Sunday, April 14, 2013

Aweekstweets April 6-14 2013: the week the ding donged

TV commercial for exercise equipment, program, &/or software. When people testify it makes them "feel gr8," they're referring 2 vanity boost

Glad I'm not a deeply unpopular British politician. Don't want millions of gleeful munchkins dancing and singing on my grave when I'm gone.

OK, here my plan. Abduct Kim Jong Eun, replace w/othr Korean brainwashing specialist PSY (fun fact: name short 4 "psychological operations")

WashPost article re Wallops Island VA. Oddest biz trip I ever took was 1989. Was w/tiny Navy contractor. Had rogue employee in cottage there

Bitcoin. Wealth of choice for trendoids, cypherpunks, goldbugs, libertarians, privacy zealots, & others who imagine government is evil.

Dear WashPost Sunday Mag Date Lab editors: If th guy you're fixing up's fave band is Partridge Family, please reject him w/extreme prejudice

Homestead Grays. One of oddest names ever for American pro sports team. Negro League Baseball. Two hometowns: WashDC & Pittsburgh. Gr8 team

Looks like beautiful Spring weekend is underway here in northern Virginia. Running errands with th missus today. Will linger longer outdoors

Reading about new Robert Pinsky project. Thinkin bout bizarre incidnt in late 90s when then-US Poet Laureate phoned 2 say I'd givn him virus

Streaming BBC top 40 radio to see if British mainstream more interesting than American mainstream. So far, it's not bad.

CNN report on Psy's followup to "Gangnam Style" dissected "one-hit wonder" theme. That ain't him. He had buncha hits in S.Korea before this.

Will be working with an instructional designer on a data strategy course. Will work with video designer on a data-driven marketing shoot.

"#IBM: Flash Storage Hits Tipping Point" ( JK--TCO-wise, flash is already cheaper than most spinning disks

Just reacquired Grace Slick & The Great Society "Conspicuous By Its Absence" LP on iTunes. I still have the 2-disc vinyl, in great condition

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. Me gustaria ver una "La Gorda." Hay muchas mujeres hispanas bonitas y gordas.

VH-1 celebrity profiles. Superficial commentary about yesteryear celebs I don't really care about by supposed celebs I've never heard of.

RIP Jonathan Winters. Wonderfully goofy, endearing, & improvisational comic whose pantomimed petting-cat bit I recall as "all over the body"

Drafted new blog for #Dataversity: "Is Privacy a Lost Cause in the Era of #BigData?"

I'm getting more of these as I age. Retirement communities pitch themselves as "live the life," cuz "die the death" sends the wrong message.

PRC puts screws on "Django Unchained". Apparently, slave rebellions send wrong message & kung fu is only approved cinematc violence in China

Oh cool...spam promises to add 4 inches to my manhood...I've always wondered what it's like to be 5 foot 10.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Molly's Lips by Vaselines from The Way Of The Vaselines JK--Fluty female vocal reminds of early 80s Girls at Our Best

@apearson @mekncl @ConstellationRG All of which points to something I wish J-schools would realize: many grads become analysts. Same skills

@apearson @mekncl @ConstellationRG Now that my latest blog has published, you can see my argument for point asserted in the previous tweet

@apearson @mekncl @ConstellationRG Industry analyst core function is deep beat "reporter" providng in-depth analysis bsd on own mkt research

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Journalism: Big Data, Data Science, & the Art of Non-Fictional Storytelling" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Walk the Earth by King Biscuit Time from No Style JK--@loserboy played this right after Django Django. Good juxta

"To get #BigData buy-in, IT should let go of proof o concept" ( JK--Argues POCs don't prove value. IMHO, that's BS.

"'#BigData' Predicts Who Makes The Best Workers" ( JK--Really? Ex-cons more effective call-ctr customer-suppt agents?

