Saturday, March 05, 2016

Aweekstweets February 27 to March 5 2016: the week I tweaked

One thing I kept wondering but they never addressed in "Mythbusters" series finale. What was the worst injury any of them suffered on show?

Enjoying the series finale of “Mythbusters.” Jamie & Adam stop worrying about myths. They’re just bustin’ stuff.

The 12 cognitive #biases that prevent you from being #rational  #datascience

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Passerby by Quilt from Plaza JK--2016. Love this one. Trippy use of the flute.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Misantrope by Westerman JK--Lovely folk ballad.

Doing my periodic tidying. Unsubscribing from stuff I no longer want to see & notifications that now annoy. Distill simplicity from clutter

Saw "Room" on DVD. Creepy & depressing, but somehow also beautiful & life-affirming. A complex work of art. Worth checking out.

Let’s see. Remaining GOP candidates call Trump a fraud but pledge to support him if he’s nominee. I’d say their “support” just as fraudulent

Overheard wretched dance-club remix o Doobie Brothers @ LA Fitness yesterday. Gak! Dont try 2 infect/inflect great 70s rock w/millennial hip

"How The Algorithm Economy & Containers Are Changing Apps" ( ) JK--Discusses algorithms as containerized microservices

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Glosoli by Sigur Ros from Takk... JK--2005. Really does sound like ghosts haunting your dreams.

IoT Will Drive PaaS Adoption, Just Not The Way You'd Expect - Forbes 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan from Blonde on Blonde JK--1966. Immobile in Mobile

"Seeing Econ Patterns In Data That Don't Exist" ( ) JK--Curious how many Nobel Prizes have resulted from that tactic

"4 Easy Steps to Structure Highly Unstruct Big Data via Automated Indexation" ( ) JK--Interesting piece by V.Granville

"Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Change Your Life" ( ) JK--Love that robotic 3rd drumming arm.

"Can Machine Learning Decode Depression?" ( ) JK--Tough challenge. Many patterns. No a-ha biomarkers.

IBM Outthink Tour 2016 - April 11 in NYC! 

Did an old-fashioned lightbulb light up over head o person who conceived of energy-saving lightbulbs? If so, did they reach up & unscrew it?

"Correlation, Causation, and Whether to Skip Breakfast" ( ) JK--Useless intel. Just tell me whether to skip the bacon.

"Practical Blackbox Attacks against Deep Learning Systems using Adversarial Examples" ( ) JK--Interesting rsrch study

"Multitenancy on Hadoop: Is your cluster half full?" ( ) JK--YARN may create overallocated but underutilized clusters

"Spark 2.0 to Introduce New ‘Structured Streaming’ Engine" ( ) JK--Create apps combining real-time, interactive, batch

"Is Being Data Scientist Really Best Job In America?" ( ) JK--Not according to Dire Straits "money4nothing" criterion

"IoT Has Replaced My Remote Controls" ( ) JK--Is it improvement when swap remotes for same number of smartphone apps?

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Graph analysis: Not the dots, but the connections" ( )

"Age of gravitational wave astronomy has begun" ( ) JK--1st-ever test o genl relativity in intense gravitational field

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Survival o Fitness: How Model Selection Happens In Natural Order o Data Science" ( )

Why are women becoming chief data officers? Find out  #CDO

Does being “digital” really matter? 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Angel by Sonic Boom from Spectrum JK--1989. Great electric-guitar-driven meditation on a friend's demise.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sellin' by iLoveMakonnen from Drink More Water 6 JK--2016. Song leaves absolutely no doubt what he's sellin'.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Morphing Targets and Fancy Math" (  )

Check out this cool demo of the parallel sharding feature with IBM #Informix on the  Raspberry Pi  #raspberrypi

Registrations open for #IoT event in Seattle on Mar 23rd featuring #IoT solutions from #IBM and #Intel-  #Informix

The next DB2 Tech-talk on March 31st will cover "DBaaS for Developers on IBM Cloud". Register now -   #DB2

Do you suffer from long order-to-cash cycles? Read Lion Brewery's story- . Infographic:  #DB2

How does your database measure up? Answer these questions to evaluate your needs related to database technology  #DB2

Save the date - Mar 10th for the IBM event - "Advanced Hybrid #Analytics for Business Insight". Register -  #DB2

5 major ways to #outthink limits and transform your business #IBMInterConnect 

5 major ways to #outthink limits and transform your business #IBMInterConnect 

My favorite retorts w/seemingly-archaic English syntax are "how dare you!" and "believe you me!" Should always be accompanied by "gadzooks!"

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "The Merry Melodious Milling of Machine-Learning Music" ( )

Algorithms have rhythm within them.

"IBM 2 buy Resilient Sys, bringing security guru Bruce Schneier on board" ( ) JK--Cool. Been reading his blog 4 years

Say what U will about the Oscars, it's refreshing that our celebrity-obsessed culture can still pretend to care about actors' career choices

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Statistically Slicing Through the Knotty Tangle of Human Morality" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Long Walk by Eleanor Friedberger from New View JK--2016. Another great one. This has got to be her best album.

Super Tuesday here in Virginia. I'm voting for Hillary.

"Bissextile": an old Roman name for Leap Day ( ). Perhaps the ancients decided they could swing either way on this day

None o my Facebook friends was born on February 29. This is the only birthday I'd help any of them celebrate. "Wow U were born on Leap Day!"

"FAA Successfully Tests New Drone-Detecting Tech At Airport" ( ) JK--Can also find their on-ground controllers.

"MasterCard’s Machine-Learning Network Thwarts ATM Attacks" ( ) JK--Identify & shutdown attacks in real-time

"Model Evaluation Error Metrics" ( ) JK--Incredibly arcane, but this is how you measure data-sci algorithmic prowess.

"Google AI can pinpoint where any snap was taken just by looking at pixels" ( ) JK--Sounds like missing-person locator

"IBM Expands Data Science Education around the World" ( ) JK-- New program brings Watson Analytics NLP into classrooms

Easiest way for me to generate fresh blogging material is to vet & eviscerate manifest nonsense in the stuff I'm reading. Ample supplies.

Usual Monday morning catching up on news in my industry. It's not as if I waste my weekend hours on this stuff. I need to breathe.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oriar by Heron Oblivion JK--2016. Absolutely love this one. Feels like Sinead O'Connor with a screaming guitar.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "The Evenly Matched Global AI Arms Race" ( )

I found last night's Oscar ceremony a preachy drag. I tuned in for just a bit of it. I had no interest in the competitive races, anyway.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Moon River (extended) by Morrissey from Now My Heart Is Full JK--1994. Mancini/Mercer classic works well as shoegazer

Oscars. I'm rooting for nobody. From Rotten Tomatoes, I know everything I need to know to rent the right titles when they come to my Redbox.

Never quite sure what to make of science news that someone discovered another subatomic particle or distant space object. I'm, like, OK cool

I was telling my brother today that this year's GOP presidential field makes me kind of miss George W. Bush. Accent on the "kind of."

Rival data scientists who each claim "near-perfect election formula" assert with near-certainty that Sanders or Trump will be next president

Keeping my emotional distance from the generalized American freakout that this presidential campaign represents. I enjoy my mental health.