Friday, September 17, 2010

Stuff I predicted years ago would happen this week September 13-17 2010

30 Facts About Facebook

Don't Call It CRM

Newly combined SAP and Sybase could mean big trouble for Oracle

Facebook Overtakes Google As Top Online Destination

How Consultants Can Deal With The Impostor Syndrome

Trillium Software System® V13 - Lucky for Some

Cisco Plots the Internet's Path

Google Instant: 2 Doubts

SciDB: Relational daddy answers Google, Hadoop, NoSQL

Mike Elgan: The wristwatch will rise again

Report: HP to buy ArcSight for $1.5 billion

Will Oracle buy Informatica next?

Is social BPM emerging as the defacto term for 'non-automated/business improvement/end user' BPM?

Oracle Hopes Mark Hurd Brings New Herd of Business

Immature Analytics Hinder Call Centers

IBM Launches New Data Security Software

Juniper lays out flat network roadmap

Four Years In The Cloud: Happy Birthday, Amazon Web Services EC2

Updated Redis NoSQL can store hashes, save datasets

Newest Adobe zero-day PDF exploit 'scary,' says researcher

Semantifi Debuts First Search App Marketplace for the 'Deep Web'

SAP New-Product Blitz Tomorrow

IT Blogwatch: HP to buy SIEM vendor ArcSight for $1.5B

Richi Jennings: Nokia's death march

HP gets 3Par amid Hurd mess

How IT will deliver big on Big Data's potential

Kimball University: Industry Standard Data Models Fall Short

Oracle Integration Release Meets Real-Time Demands

TrackVia Launches Cloud Database Application Platform for SMBs

On-demand IT services can unlock the value of business data

Trillium Software System® V13 - Lucky for Some

Pros And Cons Of HP's ArcSight Acquisition

Oops! Need an Undo in SQL Server? Try using a Snapshot…

Splunk and MapReduce

Is Oracle poised to effectively end open source software?

Why Hurd Will Be Key to Shaping the New Oracle

Google Code now a general open source repository

New Social Network eegoes Launches Services: What Matters to You?

Delphix Launches First Database Virtualization Solution at DEMO

SAND Technology Announces Release of SAND CDBMS 6

Amazon Kicks Up Cloud Price Competition With Micro Instances


Oracle Unveils New Data Integration Applications

How to Manage Data as an Asset

Is It Curtains for Nokia?

FCC Likely to Give WiFi a Shot in the Arm

IBM Chief Slams H-P

IBM's Palmisano: HP 'used to be inventive'

Why Social Media ROI May Be Worthless

SAP Lands 1-2 Punch: Targets Industry Needs With Business Analytics and Expertise

E-Mail Tsunami Overtakes Us, Even in Bedroom

Oracle's Exec Swap Portends Near-Term Change

Why Analytics Must Focus on Outliers and Idiosyncrasies

Mobile Data Intelligence: The Next-Generation BI

The Agile Data Warehouse: Keeping Users Happy

Winning the Quest for Reliable and Timely Data

Chris Poelker: The new data center adopts data services engines

SAP rolls out real-time business analytics apps

Ollila Joins Exodus From Nokia

Why Google Instant Could Kill Bing

IBM Research Facilities: From 'Watson' to Analytics to Health Care

The Customer Is Still Right:

How CDI Improves Everything

Aster Announces Hybrid Database

Basel III: Enterprise Data and Risk Management Required

Oracle's Exec Swap Portends Near-Term Change

Linus Torvalds becomes an American citizen

Twitter co-founder thanks his lucky stars

Disappearing identity

providers pose problem

Using Google 'reduces ability

to concentrate'

The big promise of Big Data: What you need to know today

Twitter Updates Site with Media and Social Networking Twist

Twitter Wants Micro-Messengers to Stick Around Longer

IBM CEO Palmisano: Oracle, Not HP, Is Biggest Rival

ESJ.COM: Mobile Data Intelligence: The Next- Generation BI

SAP Launches a Slew of Speedier Analytics Apps

Google Instant Inspires Imitators for YouTube, Maps, Images

Why Hurd Will Be Key to Shaping the New Oracle

TIBCO Touts Two-Second Advantage

Is Oracle an Apps Company That Sells Hardware or a Hardware Company That Dabbles in Apps?

How Microsoft PowerPivot will disrupt BI

Internet speed isn't everything

Mitch Wagner: The myth of Google Android "openness"

Actuate Betting on Unified Step Forward

Twitter's Redesign is a Giant Leap Forward

Twitter 2.0 Is Aimed at Readers

Diaspora Could Open New Social Scene for Business

Global CIO: Larry Ellison's Top 10 Priorities At Oracle Open World

Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics, Infrastructure Tools Unveiled

Mark Hurd makes first appearance as Oracle exec

Top 10 hot topics at Oracle OpenWorld

Delphix Server launches at DEMO to slash relational database redundant copies, storage waste and cos

Newcomer Delphix Launches First Virtualized Database Platform

Object-Oriented Storage: What IT Pros Should Know

The Next Big Thing In BPM: Real-Time Process Guidance

Is your cell phone a router?

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: VMware is buying Novell

The Data Liberation Movement