Saturday, June 06, 2015

Aweekstweets May 30 to June 6 2015: the week June busted out all over

Old-fashioned mouse traps really are the best. And peanut butter is just as alluring to them as cheese. Gotcha!

Most dreaded greeting in any online message is “Hi, I was hoping I might get 5 minutes of your time.”

Sure felt good to rip out dead and ugly shrubbery around my house, and trim the rest. I’m scratched but otherwise unscathed.

Washington Post needs to include magnifying glass in subscription price so we can read their illegibly reduced rendering of the comic strips

Sat thru first half-hour of “50 Shades of Grey” last night on DVD. Saw just 2 shades: stilted and boring.

Saw “Still Alice” on DVD last night. Good film. Good script, good performances: Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart.

NASA Mission Control Marks 50 Superb Years of Space Science ' WIRED 

My inbox this morning is filled with random messages from random PR people in random markets, all touting something "extraordinary."

Drafted latest InfoWorld column: "Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Eyesight to the Blind"

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Spark As a Fit-for-Purpose Big-Data Component"

Cogn cmptg? Dump “artificial” from “AI” in discussing truly intelligent sys p1  p2  Fri #IBM qh

"Don’t Get Caught with Your Pants Down: Multicollinearity in Analytics" ( ) JK--And don't get it caught in your zipper!

Today I submitted 3 Kobielus-authored blogs on Spark to IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub for posting. All were in my "hip pocket." More upstairs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jukebox Charlie by Johnny Paycheck from Jukebox Charlie JK--1957. Stagename of Czech-born minstrel Johann Paczyk. Not

"Summer reading list"? Reading is the last thing I want to do in th summer. Staring aimlessly at the big blue sky beats burying head in book

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fitz and the Dizzyspells by Andrew Bird from Noble Beast JK--2009. Best whistling fiddler on th indie scene. The only

Status symbols. What's the symbol of the status quo? The absence of any symbol whatsoever? Ooh, my zen moment for the morning.

"Cloud Market Finds A Home In Michigan County" ( ) JK--Not surprised it's Oakland County: Detroit area's most dynamic

Interesting. How would one render #IBM? My inside sense is we're more like Facebook than Oracle Microsoft or Amazon ( )

The org chart representations of major tech companies. #cartoon #funny #butTrue
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Sardonic chuckles are appropriate response to any list of the "180 leading..." anything. Exactly which blessed bovine leads a cattle call?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ram On by Paul & Linda McCartney from Ram JK--1971. I love his solo work. Asserted clear individual musical identity

The Future of Global Shopping is here #IBMCommerce 

Cross-border #ecommerce = key growth opportunity in China 

Internet of Things? Neuromuscular computing and new hope for the disabled ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Listening to Ass Ponys "Your Amazing Life" from "Some Stupid With a Flare Gun" ( ) JK--2 points if spot Deep Purple ref

Lincoln Chafee announces White House run. In other political news, so does James Kobielus. My campaign theme: you vaguely recognize my name.

"75 Content Marketing Examples To Spark Your Creativity" ( ) JK--#IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub praised on Slide 12.

Internet of Things? Deep learning, smarter cities, and IoT ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Another day, another challenge of figuring out which out-of-left-field ideas are truly disruptive, and which are truly dumb. Fine line.

I'm less stressed now that a colleague showed me how to make Sametime instant messages sit blinking from system tray, not pop up in my face.

"Data Scientists Don’t Scale" ( ) JK--Really? I've met some tall ones.

This "data is the new oil" analogy always leaves me cold. There's no data cartel, at least in a free economy. No possibility of data embargo

Machination. Ironically, it's the one thing that humans may never be able to improve by offloading it to machines. Manual machination rules!

Now that the young lady out on own, I've reclaimed the prime desktop upstairs in th library for my personal laptop. More leg-stretching room

Will remain a period of near-constant activity for next 3 weeks. Catch me at #Hadoop then Spark Summit. Do more than catch. Seek me out.

