Friday, April 11, 2014

Aweekstweets April 4-11 2014: the week of pollenpalooza

An "unknown error" is always occurring. For which there's an unknown solution. And an unknown cause for concern. Unknown why they inform us.

Was I actually in Las Vegas this week? Feels like Las Vegas was a hologram that was projected around me, then switched off. Back in Virginia

@TheSocialPitt Yes, grad school on Wisconsin Alumni Research Fellowship in Journalism. Undergrad: UM-Ann Arbor, Econ. Wanted 2 B Biz Journo

"The best websites aren’t just built, they’re calculated." Gr8 statement from recent GigaOm Structure Data panel ( )

"Embryonic days of data journalism industry R upon us" ( ) JK--Dedicated 2 my UW-Madison J-school adviser: Jim Baughman

"Delightful Exploration o Math, Mars & Feces" ( ) JK--"How many cubic feet of soil can you fertilize w/your excrement?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mary Mountain by Quilt from Held In Splendor JK--2014. Tuneful lite-psychedelia with a kind of wispy air about it.


Life's just a rolling calculation grounded in odds. Descartes inner voice probably whispered "I think therefore I probably am."

"Understanding #Hadoop-DW balance of power" ( ) JK--JKelly says Hdp won't replace DW, just grab some DW workloads

"Why use R? Five reasons" ( ) JK--Free. Popular. Powerful. Flexible. Supported.

Received a tech business email from David Letterman. Looks legit. I had to blink several times & realize other people may have that name.

#Forrester Wave #BigData #Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014 ( ). Read to see why #IBM InfoSphere BigInsights was named a leader

Stephen Colbert taking over CBS' "Late Show." This is totally cool. I am sure he will absolutely rock 'n' roll in his own distinctive way.

Portland (ME/OR). Every East Coast city should have West Coast doppelganger. Seattle becomes "New York," SF "Baltimore," & LA "Miami."

Ritzy jewelry stores should include bodyguard services as premium add-on. Women plan to advertise their obscene wealth around their throats?


RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by Devo frm Q: Are We Not Men? A: We R Devo JK--1978. Brilliantly nerdish deconstruct

Big identity? The #bigdata challenges of identity management in the IoT p1:  p2:  Fri #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Save It for a Rainy Day by The Jayhawks frm Rainy Day Music JK--2003. Love this entire album. Superb country-pop-rock

New #IBM jk blogpost: "The embryonic days of the data journalism industry are upon us" ( )

A10: #cloudchat I want #IBM #Watson to solve the problem of searching the world's vast strove of real-t... #cloudchat 

A9: #cloudchat Here's what I EXPECT/WISH for #Watson in 5 years: it'll be the core of all our BigData, ... #cloudchat 

A9: #cloudchat Well, I'm not in Watson Solutions Division, so I can only give U my personal wishlist. E... #cloudchat 

A8: #cloudchat #IBM has acquired #Cloudant as our #NoSQL cloud platform. You can expect to see that pla... #cloudchat 

A8: #cloudchat As cloud-computing platforms become more scalable, real-time, agile, etc, we'll bring al... #cloudchat 

A7: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson Mobile Developer Challenge demonstrates that ISV-enablement and mobile-enab... #cloudchat 

A7: #cloudchat Submit proposal for mobile app idea that would benefit from Watson. Finalists get Watson... #cloudchat 

Submit proposal for mobile app idea that would benefit from Watson. Finalists get Watson access to prot... #cloudchat 

Watson Cognitive Fabric. Yes, indeed. Providing evolving set of APIs, tools, methodologies, SDKs, and i... #cloudchat 

A6: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson is also a powerful search engine leveraging NLP, machine learning, stream c... #cloudchat 

A6: #cloudchat Think of #IBM #Watson as a "sensemaking" service: sifting signal from the noise of unstr... #cloudchat 

A5 #cloudchat It will make it easier for customers of all sizes, from very small to very large, to use ... #cloudchat 

