Saturday, April 06, 2013

Aweekstweets March 30 to April 6 2013: the week I officially went over the hill

Was a good week. Discovered I look cooler on streaming video when I turn off overhead light & illuminate my talking head from desklamp alone

@Presidion Finding pithy colloquial means of expression drives innovation?

I think it's important that I have one smartphone dedicated to each social net I'm on. Going to have to hire an assistant to manage them all

RT @Rafe: Geolocation is turning inward: Read @DonDodge's "Leaders in Indoor Location Positioning technology"

"White House Appoints Data Czar" ( JK--Leslie Klew responsible 4 policy re social media and behavioral tracking data

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Just Like Honey by The Jesus and Mary Chain from Lost in Translation JK--Sounds like sings "I'll be a plastic toilet"

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blog: "Gamified Analytics: Unlocking Disruptive Genius or Disrupting Data Quality?" (

"Helping Big Data Scientists B Storytellers" ( JK--Should take page from "data journalists" (

"Data Scientist Hat" ( JK--Perhaps a graduate's cap topped by a gold-plated propeller.

"If it's not underperforming, don't optimize it" just doesn't have the same ring as "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stumble by R.E.M. from Dead Letter Office JK--My first impression of REM on 1st listen in 1983 was mumble over rumble

Interest graph? ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit.

Interest graph?:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) by Neil Young & Crazy Horse from Rust Never Sleeps JK--Lydon king? Since when? Sez U

Ah, yes, the headcold endgame: Adventures in Loogieville.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Boxer by Simon & Garfunkel from Greatest Hits JK--Simon wisely chose "lie lie lie" vs gravitas-busting "la la la"

I think tonight's forecasted sleet will make those cherry blossoms twinkle and glow in the moonlight this dreary early Spring DC eve.

RIP Roger Ebert. I had journo prof at UW-Madison who once had Ebert as student. Said he was a know-it-all smartass. Made me respect him more

Hammered out all 5 of next week's quick-hits.One of them's my meditation on healthcare analytics in the age of Obamacare.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Scratching Circles by JD McPherson from Signs+Signifiers JK--2012. Thought this was lost Jackie Wilson track. Smokin'

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye fromThe Very Best Of JK--Very last hit before his tragic death. Totally cool sentiment

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Radioactivity by Kraftwerk from The Mix JK--Love the delicate layering of this mix.

"#IBM releases...DB tech 4 quicker data insights" ( JK--Picciano says developing multi-server BLU Accel capability.

Surfing the socials, just to see if anybody else is redefining #bigdata in any clever new way. It's a definitional arms race, folks!

@loserboy points out that on this date in 1964 the Beatles achieved the still-unmatched feat of having the top 5 records on the popcharts.

Steve Jobs didn't go zen enough on Apple designs. Should have equipped them with illogic board that spews zen koans (

New #IBM jk blog: "The Age of Agile: Beyond #BigData" ( with my take on yesterday's announcements

Hey Facebookers, extra points if you can name a city in any state that lacks vowels and consonants in its name. You have 10 seconds. Go!

"5 strategic tips for avoiding a #bigdata bust" ( JK--#4: Big Data CoE. Topic of my talk at

"Obama Brain Mapping Proj Tests #BigData Limits" ( JK--Taxpayer footing bill 2 map Obama's brain? This is an outrage!

"Nate Silver on Bayes' Theorem and power of #bigdata done right" ( JK--Acknowledge bias, probabilities, trial & error

"Can you have big data and personal data privacy?" ( JK--Oversharing & hyper-analysis tip dynamic away from privacy.

Posted new #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia blog: "Don’t Force-March All of Your Customers to a New Improved Experience" (

"#IBM Accelerating #BigData to Speed of Business: Highlights from Apr 3 Announcement" ( JK--Rollup from @Dmattcarter

"#IBM's PureSystems Strides Past One-Year Milestone" ( JK--Good presentation of adoption in many countries.

