Saturday, April 30, 2016

Aweekstweets April 10-30 2016: the weeks my nerves were pushed to the foggy edge

Was going to watch White House Correspondents Dinner. Till I realized CNN intends to run 2+ hours of idiot commentary before Obama comes on

Expert blames childhood obesity on kids sitting staring at screens. Says “when we were young we ran around.” Um, no. We stared at the Tube

I’m mildly shocked I got all 3 of my April columns written in April. This month was ferociously busy wcampaign planning & execution. Whew!

Still chilly. Haven’t put away the winter clothes. Was warm last week, but haven’t taken down the summers. Wardrobe-wise I’m still unsprung

Sign of desperation? I’d call it Cruz’ Hail Carly pass.

Saudi Arabia wants to build tourist industry. But Brookings Institution rightly notes that’s a bit tough if you ban alcohol & bikinis.

New #IBM jk #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Giving citizen data scientists a short leash" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I, Exhale by Underworld from Barbara Barbara, We Face a Shining Future JK--2016. Goth almighty!

Drafted latest #IBM jk #TechTarget #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Giving Citizen Data Scientists a Short Leash"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Come On Let's Go by Broadcast from The Noise Made by People JK--2000. "Stop looking for answers in everyone's face"

Graph databases catch electronic con artists in the act 
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Windows by Fly Moon Royalty from Delicious Trouble JK--2016. Love the quiet tinkly percussion on this one.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chromakey Dreamcoat by Boards of Canada from The Campfire Headphase JK--2005. Feels like a not-yet-woken mind.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp When Possession Gets too Strong by Dolly Parton from Th Fairest o Them All JK--1970. Best warble in all country music

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Luckenbach, Texas (Back to the Basics of Love) by Waylon Jennings JK--1977. "Ain't nobody feelin' no pain"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Let's Get Drunk by The Honeycutters from On The Ropes JK--2016. She cuts to the chase.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sugarfoot Rag by Red Foley from Country Music Hall of Fame Series JK--1949. I'll bet this was a popular dance tune.

"Kafka Advances in Enterprise" ( ) JK--No truth to rumor Kafka metamorphoses data scientists into cockroaches

"Ideas for improving already-good models" ( ) JK--They're looking good. You'd like to take them home. It's understood

Wouldn't it be cool if the Winklevoss twins' first names were Winkledee and Winkledum?

The most in-demand guy in the world must be someone named Les. Everybody keeps saying they want to do more with him.

Drafted latest #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Monetizing The Fuzzy Narratives of Social Listening"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Planet Sizes by Steve Mason from Meet the Humans JK--2016. Nice new one from the former Beta Band frontman.

Sesame Workshop, IBM Launch Early-Childhood Education Initiative 

I'm so old (and such a geek) that I remember when pocket calculators were the latest high-tech & having a feature-packed one was brag-worthy

"Sesame Wrkshp & #IBM #Watson Team to Advance Early Childhood Educ" ( ) JK--Dev next-gen learning tools #IBMandSesame

" #IBM Expands Flash Storage Solutions to Target New, Intelligent Apps in Cloud" ( ) JK--Simple, scalable, accelerated

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Five String Serenade by Arthur Lee & Love from Five String Serenade JK--1992. Beautiful, romantic, medieval.

"6 Alternatives to Silicon Valley w/Better Weather Than Portland" ( ) JK--Anywhere's an alternative. Weather relevant?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Not Fade Away by Buddy Holly frm The Chirping Crickets JK--1957. Bo Diddley song. "A love a real not fade away." Huh?

Got my vibrator pad humming on my office-chair back this morning. To simulate the jitters I should be feeling up & down my spine.

Used "Sisyphean" in normal conversation yesterday. Not a sissified locution. But "locution" might be. So I'll have to watch it.

Let me get this straight: someone who’s losing his party’s race for the nomination has named a running mate. To run where? Into the ground?

"John" on a scratchy line called concerning "National Care Center of Internet." Yeah, that sounds legit. Somebody out there actually cares

Is YouTube targeting these interstitial tech ads at me cuz of what I do? Or does it target those commercials at everybody? How can I know?

RT @ebarbini: Sesame Workshop, $IBM partner to use Watson for preschoolers  via @usatoday #IBM #muppets

"The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots" ( ) JK--Double-checking & tweaking algorithmic responses. Quality control.

