Friday, September 24, 2010

Aweekstweets September 17-24 2010: the week my world opened a wee little bit

"Blockbuster filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy" ( JK--On the block, busted. about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Microsoft new HPC Server adds SETI-like capabilities" ( JK--Searches for extraterrestrials, attempts to "friend" them. about 5 hours ago via TweetDeck

Arrived late for #OOW10, but enjoyed it just the same. One of few remaining big IT shows that consistently delivers interesting news. about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

People I follow rarely retweet same story in same timeframe. Repetitiveness in stream is minimal. Even as follow more, tweet variety grows. about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

RIP Eddie Fisher. Jeopardy category: Famous People of the Past. Answer to question: Who? about 6 hours ago via TweetDeck

Curious why Sesame Street doesn't simply reshoot the Katy Perry bit with Ms. Perry wearing something different. I'll be she would. about 12 hours ago via TweetDeck

LIstening to a very soulful Celtic singing group on TV in San Francisco. about 13 hours ago via TweetDeck

@parikhash Thanks. about 13 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to parikhash

Dining Italian in SF North beach. Listening to Talk Talk's eponymous. Early 80s moody synth-rock was pure zeitgeist. Makes me nostalgic. about 14 hours ago via txt

Walking SF Chinatown, listening 2 Pretenders "Talk of the Town." Chrissie's tough chick breathy coo, Honeyman-Scott's hanging guitar chords. about 14 hours ago via txt

Good. Got stuff done. Going back downtown to #OOW10 . The beautiful SF bay view from atop Foster City gets old. Yeah, right. about 21 hours ago via TweetDeck

Speaking on #DMRadio show on Data as a Service with @rainstor @InformaticaCorp @CompositeSW @denodo @kognitio about 22 hours ago via TweetDeck

"Egos clash in Larry's ORCL locker room" ( JK--I'm also offended by Exadata dimensions. Std should B 5-5, 140lbs, male. about 22 hours ago via TweetDeck

@jlarson17 #OOW10 Thanks. I aim to please. 1,285,218,248,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to jlarson17

Dinner, drinks, & nonstop deep conversation in Napa with Dan & Jennifer Lahl. Awesomely perfect evening with 2 smart, nice people. 1,285,217,782,000.00 via txt

"After Larry Ellison's Sucker Punch, Red Hat Swings Back" ( JK--Stakes are big, which is why Oracle gives a fork. 1,285,196,117,000.00 via TweetDeck

@tuvapalm Another theory: He craves matinee-idol immortality thru Pixar rendering as 3D big-screen avatar. Larry's got more green than Shrek 1,285,195,681,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to tuvapalm

@tuvapalm Is Larry putting sweet talk out there 2 soften Jobs+Apple for eventual acq? An Oracle consumer division? Is that even conceivable? 1,285,195,408,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to tuvapalm

RT @zaps: "Ellison says believes in HW+SW (like his friend Steve Jobs)" #oow10 JK--Why's he always need to mention that Jobs is "my friend"? 1,285,195,211,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Ellison discussing #Exalogic Elastic Cloud. 1,285,194,789,000.00 via TweetDeck

"SOA Data Services" ( JK--Hmmm...interesting convergence of federation....virtualization. 1,285,193,442,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Can behavioral biometrics help detect terrorists entering US?" ( JK--Suspect there's MPP DW & in-db pred analysis here 1,285,193,189,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @toddbiske "last year at #oow.... deluge midway through conf" JK--Added to Woodstock tribal feel, but don't recall buff bathing in SF bay 1,285,192,768,000.00 via TweetDeck

@jameskobielus #OOW10 Subsecond. Oracle must have some serious CEP behind that board. Le tweet a gran vitesse! 1,285,192,614,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to jameskobielus

#OOW10 Checking the update latency on the analyst room Twitter board. Will report. 1,285,192,537,000.00 via TweetDeck

Catch my keynote at #KXEN EMEA User Conference '10, Old Windsor, England UK, Oct 28. Agenda & register: 1,285,191,960,000.00 via TweetDeck 1,285,191,765,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Cloud? Middleware? Exalogic Confusion and Why Ellison Owes Me Botox" ( JK--Hey Loraine Lawson I love that great title! 1,285,191,525,000.00 via TweetDeck

Interviewed by Charlie Babcock of InformationWeek re #Oracle #Exadata. Speak of the devil. I'm at #OOW10. Coincidence? 1,285,191,353,000.00 via TweetDeck

"The World's Worst PowerPoint Presentations" ( JK--Actually, some R good, if read as books, not endured as presos. 1,285,191,172,000.00 via TweetDeck

If God had intended 4 human comprehension 2 scale, He would have replaced our fixed-capacity crania w/ expandable membranes, a la pufferfish 1,285,188,340,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Not a cloud in the sky. Is God mocking Larry? 1,285,185,783,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @merv: #oow10 customer reports compression sometimes gave higher peformance on queries; overhead outweighed by compression. 1,285,185,579,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Listening to excellent #Oracle #Exadata customer panel discussion of their experiences. 1,285,185,532,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @brainpicker "Eve Ensler's latest about women who survived Katrina" ( JK--Call it Katrina (kuh-TRY-na) Monologues 1,285,185,310,000.00 via TweetDeck

