Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stuff I read while camped in the Ritz lobby January 24-28 2011

Social Network Frenzy Signals Another Tech Bubble

With Cloud, What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Open Data Center Alliance

Mom and Dad Are Sexting

Social media analytics software going through growing pains

Future of Flight: NASA's Vision for 2025 and Beyond

Google Hotpot as a Social Network Needs Time to Cook

Twitter, Facebook Users Join More Groups in Real Life

Internap Cloud Storage Runs on OpenStack Platform

Capitalize on the Full Promise of the Information Supply Chain

Do BI and Analytics Belong Together?

HP, Microsoft Share Strengths in BI, Cloud Offerings

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's gutsy moves deserve credit

After Groupon bid, Google pursues coupon service

Schmidt to Step Aside as Google CEO, Page Taking Over

5 Plausible Reasons Eric Schmidt Resigned The Wal-Mart of Android Apps?

Google Responds to Gripes About its Search Results

Facebook raises $1.5 billion, puts value at $50 billion

Tanks of the Future Could Be Invisible

Power Shifts Atop Google

IBM's Q4 2010 Profits Driven by Hardware, Software, Growth Markets

Verizon To Continue Rapid Cloud Ramp

Microsoft Steps Up Competition With Dynamics CRM 2011

HP Shuffles Board, Adds Meg Whitman

Will Google CEO shift undermine enterprise efforts?

HP spotlights Microsoft appliance partnership as hopes dim for Neoview

Attensity Analyze 5.5 Release Provides Large-Scale Data Grid Offering for Voice of the Customer Analytics

Mapping Profanity on Twitter

Use BI tools to analyze green programs, study says

Around the World: How Quora could help your business

Self-service BI catches on

Oracle will confine Java to enterprise, Forrester says

Tibco takes on Salesforce, Socialtext with Tibbr platform

Tibco Joins Growing Ranks Of Social Networking App Vendors

The Industrial Engineering of Business Service Factories

App Success May Signal the End of Internet Innovation

IBM's Watson Challenge No Gimmick

Feds Get E for Effort with Open Source

Software as a Service (SaaS); A growing Trend in Data Management

Google, content farms and one slippery slope

HP officially lays Neoview to rest

HP chief to reveal strategy on March 14

Cloud computing and the Jevons Paradox

Microsoft's cloud strategy comes into focus

Oracle makes a fresh run at SharePoint

MicroStrategy ramps up its BI strategy for iPad, iPhone

EMC profit, revenue soar on storage and VMware

Amazon Puts Bulk E-Mail In The Cloud With Amazon SES


Columnar database software, other technologies aim to speed analytics

Content specialist dumps MySQL for InfiniDB columnar database

Microsoft, HP Launch Converged Appliances

Microsoft WebMatrix is a mixed bag

HP to launch enterprise cloud service

Father of Internet, Vint Cerf, Calls Schmidt's Departure From
Google 'Fortuitous'

MicroStrategy Announces Upcoming New Products and Major Technology Enhancements at Annual User Conference in Las Vegas

Qwiki Launches Multimedia Search Engine

Making E-Mail Sexy Again

Jaspersoft Announces Industry's First and Only Native Reporting Offering for Any Big Data System

The Collaborative Culture of Data Governance

How IBM's Watson Churns Analytics

HP Takes On Amazon With Enterprise Cloud Services

Inside Watson, IBM's Jeopardy Computer

Tibco Launches Social Computing For The Enterprise

Amazon to Sell Bulk Email Service

Hot and Fresh at Starbucks

Business Intel Meets Social Media

E-Mail Revived by Social Media

Google buys SayNow social voice platform

Twitter launches Connections feature

Facebook phone to debut next month, report says

Microsoft Dynamics' Slick Strategem


Global CIO: IBM Zings Oracle And HP Over Limited Vision

Future of Java 'Constrained by Oracle's Business Model,' Analysts Say

The Oracle scorecard: One year after Sun

Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft On The Open Network

Identity and Networking

Forrester's 2011 security strategy recommendations

10 Things You Can Track in Real Time With Google Maps

HP and Microsoft Roll Out Appliances

IBM Sees Cloud Adoption Soar With New Clients, Partnerships


Twitter launches Connections feature

Who's Responsible for Analytics?

Data Warehouse Realities: How to Address the Limitations and Challenges

Seven Deadly Sins of Contemporary Quantitative Analysis – a Translation

How I Use Visualization to Drive Creativity

The Independent Web

The Evolution of Business Intelligence

Demystifying SOA

Google-Backed 'Super Wi-Fi' Plan Gets FCC Approval

Global CIO: SAP Transformed: From Stuffy ERP To Real-Time iPad Analytics

So, what is data virtualisation?

Does M2M need to make new friends?

Report: Hulu to Recast Itself as Online Cable Provider

10 Myths of MDM

Global CIO: Larry Ellison Will Need A Time Machine To Catch Us, Says IBM

Communications Severed in Egypt

The Internet goes dark in Egypt

Has Larry Page doomed Google?

Google: Push toward Super WiFi continues

Egypt's Internet block aims at social media

With wired Internet locked, Egypt looks to the sky