Saturday, January 31, 2015

Aweekstweets January 24-31 2015: the week nipping it in the bud was decriminalized in all 50 states

Thank you Facebook, for reminding me that practically every day is a friend’s birthday. And making me feel guilty for not gifting them.

My sense is that unsolicited mail and unsolicited phone calls are equally spammy now. Answering calls from unfamiliar callers not worth it

My sense is that people don't check voice mail as much as they used to. Leaving a voice mail is as effective as not leaving a voice mail.

I've been asked to keynote a TDWI event in Savannah in March. Never been to Savannah.Nor Havana, though that's not unthinkable. Cuba's cool.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone JK--1992. One of the few grunge songs you can imagine slowdancing to

Hallelujah for the weekend. My energy hasn't weakened. Ready to party.

Was one of those days when I turned off the music when the volume of my thoughts grew too loud. Drowned it out. My attention was all inward

New #IBM jk #InformationWeek column: "Chief Data Science Officers Won't Supplant CIOs" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'€™ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash from Unchained JK--Bah! That's just the US & not even exhaustive list of places

"Th #BigData Tool Spark May Be Hotter Than #Hadoop, But It Still Has Issues" ( ) JK--Same growing pains Hdp experienced

"Scientists say AI fears unfounded, could hinder tech advances" ( ) JK--Doomsayers need to rid selves of sci-fi toxins

"Why artificial intelligence always seems so far away" ( ) JK--Because our AI dream stays one step beyond current tech

RIP Rod McKuen. His stuff worked better as (admittedly schmaltzy) pop songs than poems. Here's Como doing McKuen: 

I've seen the new convergence paradigm acronymed as "CAMS" (cloud analytics mobile social). I've seen "SMAC." Nobody dares do it as "SCAM."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jacksonville by Sufjan Stevens from Illinoise JK--2005. It's been 10 years since he released this masterpiece!

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "The Matter is Settled: #BigData = [ ]" ( )

Caught the latest "Portlandia" on IFC last night. It's always good to see Jeff Goldblum. And Olivia Wilde is always distractingly beautiful.

Stayed up past my bedtime to watch Letterman. Caught Death Cab for Cutie doing "Black Sun." John Oliver was on too. Funny. Dave was good too

Biz process optimizn? Yet another vision o th flattend organization p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

New #IBM jk blog: "Data scientists need to nip model overfit in the bud" ( )

"When Harry Met Sally"'s unresolved ending left me in suspense. Did she ever partake of his pecan pie? And if so, was she as pleased as he?

Innumeracy runs rampant in tech. Tired of noting that "Big Data" is 2 words, not "a buzzword." Now some say the same re "Internet of Things"

"Build an IoT analytics solution with #bigdata tools" ( ) JK--Very good architectural discussion.

"Movers and shakers"? Hardly. I've never seen any of these influentials load trucks or craft simple/sturdy but elegant wooden furniture.

" #BigData Insinuation Architecture" ( ) JK--What are you insinuating? Data not big enough? Not architectd enough? Huh?

"Choosing right #bigdata execution framework: Why one size doesnt fit all" ( ) JK--Discusses the latest MR alternatives

"Can #Hadoop Replace Data Warehouse?" ( ) JK--"Can" is beside the point. TDWI/Russom research says it's not happening.

"Understanding #Hadoop : Foundations for Developing an Analytics Culture" ( ) JK--Lists Hadoop security projects.

"The future of machine learning at Pinterest" ( ) JK--What's interesting are their team specializations--eg "Black Ops"

"Building & deploying large-scale machine learning pipelines" ( ) JK--Fundamental to industrial-grade productionization

"Netflix revamping data archtctr 4 streaming" ( ) JK--Availabilty over consistency; microservices; polyglot persistence

"Show Me The Data: Graphics for Exploratory Data Analysis" ( ) JK--Raw stats may obscure what visualizations call out

" #IBM & Mars Launch Pioneer Effort 2 Drive Adv in Global Food Safety" ( ) JK--Consortium 4 Sequencng Food Supply Chain

"Winkelvoss Twins Plan to Tame Bitcoins" ( ) JK--Wait! How can fictional characters do that? Oh, that's right: virtual!

Google+ is starting to scrape bottom of barrel in new members when housepainters in my vicinity are among the few I'm seeing.

Yes, Big Brother is watching. And he's going to tell Big Mom and Big Dad unless you get your Big Butt downstairs and clean up that Big Mess!

"Why Attracting Millennials Requires #BigData Analytics" ( ) JK--We spoiled 'em. My generation appreciated small data.