@mattsingley Not forgetting PR. Just truncating them out of the tweet in the interest of expedient tweetological optimization. 1,285,184,938,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to mattsingley

RT @bbctech: McCartney in cloud digitise deal JK--Big cloud win for #HP. Are #Oracle & #IBM pursuing Yoko? 1,285,183,487,000.00 via TweetDeck

@drnatalie #socialID Brainstorming? Feels like should be responsibility of existing role VPs: sales, mktg, cust svc, etc, not new role. 1,285,183,266,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

@ntalukdar3 If you laugh nervously while saying all that over and over, people will believe you even faster. 1,285,181,351,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to ntalukdar3

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza discussing #Exadata roadmap: Exalogic integ, cross-gen svr mixing, etc, but no big architectural changes planned. 1,285,181,264,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza keeps using the phrase "Exadata is a big deal." Over and over. 1,285,180,239,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @Vocus: "Steve Jobs to journalism student: ‘Leave us alone’" ( via @PRDailyNews JK--Smooth one, Steve. Learn manners 1,285,180,054,000.00 via TweetDeck

@markmadsen It's in the hidden track, below XML, creating faith-based specifications for techies who tap their ruby slippers & truly believe 1,285,179,837,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to markmadsen

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza discussing #Exadata 10x compression vs NZ 2-4x vs EMC 3x (VMAX) vs. TD 1.3x (2580) 1,285,179,618,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza discussing #Exadata perf metrics 4 OLTP w/ 5 TB PCI flash: 1M I/Ops, or 5x more I/Os than 1000-disk enterpr storage array 1,285,179,520,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza Discussing #Exadata peformance metrics vs. Netezza TwinFin 12 vs. TD 2580. 1,285,179,347,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 I grid my teeth, grid my loins, & grid and bear when vendors attempt 2 cloud discussions & clot brains w/ cloddish synonym clusters 1,285,178,931,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 I sorta wish #Oracle not get bogged down in "what's the officially Larry-sanctioned metaphor (grid, cloud, platform)?" wordsmithing. 1,285,178,620,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza "pet peeve is people call #Exadata a 'box' or an 'appliance.' It is a 'platform.'" JK-Sigh. Please don't split hairs. 1,285,178,349,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza "Oracle goals are #Exadata best machine for DW, for OLTP, and for DB consolidation." 1,285,178,259,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Juan Loaiza discussing #Exadata DB machine present and future. "Exadata & Exalogic a turning point in the industry." 1,285,178,010,000.00 via TweetDeck

@markmadsen Can be easily fixed. Just import behavioral pixie dust into their models via support for PDML (Pixie Dust Markup Language). 1,285,177,923,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to markmadsen

@drnatalie Languaging = conversation? If so then yes, central to relationships and to communities. Social central 2 stakeholder conversation 1,285,177,817,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

#OOW10 Why has #Oracle NOT made formal announcements re #Exadata Intellignt Warehouses? This is fundamental to their ongoing go-to-market. 1,285,177,166,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin showing Deloitte-provided Retail BI Accelerator (RBIA) analytics built into retail version of Exadata Intelligent Warehouse 1,285,177,029,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin discussing integration of predictive analytics, data mining, market basket analysis models in Exadata Intelligent Warehouses 1,285,176,974,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin--Exadata Intelligent Warehouses--showing sample interactive dashboards & reports from retail version. 1,285,176,924,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin: Exadata Intel Wrhs: industry experts design enterprise-wide logical & physical models, plus cubes, metadata, sample rpts 1,285,176,879,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin--Exadata Intelligent Warehouses: industry data models + analytics + BI + Exadata. 1,285,176,775,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin discussing #Exadata Intelligence Warehouse Solutions for retail and communications. JK--Think IBM Smt An Sys, but all-Oracle 1,285,176,708,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin: Oracle doing pharma POC of SAS #Exadata integration on in-db analytics now. Oracle & SAS sales teams working together. 1,285,176,611,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin discussing depth of #Exadata integ w/ Base #SAS procs (freq, means, rank, report, sort, summary, tabulate) via SAS/ACCESS 1,285,176,530,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin discussing scalable in-db analytics in #Exadata, enabling score data mining models directly against DBMS tables. 1,285,176,418,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10: Lumpkin discussing new Oracle in-db analytics integration with SAS models via PMML import via Oracle Data Miner. 1,285,176,362,000.00 via TweetDeck

@drnatalie I see what you mean. Somebody C-level charged w/ stakeholder relationship mgt in age of social permeating all relationships. 1,285,176,294,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

@drnatalie "Languaging"? 1,285,176,207,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

#OOW10: Oracle's George Lumpkin discussing Exadata Intelligence Warehouse solution portfolio. Which is growing. 1,285,176,157,000.00 via TweetDeck

@drnatalie "Chief engagement officer"? 1,285,176,077,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

RT @parikhash: "I will be on the DM Radio session tomorrow talking about data services for DW & BI" ( JK--As will I. 1,285,175,984,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @augieray: "I propose...Jon Stewart for president w/ Brian Williams as VP!" #rally4sanity JK--Have do funny-off to see who heads ticket! 1,285,175,918,000.00 via TweetDeck