"Artificial Intelligence Can Now Design Realistic Video & Game Imagery" ( ) JK--As realistic as fantasy games need be

"Why Machine Learning Is Our Last Hope 4 Cybersecurity" ( ) JK--Sounds fairly dire. Last hope is smart cyberscientists

IBM issues ‘Interop Challenge’ to fellow #OpenStack vendors. Details from @DJRippert & @AngelLuisDiaz:

I tend to read lengthy email chains in reverse order: back to front. Too often, the discussion has come unglued from the original "subject"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lovers of the Sun by The Jayhawks from Paging Mr. Proust JK--2016. Great new one from th veteran country-folk-rockers

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Honey and Smoke by case/lang/veirs from case/lang/veirs JK--2016. Beautiful one with KD lead, Neko & Laura backup

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oh Sarah by Sturgill Simpson from A Sailor's Guide To Earth JK--2016. Really nice. Country superstar in the making

Saw "Brooklyn" on DVD. Enjoyed Saoirse Ronan's portrait of a resilient young Irish immigrant re-anchoring her life in 1950s America.

Saw "Carol" on DVD. Another one Todd Haynes' painstakingly chiaroscuro 1950s period pieces about closeted gay people finding themselves

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Still Would Stand All Time by Prince from Graffiti Bridge JK--1990. Nice slice of gospel from the Minneapolis maestro

Draft new #IBM jk Dataversity column "Vetting the Actual Science Behind Data Science"

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Distributing Machine Intelligence to the Foggy Edge of the IoT" ( )

Is your investment in ECM future-proof? 

Every day can be #EarthDay with the Internet of Things #IBMIoT @deonnewm 

"Big Data in '16: How Big Is ‘Big Enough’" ( ) JK--Lincoln on how long legs should be: "long enough 2 reach th ground"

"Predicting success: How Social Physics changing th world we live in" ( ) JK--My head feels like an atom being smashed

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hey Paul Anka by Sequoyah Tiger from Ta-Ta-Ta-Time JK--2016. Italian group. Why Anka? Are they having his baby too?

"Automated Predictive Analytics : What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" ( ) JK--Misplaced confidence in bad bot predictions?

"Kaggle Releases Data Sets About Global Warming: Make your own Predictions" ( ) JK--Try weeding out the biases first.

"Answers to dozens of data science job interview questions" ( ) JK--OK, but don't try writing them on your wrist.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cinco De Tomorrow by Damien Jurado from Visions of Us On the Land JK--2016. Another great atmospheric one from him.

"Facebook’s future: AI, drones & virtual reality" ( ) JK--Robot assistant can fuss over your FB while you get a life.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Book I Read by Talking Heads from TalkgHeds '77 JK--1977. "I'm living in the future." OMG, this is ~ 40 years ago

Reasonably good weekend. Didn't think of work much. But my dreams while asleep seem to all have work themes. Mundane stuff, no symbolism

"RIP Prince, a legendary musician with complicated Internet history" ( ) JK--Agonized over how musicians would make $

Played several games of Rummikub over dinner on the deck with the wife. The woman usually kicks my butt on games. But we dueled to a draw.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Out of Control by Lush from Blind Spot JK--2016. Brand new. Enchanting.

Enjoying the “Silicon Valley” marathon on HBO. Never seen it before. Very funny, well-written, culturally nuanced. Feels like people I know

Saturday. Breakfast, newspaper, workout, supermarket, lunch, housecleaning, nap, more newspaper, dinner, cleanup. Contemplating nap #2.

I assume Trump’s running mate will be Chris Christie. So they can use their campaign as a bully pulpit: no pulpit but double the bullies.

This week at the Japanese embassy, I presented my thoughts on embedded vs. embodied vs. engaged cognition. Everyone listened.

As someone married to an Asian, I've weirdly never mastered chopsticks. This week at the Japanese embassy, I forced myself. Didn't mess up.

As we mourn dead rock stars, I should note that Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, & Fats Domino still breathe the vital.

Wall Street Journal says Prince left 26 unreleased albums. Hence, he must have been an utter failure commercially. Couldn't give 'em away.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp U Got the Look by Prince from Sign “o” the Times JK--1987. Great stiletto of rock-funk.

Ended the work week with a fairly undemanding yoga class. Glad not to have to try too hard.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Girl from Conejo Valley by M.Ward JK--2016. Love the song. Love how he interpolates his "Helicopter" into this

"Is machine learning th next commodity?" ( ) JK--For repeatable fine-grained tasks, yes. For adaptive learning, no

How does DESY handle over 5GB of data streaming into its computing center every second? 

