Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aweekstweets September 15-22 2012: the week I first visited Alberta

Panda Bear "Bros" ( JK--Long trance track from Animal Collective's Noah Lennox "Person Pitch" LP a few yrs back

Interestingly, Obama even has a strong lead in Wisconsin, the state that spawned Paul Ryan and retained that union-busting governor.

@markseifert01 The only time a pen broke in a piece of my apparel was in the first business suit I ever bought for myself. Breastpocket.

Long time coming. Downloaded Fleetwood Mac "Rumours." It was way too popular for its own good. It was way too good to remain unowned by me.

Good week. Met plenty of #IBM customers in Alberta. Many industries. Hope we stimulated their thinking. IDC & Gartner analysts excellent.

Lou Reed "Romeo Had Juliette" ( JK--Live performance in 2000. One of Lou's Lou-iest & very best spoken songs.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Police in Helicopter by John Holt JK--Laid-back Jamaican reggae herb-defense defiance song.

@markseifert01 That "50 percent of the time" has never happened to me in my entire life of keeping pens in my pants pockets. I'm almost 54

Shirt pocket protectors. Why didn't oldschool geeks put their pens in pants pockets? Afraid people'd think they were playing with selves?

I don't think I'm the only moviegoer who confuses Paul Thomas Anderson with Wes Anderson. I give each director credit for other guy's films

Telephotographic proof that Duchess of Cambridge has breasts. Whew! British monarchy is safe. Wife to the heir to the heir is adult female

@EllieAsksWhy JimAsksWhy that's good. "Why good?"

via @TheOnion - Bobby Valentine: 'The Red Sox Suck Shit This Year And I Hate All My Players'

So it turns out Romney paid an effective federal income tax rate of 14.1% last year. Shockingly average. I can see why he stonewalled. Putz.

@beyondthearc Cool. See you at #iod

"Big Data brings big academic opportunities" ( JK--Higher ed rapidly creating adv degree programs in #bigdata analytics

RT @beyondthearc Will you be speaking at #iod in Las Vegas next month? #ibm #bigdata JK--Yes I will. On the Thursday. You coming?

What's fairly clear is that the Alberta economy is booming and both cities are full of excitement & people making lotsa money. Good times.

My preference? I like both Alberta major cities. I am just a foreigner in your country. I take no sides. Honest, I don't.

Overhearing an Edmonton guy at the Edmonton airport saying Edmonton preferable to Calgary. I heard Calgarian tell the opposite story.

RT @doug_laney Great chat dinner & disoriented expedition thru largest mall in North America (Edmonton) w/IBM's #bigdata guru@jameskobielus

Finished next week's #IBM quick-hits at Edmonton International Airport, over a good venti cup of Starbucks Pike Place Roast.

Details for the terminal #Hadoop freak ( Hadoop version release numbers in reverse chronological order.

RT @kexpplaylist: #kexp Halah by Mazzy Star from She Hangs Brightly JK--1990. Good early-morning song. Warm soft vibe

Simplified big data experience? Procurement has less complex decision: Today's #IBM quick-hit

Simplified big data experience? Procurement has less complex decision:

"Meet the New Boss: #Big Data" ( JK--Predictive models assist in identifying variables contributing to staff churn

Congrats Nats! Clinched an MLB playoff berth. First time for a Washington DC team since the year of FDR's first inaugural.

Had excellent dinner/chat with #Gartner analyst @doug_laney at eatery buried deep within sprawling, mammoth, bewildering West Edmonton Mall

"#IBM's Ginni Rometty looks ahead" ( JK--Midwesterner started @ IBM in 1981 in Southfield MI office as systems engineer

"TechLines: Join Larry Dignan, NASA, Ford, #IBM & T-Mobile LIVE In NYC" ( JK--I'm a panelist. Can't wait!

@paulmadsen I suspect, but that would be a wonderful metric to gauge a "dead social" (with living and/or dead ex-socializers).

"PayPal chief scientist on # bigdata analytics" ( JK--"Human intel 4 targeting & recomms has been surpassd by machines"

Got my first opportunity, at #IBMbigf2012 Edmonton, to see #Gartneranalyst @doug_laney live. Dude definitely knows his #bigdata.