Listening to Foo Fighters, "Learn to Fly" ( overhead on break in #OOW10 DW/DBMS analyst summit. 1,285,175,739,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 "LOL" in present context means laughing, but not out loud. Listening to #Oracle database customers in cone of silence. 1,285,175,020,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @NeilRaden: "heard a variation of that. Exuding self-confidence is like peeing in a white suit-it feels good and it shows" JK--LOL !!!!!! 1,285,174,950,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 But it's even more rewarding to actually be here for even a part of live conf. Lots of serendipitous connections enrich experience. 1,285,174,236,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 This conf is so heavily attended, commented, reported, & documented that U can stay remote/virtual, if U wish, & still learn tons. 1,285,174,117,000.00 via TweetDeck


"Nokia: Using Android like 'peeing in yer pants for warmth in winter'"( JK--Headline almost induced that response in me 1,285,173,671,000.00 via TweetDeck

@StevePR104 F-oy!-cebook. 1,285,173,476,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to StevePR104

"Lots of Questions at ORCL Open World" ( JK--Good discussion of unresolved questions re #Oracle cloud strategy. #OOW10 1,285,173,423,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On [ORACLE EXADATA] by [J. KOBIELUS] from [OPENWORLD] JK--Had too much 2 dream last night 1,285,172,739,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Also bumped into @ca_bshimmin of Current Analysis in front of Moscone Center. Big part of OpenWorld experience. Chance rendezvous. 1,285,172,565,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @merv: #oow10 Cone of silence descends as Exadata, RAC, 11g customer panel for analysts begins JK--Lift the cone, ORCL--can't hear them 1,285,172,132,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Was quite happy to get a surprise face-to-face visit from Phil Schacter, an analyst from the darkside, from my dark ages back pages. 1,285,172,049,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Canada approves Facebook changes" JK--Chief among them. Company name displays as "F-eh!-cebook" for Canadian users. 1,285,171,139,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @databaseguru: A. Mendelsohn seems to have decided "cloud" simply new, cool synonym for "grid". #oow10 JK--Larry's decision, not Andy's. 1,285,171,002,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: Oracle not targeting Hadoop market with new OCFS-Cloud Edition offering. Gen'l purpose clustered or local file system. 1,285,170,693,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: Amazon EC2 customers primarily SMB. JK--Oracle should position this & other public clouds as Exadata try-before-buy 4 SMB 1,285,170,610,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: Oracle expanding relationship with Amazon to include running Oracle virtual machines in EC2 public cloud. 1,285,170,518,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "Oracle talking to public cloud providers who are evaluating building their services on Exadata." 1,285,170,410,000.00 via TweetDeck

@merv #OOW10 You sorta wonder whether Oracle will go back and retro-name their product generations: 11g -> 11c (cloud)? Probably not 1,285,169,888,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to merv

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: Exadata v1 sep 08 extr perf 4 DW; v2 nov 09, DW + OLTP; v2-2 & 2-8, sep 10, prv cloud, linux/solaris, 2 "mondo" SMP svrs 1,285,169,766,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "Oracle key DB go-to-mkt initiatives: DW w/ Exadata, consol onto private clouds with Exadata, database security" 1,285,169,453,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "The word 'grid' is now passe. Larry has decided we will all call it 'cloud.'" 1,285,169,367,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: #Exadata sales cycles R shrinking. Need to do POCs declining as customers accept that Exadata can do OLTP/DW with agility 1,285,169,312,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "Larry is personally driving Exadata sales" JK--I believe it, in spades. This is obviously his #1 priority, and Oracle's. 1,285,169,189,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "Larry: Exadata pipeline for full fiscal year is now up to $1.5 billion & growing rapidly." 1,285,169,115,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "Overlay sales forces selling DB security, Data integ, & BIEE" "Both ORCL software & Sun HW sales forces sell Exadata" 1,285,168,989,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Mendelsohn: "DB sales focus. DB sales reps no longer compensated on SOA. DB & HW sales reps both compensated on Exadata HW." 1,285,168,933,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10. Mendelsohn: "Larry is personally driving Exadata business. Mark Hurd knows Database Machine business." 1,285,168,835,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 Andy Mendelsohn, at DW/DB analyst summit, positions as #Exadata as db machine, and #Exalogic as middleware/app machine. 1,285,168,678,000.00 via TweetDeck

EMC Greenplum & Cloudera Form Alliance to Tackle Big Data Challenge ( JK--Cloudera is the hottest pure-play in Hadoop. 1,285,164,925,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Is Larry Ellison Going Soft On HP And IBM?" ( JK--Larry Ellison going lovey-dovey on archrivals. I seriously doubt it. 1,285,164,154,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Facebook: We Don't Build Phones" ( JK--Why does FB bother issuing public denials? Just click "unlike" on the story. 1,285,162,853,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Twitter 'antibodies' help kill worm, says researcher" ( JK--Yeah, and the Titanic was unsinkable. Thank you experts! 1,285,162,150,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Drain Cosmetics by Serena Maneesh from album Serena-Maneesh JK--Jangling rock guitar and vocal atmospherics. 1,285,161,917,000.00 via TweetDeck