IBM/Cleversafe proud to be named a Market Leader by @ITBrandPulse 

Vote @IBM for this year's #FIRSTChampionship sponsor video - You have until 4/26! #IBMIoT 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn JK--1939. Memorably used in the "Dr. Strangelove" soundtrack.

New #IBM jk blog: "Bridging Spark analytics to cloud data services" ( )

Nearsighted people like me don’t take focus for granted. You use any corrective artifice at hand to achieve it.

Today I used a focusing technique I developed in my analyst years: diagramming someone’s complex question as they spoke. Found its kernel.

RIP Prince. Second of the triumvirate of 1958-born mega pop stars to pass. Michael gone, Madonna remains.

I’m happy that my remarks were well received by my hosts at the embassy of Japan. Just representing IBM

Pretty much goes without saying the Japanese are doing amazing work in artificial intelligence.

Choice with consistency is the key to an effective #hybridcloud, writes @JMcGee:
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Me (silent/dark entity in front row) that Paula Poundstone was talking to Strata Hadoop. 23:00. You hear her not me

WTF? Somebody just ended a tech blog with "Hope you have a really great day!" Why stop there? Why not ask us to say hi to our moms for you?

"Will the Citizen Data Scientist Inherit the World?" ( ) JK--Shawn Rogers on the democratization of data science

"The next hot job in Silicon Valley is for poets" ( ) JK--Bots got the hots for the Bard.

"Analyzing the Panama Papers" ( ) JK--Excellent illustration of the illuminating power of graph analysis.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jellisy by James K from Pet JK--2016. No relation. Also, he's a she.

Richie Havens "Follow the Drinking Gourd" ( ) JK--For Harriet Tubman. Big Dipper points to Polaris. The way north.

RT @weberlarry: A recent talk that I had with @jameskobielus on open source, #cloud and #openfordata

"Demystifying Deep Reinforcement Learning" ( ) JK--Good discuss of how reward-seeking ML algorithms learn iteratively

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Swallowtail by Wolf Alice from My Love is Cool JK--2015. Nice chill atmospheric swell to this. Tingly.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Medicinals by PJ Harvey from The Hope Six Demolition Project JK--2016. Love the rising incantational quality of this

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads from Remain in Light JK--1980. Love the paint-opaqued bandfaces on LP cover

"Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser. Don’t Worry, You Can’t Break It. We Promise." ( )

"Quantum cmptg, here we come: A qubit data bus may soon be possible" ( ) JK--How to move a qubit without destroying it

"Monitoring Performance Across a Data Pipeline" ( ) JK--Great illustration of difficulty of pinpointing bottlenecks

"Crowdsourcing analytics: How to find wisdom in the crowd" ( ) JK--Identify & tune into the most clued-in individuals

Please quit using "tectonic shift" to ref smoothly gradual change. Tectonic processes are eons of stability punctuated by sudden disruption

[Announcement letter] IBM #DB2 11.1  BLU , the multi-workload database software for next-gen database deployments- 

Our web page has a new look to celebrate the #DB2 11.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows announcement. Visit -  #DB2v11

IBM announces #DB2 11.1 for Linux UNIX and Windows . Check out the new DB2 Data Sheet -  #DB2v11

Is your database ready for the #Cognitive Era?  Read this executive brochure for details-  #DB2 #DB2v11

Been invited by senior representatives of Japan’s scientific establishment to discuss AI’s impact on digital transformation. Glad to.

Catch me on "The Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist" ( ). July 19. Boston. #TDWI Accelerate. Save up to $675 code AC2

"The Humans Hiding Behind the Chatbots" ( ) JK--Humans (ie pattern curators) train datasets that refine the algorithms

"The Financial Threats That Machines Can See" ( ) JK--Does a "bubble" statistical pattern literally resemble a bubble?

"MIT AI Researchers Make Breakthrough On Threat Detection" ( ) JK--Blend of auto/unsupervised & expert/supervised ML

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Atomic Number by case/lang/veirs from case/lang/veirs JK--2016. Great new collab w/Neko Case, KD Lang, Laura Veirs

"Thrilled that AI is no longer a dirty word" ( ) JK--Not actually a word. Never dirty. But I sort of get your drift.

