Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stuff that's like totally dopamine, man September 19-23 2011

Google Offering Opt-Out for WiFi Location Services

How To Win Executive Respect for Data Modeling

Scripting the social Web

Facebook to Let Users Update Twitter Accounts from its Site

Cinemas Will Die Out and Museums Will Have to Evolve

NICE to Acquire Fizzback, Introducing the Most Complete Customer Experience Management Offering with the Integration of Revolutionary Real-Time Voice of the Customer Solution

VMware pushes new storage paradigm for virtualized world

Location standards boring? Not when you realise the value.

History lesson on cross-platform identity management

'Big data' analytics fulfilling the promise of predictive BI

SAP's HANA is hot, but still in early days

Oracle further commercializes MySQL database

Gearing up for Forrester's Forums in Boston

The ICANN gTLD: Fantasy vs. Reality

The Future of Storage Blends New and Old

Approximate Analytics and Modern Statistics

The Rise of Ungoverned Data

The great Dropbox-Twitter-Facebook mashup arrives

Iridium – Flying Higher than Ever

SQL 11 codename "Denali" is coming!

Twitter needs to fix or ditch 'Trends'

Qwikster: Not to be Confused With Quixtar, QuickStar, Kwikster,

Oracle bets on Sparc with new releases next week

NIST Details Federal Cloud Standards Roadmap, Suggested Cloud Architecture

Barack Obama's Email Servers Hacked Using XSS

Microsoft's love affair with security has lost its passion

Google+ gets Klout

Netflix's mea culpa disaster: 'Seems like a panic move'

Netflix Stands by Plan to Split in Two

EMC Delivers Industry's First Unified Big Data Analytics Appliance

EMC Announces 1000 Node Analytic Platform To Accelerate Industry's Hadoop Testing and Development

Self-Service Business Intelligence: Empowering Users to Generate Insights

From the BI Scorecard: MicroStrategy's Unique Approach to Cloud BI

Why All-in-One Platforms are a Data Warehouse Dinosaur

Q&A: New Approaches for Tackling Big Data Security Issues

Kognitio Regroups, Refocuses

Teradata To Unveil New Analytics Product To Speed Business Adoption

SAP's HANA is hot, but still in early days

5 more tech breakthroughs: Innovations in access, power and control

Ousting Apotheker may add to disruption at HP, say analysts

HP board reportedly eyes Whitman for CEO job

EMC adds unstructured big-data analytics to Greenplum platform

HP Board Considering Giving Apotheker The Boot: Reports


Plato’s Data

Stochastic Simulation Part 2 – Resampling

Mercer Updates Total Compensation Management To Help Retain Talent

Storage Virtualization Tour: All About Automated Tiering

5 alternative browsers built with Chrome

Lync not enterprise-ready, claims Microsoft ISV-turned-rival

MapR Makes Hadoop better, faster, easier

10Gen, Makers of MongoDB Raises Another 20m

History lesson on cross-platform identity management

Facebook Redesigns: A Long History of Pointless Backlashes

DataStax Launches DataStax Enterprise


Oracle Takes Aim At Hardware Competitors With Channel-Ready Database Appliance

Oracle announces database appliance for SMBs

Oracle's New Database Appliance Could Eat Into HP Server Sales

Dart: Google Won't Comment, Analysts Weigh in on Possible JavaScript Replacement

HP, Apotheker, and Whitman, Oh My!

Teradata's Aster analytic database gets appliance treatment

NoSQL is eclipsing the old-time RDBMS

CrowdFlower offers enterprise crowdsourcing service

Six Decision Factors For Hardware-Based Authentication

Was Apotheker doomed at HP from the start?

New on the iPad: The Story of Business Intelligence

Vertica Partners with Tervela to Extend Big Data Analytics Infrastructure

Pervasive Software and Cloudera Partner to Accelerate Big Data Processing on Apache Hadoop

Teradata Database: the Smartest Database for the Smartest Analytics

Oracle Introduces Baby Exadata

H-P Set to Name Whitman CEO

Facebook Faces Access Tensions

HP reportedly on verge of naming Whitman CEO

Oracle scoops up GoAhead Software

Is Meg Whitman Taking Over from Leo Apotheker at HP?

Oracle's Net Rises 36 Percent, But Servers Slip

Salesforce Buys Social Customer-Service Provider Assistly

Meg Whitman's ledger: Is she up to running HP?

HP Names Meg Whitman President and Chief Executive Officer

Ingres Rebrands To Actian For Big Data App Push

HP Ousts Apotheker, Partners Applaud Dismissal

Can Whitman Pull HP Out of the Muck?

The 3 Opportunities You Miss by Using CRM Only for SFA

For Analysts, It's Deja Vu All Over Again

The Oracle Mark Hurd Wants You To Know

HP Names Meg Whitman CEO, Apotheker Out

New Oracle database appliance aims at small, mid-size firms

What will Whitman bring to HP?

HP to decide on PC spin-off plans by year end

Talking computer will change the world; promises not to kill you

10 obsolete technologies that are still useful

SIEM: Dead as claimed?

HP's Meg Whitman: New CEO, same old strategy

Why HP CEO Leo Apotheker Had to Go

10 Key Cloud App Integration Trends to Follow

Whitman Replaces Apotheker at HP

SIEM: Dead or alive?

Lane defends HP decision to name Whitman CEO

HP to decide on PC spin-off plans by year end

SIEM: Dead or alive?

IBM survey finds demand for solid-state storage

Interest in data reduction methods needs to keep pace with data growth

Is A Customer Now In Charge of HP?

Enterprise Social Networking Sucks The Social Out Of 'Social'


HP Partners Optimistic Whitman Can Right The Ship

Oracle Takes Aim At Hardware Competitors With Channel-Ready Database Appliance

The True Nature of Marketing Automation

Facebook Integrated Real Time Media Fires Significant BlowAgainst Google

Facebook as Media Hub: Shortcomings, Questions and Worries


IBM: The greatest innovator you never hear about?

Facebook's Latest Work: One Too Many Facelifts?

Google, OpenDNS Team To Speed Web Traffic

H-P Defends Hasty Whitman Hire

For Ray Lane, Tech Friends Aren't Forever

HP's biggest challenge vs. IBM, Oracle: Continuity