Sunday, February 15, 2015

Aweekstweets February 7-15 2015: the week Jason & Amie made it legal

Tom T Hall "I Love" ( ) JK--Dylan's dumb rant against it made me want to hear this great song again. Here's Tom & Tammy

Inflection points here, inflection points there. Is that when something goes viral? If so, why not an "infection point"? Itching to know

"Rise of Predictive Modeling Factories" ( ) JK--I like the phrase "modeling monster ensembles." The most complex algos

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirteen by Big Star from #1 Record JK--1972. They weren't lucky, commercially. Beautiful song, though.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Get Lucky by Daft Punk JK--Hey dude, if you stay up all night to get lucky, you won't be up when you do. Just sayin'

How to build customer loyalty using e-commerce 

I was born on a 13th. My1stborn was wed on this, the current 13th. It's the eve of my V-Day 2ndborn's 25th. Prime #, prime day. TGIFthe13!

Just saw the phrase "post-romantic stress disorder" & snorted with delight. Is that a synonym for "married with children"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll) by Dave Edmunds from From Small Things: The Best of Dave Edmunds

Microphone manufacturers should calibrate the audio with the spoken phrase “this thing on?”

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: " #BigData Drives the 21st Century Automotive Experience" ( )

Congratul8ng our son & new daughter-in-law on making it legal today: Friday the 13th. His mom&I did on another auspicious day: Ides of March

Advanced visualization? Fundamental visualization principles of data-scientific storytelling ( ) Friday #IBMDataMag qh

CTO Forum here in Palo Alto. Day 1 was great. All speakers were thought provoking & side-chatter around me was great. Everybody super-sharp

My latest #IBM blog was a calculated departure from my usual subject matter. It's about me & my self-consciousness: 

New #IBM jk blog "The dev@ was in the details, and in my delivery" ( )

"Scrubbing CO2." Can be backbreaking labor to get stubborn grime out of the chemical bonds holding together all those carbon & oxygen atoms.

We’re over the moon with #PureAppLove this Valentine’s Day. 

Ambient analytics? Finding and acting on dark environmental patterns ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm A Fool To Want You by Bob Dylan from Shadows In th Night JK--2015. He readily admits 2 being longtime Sinatra fan

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Venus in Furs by The Velvet Underground JK--1967. Failed to spawn subgenre of sadomasochistic poetry raga-rock.

Geez, don’t eulogize Jon Stewart. He’s just going to do something else. I’ll bet it’s cool. Wait & see.

This @AberdeenGroup report explores #midsize companies harnessing the power of #Analytics 

Tell us how #WatsonAnalytics can help you solve your biggest data challenges 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blue Moon by Beck from Morning Phase JK--2014. My fave track from the Grammy-winning LP.

Toastmaster. Been one since I was knee high. Put bread in slot, push lever down, wait, "pop," perfect toast every time! That's not so hard.

Catch me next at CTO Forum "Rethink Technology." Palo Alto. Four Seasons Hotel. Panel is Friday 11:15am. Informatica's Ivan Chong moderates

I've warmed up slightly to Sam Smith's record o the year. "Stay With Me" came on the rental car radio while cruising down Hwy 101. It's fine

Drafted next #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Networks Are Becoming Self-Aware & Self-Defending"

Drafted next #IBM jk InformationWeek column: "The SSD Tipping Point Grows Blurrier By The Day"

Drafted next #IBMDataMag column: "Distinguishing Data’s Latency From Its Actionability"

"Meet the Expert: James Kobielus" ( ) JK--I wrote As to Qs from organizers o PASS BA Conf 2015 ( )

North San Jose. Working at IBM office. Famished from the long flight. Got me some good greasy Five Guys down the street. It was SO WORTH IT!

In the airport of my dreams, I'm never reaching the end of the moving walkway. I'm enjoying the scenery all the way to my scheduled destin8n

That “roses are red”doggerel. I’m still disturbed by the fact that violets aren’t violet.

" #BigData as statistical masturbation" ( ) JK--Again with the "teenage sex" metaphor? Keep that stat tool in yr pants

" #BigData Deployment: Finding The Best Model" ( ) JK--Decision flowchart is simple, valid, useful, & funny.

IBM #PureData & #Cognos opened up a whole new world of #analytics possibilities for #SafetyInsurance  : @IBMDataWH

What is changing in the world of #DataWarehousing?  @IBMDataWH Blogpost #Inmemory #Hadoop

Leveraging #InMemory #Computing For Fast Insights  : @IBMDataWH Blogpost #IBMBLU

All in memory? Distinguishing data latency from “actionability” p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heart Is a Drum by Beck from Morning Phase JK--2014. Last year's Best Album. Best Rock Album too, tho very orchestral

Catch my keynote at TDWI Solution Summit Savannah, March 16: "Machine Learning: Making Sense of Big Data in a Big Way"

" #IBM Adds New Svcs to Watson Dev Cloud" ( ) JK--Beta: Speech2Text Text2Speech VisRecog, ConceptInsights, TrademkAnlyt

"10 In-Memory Database Options Power Speedy Performance" ( ) JK--Market overvu includes #IBM #DB2 w/ #BLU Acceleration

"Is Flash All That?" ( ) JK--Interesting IDC quantitative projections of growth in the flash storage market.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen JK--Jane coming by w/ lock of hair creeps me out. What's next, Jane? His scalp?