RT @vrstartup: Combo of #IoT & #bigdata enables new value |  @ThingsExpo

Does your team have the right tools to accelerate data science? ( ) #SparkInsight #Hadoop #BigInsights

"First six students graduate from #IBM 's P-TECH school, will pursue STEM" ( )

Ahhhh! This cool calm damp overcast early June morning feels like the perfect delirium after that string of hot muggy days.

Experience optimization? Mood manipulation the IoT way p1:  p2:  Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment by Father John Misty JK--2015. Artist put own name in song title. Rare.

"Could Big Data Solve Climate Change?" ( ) JK--Don't get your hopes up. Read my 9-25-14 blog: 

"...Algorithmic lawyers" ( ) JK--Provocative concept. Lawyers akin to data scientists: construct data-driven narratives

Some writers' work doesnt skim well--e.g, if they make every paragraph th same length & pack each paragraph w/avg 12+ limp complex sentences

US citizens are jawdroppingly ignorant of our neighbor to the north. On tonight's Jeopardy!, they got all 5 "Canadian Cities" answers wrong

My workout--body sculpting followed by aquatic calisthenics--gave me a new burst of energy. All of it trains U 2 flow through resistance

I must say I'm enjoying Best Coast's latest LP, "California Nights," which I bought last night. Just a steady rush of upbeat summer rock.

If it weren’t for my workout regimen my nervous system would crumple like an origami folded too many times too tightly from too many angles.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Quo Quantum?" ( )

"IBM Watson ingested 2,000 TED Talks & can answer yr deepest questions ( ) JK--Gen'd topic-based browsable TED-talk map

"Tuning Java Garbage Collection 4 Spark Apps" (  ) JK--Foretaste o tech-deep implement detail to expect at Spark Summit

"Q'ing th Lambda Archtcture" ( ) JK--Pllel-proc "immutable seq o records" in stream+batch systms w/qry-time result aggr

"Machine Learning Methods For Captcha Recognition" ( ) JK--Good reference slideshare for important online security tech

"June is Bustin' Out All Over" ( ) JK--When I was little, Capt. Kangaroo always started his 1st June show playing this

"Big Data: The Interdisciplinary Vortex" ( ) JK--Puts data-science polymaths in an advantageous position.

The dreaded "trough of disillusionment." That period when an industry has its sorry snout stuck deep in the pig slop of stalled ambitions.

"Snapchat Deep Learning Proj Poised 2 Impact Soc Med Advertising" ( ) JK--User auto-profiling from images sent+received

"How #BigData And The Internet Of Things Create Smarter Cities" ( ) JK--Cites initiatives underway in UK & South Korea

7 Key Ingredients for Knock-out Data Visualizations 

"Technologies that will power future NASA missions" ( ) JK--Cognitive+quantum+cloud supercomputing

"How AI Learned 2 Bluff @Poker" ( ) JK--Wont wearable/computer-vision/deep learning algo B unbeatable at card counting?

"Spotify Bringing Music In To Age of Context" ( ) JK--Leverages wearable-sourced data 2 match tempo 2 runner speed+pace

"Small brains, big data" ( ) JK--Using Spark for neuroscientific modeling of the brain.

"Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English" ( ) JK--Plainer, but U still have to wrap yr head around math to grasp

Anybody who promises you that something will "make you feel like a kid again" assumes your childhood was pure bliss. Bold assumption.

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Hey yoga instructors, don't say "take your time" & then 2 seconds later say to go to th next pose. And your talking crowds out our breathing

"The Rise of Machine Data: Are you prepared?" ( ) JK--Yep! You?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sleep Won't Ever Come by Best Coast from California Nights JK--2015. Good insomnia song. Think I'll buy this LP.

Thank you hard cider for not being all that hard. Soft, smooth, and quenching. Down the hatch!