"How #BigData & Analytics Transforming In-Store Experience 4 Retailers" ( JK--Experience personzn, targetng, guidance

"Military Intelligence Tries To Tame Data 'Monster'" ( JK--Ontologies for semantic disambiguation & entity resolution

Down to the lukewarm remainder of my double-shot of Earl Grey this grey and rainy morning. Think I'll do a dose of green stuff now.

@mekncl In other words, the best analyst firms are those that simply stay out of the analyst's way.

@mekncl As far as I'm concerned, the best analyst firms are those that allow best analysts to build star power & pursue own research agendas

"Big Data Tests and Potential at #IBM" ( JK--Discusses chief use cases for #bigdata.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Age of Consent by New Order frm Power, Corruption & Lies JK--For me, song payoff is awesome synth instrumental bridge

@mekncl Yes. News paywall's value is access to in-depth analyses (if news org provides that). That's also IT analyst firm core premium.

News paywalls. There are so many free sources of news on the Internet that you can stay very well informed without ever paying a penny

Transactional analytics? In-memory accelerates it by an order of magnitude: ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Transactional analytics? In-memory accelerates it by an order of magnitude:

I tend 2 unfollow people on socials who work way too hard 2 inspire me constantly. If it becomes somebody's programmatic obsession, it tires

Tired of emails that start with "we'd like to personally invite you to..." that don't end "...and all expenses paid." Thanks but no thanks

On ancient "Beany & Cecil" cartoon, did Dishonest John actually call himself that? ( Or was he dishonest w/ self?

"How To Bug Mitch McConnell's Office" ( JK--I'm happy for any story that gives media excuse to show Ashley Judd photo

"Is Social Media Worthy o Text Analytics?" ( JK--Social sentimnt as trailing (not lead) indic8r o yr ad cmpgn sucking

"Top Five Reasons You Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job" ( JK--#6: They were just dicking with you.

"Digital Coupons Find New Use -- Employee Benefits" ( JK--HR distributing healthy-living incentives.

New #IBM jk blog: "Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Enterprise Challenges of Incorporating #Hadoop" (

"#IBM Drives Flash Tech...." ( JK--Investing $1B in Flash R&D; opening 12 ctrs o comp; announce GA storage appliances

@snakeynag Not a palindrome. A palindrome is a phrase that reads the same forward and backward, eg "A man, a plan, a canal: Panama"

@snakeynag Great! Actually, not exactly an anagram. It's "bigdata" backwards, with the extra "b" at end to incorporate Bee Gees' surname.

Fun fact: #bigdata was invented by A. Tad Gibb, the geeky brother the Bee Gees never talked about.

Wrote all 5 of next week's #IBM quick-hits on a single theme: "#Hadoop uber-alles." Felt like the time to return to & deepen this discussion

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy from Deep JK--1990. Great 90s FM rock radio song. That dude has a boss voice!

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld article: "Finding gems in #bigdata archives" (

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "New blog: "Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Enterprise Challenges of Incorporating #Hadoop"

Reminds me. Celebrity-pairing last-name juxtas. Tim McGraw & Faith Hill. McGraw-Hill. Hadnt realized they're country music publishing phenom

"Burton-Taylor Report Shows 2012 PR Info/Software Spend Grew 4.41%" ( JK--Dick+Liz active in afterlife, apparently

"Bitcoin mining malware spreading on Skype, researcher says" ( JK--Any currency that must be "mined" is inelastic

Bitcoin. I'm still trying to understand why this or any of the zillions of other Internet currency efforts actually matters.

Spam whose subject line is simply your name. Tell me something I don't know, for pete's sake. Like some weird trick 4 adding 2-4 inches 2 it

Graph analysis? Drilling down into domains of influence ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Graph analysis? Drilling down into domains of influence:

@HempStevens What's #Hadoop? Well, "Hemp," it's a controlled substance. But yr name indic8s you're probably hip 2 all that. Keep it on th QT

Front door bell rings. In our neighborhood, it's usually someone wanting to trim our trees. I like my trees as they are. Tall & imposing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp What New York Couples Fight About (feat. Kurt Wagner) by Morcheeba from Charango JK--Skye & Kurt on coolest duet ever

"Monetization"? Why do you want to render something into that particular French impressionist? Why not Pierre-AugusteRenoirization?