Cognitive computing? Gaming th Turing test p1  p2  p3  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Philomena by The Decemberists frm WATW WABW JK--2015 "All I wanted in the world was to live to see a naked girl" LOL!

Have the Grammies considered banning Kanye West from attending the event in person? He's disrupted it twice. He's seriously asking for it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pedestrian At Rest by Courtney Barnett JK--2015. "Give me all your money & I'll make some origami, honey"

Movie industry award shows need new category: "Best Popcorn Flick." Let's face it. That's most sci-fi, comic-book, blow-em-up, & CGI pix.

Spam headline of day: "Paranoid about your hairline?" Yes I am. Whoever or whatever is causing my male pattern baldness is not to be trusted

"Dark underbelly." Why the sinister connotations? Isn't that where bacon comes from? It's so yummy! Can't be bad for you.

"TDWI Las Vegas" ( ) JK--Feb 24–27 Las Vegas. #IBM speaker Brian Vile, prog dir, product mktg, InfoSphere #IBMDataMag

" #IBM InterConnect 2015" ( ) JK--Feb 22–26. Las Vegas. Premier cloud and mobile innovation event #IBMDataMag

"Strata + #Hadoop World" ( ) JK--Feb 17–20. San Jose. Keynote on #IBM #Twitter alliance by Adam Kocoloski #IBMDataMag

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Data Encryption for DB2 and IMS Databases" ( ) JK--Thurs Feb 12 11:30am EST #IBMDataMag

"Webcast: Moving Toward a Well-Governed Data Reservoir" ( ) JK-- Wed Feb 11 2pm EST #IBMDataMag

"Recognizing Sales Performance Management" ( ) JK-- #IBM earns leadership placement in Gartner MQ #IBMDataMag

"All About the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Grab these #IBM use cases to take a deep dive into IoT solutions #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp World Away by Tweedy from Sukierae JK--2014. Good LedZep-ish rocker from Wilcoman & Wilcomanson.

"Resources for #IBM Predictive Analytics Solutions" ( ) JK--Insight on predictive customer intelligence #IBMDataMag

"The Beauty of a Federated Repository" ( ) JK--Case study: InfoSphere Master Data Mgmt & Watson Explorer #IBMDataMag

"Storage Considerations for Healthcare Text Data" ( ) JK--W. H. Inmon provides consultant’s take on topic #IBMDataMag

"Burgeoning Cognitive Systems" ( ) JK--Sushil Pramanick on cognitive computing toward mainstream execution #IBMDataMag

"Data Visualization Playbook: Telling Data Story" ( ) JK--Jennifer Shin on strategies for data scientists #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp David Watts by The Kinks from Something Else by The Kinks JK--1967. Real person. Gay guy who hit on Ray's bro Dave

WSJ. Forrester’s George Colony on “business technology” vs IT. Meaningless distinction. It assumes a piece of IT does not serve th business.

Very excited by the new Inova Center for Personalized Health here in Fairfax County. NoVa will become world leader in precision medicine.

Hey Alabama, here you go again, invoking bogus “state’s rights” to deny people their civil rights. Your pinhead judges should be impeached

"How I Found Optimal Where’s Waldo Strategy w/ Mach Lrng" ( ) JK--I beg to differ. Special Forces found him w/Bin Laden

"Bristol IoT project turns whole city into rsrch lab" ( ) JK--UK city will use IoT-sensor data for quality-of-life apps

Good list of massive open online courses (MOOCs) for aspiring data scientists: 

"IoT Data Model Fills a Gap" ( ) JK--IPSO Alliance freely available data model for interoperable smart objects for IoT

" #BigData Crushes Anti-Vaccination Movement" ( ) JK--Visualization of ”vaccine preventable outbreaks” 2006-present

Rand Paul justifies anti-vaxx on "correlation," not "causation." Sez nothing about causation re unvaccinated individuals spreading contagion

"Wearables will fuel a massive surge in mobile data by 2019" ( ) JK--Interesting quantitative projections in this one.

"Can #BigData Give Us Bionic Brains?" ( ) JK--Now equipped with "U"-powerd bionic brain, Kirk achieves Bourne Supremacy

"Big Data Humor: Top 10 Conversations That You Don’t Want to Have on Data Innovation Day" ( ) JK--Good ones from...