"HP's Ex-CEO Hawks Oracle Exadata Server X2-8" ( JK--Did they hold editorial conf 2 wordsmith snide tone into headline? 1,285,161,431,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Elevation by Television from the album Marquee Moon JK--A great 70s guitar band that rarely got over-the-airplay. 1,285,161,146,000.00 via TweetDeck

Autumnal equinox. Day 2 celebrate planet & fact that we havent stopped it from precessing around poles. Afraid Pluto demote might upset that 1,285,160,693,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @debtfreeguy: "A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory" JK--Forgiveness relies on good "bad memory": willed forgetfulness. 1,285,158,898,000.00 via TweetDeck

Prepping for #Oracle #DW #DBMS analyst summit at #OOW10 . By "prepping," I mean decompressing all the past few days' announcements in head. 1,285,158,743,000.00 via TweetDeck

Was telling #Oracle at #oow10 dinner that gaming (e.g., FarmVille) coming to dominate Facebook. Abomination! Twitter should dominate FB. 1,285,157,754,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Chip Shop by Christy McWilson from Think For Yourself JK--Great cover. Great song. Greatly miss MIss Kirsty MacColl. 1,285,157,539,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 is obviously a major rendezvous point in many IT professionals' annual calendars. Regardless of what #Oracle announces. A community. 1,285,134,772,000.00 via TweetDeck

I love IT industry tradeshows. I still use many freebies I got at these shows. My summer t-shirts, fanny pack, coffee mug, backpack, etc. 1,285,134,085,000.00 via TweetDeck

If #Oracle wants 2 keep #OOW10 in San Francisco in future, need 2 make it city-wide multi-venue event. Sort of like an Olympics..of hi-tech. 1,285,133,902,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Dear Mr. President by Fitz & The Tantrums from Pickin' Up The Pieces JK--Great new 60s-classic soul-feeling group. 1,285,133,761,000.00 via TweetDeck

@drnatalie #SocialID #scrm #marketing #pr "Chief social officer"? Sounds like lame corporate effort to be every customer's best friend. 1,285,133,561,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to drnatalie

@markmadsen You're right. "Recommendations" are prescriptive to-dos. They're not the same as garden-variety "actionable intelligence." 1,285,133,448,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to markmadsen

Curious how many of Carlin's words U can fit into a tweet: S*** P*** F*** C*** C********* M*********** T*** . All of them. Cool. 1,285,133,120,000.00 via TweetDeck

The only reason I retweeted that last one (beyond pure vanity) was to correct the spelling of my name. Vanity, in other words. 1,285,132,822,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @soafaq: Many thanks to @jameskobielus @rwang0 @marksmithvr and many others for their very interesting informations from #oow10 ... 1,285,132,774,000.00 via TweetDeck

I love IT industry tradeshows. Thinking back over my career, I've had more memorable conversations at tradeshows than anywhere else. 1,285,132,734,000.00 via TweetDeck

I love IT industry tradeshows such as #OOW10. Create illusion that a partner ecosystem is a physically unified reality--all under one roof. 1,285,132,567,000.00 via TweetDeck

Listening to Andrew Bird "Tenuousness" from the LP "Noble Beast." The lyrics mean nothing. Don't listen for that. Listen for poetic grain. 1,285,132,141,000.00 via TweetDeck

Steve Balllmer is the Michael Eisner of Microsoft. He's primarily caretaking the brand created by a venerated founder. How's he innovated? 1,285,131,977,000.00 via TweetDeck

#OOW10 has evolved over the years from a show that showcases #Oracle & its partners to one that showcases Oracle eclipsing its partners. 1,285,131,807,000.00 via TweetDeck

Was telling #Oracle over dinner that it's nearly impossible to wrap head around all #OOW10 announcements. Oracle prodigiously diversified 1,285,131,013,000.00 via TweetDeck

Listening to Beatles "Within You Without You" by George Harrison from "Sgt. Pepper's" LP. It's become my favorite song from that classic LP 1,285,130,873,000.00 via TweetDeck

What I noticed about #Oracle #Exadata ref customers was their sheer passion for the product, plus the sheer velocity of words discussing it. 1,285,130,774,000.00 via TweetDeck

Fairly chilly & windy tonight in San Francisco. The conversation was warm & fun all around. #OOW10 is almost overwhelming, stimulation-wise. 1,285,130,575,000.00 via TweetDeck

Putting back a few after hours with #Oracle during #OOW10 . Life is conversation that wobbles around a shifting stream of crazy moments. 1,285,125,754,000.00 via txt

Yes, I arrived at #oow10 and am here now. Been speaking to #Exadata reference customers. Very solid & impressive ones. More to come. 1,285,115,279,000.00 via TweetDeck

Airport layouts are like signatures. Cursive signatures. Every one is unique, and runs on, loops, and/or sends out shoots in odd configs. 1,285,101,485,000.00 via txt

SCTV's Sid Dithers (Eugene Levy): "Son you come? droven did you flew?" 1,285,100,356,000.00 via txt