@doug_laney presenting #Gartner Analytic Ascendancy Model at#ibmbigf2012

@silverdata @doug_laney @DCorrigan Yes we are all present in this high-ceilinged chandelier-festooned Edmonton hotel meeting room

@doug_laney #gartner discussing various financial and non-financial information valuation models at #ibmbigf2012 Edmonton

@doug_laney #gartner discussing "Infonomics: econ theory of info as an asset class" at #ibmbigf2012 Edmonton

Getting ready to hear @doug_laney at #ibmbigf2012. I follow him &#IBM @DCorrigan. Edmonton

May sound morbid, but socials need a "possibly dead" rule that deactivates accounts when somebody hasn't logged in or posted in, say, a year

LinkedIn is slightly creeping me out. Just got a recommendation that I connect with someone whom I know died 3 years ago.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The World's Greatest by Bonnie 'Prince' Billy JK--I'll bet he's tired o people mistaking him for Bonnie Raitt. Or not

Simplified big data experience? Support personnel have only one throat to choke: Today's #IBM quick-hit

Simplified big data experience? Support personnel have only one throat to choke:

Cool. @jasonkobielus just accepted a supporting role on Gossip Boy, a web TV series. Which means I'll be linking to every episode he's in.

Critics rave about @jasonkobielus ( Hey producers, hire this actor. Um, yes, I'm a bit partial. He IS good, though.

If you notice, I include headline & a paraphrase of stories I tweet-link to, Then I self-digest on my blog. That extra effort preserves info

The disappearing web: Information decay is eating away our history" ( JK--Linked-to-from-tweet info vanishes rapidly.

I put one of those "header" images in my Twitter profile ( My photo of jet trails over Kingstowne, our shopping area

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Spoonful by Howlin' Wolf from Howlin' Wolf / Moanin' in the Moonlight JK--That lovin' spoonful, w/out John Sebastian Hi, Tom. The crux of "instituting" is enforcing, with monitoring and sanctions. It goes without saying (but I'll... Good points, Tom. I got a deep dive on StackIQ last year when I was with Forrester. Are you coming to IBM...

When this campaign season ends, the one phrase that will always remind me of how stupid it got: "Chick-Fil-A"

"#Bigdata And Its Big Problems" ( JK--Love phrase "digital breadcrumbs" for micro-data we organically leave everywhere

"Finding the Optimal and the Almost-Optimal!" ( JK--Nitty-gritty hard work of business-practical data science modeling

"Numeric Measures for Association Rules" ( JK--Rules important to market basket analysis for next best offers That's right. What new this time around is Hadoop, which defines the industry's first open, extensible,...

Feist "I Feel It All" ( JK--Nova Scotia born, Calgary raised.

Joni Mitchell "Raised On Robbery" ( JK--Ft. Macleod, Alberta native. "A little money riding on the Maple Leafs."

Gordon Lightfoot "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" ( JK--1967. Country's centennial year. As a North American, I can relate.

@KirkDBorne Do what you want. It's out there.

K.D. Lang "Constant Craving" ( JK--Edmonton native's 1992 crossover hit (from country to pop) from "Ingenue" LP

Much predictive analytics begins with speculative analytics (i.e., hypothesis building) that tests speculation via observational analytics

"Flash Memory in a Big Data World" ( JK--SSDs w/flash mem now competitive price re 15K HDDs in many storage arrays Yes. For any business question, you need the right data, the right algorithms, the right variables, the right...

"#BigData and Refrigerators" ( JK--Bigger brains tend to clutter with more unnecessary, forgotten fodder that rots cold

"Of Brainiacs & Billionaires" ( JK--Top intellects will be top moneymakers in new world order? IMHO, that's bullshit

The Smothers Brothers on The Jack Paar Show (3-5-1965) ( JK--Tom, the elder, always played immature. Perfect

Many people say "big data" when just "data." Like Ed Sullivan's line: "we've got a really big show tonight." His shows were always same size

"The Digital You @ Work" ( JK--Potential employrs assess yr influence on socials? Not relevnt 2 many jobs. To mine? Yes

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tried to Hide by 13th Floor Elevators JK--1966. Slightly slower tempo,same sonic fingerprint as "Youre Gonna Miss Me"

"Engineers mine #bigdata 2 faster assess carbon footprints" ( JK--Calc 1000s o footprints in mins w/little manual input

@InfoMgmtExec Surely you jest! Mounds are better!

