Saturday, May 16, 2015

Aweekstweets May 9-16 2015: the week of living languorously

Enjoying the summerlike languor, though it’s mid-May. A Saturday afternoon nap is not out of the question.

Bon Iver "Blood Bank" ( …) JK--Surprised to see Taylor Swift cites this as a song that deeply influenced her.

Glad for the weekend. Idle time is like a pillow into which the waking dream sinks deep.

New #IBM jk #SparkInsight blog: “Apache Spark and the power of openness” ( )

Corporate branding. Where the name of the game is the game of the name.

You just know it's going to happen. Somebody's going to remake Hitchcock's "The Birds" as "The Drones."

"Researchers design robot to help with physical therapy" ( ) JK--Neuromuscular exoskeleton as therapeutic prosthetic

"The AI ecosystem" ( ) JK--Nice high-level breakdown: heart of what we now call cognitive computing over big data

"NKorean Defense Minister Executed by Antiaircraft Fire, South Says" ( ) JK--He'd tried to up up & away Superman-style

Dueling headlines: #Hadoop adoption is either "accelerating" ( ) or "slow" ( ). What the...?

We've pumped out quite a lot of quality big-data analytics content this week through #IBM BD&A Hub. Check it out: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hard Row by The Black Keys from Thickfreakness JK--2003. One o their great gritty growling early blues-rock crunchers

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Helicopter Spies by Swell Maps from Jane From Occupied Europe JK--1980. Rough-hewn Rough Trade UK originals.

RIP BB King. Blues legend with brilliant guitar fingering style and unmistakeable voice both gruff and tender.

It is not difficult to create visualized #data : Simple steps that outline possible setups  #Analytics #BigData

#Visualization : The key to comprehending any piece of #bigdata to make it look as easy to understand  #Analytics

Organizations see #ApacheSpark as platform to complement their investments:Join #CrowdChat to know how  #SparkInsight

Everything you need at know about #Spark : Join our #CrowdChat on May 21 at 11 ET  #Hadoop #SparkInsight #ApacheSpark

The CEO of #IBM just made a jaw-dropping prediction about the future of artificial intelligence  via @BI_Science
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How financial advisors can connect with investors 
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drama by 79rs Gang from Fire On The Bayou JK--2015. Very cool+distinctive. Fast linear spicy NOLA/Caribbean urban rap

ML? Pivotal role o dimensionality reduction in making stat sense o our world p1  p2  Fri #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drone by Chastity Belt from Time To Go Home JK--2015. Simple but captivating drone of voice over repeating chords

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gut Feeling / (Slap Your Mammy) by Devo from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo JK--1978. Gr8 rockr from the Spudboys

"Your Poop Is the Latest Privacy Threat" ( ) JK--Does this mean privacy watchdogs will sniff sewage treatment plants?

"S. Hawking fears robots could take over in 100 years" ( ) JK--Could they start any sooner? Need fix for global warming

What I call th "Altman problem" some call the "Cocktail Party problem." Detangling overlapping voices in noisy settings. Deep-learning algos

"The Human Application of Cognitive Computing and Big Data" ( ) JK--Summary of recent industry panel I spoke on.

Healthcare providers weigh in on how analytics improves care 

Transforming the customer care model using predictive and real-time analytics 

How the Makers of Things connect the components of IoT 

Crowdsrcng Big Data creativity? Algorithmic tango of deep+shallow learning p1  p2  Thurs #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dazzle by Siouxsie & The Banshees from Hyaena JK--1984. Nice one. Unusual one for them. Symphonic backdrop.

Dear People Who Put "Whistleblower" in Their LinkedIn Profiles: Unless you're a football referee, it's not clear this makes you hireworthy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thou Shall Not Murder by Elvis Depressedly JK--2015. Best rockstar-name takeoff in bandname since Ringo Deathstarr

"Hadoop’s Speculative Execution at glance" ( ) JK--Not as naughty as it sounds.

"Without Big Insight, Big Data Useless" ( ) JK--Thank U. IBM could not agree more. BigInsights: 

Verizon buying AOL. I'm at my laptop in what used to be my son's bedroom. Long ago, young Jason decorated all walls w/free AOL promo CDs.

A bit on the cool windy side today. Wouldn't you know it, a day after we'd put away the long-sleeved pullover shirts.

Please join us on “What is Spark?” #SparkInsight #ApacheSpark Crowdchat Thurs May 21 11am ET 

Medical community and #IBM are teaching Watson to help doctors treat #cancer  via @NewsHour @hari #ibmwatson
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Cramer goes inside #IBM's Watson  via @MadMoneyOnCNBC @jimcramer

Printing out all the latest emails demanding my immediate attention. And I've given them that. I printed them all out immediately.

Mining the Internet of Things for new insights 

How Twitter data helps shape public policy | The Big Data Hub 

"IBM Helps Brands ... Complexity of Marketing ...Relevant Customer Experiences" ( ) JK--IBM Journey Analytics, etc

Behavioral analytics? ML analytics of data-driven prudence, empathy, ... p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM qh

My favorite chuckle-producing spams are those that tell me I can "meet women 50+" & "meet Asian women." You want me to meet my actual wife?

Opened all the windows in the house. Wearing summer skimpies indoors. Barefoot & drinking iced tea. Thank you mid-May!