Still on taxiway at LAX. Flow control into SFO has us waiting. Tentative wheelsup at 12:19. Sigh. 1,285,095,922,000.00 via txt

Financial Times. Best continuing coverage of business & econ of any newspaper. Their staff actually researches & analyzes issues in depth. 1,285,095,174,000.00 via txt

In plane, soon taking off from LAX, on way to SFO, to do #OOW10, slightly delayed, but decent chance of making all scheduled sessions 1,285,093,578,000.00 via txt

A cloud is only tangible when you sketch its specs on a piece of paper. An appliance is only intangible when it's only specs, on any medium. 1,285,093,388,000.00 via txt

"IBM agrees 2 pay $1.7b for Marlborough’s Netezza" ( JK--Local biz angle in Boston Globe. I'm from Cambridge-based firm 1,285,092,077,000.00 via web

"Oracle Enhances BI Apps" ( JK--Only analytics-relevant #OOW announce today. Sundry app-embed enh & certs. v. 1,285,090,759,000.00 via web

"How I got thrown out of an NSA party" ( JK--Spoiler alert: bugged the punchbowl. 1,285,088,915,000.00 via TweetDeck

"In defense of Steve Jobs' 'grouchy' emails " ( JK--Indulge Jobs his rudeness and me my gratuitous erudition. 1,285,088,546,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Hadoop and MapReduce: Breaking records in cloud" ( JK--In-cloud analytics: proving ground for all future higher maths. 1,285,088,376,000.00 via TweetDeck

Delicate choreo of officephone mute-unmuting, from handset 2 baseset 2 headset, freeing self 2 roam & sidechat and hands 2 write & speedtype 1,285,088,143,000.00 via TweetDeck

Industry gossip says I can sing. Based apparently on one 2008 #Forrester perf from Book of @merv . Or 2007 solo at Current Analysis. 1,285,087,689,000.00 via TweetDeck

"ORCL Commits 2 Cloud Cmputng" ( JK--Big vdrs R like political parties: platform shifts catalyzed at noisy conventions. 1,285,087,265,000.00 via TweetDeck

I re-read my stuff, see a teeny tiny typo that no one spotted and that doesn't monkey with the meaning in any major way. I blush & fix it. 1,285,086,855,000.00 via TweetDeck

Cooling my jets at LAX. Keeping an eye on the clock. Another flight delay. Potentially impacts my first afternoon event at #OOW10. 1,285,086,673,000.00 via TweetDeck

Funny 2 watch high-pressure infomercials w/ tickdown "buy now!" onscreen clocks. What if exercise machines counted down yer life expectancy? 1,285,086,305,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hurd Unveils ORCL's New Exadata DB Machine ( JK--Exadata's 1st version didnt "change the game." It just deepened stakes 1,285,085,071,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Exadata remains very much Ellison's baby. Hurd now charged w/penciling ruler marks on #Oracle wall 2 track how fast the baby grows up & out 1,285,084,871,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Oracle Touts Exalogic as Cloud in a Box" ( JK--No. If you can stub your toe on it, it's not a cloud. It's a brick. 1,285,084,378,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Hooray For Tuesday by The Minders from LP Hooray For Tuesday JK--Good song from 1998. Midweek the new weekend? Not! 1,285,082,484,000.00 via TweetDeck

#Oracle Fusion App suite . Reading info sheet on CRM app. This just salesforce automation. Where are CRM apps 4 customer svc & mktg? #oow10 1,285,082,403,000.00 via TweetDeck

H.G. Wells interviewed by no-relation extra-e American Orson Welles circa1940 ( Audio clip is time machine in own right. 1,285,081,758,000.00 via TweetDeck

What, after all, is TweetDeck but a speed reader-grazer's green gleaning pasture? Much much much much.....muNch muNch muNch muNch...... 1,285,081,223,000.00 via TweetDeck

I'm usually prebriefed on most important announcements prior 2 Industry conferences such as #oow10 . What not prebriefed on, I speed-read on 1,285,081,136,000.00 via TweetDeck

Flight delays are useful if they give me extra time to download & read a lot of stuff. Reading all #Oracle Fusion apps info from #oow10 1,285,081,030,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Am/Fm by !!! from Strange Weather, Isn't It? JK--Strange band name, isn't it? Don't call them Exclamation Point x 3 1,285,080,017,000.00 via TweetDeck

Flight delayed an hour, but shouldn't impact my schedule today at #oow10 1,285,079,827,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @alyswoodward: "Don't mouse over anything weird." JK--Or anything cheesy. You'll never see your mouse again. 1,285,073,541,000.00 via TweetDeck

The California coast is cool. Literally. Always forget to bring a jacket. Almost (but not enough) to make me long for DC steam heat. 1,285,065,658,000.00 via TweetDeck

Twitter w/out people's pictures is seamlessly unreadable river of molten text. Next-gen Twitter should let us do cool things w/our fotos. 1,285,065,566,000.00 via TweetDeck

Doing #OOW10 today & tomorrow. In transit now. Insomnia--and how! 1,285,065,390,000.00 via TweetDeck

Bidding war for Netezza? Possible, but unlikely. Oracle too Exadata-focused & HP too rudder-less 2 go 4 it. Darkhorses: SAP, Microsoft. 1,285,065,088,000.00 via TweetDeck