"On Big Data and Data Science. Interview with James Kobielus" ( )  interview from February.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: “3 safeguards for intelligent machines” ( )

Always good to have at least one friend to whom you can speak unfiltered. Even if it’s filtered through wine. Several bottles of.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Palmcorder Yajna by The Mountain Goats from We Shall All Be Healed JK--2004. Very hi-grade pulp-fiction literary

"What Happened When Ford Tested Its Self-Driving Car in Total Darkness" ( ) JK--Radar + cameras + light-sensitiv radar

"Search 4 New Medical Treatmts Zeroes In on Genetic Superheroes" ( ) JK--Robust good health defies genetic vulnerablty

"Why AI still needs us: To build quantum comptrs" ( ) JK--Tech doesnt "need" us. We need us to pour our smarts into it

The older I get, I the less I believe in some magical gift called "genius." However, I have met a lot of exceptionally smart individuals.

"TUPAQ" ( ) JK--Framework to auto discover/execute optimal ML algorithm among myriad. Is there a SHAKUR framework too?

"Big data & machine learning--is the glass half empty?" ( ) JK--20 years ago, AI was logic-based. Now it's data-driven

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hoover Dam by Sugar frm Cooper Blue JK--1992. So-called cuz it hoovers up every remaining drop o Colorado River water

Whenever the conversation in my non-work life turns to IT, I have to constantly bite my tongue. Nobody wants the depth I can easily dish out

"Why machine learning will impact, but not take, your job" ( ) JK--Highlights apps where human/bot collab essential

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cool Down the Pace by Gregory Isaacs from Night Nurse JK--1982. Nice slow-dancing romantic reggae for couples in mood

Was a good weekend. Spent part of it in a hoodie speeding down a largely deserted lake past a nuclear reactor. No incidents.

First day of Summer. By which I mean, I brought out my deck furniture and we had dinner out there. So it's official. Am I jumping the gun?

I appreciate the bulk e-mail indicating that you "miss" me, Wal-Mart. But I already knew that. Your greeters routinely hi-5 & bearhug me.

"Czechia"? Really? Seems like there should be an extra syllable or two in there, like "Czechronesia" or "Czechsylvania."

Never quite got my head around concept o "James City County VA." I think its seat, Williamsburg, should call itself "James City County City"

Takes a while for our cruddy lawn to sprout semi-decent Spring shoots. Fine with me. I’ll mow when nature runs riot and not a moment before.

Reading NYTimes Mag architect profile of brutalist house design. Thanks, but I’ll only indulge in cellblock decor if a judge puts me there.

If Deadheads and Parrotheads joined forces, would Python fans resent the competition?

Central Virginia. Just down the road from Bumpass. Great name for a redneck dancehall, if you ask me.

IEEE Computer Society moved their Rockstars of Big Data Austin shindig from May 24 to Nov 3. I'll speak. Not sure about the Hoobert Heevers

I'll be glad when election is over, so can go back to bitching about the people in power, rather than about the ones who want to be in power

"When Is the Singularity? Probably Not in Your Lifetime" ( ) JK--Topic smacks of pure armchair sci-fi worrymongering.

"'Your face is big data:' Title o photographer's experiment sez all" ( ) JK--What?! You sayin I look like an elephant?

"Improve New-Product Batting Average w/Predictive Analytics" ( ) JK--Why stop there? Boost yr successful-product RBIs!

"Fairness in machine learning" ( ) JK--Don't disadvantage minorities thru feature engineering that implicitly excludes

Democratizing data science: Advanced analytics as a team sport 

Just saw phrase "AI party trick" in a biz-tech press headline. A few of these will spawn huge markets. Spin the bottle to wager which.

Most basic survival skill in complex fast-changing environments is ability to spot-analyze any arbitrary conceptual projectile headed yr way

" #IBM & University of Illinois to Pioneer Next-Gen Cognitive Computing Systems" ( ) JK--Releasing all to open source

Nicely slimy piece of spam text: "we hope this message reaches you well." Rest assured that it did. It's well, but that fact makes me ill.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Old House by Derek Hoke from Southern Moon JK--2016. Sung with real heart.

Are the doctors at Veterans Administration hospitals entitled to call themselves veteranarians?

I pronounce it “Chi-poat-ul” just to annoy them.

Doesn’t Starbucks still give out fake dollar bills w/portraits of Hollywood celebrities on them? Wasn’t that their original business model?

Fave spam headline of the day: "Are the rumors about you true?" I'm here to confirm that indeed they aren't.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Baba O'Riley by The Who from Who's Next JK--1971. Love that in-your-face synth intro. Nicely set ups the rock bombast

In addition to "data lake" not making sense as a metaphor, "untangling the data lake" makes no sense as a mixed metaphor. Stop the madness!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The New Saint Jude by Andrew Bird from Are You Serious JK--2016. Good one. Bird finally put a bird on it (LP cover)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley from Under the Blacklight JK--2007. Love this. Their final LP before Jenny went solo.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tall Man, Skinny Lady by Ty Segall from Manipulator JK--2014. Brilliant knife-edged hard-rock guitar assault

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Merrymaking vs Mischief: Beating Machine-Learning Algorithms At Their Own Game" ( )

Hangout: Intro to Apache Quarks | IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sunday by Iggy Pop from Post Pop Depression JK--2016. Good one. Why "post-Pop"? Going back to "James Osterberg Jr"?

