Friday, January 14, 2011

Stuff that was in the shooting script to "Animal House" Jan 10-14 2011

Eleven Signs You Work Too Hard

How Smartphones Have Changed Business

Cloud crime presents unique forensics challenges

Around the World: 10 new open source projects to watch

Will touch screens kill the keyboard?

Cubicle wars: Best and worst office setups for tech workers

Alacritech re-emerges with NAS acceleration appliance

Jaspersoft rearchitects BI stack

SAP To Focus More On Channel Sales Following Reorganization

SSD Technology Takes Center Stage At CES

White House Advances 'Trusted Identities' Program

Anonymity And Nonversations


CES Rocks the Tech Sector With 140,000-Strong Party

Apache Object-Oriented Data Project Goes Top-Level

Jaspersoft Enhances BI Web Application Integration

5 Paths To The New Data Integration

Predictions For Business Analytics In 2011

AOL Taps Vertica Database

IBM doubles down on business analytics

5 things you need to know about BPM ROI

Is there anything the Internet won't believe?

2011's 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries

Microsoft-led group formed to buy Novell patents dissolves

The 11 hottest Windows and Android tablets unveiled at CES

CES: Ballmer plugs Windows 7 as an OS for all devices

Microsoft bashes Apple at CES while previewing next-gen Windows

It's a Mad, Mad 4G World at CES 2011

CES 2011: Wireless power beginning to catch on

Intel demonstrates first open source MeeGo tablet at CES

CES 2011: Verizon's CTO outlines 4G LTE plans

CES: Ford debuts all-electric car

CES Laptop Rush: Scores of New Models, Few New Designs

4G a War of Tech and Words at CES 2011

Sprint launches third WiMax phone, HTC Evo Shift 4G

Report: iPad 2 shell spotted at CES

Is the Microsoft-Intel marriage finally over?

Windows Phone 7 at CES: Hellooooo? Anyone there?

Verizon and AT&T disappoint with no new 4G Data News at CES

CES 2011: Zigbee Alliance demos smart energy appliances

CES 2011: Lady Gaga unveils a Polaroid photo sunglasses, printer and camera

CES Concept Tech: 16 Gizmos Worth Waiting For

CES: A virtual Steve Ballmer introduces Avatar Kinect for XBox 360

Cisco's Internet TV entry heats up market

CES 2011: D-Link displays a router with curves

CES 2011: Fujitsu's Robotic Teddy Bear Concept

CES 2011: Lenovo shows ideaPad Slate (Windows 7 tablet) concept

CES 2011: Sony unveils camcorders with 3D, built-in projector

Motorola Rolls Out Droid Bionic

Android Honeycomb-Powered Tablet Coming to T-Mobile

Greenpeace lauds Asus, Acer, HP, Samsung for greenest consumer electronics

CES 2011: Verizon unveils 10 mobile devices with LTE built-in

Cisco at a quieter table in Vegas this year

Android: The next generation

CES 2011: Gadgets Galore

2011: The Year Personal Computing Will Reinvent Itself

Treasury Sites Jump To Amazon Cloud

Jaspersoft 4 Delivers First End-to-End BI for Web Applications

The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Cassandra 0.7

Microsoft Showcases Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R2

IBM Introduces Retail's First Completely Modular Self-Checkout System

IBM Survey: Frugal, Yet Optimistic Shoppers Driving Smarter Retail Through Technology and Mobility

Storage: The Achilles' Heel of Data Center Virtualization

Oracle aims new BI app at SAP customers

To BW or Not To BW? Introduces Free CRM Software

MicroStrategy Software Breaks 100,000 User Barrier with Only 32 CPU Cores


The Case for Push-Down Analytics

7 wacky products you missed at CES 2011

SAP buys security software, other assets from SECUDE


Fitness Technology Works Out CES 2011 (Feel The Burn)

Curtains For MySpace?

NetApp To Acquire Storage Optimization Firm Akorri

Real ID alive and kicking, report says

Google Chrome Adds WebM Video, Drops H.264

Google Android Surpasses Apple iPhone Market Share

California Governor Cuts Employee Cell Phones

Microsoft-led group formed to buy Novell patents dissolves

IBM's Database Security Strategy: A Closer Look

GigaSpaces, CloudTran Partner on Cloud-Based Data Processing

Wikipedia celebrates a decade of edit wars, controversy and Internet dominance

Doing CRM Right Means Staying in Discovery Mode

Five Under-the-Radar Amazon Web Services Cloud Features

The PC era is not over -- yet

Jaspersoft Turns To Web For New BI Suite

Millisecond Processing Of Transactions In The Cloud Promised

Treasury Launches Sites On Amazon Cloud

SIEM Gathers Steam In 2010

How to Evaluate BI Products


Clouds Go Vertical

IBM tops patent list for 18th consecutive year

The Decline & Fall of the Yahoo Empire

A mellower Steve Ballmer starts 12th year as CEO

IBM's Supercomputer 'Watson' Wins Jeopardy Practice Round

Why MySpace Deserves to Die

IBM Study: Midsize Businesses Increasing IT Budgets; Investing in Analytics and Cloud Computing

Groupon Talks IPO nice name, shame about the platform

I, for one, welcome our Linux Penguin, Jeopardy Overlords