Tuesday, February 08, 2005

fyi Microsoft turns spotlight on its search engine


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Kobielus kommentary:
Here’s a search-engine feature request from me to MSN: make it easier to search for spyware/adware signatures. During my recent, nasty infestation by these beasties, my anti-spyware programs (I have several, and use them all, every day) have been only intermittently helpful. They’ve found some problems, but have overlooked others. Often, I’m surprised to see some new icon on my desktop, or new program in my registry, or some new folders and new exe’s, or some irritating new error message upon boot or crash. Having only these scattered bits of text to go on, I’ve had to resort to Google to find out if they’re friend or foe, and often to find out that they’re the latter. Google has pointed me (on some but not all occasions) to tools to fix them, or simply manual procedures that I might try. Given Microsoft’s woefully vulnerable OS, they should make their search engine their “malware annihilation nerve central” for empowering besieged end users (in addition to beefing up their anti-malware tools and protection features in Windows). BTW, I’ve tried their beta Anti-Spyware tool, and running its scan gives me the Blue Screen of Death every time. Often, people are at wit’s end, exhausting all personal resources on these problems. People are feeling precious little love for Microsoft these days, and it all comes down to their security problems’ impacts on their lives and nerves.