In my experience, vendors who come to educate & inform, not hard-sell, are warmly received on industry panels. Such was the case today. 1,285,047,614,000.00 via TweetDeck

Panel:IBM/Cognos (Campbell), Information Builders (Corcoran), Balanced Insight (Hammergren), & MicroStrategy (LaRow). All had great insights 1,285,047,556,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today's panel at Computerworld BI conf. Had four excellent vendor panelists: Don Campbell, Mike Corcoran, Tom Hammergren, Mark LaRow. 1,285,047,393,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: Tide by Junip from the album Fields JK--With the unmistakable voice of Jose Gonzales. Somehow his vocal flatness an asset. 1,285,046,972,000.00 via TweetDeck

Surprised #Oracle hasn't made big splash w/ #Exadata Intelligent Warehouses at #OOW10. Analytic solution appliances could be IBM advantage. 1,285,046,909,000.00 via TweetDeck

Principal analytics-relevant #OOW10 announcements: (Exadata scale) & (embed BI in Fusion Apps). 1,285,046,817,000.00 via TweetDeck

Szechuan is one of my comfort cuisines. Usually, I can count on a predictably satisfying dining experience. I'm not terribly adventurous. 1,285,045,070,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today, re #IBM #Netezza, I was interviewed by Jaikumar Vijayan, Mark Brunelli, Shara Tibken, Joab Jackson, & Juan Martinez. Various pubs. 1,285,044,983,000.00 via TweetDeck

@NeilRaden I know. I'm playin' with ya. 1,285,044,839,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

@NeilRaden Oceans get old. They ARE old, dude. No new oceans have been created in my lifetime. 1,285,039,579,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

As I said in another biz trip context, San Diego & environs remind me of the Portugal coast. Wow, yes. 1,285,034,003,000.00 via txt

The Pacific, from where I stand, is so aptly named that I forget my yoga breathing exercises & surrender completely 2 whatever may transpire 1,285,033,452,000.00 via txt

La Jolla seems to inhabit some platonic ideal of genteel So Calif oceanside living that does not necessarily dictate platonic relations. 1,285,033,086,000.00 via txt

Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Has my vote for coolest, smartest actor of our times. Just read any intervu. Dude would be awesome industry analyst 1,285,027,807,000.00 via TweetDeck

"VMware is buying Novell" ( JK--Good. Now can all take this Utah-based IT vendor off our death wasatch...I mean watch 1,285,027,138,000.00 via TweetDeck

Following informative tweetstream from #OOW10 . Everything overheard at Oracle. "Over Hurd at Oracle." That should be Larry's keynote title. 1,285,026,971,000.00 via TweetDeck

IBM, Oracle, EMC, SAP, & HP acq sprees ongoing. Lotsa great bargains in recession-softened economy that's tested promising startups' mettle. 1,285,026,661,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Oracle Introduces Exadata Database Machine X2-8" ( JK--Great one. Thorougly scaling Exadata family up and out. 1,285,026,163,000.00 via TweetDeck

Netezza buy further defines IBM's analytics bent ( JK--Wherein yours truly gets analytical on the language of analytics 1,285,025,863,000.00 via TweetDeck

Cool. Whatever crazy crap was happening w/ Hotmail login has been resolved. Would hate 2 have that hanging over my head during cocktail hour 1,285,025,138,000.00 via TweetDeck

Good that Hurd's status is resolved. It's just not a good thing for anybody to have that issue hang over this week's proceedings at #oow 1,285,025,000,000.00 via TweetDeck

It's strange when odd music becomes your inner dialogue. 1,285,024,842,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @ovvo: @jameskobielus @kexpplaylist JK--Thing-a-beauty. They: Cleveland. Me: Detroit. Bridge: Erie resonances 1,285,024,568,000.00 via TweetDeck

What's going on with Hotmail today? 1,285,023,003,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @kexpplaylist: The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu from the album The Modern Dance poetry began with David Thomas...serious....79 1,285,022,963,000.00 via TweetDeck

Agile #BI panel at Computerworld conf went well. Vendor panelists did great job. Audience told me they enjoyed. My 1st time ever moderating. 1,285,021,144,000.00 via TweetDeck

I don't concern myself so much with whether a beautiful moment is repeatable. I primarily care whether in fact it was truly experienced. 1,285,018,904,000.00 via txt

Torrey Pines, La Jolla, California. This is one beautiful golf course, rolling gentle waves to the ocean like a tidy green beach. 1,285,018,418,000.00 via txt

"Investors Look To Next Data-Management Targets After Netezza" ( JK--I'd be surprised if TD gets no offers pre-Partners 1,285,011,202,000.00 via TweetDeck

Don't plan to eat till tonight sometime. Given all this crush of stuff, anything I put down now may not stay down. 1,285,011,001,000.00 via TweetDeck

Netezza deal fills key hole in IBM BI product line ( JK--Not "hole in IBM BI product line." Fills DW affordability gap. 1,285,010,808,000.00 via TweetDeck

@ryanprociuk I forgot: I tweeted on that very topic right here: 1,285,010,568,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to ryanprociuk