Logged into my Tumblr account for the first time in years. Still not sure what value it adds to my life. Logged out.

Faster insights, agile app development at reduced costs #bigdatamgmt at the Speed of Business on 4/30

Gamified analytics? Drive it into customer engagements ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Gamified analytics? Drive it into customer engagements:

Somebody should compile a dictionary of lame schoolyard taunts, eg. "Ya gonna make me?" "I don't make monkeys like you, I just sell 'em"

As computers get eco-friendly, I'd like the blue screen of death to auto-reboot into the green screen of rebirth and renewal.

"If #Hadoop Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It" ( JK--Re #IBM PureData Sys for Hadoop, announced today #bigdatamgmt

"Announcing #IBM Informix 12.1" ( JK--Details on new version announced today.

"Intro-ing #IBM DB2 10.5 w/BLU Acceleration" ( JK--Detailed discuss of new in-mem columnar functionality #bigdatamgmt

Also BTW: today's launch encompasses #IBM DB2 10.5, Informix Time Series, PureData 4 Hadoop, BigInsights 2.1, Streams 3.1, & zEnterprise enh

BTW, if you've been following #IBM project codenames, today's launch encompasses "Athens," "Kepler," & "Ocelot." #bigdatamgmt

RT @IBMbigdata:Vincent: few deal with just one thing/time. Auto wkld mgt helps concurrency, calculates cost of queries 2 decide #bigdatamgmt

@DanVesset You're right, Dan. Thinking can be flash-instantaneous or turtle-slow, depending on the thinking style & problem. #bigdatamgmt

Tim Vincent stated we're implementing BLU Acceleration in other products goin forward. Details on that @ later date. Stay tuned #bigdatamgmt

#IBM has rolled out in-mem/columnar tech in both OLTP DBs: DB2 & Informix. Improves 8-1000x query perf & 10x storage efficiency #bigdatamgmt

Anticipating what Bob Picciano said about "all data, all paradigms," my forthcoming #IBM blog is called: "The Age of Agile: Beyond #BigData"

For my analytical parsing of "speed of business," see this recent #IBM blog: #bigdatamgmt

@rwang0 Say hi to all my friends in the analyst community. For my POV on the launch, tune into my webcast on Friday:

@rwang0 Ray: I'm not. I'm back home in my office evangelizing it all. #bigdatamgmt

Recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt blogs re themes (5th o 5): mature/prod b.d.:

Recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt blogs on launch themes (4th of 5 tweets): "All data, all paradigms":

Recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt blogs on today's launch themes (3rd of 5 tweets): expert integrated systems:

Recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt blogs on today's launch themes (2nd of 5 tweets): Hadoop (PD4H, BigSQL):

Recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt blogs on launch themes (1st o 5 tweets): In-mem/columnar (BLU):

"#IBM Announces New Innovs 2 Help Orgs Benefit from.. #BigData" ( JK--In-mem col, #Hadoop integ sys etc #bigdatamgmt

Attending (virtual) the Big Data Launch at IBM Almaden Research Lab in San Jose CA #bigdatamgmt
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RT @rwang0: Here at #ibm #bigdatamgmt #almaden this is just picturesque #svlife JK--Hope Ray kept his hands on wheel

"#IBM doubles down on #bigdata" ( JK--In-mem columnar BLU Acceleration. PureData 4 #Hadoop. Enh BigInsights & Streams

RT @Dmattcarter: For a more details on new #IBM #bigdata products, reg for this free broadcast: #bigdatamgmt

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Anarchy in the U.K. by Sex Pistols from Never Mind the Bollocks JK--Aggressively snotty vocals & ripsaw guitar chords

RT @IBMbigdata: #IBM spills more abt #Hadoop strategy with new PureData System by @zdnet's @rachelking #bigdata

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Me & The Major by Belle & Sebastian JK--Misheard "me & the midget dont see eye 2 eye:" Funnier. Politically incorrect

@ca_bshimmin BTW Brad: Congrats your promotion to RD at Current Analysis!

