Friday, June 04, 2010

Stuff I only read after-hours by browsing to it from my Zune HD June 1-4 2010

A Partnership for Customer Success

Microsoft Outlines Business Opportunities for Hardware Makers Across Windows Platform

Berners-Lee explains his 'linked open data' idea

Security forecast: High chance of 'shadow' clouds

Google's new Predictive API gives cloud developers a big boost

Your old computer, born again

Future of Computing may Lie in Organic Molecules

The History of 3D Movies and 3D TV

A History of Portable Computing

The Next Apple TV: Apps on the Big Screen?

Gov 2.0: Google Readies Government Cloud

The Rise of the Social Lawsuit

Douglas Haider: Gist. The next big thing?!?

Google's Chrome 'in retreat,' says MIcrosoft

HP Bets $1 Billion, Will Cut 9,000 Jobs In Services Overhaul

New Crop Of SSDs Shown At Computex In Taiwan

David Linthicum: Defending Larry Ellison

Why Microsoft's Decline Is Good for the Company

iPad Points Toward an SSD Future

The API is everything for cloud computing

10 Steps to 21st Century BI & Performance Management

Sybase IQ Upgrade Takes on Text Analysis

A closer look at Microsoft's "lost decade"


Woman Sues Google Because of Bad Directions

iPad is a hit - Apple sells over 2 million units in less than 60 days.

Twitter in the Enterprise

SQL Server 2011? How about SQL11…

Is telephony dead?

Internet Identity Workshop reveals OpenID clashes

UnboundID upgrades Directory Services platform

A Focus on the Human Side of Business Analytics

Quit Facebook Day was a Success Even as it Flopped

Kognitio Partners With Hosted Solutions To Host and Manage On-Demand Data Warehousing as a Service (DaaS(TM)) in North America

Operational Data Quality is Within Reach

Business User's Power, Influence Over BI Decisions Growing

"Being" Agile vs. "Doing" Agile

Teradata Quiet on Plans for Database Virtualization Vendor xkoto - Database RT @eWEEKNews from eWeek

Global CIO: In Praise of Mark Hurd's 9,000 Layoffs At Hewlett-Packard

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Says PC Is Razor, Services Are Blades

Steve Jobs Declares Post-PC Era

CA, Novell Lead Cloud ID Management

What Makes Android Tick

Social Media Strategy Q&A

BI Surveys, Research and The Wisdom of Crowds Study

Zoho introduces Actionable Search for businesses

Enterprise revenues trending up. Good times ahead?

The Link Between Data Warehousing and MDM

AT&T shifts to usage-based wireless data plans

What makes Sybase worth nearly $6 billion to SAP?

Wolfram|Alpha and the future

The Importance of Agile Business Intelligence

SAP, Oracle and 'Real' Real-Time Apps

25 Characteristics of Highly Effective Social Media Campaigns


MySQL competitor offers unlimited-use enterprise pricing

Berners-Lee explains his 'linked open data' idea

Preston Gralla: Why Google's Windows ban doesn't make sense

Twitter, Facebook and Western Civilization's decline

SanDisk, OCZ push size, speed limits with new SSDs

OCZ introduces high-capacity SSDs

Q&A: Sybase CEO John Chen touts a turnaround

Ballmer Says Apple's iPad Is Just A PC At Heart

Vertica Bolsters Database Analytics, Performance

The Role of Strategy in BI

Microsoft is dead, long live GoogApple

IBM, Hadoop, Initiate and other things

Microsoft TechEd event to shed light on cloud computing plans

Microsoft counters report of Google's dumping Windows

Steve Jobs Says iPad-Like Tablets will Replace PCs

AT&T's New Data Plans: a FAQ

Steve Ballmer: General-Purpose PC Isn't Going Away


AT&T Pricing Shift Will Test Behavior