Friday, December 21, 2018

Kobielus thought leadership posts in 2018

Predictions for Edge Computing in 2019

More turbulence is coming to the big-data analytics market in 2019

Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2019

Key enterprise cloud trends for 2019

At KubeCon, the Kubernetes community discusses its growing pains

At KubeCon, serverless, mesh and DevOps announcements dominate

Kubernetes open-source project matures as commercialization accelerates

The intensifying battle between AWS and Oracle for enterprise database supremacy

The Smart Object Ecosystem Is The New AI Workbench

Robots will rule the edge: At re:Invent, AWS drives a new AI paradigm

What’s missing from Outposts, AWS’ latest hybrid cloud announcement

As re:Invent conference wraps, AWS keeps getting stronger in the cloud

Deeper into cloud data: AWS launches a blitz of innovative AI offerings at re:Invent

Reinforcement learning comes into AI’s mainstream

All around the cloud: Here's everything AWS has announced so far at re:Invent

Using Blockchain to Support Trustworthy Transactions on the IoT

How containerization brings AI to your DevOps pipeline

On the cusp of AWS re:Invent, the public cloud continues to transform the public sector

The Unsettling Persistence of Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in the Cloud

Oracle confronts growing challenge from AWS in the cloud

AI Drives Innovation in Next-Generation Cloud Business Intelligence        

Mitigating AI’s Many Risks to Society

As AWS re:Invent approaches, AI becomes the killer app for public cloud

Doing a Reality Check on GPU-Accelerated Databases

Building the Hybrid Serverless Multiclouds of the Future

Kubeflow Shows Promise in Standardizing the AI DevOps Pipeline

How AI, IoT, and Other Technologies Will Need to Coalesce into Comprehensive Counterdrone Defenses

At Boomi World, New Accelerators for Connected Business in the Cloud

Microsoft and IBM Come to the Center of All Things Open Source

Looking ahead to AWS re:Invent, public clouds keep gaining momentum

Building Algorithmic Protections Against Engineered Political Opinions

With Red Hat, IBM expands its focus on cloud-native development for multiclouds

OpenWorld 2018 wrap: Oracle struggles to grow its cloud business, but AI-driven apps set it apart

Oracle’s self-driving vision is comprehensive but still disjointed and incomplete

At OpenWorld, Oracle extends AI throughout its ‘self-driving’ cloud solutions

Oracle helps users curate their way through the growing open-source cloud stack

Curating the Production-Grade Cloud-Native Computing Stack

How the Turing GPU will revolutionize immersive AI

Trying to keep from sinking under the squirming, sprawling, overstuffed stack of cloud-native computing projects

The Coming Wave of Regulation over Facial Recognition

Kubernetes Is a Prime Catalyst in AI and Big Data’s Evolution

Building Resilient Data Multiclouds

Expert Interview (Part 3): James Kobielus on the Future of Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, and GDPR

Expert Interview (Part 2): James Kobielus on Blockchain’s Sweet Spot in Practical Business Use Cases

Expert Interview (Part 1): James Kobielus on Separating Blockchain Hype from Reality

How to solve AI’s reproducibility crisis

Device-as-a-Service Will Power the Access Economy

Here are the top VMworld 2018 takeaways from Wikibon’s analysts

Why gaming AI won’t help make AI work in the real world—but could

At VMworld, VMware and Dell drive conversation on evolving virtualization from cloud to edge

On VMworld day two, VMware and Dell turn virtualization into tangible opportunities in edge computing

On VMworld day one, VMware goes deep on multicloud virtualization

Building AI Optimization Into Your Cloud Computing Infrastructure

Eliminating Performance Bottlenecks on Web-Based AI

Looking ahead to VMworld: Virtualization drives clouds to the edge

As VMworld nears, virtualization disrupts the cloud application ecosystem

Ahead of VMworld, virtualization confronts the cloud

How ‘AIOps’ is optimizing cloud computing up and down the stack
Analysis: Google puts Kubernetes at the center of its cloud application push

Powering AI: The explosion of new AI hardware accelerators

The Pain of Watching AI Become A Pawn in the Geopolitical Fray

How Clouds Will Crystallize Around Blockchain

What Does It Mean to Certify an AI Product as Safe?

Hadoop’s star dims in the era of cloud object data storage and stream computing

Developing Next-Generation Applications for the Augmented Browser

How AI is teaching robots to speak fluent human

MongoDB Drives NoSQL More Deeply into Enterprise Opportunities

Doing Computer Vision Without Cameras

Machine Teaching Will Drive Crowdsourced Cognition into the AI Pipeline

Benchmarking the Full AI Hardware/Software Stack

Sorry, but blockchain databases are just not that secure

At DataWorks 2018, Hortonworks Accelerates Its Shift Toward Public Cloud Deployments

Principles versus profit: AI and the fate of the planet

Waiting for blockchain hype to subside and data platform incumbents to play their hands

Stream computing transforms businesses into digital dynamos

Apple seems to be losing its capacity to innovate

Databricks goes well beyond Spark into complex, multicloud AI pipelines

Microsoft’s GitHub takeover sends shockwaves through the open-source developer ecosystem

Machine learning is becoming a strategic perimeter for GDPR compliance

AI is becoming the nucleus of intelligent apps for robotic process automation

Securing the ‘internet of things’ from edge to edge

Now that GDPR’s regulatory hammer has officially come down, what’s your next step?

