thanks! Like any self-respecting wordsmith, I aim to smite with all my might to write the right....ummmm....stuff?

Listening to "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." My foreign-born wife thinks they're singing "up yours." It's "of yore," honey.

One of my fave New Yorker cartoons. Man & woman in bed. Man looks at her & says: "Tonight I'd like to have explicit sex."

#KEXP plays better contemporary country-western than my local C&W station. Same goes for rock.

Bill Murray tells oddly painful, oddly funny, oddly beautiful story o last time he & many other comics last saw Gilda (

Presidential winner graciously appears with presidential loser in post-election photo op. Shows country how well each can fake friendliness

Thank you fine people who closed-caption programs such as "CBS Sunday Morning." For those of watching on mute in noisy distracting settings

Male "expert" on "CBS Sunday Morning" sez "a-word" applies more often to men than women. That's not my experience.

Business model? No, it's not a model in business for herself. Only Tyra Banks can take the Tyra Banks business model to the bank.

WashPost describes La Jolla as a "moneyed & pristine enclave of San Diego." It's moneyed, all right. But it's a funky, varied community.

Foggy morning in north Virginny. Trees are bare. Perfect for staring off into the middle distance as the year recedes from memory.

Saw "Anna Karenina." Good stylized theatrical/cinematic telling of Tolstoy's tale of infidelity among the imperial upper class.

Other elements that made "Dick Van Dyke Show" great: Genuine sexual tension btwn him & Mary Tyler Moore. Rose Marie's tough working woman

Watching the "Dick Van Dyke Show" pilot 50+ years after it first aired, you notice Carl Reiner's sharp comic writing.

Watching the "Dick Van Dyke Show" on Netflix streaming. Been ages since I saw this classic early 60s series.

Listening to Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs "Foggy Mountain Breakdown" ( ) JK--Just need to get my banjo & fiddle on

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp World's Best Lover by Jammy$ from World's Best Lover Version JK--Electro-fast-reggae rap: "termite Rush Limbaugh"?

"Virginia uranium-mining guidelines proposed" ( JK--VA has US largest uranium deposit. Also gave world tobacco. Yeesh

Kid Hops' "Positive Vibrations" Saturday show on #KEXP is the coolest place to turn for new and vintage reggae, ska, & Caribbean grooves

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Summertime by Echo Minott from Summertime 7" JK--Slow reggae-dub w/interpolated "Green Green Grass of Home." Nice.

"Annoying Facebook notifications: How 2 get rid o them" ( JK--Useful guidance that I put into practice w/out hesitation

Listening to Tracey Thorn "Tinsel & Lights" ( JK--Bittersweet, terrific title song from her new Xmas record.