@ryanprociuk Yes, I have thoughts. Shared 'em with various reporters. See who publishes what. 1,285,010,516,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to ryanprociuk

"IBM 2 acq DW applnc vendor Netezza" ( JK--Follows EMC acq of Greenplum. But TD/Kickfire? That wasn't significant deal. 1,285,010,356,000.00 via TweetDeck

"Data storage stocks get more juice from IBM deal" ( JK--Funny how some position IBM/Nz in a storage context. 1,285,009,881,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @TheOnion: Make sure résumé is free of spelling errors, grease stains, blood splatters, and bits of hair and gristle. #JobHuntingTips 1,285,009,014,000.00 via TweetDeck

Agile #BI: leveraging the collective intelligence of your business & IT teams to build, refine, & optimize your business intelligence. 1,285,002,824,000.00 via txt

Here's my hunch on how Ellison & Hurd will spin IBM/Nz news at #OOW10 . Will "welcome" competition & whomp em w/ Exadata Fusion app integ. 1,285,002,378,000.00 via txt

Under IBM, expect TwinFin-i to become one of industry's leading advanced analytic appliances. Aster Data & Oracle Exadata also contenders. 1,285,002,163,000.00 via txt

Expect IBM 2 position NZ TwinFin as hi-perf lo-cost query front-end accel; ISAS as analytics solution hub; BigInsights 4 content cloud DW. 1,285,001,862,000.00 via txt

Apparently, Hotmail's down. My wife on east coast and me on west coast see the same. 1,285,001,392,000.00 via TweetDeck

Take deep breath....go back to Computerworld conf ballroom...hope can listen without interruption by reporter asking for IBM/Nz thoughts 1,285,001,111,000.00 via TweetDeck

Going back to the Computerworld BI & Analytics conf ballroom. My panel's this afternoon (1:30-2:15pm). 1,284,999,418,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hey reporters, send an email to my Forrester address, and you'll get my mobile in auto-reply. Call that if you want comment now on IBM/Nz 1,284,999,367,000.00 via TweetDeck

New blogpost: "IBM Buying Netezza, Sending Clear Shot Across Oracle’s Bow" ( 1,284,993,634,000.00 via TweetDeck

IBM Agrees to Buy Netezza for $1.7 Billion to Gain Analytics Technology ( JK--Clear shot across Larry Ellison's bow! 1,284,988,054,000.00 via TweetDeck

IBM buying Netezza makes great sense for both. IBM needed price-performance aggressive #DW appliance. NZ needs solution & service portfolio. 1,284,987,761,000.00 via TweetDeck

IBM buying Netezza. Wow! More in a moment 1,284,987,414,000.00 via TweetDeck

Also, why does Oracle's predictive analytics strategy, tools, and apps rarely get any major emphasis at OpenWorld? #oow10 1,284,968,710,000.00 via TweetDeck

Oracle needs to keep refreshing the #Exadata vision annually to keep pace. Why no splashy new Exadata announcements on first day of #oow10 ? 1,284,968,582,000.00 via TweetDeck

Hurd didn't leave HP in shambles. He simply left HP's data warehousing strategy in shambles. Whither Neoview? 1,284,967,958,000.00 via TweetDeck

Disappointed that Oracle didn't announce a subscription-based Exadata data warehousing cloud service. 1,284,967,788,000.00 via TweetDeck

Tattoos. Frankly, I find them repulsive, like skin lesions stained with industrial dyes. 1,284,959,822,000.00 via txt

What's with this Epoch Times newspaper? Seen it in precisely 2 places: Ottawa & La Jolla. Who funds it? No clear agenda. Few ads. 1,284,959,510,000.00 via txt

Agile #BI panel tomorrow. I moderate and present #Forrester perspective. Computerworld conference. Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. 1,284,959,166,000.00 via txt

La Jolla. I'm curious where Theodor Seuss Geisel resided. I half-expect to see the beach crawling with star-bellied sneetches. 1,284,958,096,000.00 via txt

La Jolla has wide streets and a slightly spacey gaze directed at some nonspecific point over the Pacific. Or it could be secondhand hookah. 1,284,957,808,000.00 via txt

La Jolla. I'm going to recommend that Georgetown put a branch campus here. 1,284,954,365,000.00 via TweetDeck

@NeilRaden You're referring to Irwin "Shifty" Lazar @imlazar .. R U not? I assure U he's totally benevolent. So is "Big Ven" (aka @merv ) 1,284,933,085,000.00 via TweetDeck in reply to NeilRaden

Of 50-odd #merv tweets so far from #oow10, my fave is .....takes a lot 2 stun this space cadet, dude...I'm SUPERGEEK! 1,284,932,877,000.00 via TweetDeck

I can remember & air guitar every note on Stairway to Heaven. I can air sing it all too. Play the CD & mime Page & Plant #rocktheworld 1,284,932,504,000.00 via TweetDeck

Minneapolis. One of the Twin Cities, I'm told. It's the smaller of the two. Across the mighty Mississippi is the even mighter Maxxeapolis. 1,284,932,206,000.00 via TweetDeck

Let's see. Any venerable analysts at #oow10 ? There must be. But all I'm seeing R esteemed analysts. Suspect the venerables still in transit 1,284,932,061,000.00 via TweetDeck

