Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stuff I had translated at my own expense into Portuguese June 5-10 2010

Time for Some Client-Side Disruption

Chris Poelker: Storage virtualization: The advent of Frankendisk?

How Sybase rescued itself and became worth $6 billion

PC Shipments Jump to a Record

Oracle to Lay off More Sun Workers

Archive Project Will Digitize WWII Enigma Messages

Suze Orman Celebrates Her Birthday With Free Identity Protection

IBM, Hadoop, Initiate and other things

Five Reasons Your Data Management Strategy Should Include Hadoop:

Yahoo! Accelerates Social Momentum

Attunity Extends its PowerConnector Series to Microsoft PowerPivot, Introducing the Attunity PowerPivot Connector for Oracle

Intalio Announces First Integrated Stack for Private Cloud Computing

Contact Centers Seen as a Prime Source for Customer Analytics: Frost & Sullivan

The Data Center Empties Out

Ballmer bites back: Microsoft-Apple battle brews anew

Preston Gralla: Steve Ballmer admits Microsoft is "number five" in the mobile race

Cisco goes social with Quad

Open-Source Databases Pose Unique Security Challenges

Wanted: An ESC (Enterprise Service Cloud), not an ESB

Mashboards: Better, Faster Decisions at the Web-BI Intersection

An SSD crash course: What you need to know

Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi meltdown at WWDC

IBM launches software to spur sensor management, 'Internet of things'

Networking's 20 greatest arguments

Yahoo and Facebook users can now share data

The case for XLDAP

Android vs. Android -- Fragmentation Continues

How to Ruin Your Life with Social Networking

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform: An overview for developers

Partners Impressed With Microsoft's Cloud Zeal

The most important part of the “social graph” is neither social nor a graph

Social Media Policies for Business

Is It Time to Switch to ELT?

Pentaho Takes Open-Source BI On Demand

Book Review: Nicholas Carr's 'The Shallows'

"Is Google Making Us Stupid?"

Google, Microsoft Back

OExchange Social Sharing

IT's human energy crisis

Microsoft says Azure still not up to par

One third of search engine results are poisoned

Microsoft: No Slowing Down Cloud Freight Train

Microsoft says Azure still not up to par


BP, Google and Apple: Who's Evil Now?

Who Owns the Data Model?

In 5 years, will Microsoft be relevant in the cloud?

Microsoft Bing Turns One: What's Next?

IBM Announces Development Tools In The Cloud

Microsoft: No Slowing Down Cloud Freight Train

Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform: An overview for developers

Facebook Updates Analytics Dashboard

Vertica Enhances Flagship Analytic Database

Q&A: Agile BI Basics

IBM Embraces MapReduce for Big Data Analytics

IT News Podcast: Google rolls out new indexing system

Twitterverse explodes with 2B tweets in May

Whitman, Fiorina win California Republican primaries

Group lists top five social media risks for businesses

Microsoft Learning Lessons From The Cloud

Why the Social Media Marketing Backlash Is a Good Thing

BI vs. Analytics

My Regression Theory

Correlation vs. Causality in BI

The Power Inside: Caching and In-Memory Databases

Seven reasons to care about SQL Server 2008 R2

Podcast: Analysts probe future of client architectures

Cloud computing is shifting the way we view IdM


What Kapow is and does

Do we need the semantic web?

Global CIO: Hewlett-Packard's Missing Link Is Analytics

Yahoo Develops Interface Classification System for Hadoop

WSO2 Launches Open-Source Cloud Platform

Will Microsoft unleash secret weapon against Google Docs?

Richi Jennings: Carly Fiorina, Meg Whitman: could GOP do worse? #tcot

Microsoft brings Facebook into social search

Gadgets harvest renewable energy

Twitter tests URL shortening feature

Is Your Online Reputation Doomed?

BI Vision, Not Much News at Microsoft TechEd

Information Builders Still Innovating After 35 Years

Forrester Forum: Most Businesses Still Don't Understand IT


Teradata and Microsoft Users to Gain More Speed, Visibility and Power