" #IBM Introduces Cognitive Storage" ( ) JK--Auto-discover data value, manage accordingly. Still in research.

Been winning free Egg McMuffins from my McDonald's app every time DC's teams lead at end of 1st period. Thank U Caps and/or Wizards!

Morning begins as they always during the work week: quick mental recalc about what's priority right now, what can wait a split-second or two

Any political system that makes its citizens want to defect is, all things considered, usually defective.

Space. The very term has an eerie emptiness about it. It’s no place. Just space.

"Why I Hate Best Practices" ( ) JK--Don't tell me you also hate puppy dogs and fairy tales.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Holding On for Life by Broken Bells from After th Disco JK--2014. James Mercer deftly works 2 distinct Xcellent bands

Hey LinkedIn, prompt people who congratulate on anniversaries to use unique phrases rather than spamming "Congrats. Hope you're doing well."

"Self-driving cars may not B proven safe for decades" ( ) JK--"Proven"? U don't prove such a thing. U demo in practice

" #IBM Launches Health Corps to Help Communities Around World Address Public Health Challenges" ( ) JK--New probono.

RT @profNdel: "When New Hardware Starts To Spontaneously Self-Fabricate" by @jameskobielus on @LinkedIn

"When New Hardware Starts To Spontaneously Self-Fabricate" by @jameskobielus on @LinkedIn

"'New Rembrandt' to be unveiled in Amsterdam" ( ) JK--Next project: 3D-print Rembrandt van Rijn rolling over in grave

"The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Learning on Spark" ( ) JK--Databricksers discuss "DeepSpark" devel automation

"Machine learnng is poor fit 4 most businesses" ( ) JK--Linthicum too narrowly construes ML as just unsuprvisd learnng

Catch me: "Citizen Data Scientists in Era of Self-Svc Analytics" ( ) JK--Jul 19, 445-530pm, TDWI Accelerate, Boston

"The rise o the citizen data scientist" ( ) JK--Catch me speaking on this topic at TDWI Accelerate, July 18-20, Boston

"MIT says its 3D-printed robots can 'practically walk out of' the machine" ( ) JK--Hasta la vista, baby!

"How AI-powered robots will protect the networked soldier" ( ) JK--Asks if this is "ethical." Is warfare ethical?

"Information Overload = ‘Cognitive Diabetes’ Sez Slack CEO" ( ) JK--Please dont ref serious diseases in dumb metaphors

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tennessee Song by Margo Price from Midwest Farmer's Daughter JK--2016. Nice. Singer I was too sleepy to catch on SNL

Social media has so completely discombobulated world culture that I’d say it’s responsible for distributed denial of sanity.

If the radio plays “Uptown Funk” one more g****mn time, I’m going to have a fit. Don’t believe it? Just watch.

"Training a Computer to Recognize Your Handwriting" ( ) JK--As soon as I train my brain to recognize my chickenscratch

"Can Machine Learning Help Lift China’s Smog?" ( ) JK--Discusses IBM Research China's efforts.

"What Cognitive Computing Means For Chip Design" ( ) JK--Very cool holistic discussion of energy-efficiency potential

"FB's AI Technology Describes Photos To Visually Impaired Users" ( ) JK--Should be standard in wearables for the blind

A lot of crazy stuff eventually blows over. Just make sure you're not standing directly underneath when they do.

Nice that everybody on LinkedIn suddenly congratulating me on my 4th anniversary of joining IBM. But that was 9 days ago. What gives?

Another Monday morning, another round of checking out recommended "great Friday reading" & wondering why none of this could wait till Monday

Reading New Yorker profile of SNL cast member Leslie Jones. One of few new ones in recent years that I can’t NOT watch. Wild loud brash.

Stretching my legs with a nice neighborhood stroll on this chilly but sunny April day. At least the air is fresh.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Funk the Fear by Esperanza Spalding from Emily's D+Evolution JK--2016. Cool 70s-ish jazz/funk. Love th background vox

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chasing Shadows by Santigold from 99¢ JK--2016. Great one. Has a indie/world-music vibe, sort of like M.I.A.