A5: #cloudchat Keep in mind that #IBM moving all of our solutions--not just #Watson--to cloud. Decision... #cloudchat 

I agree. Simplicity is something we have to work feverishly hard at as we roll out the Watson Cognitive... #cloudchat 

A5: #cloudchat IBM acquired a robust public cloud infrastructure with @Softlayer. It was clear from the... #cloudchat 

A4: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson most significant contribution so far is in demonstrating not only that we d... #cloudchat 

Actually, we want to encourage those "distractions" from other IBM business units. Our push with Watson... #cloudchat 

A3: #cloudchat By being its own business unit, the Watson team is also growing the technology by bringi... #cloudchat 

A3: #cloudchat #IBM has been growing #Watson from the start through deep investments in R&D, partner en... #cloudchat 

RT @IBMAnalytics: IBM roundtable discussion w/ @jameskobielus answers all #bigdata questions 

A2: #cloudchat #IBM Watson is the focus of our new Watson Solutions Division, headquartered in NYC's "S... #cloudchat 

A2: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson DeepQA tech is fundamental to our delivery of new cloud apps that bring uns... #cloudchat 

A2: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson is hear of #IBM big data, information management, advanced analytics, and c... #cloudchat 

A1: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson was designed using the core cloud-computing features: on-demand, self-servi... #cloudchat 

A1: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson clouds (plural) provide distinct platforms for retail, travel, healthcare, ... #cloudchat 

A1: #cloudchat #IBM #Watson has been a cloud service from the get-go: public cloud available to custome... #cloudchat 

A pleasure to be here tweeting on this #cloudchat. I have Watson embedded in my cranium to assist my co... #cloudchat 

April #cloudchat #IBM Watson & Cloud--Driving Innovation ( ). At the top of the hour. Join us!

Saving my hair, skin, muscles, & nerves to get good workings over in Jakarta. Plenty of good stylists, spas, & masseuses at reasonable rates

Cherry blossoms. Cheery blossoms. The flourishing burst of a bright, warm early April day in the DC area. The Tidal Basin's welcome bouquet

"Feds Seek To Expand Open Data" ( ) JK--Fed-agency open-data roundtables through program dev'd by NYU's Governance Lab

"Harvest machine data using #Hadoop & Hive" ( ) JK--Good drilldown in #IBM developerWorks

"#BigData: A Time to Save, a Time to Delete" ( ) JK--Good overview of apps/benefits in legal profession.
"Nine large problems with #bigdata" ( ) JK--Good discussion of caveats & constraints

"How NASA Is Meeting #BigData Challenge" ( ) JK--Links to NASA paper ( ) for details.

"#BigData needs software-defined storage" ( ) JK-- #IBM Ronald Riffe explains how it as hardware-independent solution

The Monkees "Star Collector" ( ) JK--1967. One o 1st pop records 2 feature Moog synthesizer. Ownd/playd by Micky Dolenz

#IBM acquires @Silverpop to make personalization easier for any marketer  #SmarterCommerce

.@Silverpop acquisition scales personalized marketing for any sized B2B & B2C business  #SmarterCommerce #IBM

#IBM powers marketing personalization via automation with @Silverpop acquisition  #SmarterCommerce

"#IBM To Acquire Silverpop To Help Marketers Deliver Personalized Customer Engagements" ( ) JK--Cloud-based offering

Betting big on the future of #bigdata. #IBM helps schools provide the best #BigData & #Analytics coursework:  via @WSJ

Big Science? The rigid regimen of reproducible computational findings p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBM q-h

@chrisonea I'd say productivity is every economy's problem. Downtime crimps productivity. I work on airplanes.

I'd prefer never to hear the word "evil" brandished in tech circles ever again until the people doing so show their theologian credentials

Argggghhh! I get 1st class upgrades on both legs of my trip and on neither one do the underseat electrical outlets work. Batteries dwindling

Totally digging this PBS special on the Dave Clark Five. Awesomely powerful drum-driven rock combo with killer vocalist! Definitely classic

Going down to do #IBM booth duty on the expo floor at #oaug #C14LV . Call me a "booth dude." Yes, they hired me for my looks.