Whew! Too pooped to #Hadoop!

#bigdatamgmt A9: #Hadoop is "advanced" analytics, meaning predictive, statistical, machine learning, etc.

#bigdatamgmt A9: #Hadoop analytics are any on unstructured data: social, machine, geospatial, event, clickstream, etc. Tons of NLP needed

#bigdatamgmt A8: Users need to know many use cases for #hadoop, much overlap with other #bigdata platforms. Many ways 2 skin #bigdata cat

@IBM_DB2 @katsnelson A7: I disagree. Silo is issue now, given that customers have deployed #Hadoop tactically, not as strategic architecture

#bigdatamgmt A7: Must understand the fit-for-purpose profiles of #Hadoop & other #bigdata platforms to deploy each optimally, avoid siloing

#bigdatamgmt A2: My article Business Intelligence in the #Hadoop Era

#bigdatamgmt A2: My article #Hadoop: Nucleus of the Next-Generation Big Data Warehouse

#bigdatamgmt A5: My article: Hadoop Cluster Management

#bigdatamgmt A7: Ensure #Hadoop doesn't become another data silo by standardizing on core vendor platform & evolving from a nucleus deploy

#bigdatamgmt A6: #Hadoop complexity can be daunting mgt challenge. "Appliantization" of Hadoop helps streamline to crisp core Apache distro

#bigdatamgmt A6: Manage #Hadoop clusters. Big issue is enhance skills o DBAs, or hire outside? If outside, skills in short supply. Expensive

#bigdatamgmt A6: Hybrid #bigdata deploys require common mgt tools, common metadata, common virtualization layer, etc. Tall order to fill.

#bigdatamgmt A6: Big challenge is in managing "hybrid" #bigdata deploys that involve #Hadoop plus, say, EDW, in-mem, & NoSQL, in unified way

#bigdatamgmt A6: Tuning queries on your #Hadoop clusters is a challenge. You may need to select an optimal db layer--Hbase, say, vs. HDFS

#bigdatamgmt A6: To extent U have #hadoop cluster built from expert integrated systems with comprehensive mgmt tooling, you're on right path

#bigdatamgmt A6: Greatest challenges in managing #hadoop cluster include managing software, hardware, databases, & data with unified tooling

#bigdatamgmt A5: #Hadoop compliance requires assess degree to which data in clusters more or less security/privacy-sensitive than EDW data

RT @gourleymslc: #BigDataMgmt Data Explorer is key tech to find, navigate and visualize all data" - discussing #BigData use cases...

#bigdatamgmt A5: Ensuring #Hadoop compliance with security/regs demands regular audits, which require auditing/assessment tools

#bigdatamgmt A5: #Hadoop compliance with security/reg policies? Start by involving chief info security & compliance officers in planning

#bigdatamgmt A4: Governance not required for, say, #hadoop customer sentiment data, which is ephemeral, and is aggregated 4 patterns/trends

#bigdatamgmt A4: Governance of #Hadoop MapReduce models (version, access etc.) important for #datascience center o excellence best practice.

#bigdatamgmt A4: But #Hadoop can process structured/SoR data--customer, finance, etc. If it does, the usual governance/security applies

#bigdatamgmt A4: EDW is where system-of-record (governance-heavy) data still largely resides. #hadoop is where non-SoR data explored/prepped

#bigdatamgmt A4: Not much gov needed--YET--for #Hadoop data, which NOT YET used for reference data. Social, location, event, etc is gov-lite

#bigdatamgmt A3: #Hadoop needs a complementary SQL access/abstraction layer to support easy development for today's DB app developers.