Hey Millennials, that's a bit pretentious. Can I call you ladies "Millie" and you guys "Lenny"? Now I can relate. Now you're just folks

I'm jaded, but calling oneself a "motivational speaker" is putting cart before horse. After I listen, I'll decide how motivational you are

Before long, I'm sure Facebook will start informing me that all my friends have birthdays this year & I better start e-shopping 4 gifts ASAP

Monitoring equity analysts back&forth buy-sell-buy-sell blogs. Cyberspace equivalent of trying to keep cool head on trading floor of NYSE

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do You Dream in Colour? by Bill Nelson from Do You Dream in Colour? JK--1980. A cool bit of reggae-ish post-punk

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You're a Million by Th Raincoats JK--1979. Group specialized in an oddly sculptd variety o flat-voice post-punk drone

Cognitv computing? Algo sim intel w/without snapshot of nervous sys p1  p2  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Big dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Merrifield: Four Sisters. Always a place we bring out-o-town visitors. Back home. Drinks

True serenity comes from learning to sit perfectly still.

Judge Judy is a leading figure in modern shoutisprudence.

Note to professional self: don't ever place tech ads in a YouTube stream that delays people from playing back the music/video they love.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit from Stay Gold JK--2014. Swedish sisters sound like American pioneer homesteaders

" #IBM Rsch Announces Breakthru For Protect Personal Data" ( ) JK--Algo encrypts user attributes 4 selected disclosure

"Thinking Like a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--This week's letter from me in my capacity as editor-in-chief of #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Career as a Homewrecker by Jonathan Richman frm Having a Party With Jonathan JK--1991. Actually, he's a folksinger

Ultimate bigdata-driven Turing test is if computer can, in dialogue, fool me into thinking I'm speaking w/someone I know well & who knows me

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "The Challenge of Data-Driven Security in the Petabyte Era" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Quick One, While He's Away by The Who from A Quick One JK--1966. Rhapsodic title cut from their first LP.

Big data vision? Slicing &dicing the #bigdata definitional superset p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Phantom Power by Diagrams from Chromatics JK--2015. Great use of reverb in the recording. Amplifies the vibe.

"Deep Learning & Machine Intelligence Will Eat Th World" ( ) JK--Nah. It'll inhale global data & exhale global patterns

Notice the last 4 letters in "curate." To effectively sift, sort, & recommend content, you must rate it for relevance. At least in your mind

" #IBM's Cloud Business Generates $7 Billion in 2014 Revenue" ( ) JK--Key to our growth going forward.

" #IBM SoftLayer vs. AWS: What's the Difference?" ( ) JK--Good architectural comparison. Crisp & clear.

RT @kexpplaylist : Young Man's Game by Ben Watt and Bernard Butler from LIVE on #KEXP JK--2014. Ex-EBTG & ex-Suede. Totally soulful/cool.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ana Ng by They Might Be Giants from Lincoln JK--1988. The lyric is cracked poem. Melody is cracked. They're cracked

"How to Mitigate Data Monetization Risks" ( ) JK--Such as risk of inadvertently reselling data you hold but don't own

"Scientists create quantum entanglement on a silicon chip" ( ) JK--Long-distance transmission of correlated photons

"Understanding the #BigData Life-Cycle" ( ) JK--Historical discussion links today's big data to yesteryear's SOA mania

"The algorithmic CEO" ( ) JK--Viewpoint on business-strategic use o machine learning & other algorithmc tools/platforms

"Exosystem": just saw the word and thought it was a typo of "ecosystem." Looked it up. It's not: 

Spam for "NASA socks." Thanks, but I've canceled my planned pleasure trip to Mars' polar regions. Try again next year.

Let's see. Drone inadvertently penetrated White House airspace. Core use of drones has long been military. Bodes ill for commercial uses.

Machin lrng? Get photo autocuration right p1  p2  p3  Tues #IBMDataMag qu

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Vessel by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith from Club Meds JK--2015. I think he's singing "it takes a village to raise a fool"

"Webcast: Understanding and Acting in the Business Moment" ( ) JK--Thurs March 5, 1pm EST #IBMDataMag

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Databases" ( ) JK--Thurs Feb 12 1130am EST #IBMDataMag

" #BigData in a Minute" ( ) JK--Video: Coriell Life Sciences and #IBM Make a Powerful Team #IBMDataMag

"3 Keys to Successful Data Governance" ( ) JK-- #IBM whitepaper: holistic governance framework #IBMDataMag

"7 Best Practices for Implementing Data Archiving" ( ) JK-- #IBM whitepaper: thought-leadership approach #IBMDataMag

"Retain and Delight Customers" ( ) JK-- #IBM Redguide: see how to apply predictive customer intelligence #IBMDataMag