Join the #Bigdatamgmt convo 2morrow 12 EST!!: U/standing value of complex event process’g  w/ @BigDataAlex

Gore Vidal? What? What's this article about Gore Vidal? He's no longer among us. Oh, actually called "Gone Viral." I have to slow down.

"Hits, Sessions & Users: Understanding Digital Analytics Data" ( ) JK--Essential #CEM reading: #bigdata of experience

"The Science and Art of Customer Matching for MDM" ( ) JK--Good discussion of fuzzy-matching algorithms.

"#Hadoop & #BigData: Where Apache Slider slots in & why it matters" ( ) JK--Enable existing apps run unmodified on YARN

"10 #BigData Analytics Use Cases for Healthcare IT" ( ) JK--Everything from analyzing EHRs to nurse/doc deploy optimizn

"#BigData & Big Food: Where to draw the line?" ( ) JK--I know where. Waiter, there's a file in my soup!

"Athlete and Fan Analytics! New Weapon in Sports" ( ) JK--Talks up potential of IoT wearables on everybody in ballpark

"Learning and Teaching Machine Learning: A Personal Journey" ( ) JK--Essential reading! Historical evolution of ML.

"Selecting the right SQL-on- #Hadoop engine to access #bigdata" ( ) JK--Sharp analysis by Rick van der Lans.

"Inside Major League Baseball’s 'Hypothesis Machine'" ( ) JK--Playbook-optimization via 10-billion-edge graph analysis

JJoyce: "forge in smithy of my soul uncreated conscience of my race." "Smithy"? Saxon word? No McGowan in JJ's soul ( )

"Made in #IBM Labs: Enabling Secure Notifications 2 Mobile Devices via Cloud" ( ) JK--And we commercialize R&D avidly

"#IBM Accelerates Mobile Innov 4 Biz w/New MobileFirst Services" ( ) JK--Includes IBM Smart & Embedded Device Security

"#IBM Debuts new Mobile, Storage & #Hadoop Offerings 4 Mainframe" ( ) JK--zDoop is 1st industry Hdp 4 Linux on Sys z

"#IBM Brings New Cloud Offerings, Research Projects & Pricing Plans 2 Mainframe" ( ) JK--New IBM Enterprise Cloud Sys

American geeks. No truth to the rumor that when they travel to the UK they must refer to selves as "boffins" or face immediate deportation.

"Facebook open sources code 4 managing A/B tests" ( ) JK--PlanOut code helps data-sci build+manage real-world experimts

The R for Open Science Project ( ).

"24 Interview Questions & Answers for #Hadoop MapReduce developers" ( ) JK--More like an FAQ reference for those U hire

"Does Data Science Come w/Ethical Responsibilities?" ( ) JK--Can any1 address this topic 4 data domains other than PII?

"How Deep Learning Analytics Mimic Mind" ( ) JK--Draws interesting graphical comparison: "deep" vs "shallow" learning

Prepping for my #C14LV preso starting about an hour from now. By "prepping," I mean replaying th preso's narrative flow in my head once more

"Sexiest Job of the 21st Century is Tedious & that Needs 2 Change" ( ) JK--Dump the "sexy" jazz. Tedium intrinsic 2 job

"'Thingularity' Triggers Security Warnings ( ) JK--Thingularity threatenth. Tholutionth thyould thecure thmartphoneth

"Illegal drugs: they really work?" ( ) JK--Granville examines diff question: how measure diff people sensitivty 2 them?

"Scientific method: Statistical errors" ( ) JK--Controversy over use of "P value" as prinicipal metric of stat signif

"MapReduce ...." ( ) JK--Curious if NLP engines know not to equate "Map+Reduce" w/ "(It's a) Small+World (after all)"

"#BigData is secretly scoring you" ( ) JK--No. Data brokers, analytics firms & retailers are. "Big Data" not an entity

Las Vegas dawn. That and sunset are the only times of day you don't shrink from the scorch of it.

