Friday, September 28, 2012

Koby IBM quick-hits May-September 2012

May 16
Information glut?

May 17
Sexy statistics?

May 18
Experience optimization?

May 21
Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence?

May 22
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms?

May 23

All in memory?

May 24
Petabytes in the palm of your hand?

May 25
Recommendation engines?

May 29
Experience optimization? Measure the love.

May 30
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? If history is any precedent, yes.

May 31
Recommendation engines? Only as useful as the "next best model" powering it.

June 1
Hadoop uber-alles?

June 4
Sexy statistics? Machine learning is even sexier!

June 5
All in memory? Trades off volume and variety for the sake of velocity

June 6
Hadoop uber-alles? No, it's actually MapReduce uber-alles.

June 7
Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Only if sentiment correlates with buying behavior

June 8
Proofs of concept as core appliance acquisition approach?

June 11
Information glut? Next-gen analytics tools should make mincemeat out of it.

June 12
Proofs of concept as core appliance acquisition approach? Proving business value is a bit trickier.

June 13
Petabytes in the palm of your hand? The vast majority of what you cache will be your quantified life.

June 14
Recommendation engines? Federations of these will drive the interconnected global economy.

June 15
Crowdsourcing Big Data creativity?

June 18
Experience optimization? Optimize big outcomes, don't sweat small stuff.

June 19
Hadoop uber-alles? BI starting to ride the elephant.

June 20
Crowdsourcing Big Data creativity? The social side of data science

June 21
Proofs of concept as core appliance acquisition approach? TCO tough to demonstrate, but possible

June 22
Big Data's optimal deployment model?

June 25
Sexy statistics? Influence scores are dangerously addictive.

June 26
Hadoop uber-alles? Disappointed there's no grand vision for Hadoop evolution

June 27
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Gadgets are becoming valuable data sources

June 28
Big Data's optimal deployment model? Revisiting the 3-tier topology.

June 29
Frictionless sandboxes?

July 2
All in memory? Don't make RAM a data dumping ground!

July 3
Big Data's optimal deployment model? Whatever it is, virtualize it to a fare-ye-well!

July 4
none: holiday

July 5
none: vacation

July 6
none: vacation

July 9
none: vacation

July 10
none: vacation

July 11
Frictionless sandboxes? Real-world experimentation thrives in an elastic medium.

July 12
Sexy statistics? Big Data "scores" seem oddly misguided.

July 13
Advanced visualization?

July 16

Information glut? Don't kid yourself. You'd never tolerate the other extreme.

July 17
Advanced visualization? What's advanced is every possible visualization, or just one juicy one

July 18
Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Less valuable when your competitor has access equivalent to yours

July 19
Hadoop uber-alles? Then there should be a standard industry performance benchmark

July 20
Complex event processing?
July 23


July 24
Advanced visualization? Visual overload kills understanding

July 25
Prediction markets?

July 26
Frictionless sandboxes? Tight governance keeps the analytic sands in the box

July 27
NoSQL = no-disk?

July 30
Meaty metadata?

July 31
Proofs of concept as core appliance acquisition approach? Don't base your decision on splashy ads

August 1
Recommendation engines? Their primary fuel is behavioral analytics

August 2
Decision scientists?

August 3
Speed of thought?

August 6
Peta-governance? Controlling the explosion of Big Data models will prove difficult

August 7
Big Media?

August 8
Prediction markets? Markets won't succeed if offer no better predictions than in-house

August 9
Decision scientists? Game theory perspectives valuable in modeling next best actions

August 10
All in memory? Depends on what you mean by "all"

August 13
Enterprise content warehouse?

August 14
Big Data's optimal deployment model? Federation and its discontents

August 15
Business process optimization?

August 16
Big BI?

August 17
NoSQL = no-disk? Quantum computing in big data's future

August 20
Information glut? You don't need lots of data to do big data

August 21
Hadoop uber-alles? Cluster management tooling must keep up

August 22

Experience optimization? Down deep, it's not a big fancy formula.

August 23
Sexy statistics? Data warehousing simplicity is a surprisingly complex metric
August 24
Complex event processing? Conversation-driven human decisions are the most complex events of all

August 27
Petabytes in the palm of your hand? Advanced analytics apps for the masses

August 28
Big Media? Pattern recognition will drive the show

August 29
Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Help us choose the socials where our kindred chatter

August 30
Crowdsourcing Big Data creativity? Data science autodidacts will dominate

August 31
Business process optimization? Close the loop dynamically and continuously

September 3
No quick-hit: holiday

September 4
Workload-optimized systems? Consider workloads across the life cycle

September 5
Proofs of concept as core appliance acquisition approach? Integrated expertise patterns can facilitate POCs

September 6
Workload-optimized systems? Leverage the workload management tools integrated into systems

September 7
Big Data's optimal deployment model? Workload-optimized nodes everywhere

September 10
Peta-governance? Big data archive and sandbox in co-dependent governance relationship

September 11
Big data vision? Agile information management foundation

September 12
Healthcare analytics?

September 13
Big data vision? Every C-level exec has killer apps

September 14
Solution accelerators?

September 17
Simplified big data experience?  User sees business value quicker

September 18
Simplified big data experience?  Developer has integrated tooling

September 19
Simplified big data experience?  Database administrator has automated storage optimization

September 20
Simplified big data experience?  Support personnel have only one throat to choke

September 21
Simplified big data experience?  Procurement has less complex decision

September 24
Meaty metadata? Data scientist productivity depends on it

September 25
Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Leaving digital breadcrumbs everywhere

September 26
Recommendation engines? Monetize your presence as social recommendation generator

September 27
Big BI? Data scientists most valuable on questions unaddressed by packaged models

September 28
Speed of thought? Real time is really relative to your decision/action cycle