"OSU Rsrchrs Develop Method 4 Gener8ng Machine Learning Algorithm from Data on Connectd Devices" ( ) JK--Crowd-ML model

"Stanford to host 100-year-long AI study" ( ) JK--Curious whether it's wrapping up 1915 study of tabulating machinery

"Evol o AI" ( ) JK--"Big data is goldmine for biz, but companies practically drowning in it." Bulwer-Lytton candidate?

Annoyed by pop-up online-mag subscribe-opt-out dialogs that more or less compel U to click: "no thanks, I'm a loser, just show the article"

"Gates Joins Musk/Hawking in Worry Over Machine Superintelgnc" ( ) JK--While rest o us hope 2 make our billions from it

"Visual Processing Robots Learn to Cook from YouTube Videos" ( ) JK--And they can whip up a mean souffl√©.

"Return of Artificial Intelligence" ( ) JK--Good discussion of machine/deep-learning & cogntive comptg startup activity

I've seen enough profiles of attributes of best data scientists. Most omit the key qualifications: song on your lips, melody in your heart.

This just in: Brian Williams says he misremembered also being the musical guest the time he hosted "Saturday Night Live."

What the?!!. Kanye West said what about Beck at th Grammies last night? Is he even remotely familiar w/ Beck's music? 

I consider it tiny victory against entropy when my Monday morning mind remembers what my Friday afternoon mind said it should. They're flaky

"This is why your data scientist sucks redux" ( ) JK--Must U be so graphic? Leave something to the imagination, please

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Birthday by The Sugarcubes from Life's Too Good JK--1988. Cigars R gross. Party spoilers. Just pin them on the donkey

" #IBM Teams With > 300 Colleges+Universities to Educate New Gen o Innov8rs" ( ) JK--Power Systems Academic Initiative

"10 Phrases That Kill #BigData Projects" ( ) JK--I'm surprised that "we've eliminated your budget" is not on this list.

"Cloud analytcs expected to keep growing&growing" ( ) JK--But not as ravenously as Audrey II in "Little Shop o Horrors"

"Daniel Kottke talks doing LSD with Steve Jobs" ( ) JK--Fun fact: Kundalini serpent ran up original Macintosh backplane

Catch me in Palo Alto this week. Rethink Technology CTO Forum. Four Seasons Hotel. Panel on Friday 11:15am (PST). …

Healthcare analytics? Analytics to pinpoint medicine with precision p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Morning by Beck from Morning Phase JK--2014. Congratulation on well-deserved Grammies for Album of the Year etc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Underground by Curtis Mayfield from Roots JK--1971. Very much in same vibe as Marvin Gaye during that same period.

Excellent. The 3 new articles on #IBMDataMag this week are new contributors I've recruited. All good stuff.

Supply chains infused with analytics -- redefining commerce  @deepakadvani

"“Cyberspace” must die" ( ) JK--I agree. Throw it on the figure-of-speech scrapheap with "information superhighway"

Grammy record/song of year. We listen to pop radio, but I don't recall Sam Smith's hit. If I'd heard it, it didn't/doesn't "Stay With Me"

Just saw adjective "cloudable," referring to IT "functions & processes." Not sure I understand what that means or if the coinage necessary

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp About A Girl by Nirvana frm MTV Unplggd JK--1994. I've never seen their 1st LP, "Most People Don't Own It," in stores

Selfie sticks. Not my bag. Arms-length constraint forces tight-framing creativity in self-portraiture: lighting, background, expression, etc

3-D scanners. 3-D printers. Before long, they'll be used to sculpt portraits of people with perfect verisimilitude. Life masks. Death masks.

My strategy to avoid repeating myself in my blogs is to cover every interesting topic in my domain from every angle. And boring topics too

Warm days in February are so rare that they seem magical. We hit 70 today. Walked around jacketless. Had half a mind to put on short pants.

Every winter I look forward to watching Alpine skiing on TV. Purely vicarious thrills. I personally cannot ski worth a damn.

Guilty confession: I viewed the video of the immolation of the Jordanian pilot. Probably one o the most horrifying things I have ever seen.

Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer? More likely he was contemplating Cleopatra’s.

Move like Jagger? You mean to the south of France for tax-avoidance reasons? Not at my age! Or in my bracket.

Do binary life forms have to do a number 2--or a number 10?

History Channel. Henry Rollins comments on hemp in colonial America. If punk historians had their way, we’d fly stars&stripes on black flag

LinkedIn invites us to congratulate so-and-so, who already told us about their great good fortune, on th occasion o their great good fortune

The pocket transistor radio. Any historical account of 1960s music radio must consider that many kids listened on handheld devices. I did.

Awards season. I’m surprised there’s not an awards show to honor the best awards show.