I've prewritten 8 blogs (so far) that will all post during period I'm on vacation. So you'll see my work. But I'll be anything but working

How Mobile is Reshaping Healthcare and Empowering Doctors & Patients  #IBMMobile @CoriellLife

"Real-Time Analytics Platform Maturity" ( ) JK--Link to details on new IBM InfoSphere Streams Version 3.2.1 #IBMDataMag

"Exploring Streaming Data in Real Time" ( ) JK--Madia & Potter on viz discovery in #IBM InfoSphere Streams #IBMDataMag

"Rock-Solid Business Analytics" ( ) JK--Cuneyt Goksu discusses biz analytics on #IBM zEnterprise System #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moving To the Left by Woods from With Light & With Love JK--2014. "R we floating by & by...R we moving with th rest?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Smells Like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith from Outside Society JK--2011. Punk poet does it bluegrass. Go figure.

Machine learning? When data scientists struggle 2 keep foothold in ground truth ( ) Wed #IBM qh in adv. Travel tomorrow

Open data? Climate data should move as freely as the atmosphere that cloaks our warming planet ( ) Tues #IBM quick-hit

"8 (No, 9!) Problms w/ #BigData" ( ) JK--Authors construct/incinerate a strawman that'd do the Burning Man folks proud

A to Z. Android into Zune. An infinite regression. 

Find out how to lower the cost of running your #Oracle apps with #DB2 with BLU Acceleration at #C14LV   #C14LV #ibmblu

Will you be at #Collaborate14 ? Visit Booth #348 to learn more about next gen #inmemory analytics with #ibmblu Acceleration #bigdata

#Hadoop uber-alles? Hdp beginning 2 stare newer #bigdata apprches in face p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM qh

Prepping to speak at #C14LV #oaug tomorrow. By "prepping," I'm mean in present perfect simple tense (finished result). Have already prepped.

WashPost article about how Internet-jumpy scan-reading is rewiring our brains. Actually, maybe this is the best way to read "Ulysses."

RIP Mickey Rooney. His life illustrated how a legendary Hollywood brat can mature into full brattitude.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Carolyn's Fingers by Cocteau Twins from Blue Bell Knoll JK--1988. Practically the only album I bought in the late 80s

RT @IBM_DB2: Attending #C14LV ? Meet Koby on Tue Apr 8: "IBM Data Warehousing: Modern Ecosystems 4 #BigData Analytics" @jameskobielus #oaug

Once in a while in my normal life, I actually discuss what I do in the exact terminology I use on the job. Too stressful to always translate

So-called "Moneyball" is only application of analytics that's literally "game-changing." Please don't use this phrase in any other context.

Continuity fields. Key concept in human perception, cognition & experience. Social media & multi-everything Web totally disrupt continuities

E pluribus unum. Reified early in our history when people's verbal default switchd frm "the United States of America are" 2 "th US of A is "

Kurt Cobain. Much as I love all those Nirvana records, I'm perhaps half generation too old 2 hav fallen 4 th hero worship tht surrounded him

RT @ZacharyJeans: "Any product that needs a manual to work is broken" ~@elonmusk | @EntrepreneurQ

Deleting yet another promo email from 2nd-tier vendor that's been going nowhere fast 4 years. Pings from the abyss of the ocean of oblivion

Video webcast panels always logistical crapshoot. Either people's local equipmnt and/or bandwidth deficient, or video over IP connection bad

Washington Post predicts "pollenpalooza" will assault area's air soon. So far, cold & rain have kept it all at bay. Will be pent-up intense

Panera's overhead music programming is exquisite. It's exactly the current song mix I would have arranged.

My trees are beginning to blossom. In a few weeks, I'll have to sweep fallen petals off driveway, otherwise we'll track them into the house

Got tired of giving my girl spoken advice. Just started playing songs with the themes I wanted to put forth. I'd rather hear them than me.