With baseball season underway, it's important we all relisten to Frank Drebin's rendition of "Star Spangled Banner" (

"6 Uses o #BigData 4 Online Retailers" ( JK--Personalzn, dyn price, cust svc, anti-fraud, supp chn viz, pred analytix

"#BigData Is Opening Doors, but Maybe Too Many" ( JK--NYTimes article on rat's nest of privacy issues.

"New Hybrid Memory Cube spec 2 boost DRAM bandwidth by 15X" ( JK--Consortium ( includes #IBM.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads "My Old Man" ( JK--Today I'm the exact same age as my old man when he passed away.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Seconds by U2 from War JK--Good song I usually skipped over impatiently to get to the next track: "New Year's Day."

I just misread "decision support" as "delusion support." Yes, we need more fabricated facts & spurious correlations to corroborate conceits

"Why #BigData Is I.B.M.’s Friend" ( JK--Even IBM doesnt call self "I.B.M." BTW, NYT used 2 call self "New-York Times"

Thinking of writing blog called "Healthcare Analytics in Age of Obamacare." Don't see anything out there. Must chew on this one for a while

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp January Song by Billy Bragg from Tooth & Nail JK--Another good new country number from the veteran singer-songwriter.

"Who Owns (really owns) “Big Data”" ( JK--A veritable petabyte-load of trademarks.

Data of desire? Analyzing love is a bit tricky ( Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Data of desire? Analyzing love is a bit tricky:

Phrase I thought I'd never see in a non-satirical news headline: "Elmo sex scandal."

WSJ article on whether US should export "light, sweet" crude oil. If it's so light & sweet, I say keep it for pouring over domestic pancakes

Girl & I discussed how 2 get physically comfortabl w/ computer. Not as easy as it sounds. Every physical engagemnt style introduces stresses

Fun fact: "Had-oooooop!" is the sound the elephant makes when he launches a gnarly snot rocket.

Keith Urban. With name like that you'd think he'd be doing gangsta rap or perhaps Cole Porter showtunes. Suggest he change to Oswald Outback

Fancy is good. But nothing beats fancy schmancy. Of that I am sure.

If you don't know Spanish & are age 45+ you need to see this short video now. No, the large-breasted woman will not be there after you click

Revolutionary development. Inflection point. Disruptive technology. Game changer. Secret sauce. Seamless interoperability. Gag!

Dear James Kobielus, your friend Doesnt Ringabell has joined Pinterest. Well, whoop-de-doo!

For more than 20 years, I contributed 700 words every 6 weeks to Network World as op/ed column. Now I essentially post that much every day.

I never disliked physical education. We simply never stayed on any one activity long enough for me to focus on that. I was fast up ropes.

I never disliked math. I simply saw it more as a self-study topic than classroom exercise. Physical presence of other people disturbs focus

Idling in paprbak aisle @ CVS weighing literary merits o Lucy Monroe "The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress." Cover art shows buff billionaire

My next #IBM blog will be called "The Age of Agile: Beyond #BigData." Writing it now.

No matter what your specialty is, you periodically reach a point where you wonder "what else can I possibly say?" There's plenty. Chill.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lorelei by Cocteau Twins from Treasure JK--1984. Sounded otherworldly then. Still does. Suggests exotic life form.

#BigData intersects with such a wide range of topics. You get deeper on it, you have to gather more business-app subject-area expertise.

I use same technique now to correlate IBM announcements as when was an analyst. Pile all info up, sift through it, sketch a single drawing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do You Dream in Colour? by Bill Nelson from Vistamix JK--1982. Sounds like Devo meets Depeche Mode.

Looking for a benchmark on number of emails that a human being can process in a single sitting without having their head literally explode.