The fiction of ‘digital wellness’—and the truth of digital dependence

Chef extends DevOps deeper into Kubernetes multiclouds

Informatica keeps the momentum rolling in hybrid cloud management

Debiasing Our Statistical Algorithms Down to Their Roots

Pushing AI performance benchmarks to the edge

Hybrid clouds: building out orchestration, middleware, DevOps and management tooling

Blockchain startups are trying to grab a piece of the video streaming market

How client-side training is moving from the fringes to the center of AI development

Crossing the uncanny valley without losing our grip on AI’s value

Blockchain isn’t ready for enterprise primetime. Here’s what will get it there

Anything but artificial, AI is evolving into anticipatory intelligence

The big takeaway at I/O: Google updates its mobile AI roadmap

Everything from Build: Microsoft drives AI further into the edge, security to the forefront

The challenge of finding reliable AI performance benchmarks

Ensuring Iron-Clad Algorithmic Accountability in the GDPR Era

Giving the IoT the Power to Pay Attention on Our Behalf

How now, smart browser? AI takes up residence on the web client

Serverless computing takes a big step into the multicloud world

AI is driving the evolution of hyperconverged cloud infrastructure

Human jobs will remain in AI’s loop

Graphing the sensitive boundary between personally identifiable information and publicly inferable insights

AI’s automation flywheel spins greater human productivity

GDPR may well kill enterprise blockchain databases

Bringing probabilistic programming into AI development

The militarization of AI is coming. Can tech companies (and the rest of us) live with it?

Networked digital twins are coming to industrial blockchains

Wikibon’s 2018 Big Data and Analytics Vendor Profiles

What will it take to bring blockchain to the masses?

AI Infuses the Next Generation of Web Application Development

Attackers can fool AI programs. Here’s how developers can fight back

Big-data stewardship takes the main stage at DataWorks Summit in Berlin

Why more tech companies should put AI visionaries in the executive suite

New solutions help enterprise data managers cope with GDPR’s heavy hand

AI powers the catalogs of next-generation big data

New AI systems on a chip will spark an explosion of even smarter devices

From Amazon to Umbo, big computer vision advances are coming to the edge

Via Sovrin, IBM supports user-centric global identity on blockchain

Can graph databases fulfill the hype? No one will know until AWS’ Neptune arrives

Blockchain Starting To Feel Its Way into the Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

How Hortonworks is weathering the big-data market’s shift away from Hadoop

With recent announcements, Nvidia and Adobe put AI in the hands of creative professionals

Autonomous digital twins at the network’s edge: thoughts about SWIM.AI’s announcement

The AI compilation wars: Intel, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, IBM and others arm for deep learning acceleration

Cloudera has trouble shifting toward a total focus on the cloud era

With new Google investments, TensorFlow is now AI’s leading development framework

Neuroevolution Will Push AI Development to the Next Level

Pure Storage, NVIDIA, and the AI Market’s Shift Toward Workload-Optimized Hardware Platforms

Oracle Brings Artificial Intelligence Into Their Data Management Toolchain

How AI can help solve the ‘fake news’ problem

AI’s Absorption into the Mainstream Web App-Dev Ecosystem: How AT&T, Tech Mahindra, IBM, and Others are Pushing the Bar

Where to Next for Kinetica, MapD, SQream, and other GPU Database Vendors?

Cryptocurrencies and Nvidia’s Hopes for a Robust GPU Market

AI Democratization: IBM, Deep Cognition, and Cloudera

HPE Doubles Down on AI

AI is shaking the application market to its core

IBM Rolls Out Sophisticated Cloud AI Offerings at Think 2018

Google and the Maturation of AI Best Practices

The Importance of Microsoft’s Deep Learning “Rosetta Stone”

The Evolution Away from Conversational User Interfaces

On Cloud-based AI. Q&A with James Kobielus

Big data analytics: The cloud-fueled shift now underway

The cloud could finally lift the fortunes of big data analytics

Wikibon’s 2018 Big Data Analytics Trends and Forecast

‘Augmented programming’ will make developers more productive

Wikibon Trip Report: The Unisys Brand Gains New Life in a Cloud-Everything World

Augmented Programming Brings Machine Learning Into The Development Toolchain

Making AI Safe for Civilized Society

Data Portfolio Management Puts Catalogs at the Forefront of Enterprise Curation

How AI and IoT will influence data management in 2018

What is deep reinforcement learning? The next step in AI and deep learning

Automated Machine Learning: Assessing Available Solutions

Automated Machine Learning: Accelerating Development and Deployment of Statistical Models

Expert Interview (Part 2): James Kobielus on Reasons for Data Scientist Insomnia including Neural Network Development Challenges

Expert Interview (Part 1): Wikibon’s James Kobielus Discusses the Explosive Impact of Machine Learning

Low-Cost AI Chipsets Will Take the Mobility Market by Storm in 2018

Machine learning models require DevOps-style workflows

Serverless, containers shape future of cloud computing

Local AI Inferencing Will Become Standard In Edge Applications In 2018

Developers Will Adopt Sophisticated AI Model Training Tools in 2018