"Fixing Educ w/ #BigData: Turning Teachers into Data Scientists?" ( JK--Mine info for insights on perf & approaches

"Modern BI Architecture & Analytical Ecosystems" ( JK--Excellent, valid #BigData topology for many enterprise use cases

"More Data Beats Better Algorithms — Or Does It?" ( JK--How about: right data, right algorithms, right variables?

Nice walk around downtown Edmonton. Weather is nice. Thought about very little. Just needed to stretch my legs & breathe northern air Here's a link to one of my recent LInkedIn discussion group posts on the subject of big data use cases:...

"The GPU "Sweet Spot" for #BigData" ( JK--Discusses work accelerating MapReduce/HPC processing on GPUs

"#BigData & Supply Chains." ( JK--@lcecere discusses supply chain visibility; supplier sensing; large-scale ERP; etc To work in #bigdata, you need the core range of "data scientist" skills that I described in this recent...

"Why Static Stinks" ( JK--Good #IBM@thomasdeutsch blog on dynamic interest profiling to drive personalized experience

"The Big Goal Behind All that Customer Data" ( JK--Discusses customer lifetime value & engaging influential customers

"Science of Analytics" ( JK--Good overview o classic scientific process shaping biz-oriented data science best practice

"Data Analysts Seek 2 Make Social Media More Useful" ( JK--Discuss "Stinger": scal r-t opn-src shared-mem graf engine

Rick Moranis as Gerry Todd on SCTV (NBC 90-min shows) singing "Downtown" in Leduc, Alberta, near the airport (

My furthest south in my life? Bali, Indonesia (a smidge south of the equator). I need to see the southern hemisphere some day.

Google tells me Edmonton is 53.5472° N latitude. The furthest north I've been on land in my life (not counting Great Circle flight routes)

Simplified big data experience? Database administrator has automated storage optimization: Today's #IBM quick-hit

Simplified big data experience? Database administrator has automated storage optimization:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Railroad Track by Willy Moon from Railroad Track/Bang Bang 7" JK--New. Cool stomping, whistling, + sound FX.

Notion of "720-degree customer view" is interesting: traditional 360-degree portrait + 360 degrees of insight into experience & propensities

"Demand for Analytics Keeps Growing" ( JK--Business analytics software market growing, as is #IBM share of it .

"Future #BI: The Era of Open or Saleable Data" ( JK--It's not business intelligence. It's the intelligence business.

Edmonton. This swath of the North Sasketchewan River is a pleasantly forested respite from endless flat prairie.

"TechLines panelist profile: NASA's Nicholas Skytland on #bigdataliteracy" ( JK--I'll also be on that CBSi panel Oct 4

"How Green is Your Data?" ( JK--Good practical discuss of how data quality contributes 2 business social responsibility

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Early Roman Kings by Bob Dylan from Tempest JK--Diddley or Waters get co-credit? Sounds "I'm a Man"/"Mannish Boy"

"Google reveals Spanner, DB tech can span planet" ( JK--Scalable multi-version globaly distributd, synchronsly-replic8d

I too am entitled. For me it's the title "Sir Lord Evangelist of All the Big Data & Lasagna Mine Eyes Survey." Suck on that, Mitt.

Feels like Romney is determined to run the most lame-brained fact-deaf presidential campaign in US history.

Drafted my next original #IBM blog: "Next Best Action in the Influence Economy." Going to bed.

@infomart I'm evangelizing the (biz) Value, the Various (approaches), & the Very excellent #IBM offerings in #BigData. So, to A your Q, yes!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pay in Blood by Bob Dylan from Tempest JK--Brand new. Excellent. This master now sounds a bit like another: Tom Waits Telcos have long relied on usage, traffic, and network data to assess quality of service (QoS)... @jameskobielus

John Belushi "Cheezburgah cheezburgah cheezburgah" ( JK--Chicago, like Detroit, has rich greasy culinary culture

Steve Miller Band "Livin' in the USA" ( JK--Another red white n blue paean to this patriotic dairy-draped patty

Jimmy Buffett "Cheeseburger In Paradise" ( JK--Today's National Cheeseburger Day in the US.

