Saturday, January 02, 2016

Sum total of my published output in 2015

Prediction 2016: Cognition comes to all things

Zeitgeists, wind gusts and the analytics of environmental turbulence

Data Science to Change The World or Scratch an Itch

It's springtime at last for cognitive computing

Social learning to instill confidence in data science applications

The new soul of the insight economy: A Datapalooza dispatch

Rocking Data Science for Sustainable Innovation: A Datapalooza Dispatch

A Community Event for Innovative Spark Apps: A Datapalooza Dispatch

Creative Data Engineering Can Drive Data Science Insights: A Datapalooza Dispatch

Datapalooza: Produce Your Data Application Development Concert

Datapalooza: Compose Your Data-Science Music

What is the role of the data scientist in the insight economy?

Demystify your data with the next generation of business analytics
James Kobielus

The outthink imperative: The many paths to cognitive illumination
James Kobielus

Listening, engaging and influencing: The power of Twitter-based social insights
James Kobielus

The Internet of Things and the evolving role of big data analytics in the insight economy

Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence Apps Have Big Future in the Enterprise

Securing Everything in the Internet of Things

The Bogus Bogeyman of the Brainiac Robot Overlord

Identifying Privacy Sensitivities Before It’s Too Late

Stitching Computing into the Fabric of Life and Consciousness

Context Is A King Easily Checkmated

Digital Business, Digital Customers, and That Last Critical Mile

The Many Models Of Maturity In Big Data Analytics

Modeling Mind and Body with Spark

Searching the Blur of Online Images

Exclusive – IBM Big Data Evangelist James Kobielus Talks Analytics and Staying Flexible

Stigmatizing, Euphemizing, and Other Patterns of Technological Life

Humanitarian Giving and the Role of the Professional Data Scientist

Defending Connected Cars & the Vehicular Grid Against Cyberthreats

Social Sentiment and the Barometer of Backlash

The Irrelevance of Mathematical Certainty in Deep Learning Analytics

Statistical Modeling: Head, Heart, & Soul

How Long Should We Wait For That Quantum Leap?

Where and how do I start my digital business journey?

The Relativism of Privacy Sensitivities

Streaming analytics enter the fast lane

Orchestrating Predictive Policing in Real Time

IBM Insight 2015 Chat: Applying Insight Everywhere with Data Science

Panning the Streams for Things of Gold

Artistic Deception, Machine-Learning Style

Algorithms For Wrestling Narrative Transparency Out Of Other Algorithms

Customer Segmentation: The Fine Line Between Profiling and Personalization

Real-World Experiments: When Algorithmic Inventions Engage In Biomimicry

Spark: Everything In Its Right Zone

Spark: Toward A More-Complete, Albeit Imperfect, Open-Source Big-Data Analytics Stack

Spark: On the Recent Radar


Drones and Their Impact on Data in the Internet of Things

Spark as a fit-for-purpose big data component

Deep Learning & The Searchable Streaming Corpus

Algorithms for eyes: How deep learning can help the blind

9 reasons why developers & data scientists are primed to spark insight with Spark

Spark Summit 2015, Day 2: A gathering of today’s most dynamic data scientists

Spark Summit 2015, Day 1: Energizing a new wave of data scientists

Advertising Fatigue and The Analytics of Stealth Targeting

The Spark that ignites the insight economy

The emergence of a diversified industry ecosystem around Spark

Spark delivering value in the real world here and now

Hadoop Summit 2015, Day 3: Passing the torch to Apache Spark

Things Within Things Within Things Within And In And In And In And….

Humans vs. algorithms: Who -- or what -- should decide?

Practical applications for which Spark sparkles brightly

Quo Quantum?

Deep Learning Lives and Dies By Dimensionality Reduction

Big Data Analytics, GMOs, and the Future Cuisine of Space-Dwelling Humanity

Machine learning as a fluid intelligence harvesting service

Trusting the ecosystem that sustains and maintains the Internet of Things

If Machine Learning Only Had A Heart

Apache Spark and the power of openness

Connected Cars & The Coming Era of The Distributed Data-Transmission Drivetrain

Tracking and monetizing the genome of human mobility

The power behind Apache Spark

Machine Learning, 3-D Gestural Interfaces, and the Demise (or Triumph) of Personal Computing

High-quality data science training on the cheap

The Brains In Our Clouds And The Chips In Our Heads

Debunking the Myths around Cognitive Computing

IBM’s Continued Leadership in the Data Warehousing Market

Machine-milled insights and the limits of algorithmic automation in cognitive computing

The resurgent relevance of the data warehouse

The Fantastic Visualization Voyage Through the Deep Data of Human Physiology

Accelerate your operational analytics

Questioning The Authority Of Intuition And The Intuition Of Authorities

No, the data warehouse is not dead

The Analytics Of Quantified Candor

Predictive business: Tools for bending the future in your direction

Something Singular May Or May Not This Way Come

One Query Drives It All: IBM Fluid Query Is The Foundation Of The Logical Data Warehouse

Apache Spark: 3 Promising Use-Cases

Delving deeply into the narrative hierarchies of computer vision analytics

Placemaking, Urban Design, & The Analytics Of Public Space Utilization

The all-consuming future of cloud analytics


Framing the Data-Science Narrative through Spatial Composition

Frameworks Taking Precedence Over Stacks in Big Data

The evolving shape of distributed databases in the Internet of Things

The Coming Constellation Of Remote-Sensing Things

Visualizing big science like never before

Embodied Cognition in the Customer-Engagement Loop

Defining the Unified Data Model for the Internet of Things

Hadoop is probably as mature as it's going to get

How to Game the Turing Test

Using Analytics To Pinpoint Medicine With Precision

Fogs, logs and cogs: The newer, bigger shape of big data in the Internet of Things

Networks Are Becoming Self-Aware and Self-Defending

When New Hardware Starts To Spontaneously Self-Fabricate

Distinguishing Data’s Latency From Its Actionability

Big Data Drives the 21st Century Automotive Experience

The dev@ was in the details, and in my delivery

Meet the Expert: James Kobielus

Flat Org. Flat Earth. Whatever.

Spooky action at a personal distance

Probabilistic programming languages in data science

Black Swans, Sitting Ducks, and Geospatial Analytics

Ignite dev@Insight James Kobielus: Data science not magic wand for diagnosing global warming

Chief Data Science Officers Won't Supplant CIOs

The Matter is Settled: Big Data = [ ]

Data scientists need to nip model overfit in the bud

The Challenge of Data-Driven Security in the Petabyte Era

Simulating customer cognition with or without neuroscience

Detangling Herd Bias From Crowd Wisdom

Gamifying the Real Game of Business

Why you may never need to become a data scientist

Real-World Experiments: The Value Of Failure In A/B Testing

Fathoming photos at algorithmic speed

The Declining Value of Social-Media Water-Cooler Sentiment

Analytics and measurements: A recipe for sustainable food chains

Data Warehouse Modernization: Vetting Forrester’s Return-on-Investment Calculations

Shining analytical light deeply into dark data

Pushing the MapReduce Efficiency Envelope