I've published so much stuff recently I almost lose track. Glad I keep links to it all. I try to stay consistent with recent past positions

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Heard Your Voice in Dresden by Elvis Perkins in Dearland Elvis Perkins in Dearland JK--Beat makes me want to march

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp No One Knows Nothing Anymore by Billy Bragg from Tooth & Nail JK--2013. The Englishman does country-western well.

"Facebook releasing new Social Graph database benchmark: LinkBench" ( JK--"Graph-serving" DB performance benchmark.

Tea is good for you when you're sick. Know why? Cuz tea is mostly water. Water is good for you. Keep hydrating, tea or no tea.

"Hidden Biases in #BigData" ( JK--Consider bias in data sourcing lineage sampling modeling visualiz'n interpretation

"Programatic Buying Meets Attributed Metrics: Match Made w/ #BigData" ( JK--Analytics-drivn mktg attrib IDs influence

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Abel by The National from Alligator JK--"My mind's gonna rip!" A totally cool screamed chorus. A bit punky. Intense!

Facebook phone? Sure, if I ever want to lock myself into virtual padded cell wallpapered with images of other people's families & vacations

@FransFH Thanks Henny!

@unicornguytunde Thanks Tunde.

@ajbowles Thanks Adrian.

Marketing attribution? Brandname recognition often silently decisive ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Head cold day 3. The good folks of Kimberly-Clark will be happy to know I'm draining my sinuses into nothing less than Kleenex brand tissues

Today is the first anniversary of my joining #IBM.

Society, the economy, and politics are just big sorting mechanisms.

First day of second quarter. Spent the morning reviewing what transpired in first quarter. A lot more than I initially thought.

Hey assistant to @loserboy: I love "Garden State."

Spam starting to get boring. One of latest sez "learn how any ugly guy can get chicks." Let's see: money & power. Duh!

Fun fact: I'm one-quarter Finnegan.

I'm convinced that Joyce intended "Finnegans Wake" as a practical joke. As in "let's see how many fools think this jabberwocky is profound."

Engaging customer as individual? Some customers habituated to the old ways of interacting with you ( Monday #IBM q-h

WSJ article on success of Chinese-language translation of James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake." I'm still waiting for the English translation.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Setting Sun by The Chemical Brothers from Dig Your Own Hole JK--1997. Very kinetic stacked mix.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles from Revolver JK--Lennon preferred his voice filtered, till he broke up Beatles

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Run, Run, Run by The Gestures from the album Nuggets JK--One of at least 3 60s songs with this title. Also VU & Who

Now have the common cold. Not so common for me. Rarely have them for now. Since I started to work out, my respiratory health's been robust.

EASTER//Awoke with all Spring/in my sinuses. Germs of/its resurrection.

Today is World Backup Day. Unfortunately, human civilization's hot backup on Mars is years behind schedule.

When I meet my maker, I want obits to lead with the fact that I once microwaved a mean Swanson's beef stroganoff.

This just in: Republican governors falling all over themselves to stonewall implementation of Obamacare while Fox News calls it a failure.

I wonder if my being the 287,882nd person to "like" some passing picture on Facebook will make difference, apart from making me feel punier

It's not as if I want to start conversations externally. I put out new stuff to keep the conversations in my head from growing stale.

Was a busy past 2 weeks. Glad I was able to get back on track banging out original quick-hits. Those are modules of thought I build on.

Same-sex marriage should be legal. Some-sex marriage should be the universal rule. Most people marry because they want some sex. Of whatever

North Korea declares a state of war? Technically, they've been in state o war since end of armed conflict in early 50s. Was just cease-fire.

Sentiment analysis on stock mkt chatter. What if it trader sentiment universally "sell" on sentiment analysis startups? Would all implode?

RT @sciam: Men Who Do More Housework Have Less Sex ( JK--Talk about a disincentive.

Even if you held a gun to my head, I couldn't name a single Justin Bieber song. Also, that's a bizarre thing to threaten someone over.