Winklevoss Twins getting into social networking biz. Highly exclusive social: limited to handsome identical Ivy League sore loser twin bros

RT @jameskobielus: Simplified big data experience? Developer has integrated tooling: Today's #IBM quick-hit

Simplified big data experience? Developer has integrated

Calgary is a cool Canadian city that reminds me a bit of both Houston (oil & gas) & Denver (new sources of energy). But diversified economy

Saw local Calgary service business with van that advertised "seismic data storage." Yes, there's black gold in them thar sands!

"Social now sucking eyeballs from search" ( JK--I understand what they mean,but can they phrase it in non-zombie terms?

By popular demand, next #IBM #BigData Developer Day, Waltham MA, Oct 10. Register here: Other cities/dates in works

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data Scientist: Consider the Curriculum" (

I keep getting Twtr DMs saying somebody making up shocking things about me. Where the juicy details? What's the deal with that Kobielus guy?

Excellent day in Calgary. Our #IBM #BigData Integration and Governance Forum had excellent attendance & Q&A. On to Edmonton!

@tomtomorrow Those GOP-ers rallying behind Mitt's miscues were the same trying to put a brave face on McCain's choice of Palin 4 years ago

@juliewstafford My wife, from the beginning of my career in IT, just told people I did "telecommunications." Now she just says "IBM." Easier

RT @mountain_goats: my morning was just chugging right along until I ran across the caption "Sarcophaga nodosa, a species of flesh fly"

Good day Calgary. Looking forward to discussing "From Data Warehouse Appliances 2 Enterprise Analytics" with you & #IBM

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Fairest of the Seasons by Nico fromChelsea Girl JK--1967. Folk. Christa Paffgen was Germanic Marianne Faithfull

"Will #BigData Kill All But Biggest Retailers?" ( JK--Interesting discussion of targeted personalized loyalty marketing

This French-language WW2 documentary is a hoot. Every minute they show map w/big black spider-like swastika crawling over blood-red Germany

Apparently, at some point in the distant past of my former life, I dubbed something "BI 3.0." I retract that. It's just "self-service BI."

Ah. Good walk in downtown Calgary. Good chicken curry at Milestone's on 8th Ave & Centre. Just what I needed 2 right my head. Me & Radiohead

It's still summer in southern Alberta, but I brought my bright red Canadian maple leaf jacket. Now for a stroll in downtown Calgary.

Thinking of doing my next original blog with title: "Next Best Action in the Influence Economy."

Occupy Wall Street, one year later. Remind me again: what was the fuss about? Excuse for urban squatting & camping?

Finished drafting the recap blog for the #IBMDataChat tweet chat I hosted last Wednesday. Been a busy several days.

@mikojava Here's the bottom line, Miko: I don't trust my own yoga self-analysis. I'd probably let pride & ego skew my interpretations.

Trying to explain what I do for a living to my extended family is a fruitless endeavor. You just have to do it & be it to understand it.

Lady at front desk says Calgary has more of "small town feel" than Edmonton. Calgary also has gleaming modern downtown. Looks big to me.

@mikojava Sure, but it's better to have an expert human trainer to examine your muscle tone, tension, posture, etc externally and guide you.

@freebalance Doing what everybody does on social is sort of the opposite of "eccentric" these days, don't you think.

@mikojava Yoga is advanced gut feel, not analytics. If you calibrate your every fiber according to the numbers but lose the feel, what then?

This is even funnier than that French condom commercial I tweeted about over the weekend (

The Winklevoss Twins have returned. Why do I chuckle when I say, or even think, "Winklevoss"?

Cousin of mine calls my social media activity "self-aggrandizing." Huh? It's my job. It's marketing, BTW. Ever heard of humble marketing?

Yoga's my antidote 2 analytics. That's why w/all due respect I'll decline @mikojava advice 2 use "quantified self" (

Doing the usual to unwind my head. Talking to myself. In earshot of the world.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heaven or Las Vegas by Cocteau Twins from Heaven or Las Vegas JK--They sing in English, but sounds foreign

RT @jameskobielus: Simplified big data experience? User sees business value quicker: Today's #IBM jk quick-hit

Simplified big data experience? User sees business value

Calgary. Pleasant modern city on the edge of the plains. Look forward to presenting tomorrow at

Santorum says "smart people" will never be on side of lunatic far right wing. He is smart enough to realize that.