Following tweetstream from #oow10. I'm slated to speak w/ several #oracle #exadata customers tuesday & do DBMS/DW analyst summit wednesday 1,284,931,945,000.00 via TweetDeck

Crush of fans 2 cheer Redskins at Fedex. People who don't live permanently in DC area have no clue. Football trumps politics on fall Sundays 1,284,915,984,000.00 via txt

Flipping the channels. What do I want to watch: Katherine Heigl seducing some dude or Bear Grylls eating a bug? 1,284,907,271,000.00 via txt

How to keep the body from shutdown? No magical medical on horizon. Exercise & diet. 1,284,906,922,000.00 via txt

Conception. Its reverse is deconception: after we've passed away, so, eventually does memory & artifact of our time here. Deal with it. 1,284,906,578,000.00 via txt

How do U keep yer mood from shutting down as all yer vitals wane? Ya nail yer mood to the undying heart of the kosmos. Some call it religion 1,284,906,365,000.00 via txt

Next time U see ads w/ before & after photos of folks who've been transformed by some product or program. Before: grim face. After: smiley. 1,284,906,032,000.00 via txt

The quick brown fox. She can leap 26 letters in a single phrase. You never hear her boasting. No foxy vanity. Just no-nonsense agility. 1,284,905,541,000.00 via txt

Tweetese. Lingo in which it can be difficult to distinguish typo from constraint-aware purposeful one-off mis-spelling. 1,284,905,119,000.00 via txt

Dying of old age. Senescent shutdown syndrome. One system decline cascades 2 others. Mood mind muscle. Keep em from shuttng down & cascading 1,284,904,537,000.00 via txt

RT @Jon_Ferrara: Jimi Hendrix Died 40 Years Ago [Guitar] JK--Yeah, but his reverb hasn't even begun to die down 1,284,859,382,000.00 via TweetDeck

RT @windley: "This morning I woke up and thought 'I hope someone monetizes me today'" JK--That thought should have stayed in Vegas. 1,284,859,319,000.00 via TweetDeck

Today's "speak like a software pirate day." You gotta walk around saying "ARRR me buccos hand over that IP or I'll rip U a nu open source!" 1,284,859,119,000.00 via TweetDeck

Prepping for #oow10 , to which I go straight from Computerwd conf. By "prepping," I mean following which of my tweeting analyst buds R going 6:26 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck

Love "follow us on Twitter" promo from businesses that put out 1 dull tweet per week. Like following random pedestrian from speeding car. 6:25 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck

I wonder if Jackson Browne has ever been approached about a hot business opportunity: a "Doctor My Eyes" chain of opthamalogist shops. 6:18 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck

Prepping for Computerworld BI & Analytics Perspectives (La Jolla) where I chair agile #BI panel on Monday. By "prepping," I mean napping. 6:16 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck

@JohnGallant1 My brother still has our copy of the High School Yearbook issue. I don't recall the Unwanted Foreigners. 5:30 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck in reply to JohnGallant1

@ColinJWhite You can't tell? 5:29 PM Sep 18th via TweetDeck in reply to ColinJWhite

Buzz Aldrin. He's the first name that springs to mind among the still-living Apollo astronauts. What was that "one small step" dude's name? 2:56 PM Sep 18th via txt

Vanity Fair. Wherein the vain & fair of face & figure get their customary 200+ pages of fancy fashion ad photo opps & readers a meager 10-20 2:45 PM Sep 18th via txt

National Lampoon's 1964 High School Yearbook Parody, from 1974. Came out when I was in highschool. Still an LOL landmark of American comedy. 2:10 PM Sep 18th via txt

Michael Stonebraker. The Johnny Appleseed of database startups. 10:37 AM Sep 18th via txt

Saw "Bugsy" on TV last night. Best Beatty performance of his entire career. Best Bening too. Most believable love-hate scenes. Wonder why. 8:21 AM Sep 18th via txt

Consummate WashDC insider SecDef Robert Gates does anti-DC jokes when speaking outside Beltway. Does he do anti-flyover jokes when in DC? 8:16 AM Sep 18th via txt

Stewart & Colbert's planned rallies lampoon notion that "March on Washington" achieves anything other than mass littering on National Mall. 8:09 AM Sep 18th via txt

Comes a time you realize the only real stress is what you choose 2 add 2 yer system. Real world only unlocks the stress U already got queued 8:03 AM Sep 18th via txt

Best not 2 hold handles on elliptical. Stand straight up & pump yer legs. Builds balance, equilibrium, & alertness. Avoids ankle strain. 7:54 AM Sep 18th via txt

Entertainment industry. Most interesting is disconnect btwn Hollywood sets & Hollywood streets. Fake world they exhibit vs real they inhabit 7:48 AM Sep 18th via txt

Going into heart of fall high-tech conf season. So many places to go, people to meet. Substitute "too" for "so" & you see my dilemma. 7:41 AM Sep 18th via txt

People wonder how many Jim Kobielus(es) there are. There's some other dude in Wyoming I believe. Haven't met him. 4:34 PM Sep 17th via TweetDeck