#bigdatamgmt A3; #Hadoop requires data science skillsets in its developers. And, as range of MapReduce models grows, needs model governance

#bigdatamgmt A3: #Hadoop requires complementary model/algorithm libraries--MapReduce etc.--to enable fast modeling & development

#bigdatamgmt A3: #Hadoop also requires complementary connectors to EDWs, in-memory dbs, and other #bigdata platforms

#bigdatamgmt A3: #Hadoop requires complementary tools/skills in modeling, visualization, discovery, integration, performance optimization

#bigdatamgmt A2: The use-case overlaps between #Hadoop and EDW are extensive and growing. But Hdp not yet suitable for governance/DQ & MDM.

#bigdatamgmt A2: Over time, EDW natively incorporating support for more #Hadoop techs, especially MapReduce and HDFS.

#bigdatamgmt A2: #Hadoop complementing today's EDW, serving as ETL& sandboxing layer. Hadoop gradually moving into EDW use cases, eg, BI

#bigdatamgmt #Hadoop is complementing today's EDW, serving as ETL and sandboxing layer. Hadoop gradually moving into EDW use cases, eg, BI

#bigdatamgmt Many orgs using #hadoop for hi-performance unstructured ETL. Some now using for next-gen BI.

#bigdatamgmt A1: #hadoop supports the full range of advanced analytics, from structured/data mining to unstructured/text analytics.

#bigdatamgmt A1: #Hadoop is for any massively scalable advanced analytics & data integration over unstructured content with in-db execution

@IBMbigdata #bigdatamgmt A1: Core use cases 4 #hadoop include #bigdata refining/staging, exploration/sandboxing, & unstructured analytics

@IBMbigdata Glad to be here on #bigdatamgmt. Enterprise challenges of incorporating #Hadoop. First question?

Today's #Hadoop tweetchat: reading list, possible questions & instructions: #bigdatamgmt Starts in 7 minutes.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Good Guys (Don't Wear White) by Minor Threat from Complete Discography JK--I prefer Standells original.

"Universe Grows Like a Giant Brain" ( JK--Cosmic background radiation's just God's brain on caffeine.

In just a half-hour, join me & others for #IBM tweetchat on #Hadoop enterprise challenges. Use hashtag #bigdatamgmt. Be there. Aloha.

"Lev #bigdata 4 big bizval" ( JK--Good smatter o numbers on its humongosity

"Does data center co-location make sense for #BigData?" ( JK--Good discuss o co-lo in yr big-data deployment strategy

"Honey, that’s just yr genome talking" ( JK--I'm as queasy w/ concocted concept of "mental genome" as I am w/ "meme"

"APIs Start to Set the #BigData Pace" ( JK--Huh? What standard big data APIs? Article never says.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Cab by Jens Lekman from You're So Silent, Jens JK--"Oh no goddamn, I missed the last tram...goddamn goddamn"

Queryable #bigdata archive? You have options ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Queryable big-data archive? You have options:

Eric Clapton says songwriting never his strong suit. This from a classic rocker who penned or co-wrote much of his material. False modesty.

RT @WSJpodcasts "A New Bingo Crowd" ( JK--Apparently it's "hip" cuz 90s rocker Billy Corgan gets into it. Big whoop.

VH-1 showing a double-Latina-bombshell movie: Cruz & Hayek. Watching at the club on mute. Visuals alone are sufficient.

Need data scientists to do longitudinal analysis of whether the trend in "next big things" is for them to get progressively bigger over time

Drafted next #IBM blog: "Data Journalism: #BigData, Data Science, & the Art of Non-Fictional Storytelling"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Forecast Fascist Future by of Montreal from The Sunlandic Twins JK--Group specializes in too-clever-by-half indie-pop

Ron Johnson misunderstood his mission. That's simply the company's name, not its target market valuation.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tusk by Fleetwood Mac from Tusk JK--I love the bold insanity of following "Rumours" mega-smash with this oddity.

