Thursday, December 16, 2004

fyi Open-Source Rivals Go to the Mat ...


Kobielus kommentary:
This open-source holy war is growing a bit tiresome. Who really cares whether JBoss or Gluecode has the “purest” open-source bundle of goodies? These guys should be going after the J2EE vendors, and after Microsoft, not each other. But they’re ill-equipped to do so. As the article indicates, neither JBoss nor Gluecode currently fields an application and middleware product portfolio of comparable functionality or maturity to any of their bigger, better established “closed source” rivals. And they’re not likely to rise to that high bar for another 2-3 years, at the earliest. Obviously, these open-source vendors are hoping that those support revenues (the core of their business models) can fund their product development for the foreseeable future (to the tune of $10,000+ per year per customer for JBoss and $3,500+ per year per customer for Gluecode). Good luck. Caveat emptor: Open source software is the opposite of free. Much assembly required. Much handholding required. Yeah, the platform software is free, but that’s the least of it. Open source is pure, all right. A pure money-making machine for IT professional services. It’s a full-employment-in-perpetuity program for consultants and system integrators.