"5 Things to Know About #IBM Predictive Customer Intel" ( ) JK--Redbooks blog: comprehensive customer view #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Achieves High Marks for Data Integration Tools" ( ) JK--( White paper: Gartner report #IBMDataMag

"Data Discovery in the Data Value Chain" ( ) JK--Edd Dumbil on locating the right data #IBMDataMag

"Having What It Takes to Be a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Rich Hughes on data scientist skillsets & thinking #IBMDataMag

"How Data Insight–Driven Enterprises Manage Data Onslaught" ( ) JK--Andy Thurai on machine-driven insights #IBMDataMag

Watched "The Nightly Show" with Larry Wilmore. Enjoyed it. He's not doing "black correspondent" shtick. Just being himself. Low key.

"End o capitalism as we know it" ( ) JK--How exactly do "we know it"? Dynamc innov8ng systems always ending/rebeginning

My understanding is that capitalism went away with the decline of the Roman Empire. I mean, didn't they write in all capitals?

" #IBM dismisses Forbes report of massive layoffs" ( ) JK--Response to RXCringely.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp September by Earth Wind & Fire JK--1978. Lyrics on this classic dance groove:  . Yes I'm a geek

I've never bought this crap about men being from Mars & women from Venus. Science has found no signs of life there, much less make-up sex

DC oldies station says it plays "the greatest music of the '80s, '90s, & today." What? Did the '00s actually exist? Chronological mirage?

"Pittsburgh Residents Can Now Track Snow Plows in Real Time" ( ) JK--But doesnt yet trak whethr a street's been treatd

"Satellite watchroom targets illegal fishing" ( ) JK--Based on algorithmic multi-feed movement monitoring & analytics

"Obama's precision medicine initiative" ( ) JK--Genomic analytics to personalize treatments per individual DNA.

World Economic Forum 2015 Global Risks 2015:  JK--Best read with a fine whisky in hand around the fireplace in Davos

"Will #BigData Eat Proportionality?" ( ) JK--Lawyerly jargon: discovery burden must be proportionate to case value

"Deep Learning on Hadoop 2.0" ( ) JK--PayPal Engineering shares its experience. Very interesting. Very technical.

"Namedropping: The Many Names of Internet of Things" ( ) JK--I'm equipped with a wearable IoT-synonym sensor. Jealous?

"Language on Twtr Traks Rates o Heart Disease" ( ) JK--No FredSanford correl8n w/"Elizabeth honey I'm comin 2 join ya!"

"What will our world look like in 2022?" ( ) JK--Cool compendium report from IEEE.

"Netflix is open sourcing tools for analyzing data in #Hadoop" ( ) JK--Surus. Link here: 

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientists Need to Nip Model Overfit in the Bud"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Sun by Death Cab for Cutie from Kintsugi JK--2015. Easy to take them for granted. One gr8 record after another

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Museum Of Flight by Damien Jurado from Maraqopa JK--2012. Remains one of my favorite LPs of this decade.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Steady as the Sidewalk Cracks by !!! from Strange Weather, Isn't It? JK--2010. Strange echo of Radio Clash, isn't it?

Quantified self? Spooky action at a personal distance p1:  p2:  Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

In 2020, what'll be the wearable IoT equivalent of the now-laughable brick-size early consumer cellphones of the 20th century? Google Glass?

"I tried on 56 wearables today. Here’s a photo of every single one of them" ( ) JK--And I'm wearing every T-shirt I own

Let's see. Today's news includes "mountain-size asteroid set to buzz Earth." What's with the matter-of-fact ho-hum approach to Armageddon?

For us here in northern Virginia, weather alert was a false alarm. Just more rain, no snow so far. But I understand points north not so good

Getting a bit tired of mooching LinkedIn discussion group posts with headlines such as "Wondering what's the next big thing. Any ideas?"

Just bought and downloaded Ryan Adams' sensational 2000 LP "Heartbreaker." No idea why I'd never bought any of his. Love everything I hear.

Settling in for “Austin City Limits” with Ryan Adams & Jenny Lewis. Two singer-songwriters of exceptional craft and personality.

Historic blizzard said to be bearing down on the Northeast. Do the historians rule on such matters before or after the snowplows arrive?

Best thing in life is earbuds in, music on, wine in hand, surfing the web, giggling uncontrollably. Nothing else comes close. Sex, maybe

I hope the airlines do the environmentally responsible thing with the last remaining SkyMall issues: recycle them into more barf bags.

Silicon Valley VC on Bloomberg West today talking "trends," just plugging the hell out of everything in his portfolio. Yeah, real objective