"Has the Internet Come of Age?" ( JK--I stopped reading midway thru 1st sentence. Internet is NOT 21 years old. 1992?

"3 data trends to look for" ( JK--Disappearing cloud data center. Open-source data-center designs. Data-centric apps

"Baseball Meets Internet Of Things?" ( JK--Umps should only make judgment calls on gray areas where sensors disagree

"Dont Confuse #BigData w/ Storage" ( JK--Dont need 2 store much of it. Profile it continually. Purge what don't need

"No experience necessary, just polymaths" ( JK--Experience? Employers rarely realized how fast I teach myself stuff

Science fiction treats mind-reading as some sort of magic key to predicting behavior. But people's thoughts are as confused as their muscles

"#IBM To Open Cloud Lab For Wall Street Clients" ( JK--CoE 2 showcase kernel-bsd virtual machine SW 4 Linux & Windows

Good coffee in right setting produces an anti-idle time-dilation experience. You don't notice time passing till you notice you've produced

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Timeless Melody by The La's JK--1990. Great one. Surprised I don't recall it from then. But not surprised. Radio sux

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blonde on Blonde by Nada Surf from Let Go JK--If I had a desert-island disc of rainy-day songs, this'd be first on it

Tangents are essential to mental balance. Staring directly into exact same topic repeatedly almost assures you of going conceptually blind

Whenever the word "juggernaut" enters the biz-tech discussion, I envision some monstrous computer with tank treads & death rays a-blazin'

"Staggering Revelations About #BigData" ( JK--Almost half of cloud data driven by entertainment in 2020

Every enterprise roadmap for #bigdata in the cloud should include these 4 key steps by @jameskobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oh Yoko by John Lennon JK--I wonder how many times he cut himself calling her name in the middle of a shave.

New #IBMDataManagement jk article: "Going Cloud with Your #BigData: A Structured Approach" (

Healthcare analytics? Obamacare makes decision-support tools imperative: ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Healthcare analytics? Obamacare makes decision-support tools imperative:

Annette Funicello was slightly before my time, crushwise. Equivalent 4 me will be when elder Brady girl, Maureen McCormick, meets her maker.

Listening to Sixpence None The Richer "Kiss Me." If didn't feel so wholesome, invitation 2 kiss her on "bearded barley" might B misconstrued

I'll say this about Margaret Thatcher. She was consistent. She consistently spoke as if clenching every last muscle

My next #IBM blog will be called "Data Journalism: #BigData, Data Science, & the Art of Non-Fictional Storytelling"

RT @kexpplaylist: Colour Yr Lights In by The Besnard Lakes from Until In Excess, Imperceptible UF JK--Cool stadium-like atmospherics on this

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sleeping Where I Fall by Chelsea Light Moving JK--Great SonicYouth-y guitar rave from ex-SonicYouthie Thurston Moore

@bcwright1217 They got that rude push from their own people: Solidarnosc, Berlin Wall, Velvet Revolution, etc. Let's not flatter ourselves

Catch me et al this Wed Apr 10, 12noon-1pm (EDT) #IBM tweetchat "Enterprise Challenges of Incorporating #Hadoop." Use hashtag #bigdatamgmt

RIP Annette Funicello. Teen/TV/screen idol of the late 50s & early 60s. America's boys paid close attention to her career, um, development.

@bcwright1217 Not really. Communism fell apart under its own internal weaknesses.

NYT "Legend of Margaret Thatcher" ( JK--Privatized govt responsibilities. Raised taxes. Barely made dent in spending

"Society next big challenge: infinite data" ( JK--Don't buy this "infinite" jazz. Just say neverending sensor streams

"Is #BigData the Tail Wagging Data Economy Dog?" ( JK--Only if U throw Fido th Trustworthy Data Pooch a V-shaped bone

"Visualization as Process Not Output" ( JK--Excellent discussion/illustration o iterative pictorial/analytic thinking

Iron Lady inspired more popsongs thn any othr British PM--mostly anti- eg, Sinead O'Connor "Black Boys on Mopeds" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Twin Peaks Theme by Angelo Badalamenti JK--Note to self: must stream this show...have never seen a single episode

"#BigData storage options" ( JK--Philip Howard ponders HDFS alternatives.

