Monday, February 14, 2005

fyi IBM Sees Hackers Going Mobile, Targeting Phones, Handhelds And Cars


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Kobielus kommentary:
Another twist on the “identity of things.” The countless computing/communicating things embedded in other things. Those things will need to issue continual “halt, who goes there?” challenges to other things pinging them from all sides, continually running authentication and authorization checks on all these things. Are IdM systems ready for that? Think about automobiles. Things in motion, passing other things in motion all the time. Occupied and surrounded by people (and animals) carrying and wearing things. Bathed in wireless frequencies transporting signals from remote things and people and what have you, all the time. Considering the troubles we’re having with malware things invading every last personal computing/communication device we have, I’d be happy if my principal things—house, car, appliances—remain deaf, dumb, and mute to the new world of communicating things. All the better for the physical protection of me and my loved ones. And for safeguarding my most expensive personal physical properties.

When technology is embedded, we're literally in bed with technology. Are we sure we want to be that intimate with another species?