Dashed off a long analytical blog on Spark use cases. Been coiled up in my consciousness for some time. Will appear soon. Try 2 B definitive

Sleepy LaBeef "Every Day" ( ) JK--1968. Not sure what's cooler: this musician's stage name or birthplace: Smackover AR

Listening to a music-on-hold muzak version of "Spooky." Here's what I prefer: the Classics IV hit recording of it: 

Apache Spark Meetup Thurs May 14 6pm ET, Montreal. #SparkInsight. Register here: 

One of my favorite dumb movie curses is "I'll see you in hell!" Seems to imply the speaker is also going to hell.

Don’t chase unicorns: Build data analysts from within 

Hadoop: A quick and easy guide to this flexible framework 

Enhance forecasting skills to be future ready 

"Science [identifies] 3 pop music revolutions" ( ) JK--1964, 1983, 1991. Rapid shifts in timbre, harmony, chord changes

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Connected Cars & The Coming Era of The Distributed Data-Transmission Drivetrain" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Ledge by Fleetwood Mac from Tusk JK--1979. Haven't heard this gr8 LBuckingham tune in ages. Got minimal airplay.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Molly's Lips by The Vaselines from Enter the Vaselines JK--1992. This woman sings in unnaturally painfully high pitch

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Machine Learning as a Fluid Intelligence-Harvesting Service"

IoT? Spark, wearable accelerometers & analytic measure of all things active p1  p2  Tues #IBM qh

Enjoyed "Wild" on DVD. Reese Witherspoon plays a complex, tortured character with dignity & humor. Laura Dern also shines.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Slow Dance by Th Tallest Man on Earth from Dark Bird Is Home JK--2015. Swedish singer-songwriter continues to deliver

Dear body sculpt instructor: remember you are like a drummer. You keep the beat. If U change tempo mid-measure, I may whack you w/my guitar

Next Mon is Victoria Day in Canada. Celebr8s capital o British Columbia. US has Columbus Day 4 same reason. Ay-oh-way-to-go capital of Ohio!

"More Biz Turning 2 Watson Analytics 4 Fast Access 2 Strategic Insights" ( ) JK--Launch: Watson Analytics Professional

" #IBM Unveils New Servers Software Solutions to Help Customers Accel Hybrid Cloud Cmptg" ( ) JK--PowerSys, SDS, z, etc

"Survey: #IBM Cloud Cited as Fastest Growing Platform-as-a-Service by US Develprs" ( ) JK--By Enterprise Strategy Group

"IBM Interactive Experience Named Largest Global Digital Agency" ( ) JK--By Advertising Age

" #IBM Introduces New Bluemix Svcs to Help Devs Create Analytics-Driven Cloud Apps" ( ) JK--Plus Bluemix API Mgmt

" #IBM Sells More All-Flash Storage in 2014 Than Any Other Competitor" ( ) JK--According to new Gartner study.

New #IBM jk blog: "Tracking and monetizing the genome of human mobility" ( )

"Drones in the enterprise: The future of data collection" ( ) JK--Some types of enterprises, some types of data.

"Apache Flink: New Hadoop contender squares off against Spark" ( ) JK--Good comparison article.

"Apache ORC Launches as a Top-Level Project" ( ) JK--Columnar storage format for #Hadoop.

"Real-Time Stream Processing: The Next Step For Apache Flink" ( ) JK--One of many streaming alternatives "out there."

"Florence Henderson Describes How Former NYC Mayor John Lindsay Gave Her Crabs" ( ) JK--Thanks Mrs Brady for that TMI.

"Coming Problem of Our iPhones Being More Intelligent Than We Are" ( ) JK--"Computationally intelligent"? Pls explain

"Sensitivity Mapping of Document Databases" ( ) JK--Important exercise 4 mitigating usage risks o unstructured #bigdata

My eye glosses over "data wrangling." I thought at first glance that it said "data wangling." Which sounds funnier. And slightly naughtier.

Eight rewards for giving your customers a superior customer experience 

Building better healthcare outcomes on solid infrastructure and analytics 

Understanding the context of unstructured data 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Porcelain by Moby from Play JK--1999. The epitome of chill.

"What is the Internet of Everything (IoE)?" ( ) JK--I like that pinup-grade infographic.

"This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind" ( ) JK--Graph of how rapidly states changed laws on landmark social matters

"Apple and #IBM Announce Plans For Elder-Support Svc In Japan" ( ) JK--iPads with senior-friendly quality-of-life apps

"Deep Learning Machine Solves the Cocktail Party Problem" ( ) JK--Distinguishing voices from noise--or background music

New #IBM #SparkInsight @jameskobielus @jshorwitz @madiakc blog: "The power behind Apache Spark" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Marquee Moon by Television JK--"New Wave" voice = blend of Tom Verlaine, David Byrne, Ric Ocasek, & Mark Mothersbaugh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Another You by Jacco Gardner from Hynophobia JK--2015. Another good one from this artist, who's new 2 me (but 3rd LP)

Power is when it’s you that moves you to act. Weakness is when you simply react to extrinsic compulsions.

RT @JSHorwitz: The power behind Apache Spark | The Big Data Hub @jameskobielus writes an impressive on @apachespark 

When I'm a bit weary of thinking, I like to deflect every "why?" question with a reflex response of "why not?" Buy time to find a clue.

RT @UberFacts: Buzz Aldrin left a copy of Playboy on the moon.