"How to Keep your Data Scientists Happy" ( JK--Collaborative env, discovery-driven analytics, ongoing education

"#BigData Revolution, Part 1" ( JK--Discusses current vogue 4 "datafication" of everything not nailed down.

Obama's comment on Kamala Harris made me wonder what would have happened in 2008 if McCain had blurted out his real reason 4 choosing Palin

Useless to worry what everything's amounting to. The mountains aren't amounting to anything either. They uplift, only to erode.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girl From th North Country by Bob Dylan (w/Johnny Cash) from Nashville Skyline JK--Only duet I can recall Dylan doing

"No humor zone: Things U should never say 2 TSA agent" ( JK--Never discuss the bomb Guns & Roses show U once attended

RIP Margaret Thatcher. Sorry, but my first thought was Monty Python's "naughty bits" ref to her pre-PM years.

"Is Google’s new Blink browser engine good or evil?" ( JK--Should have brwsr engine called "Boink" optimized for porn

"Apple’s massive Jobs-designed future HQ project is $2B over budget" ( JK--Jobs designed it 2 B insanely over budget

New #IBM jk #DataInformed article "An Integrated Systems Approach: 6 Imperatives for #BigData Analytics Platform" (

Privacy and #bigdata? Rat's nest of stubborn issues ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Privacy and big data? Rat's nest of stubborn issues:

Dumb to call Social Security an "entitlement." No one has a "title" to an asset that they can put up as collateral when getting a loan.

Often hear about Wall St quants & their number crunching but w/ all that liquidity sloshing around dont the numbers get too soggy 2 crunch?

Carol Burnett. She has always been consistently funny in an unapologetically take-charge way that somehow avoids being mean, pushy, or edgy.

I was asking my bro if he followed Steve Martin's advice to communicate with the French by screaming at them in French-accented English.

Pork found in Ikea's moose lasagna. What's disturbing about this story is that they eat actually eat moose lasagna in Europe.

Hey colleges, treat your sports coaches as professors. Would it be OK if Poli Sci profs physically & verbally assaulted students?

WSJ article about making of Rascals 1967 hit "Groovin'." Clears up mystery lyric. "You & me endlessly." Not about menage a trois w/ "Leslie"

Sylvia Plath. Enough with the hyperanalysis of the suicidal writer. The poetry was mostly a drag. "The Bell Jar" was OK but not enlightening

Vicarious USA sport songwriters: Jack Norworth never went 2 baseball game, penned "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." Brian Wilson never surfed

Reassuring to see that Jeffy has continued his late dad's practice of keeping "Family Circus" unfunny. It would be better if Barfy wrote it

I always give Egidia wide berth when she wants to shop at local Asian supermarkets. I go elsewhere. She loads up. We rendezvous at Panera

Saturday afternoon. Lunchtime crowd at Panera in Merrifield. Teenage soccer teams & their coaches. Everybody having a good time. I sip Coke

RT @TheSecondMedia "5 'Mad Men'-Era Developmts Still in Use Today" ( JK--When did entire 1960s acquire this nickname?

Curious whether Obama had his staff check out all states' attorney general bathing suit pics before rendering his official decision.

"Lean in"? You mean "be more assertive." Just assert your core point more directly.

Finally, it feels like Spring again. Halle-freakin-lujah! Just in time for the weekend. Gonna go to the silver springs, or Silver Spring.

Yes, I do stuff for a reason.

I initially ramped up my Twitter usage when Forrester put draconian restrictions on analyst blogging. Now I'm primarily a blogger again.