Now food can tell you how fresh it is. Let's build a #SmarterPlanet.#IBM

Egidia's making soto, i.e., Indonesian chicken soup. Boy, do I love soto. Soto+sate: you see those delicious words on roadsigns across Java

NY Times Mag "Meh List" lost all credibility when it includes the Shins. You gotta be fucking kidding. My fave artist of the 2000s.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Phantom Limb by The Shins from Wincing the Night Away JK--2006. My fave song from their best album.

As US & rest of western hemisphere continue 2 boost oil production, Middle East will become, from our POV, just a nasty neighborhood 2 avoid

"Your friend [pretty woman I've never heard of] really wants you to join [fishy-sounding social I've never heard of]". I think not.

Caught a bit of SNL season opener last night before my 50-something brain slipped into slumber. Enjoyed puppet sketch & Frank Ocean.

Billy Joel album covers. Most are dull close-up photos of him. Then-wife CBrinkley did the only remotely artistic one. "River of Dreams"

Earned vs. owned media. Key GOP weakness is that so much of their "buzz" obviously comes from the latter. They're only fooling the fools.

NY Times Mag "Meh List" starting to fall on that same list, IMHO. Hot/not lists & kindred quickly lose relevance, encode questionable tastes

PSY, the South Korean "Gangnam Style" rapper, made cameo on SNL season opener last night. I'd be surprised doesn't sink back into obscurity

Don't understand these constant exhortations to "support our troops." We have a huge military budget that supports them quite well.

Why refer to one category of US govt employees as "serving their country" but not others? Must extend distinction to all federal workers

Curious when putting pants on one leg at a time became criterion of average joe. I sit down & pull them both on together. Abnormal?

Steely Dan "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" ( JK--From "Pretzel Logic." My fave of all theirs. Tight songcraft.

The Magnetic Fields "Papa Was a Rodeo" ( JK--Jaw-dropping boldness. Stephin Merritt outs himself in a song.

The Magnetic Fields "I Think I Need a New Heart" ( JK--Wonderful quick-step suggests Tin Man as lonesome cowpoke

The Magnetic Fields "Three-Way" ( JK--Totally boss hyper-fuzzed rock-jolt from "Distortion" LP a few years ago

The Beatles "Words of Love" ( JK--Fabs coulda been an awesome doo-wop group. Super-tight 3-part harmony on BHolly cover

Dion & The Belmonts "I Wonder Why" () JK--1958. Doo-wop that actually sez "wop-wop-wop-bop-bop"

The Del Vikings "Whispering Bells" ( JK--Sterling doo-wop had real feel of chiming bells. "Bring my baby back to me"

The Marcels "Blue Moon" ( JK--1961. I dont think this is how Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart intended it 2 B performed

Randy & the Rainbows "Denise" ( JK--1963. Tail-end of the doo-wop era. Black guys formed style that white kids adapted

The Hollywood Flames "Buzz Buzz Buzz" ( JK--1957. A sheer adrenaline rush of a doo-wop classic.

The Rivingtons "Papa Oom Mow Mow" ( JK--1962. Doo-wop at its most gloriously athletic power-harmonizing.

Original footage with "oh the humanity" announcer of the Hindenburg disaster in 1937 (

French condom ad ( with the most cartoonishly pornographic animation I've ever seen. C'est magnifique et erotique!

"10 Strange Things About the Universe" ( JK--Any one of them is mind-blowing. Taken together....strong stuff!

Looking forward to discussing role of #bigdata in oil & gas industry at this week's Calgary & Edmonton forums (

Blender physics simulations and more ( JK--Beautiful dynamic visualizations.

"Spending Spree Keeps #IBM Ahead Of Competition In Software Services" ( JK--Thanks but no "spree." All deliberate speed

I'm slated to do a CBS Interactive panel in Manhattan (West Village) on October 4. Jerome L. Greene Performance Space (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Manhattan by Cat Power from Sun JK--She inroduces new stylistic hooks on each LP. A protean talent.

"How Big is a Peta-, Exa-, Zetta-, Yotta-Byte" ( JK--Nets the magnitudes to stuff you know or can easily visualize.

You know what would help control obesity? If fastfood joints were required to price their fare at 1 cent per calorie. Market-based rationing

WashPost article mistakenly refers to one RC Cardinal as "country's top bishop." US has several Cardinals. All are same level below Pope