Friday, December 20, 2013

Aweekstweets December 5-20 2013: the week we went cold Turkey

If Kim Jong Eun entrusts Dennis Rodman with North Korea's nuclear arsenal, we're screwed.

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AMA Course, Data As Strategic Asset, Learn how 2 leverage mktg data 2 drive rev in 2014. . Code LGWN for $200 discount

I've come to the conclusion that the foremost authority on all topics in our society is BIRIS: Because I Read It Somewhere.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses JK--1981. Probably Chris Butler's top royalty earner. "Wrapping" = rapping, btw

Machine learning. Dangerous trend. Soon our household robots'll demand 4-year college education at elite Ivy League schools. This must stop!

I've been told my 2014 #bigdata predictions #IBM blog will post on Jan 2. Will revise to reflect events of Jan 1. Hey, nothing gets past me

Booz Allen "Field Guide to Data Science." Excellent. Download PDF here: 

#BigData: still too big for its britches? Discuss amongst.

Story of Lou Reed memorial concert at NYC Apollo Theatre here:  . Full video here: 

"Scientific study o James Bond novels shows 007 was drunk" ( ) JK--"Shaken not stirred" refers to his delirium tremens

"Death by A/B Testing" ( ) JK--Think of it as automating your analysis paralysis to the nth degree. Decide, dammit!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club JK--1982. Recall 1st seeing video while clubbing @ St Andrews Hall in downtown Detroit

"Paradigms for Realizing Machine Learning Algorithms" ( ) JK--Good discussions of the generations of machine learning.

Trawling tweetosphere 4 orig #bigdata content 2 chew on. Must have high tolerance 4 lotsa folks rehashing & restating same s**t over & over

"EHR Data & Metadata: Challenges for #BigData in US" ( ) JK--Discusses semantic challenges in healthcare analytics

"ETL on #Hadoop Is Here. Now. Today." ( ) JK--Good Stephen Swoyer discussion of prevalent practice.

Not long ago we calld it very large DBs + massively parallel processing + webscale analytics. So glad we settled on "#bigdata". Saves breath

Thinking about archaeological strata of Troy. Structures naturally collapse, vegetation decays into dirt. Ruins disappear under rubble & mud

Article about how cats were domesticated. We noticed cats predominate in Istanbul, dogs in rural Turkey. Don't know what to make of it.

Solstice approaching. I suspect the season of lights evolved as a communal response to what we now think of as seasonal affective disorder.

RT @Slate: The weird grammar of Christmas songs:  #RoundYonVirgin

"Uniquely identify a human being with two questions" ( ) JK--Easy: 1) You human? 2) What's your name?

"#IBM to Acquire Aspera to Help Companies Speed Global Movement of #BigData" ( ) JK--Securely speed massive data files

Just finished the first full draft of my RSA Security Conf preso for Feb: "#BigData's Potential in Securing the Internet of Things." Whew!

Thinking we need an Internet of Thingamabobs. A virtual playpen for the most whimsical, listless, no-account, disposable things in our lives

New #IBM jk blog: "Securing the Internet of Things: Where do you start?" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In Bed With Boys by Algebra Suicide from Feminine Squared JK--2013. Distaff equivalent of "88 Lines About 44 Women"

Act of pondering whether old acquaintance should B forgot & never brought 2 mind is likely 2 bring them 2 mind. Hey Alanis: isn't it ironic?

Ah yes, New York. Contrary 2 popular belief, they didnt decommission Old York when the new model came out. Still hanging on in north England

If you have a dog with bad breath, you need to read this tweet to the end. To distract you momentarily from foul Fido, if nothing else.

"The Log: What every SW engineer should know about R-T data's unifying abstraction" ( ) JK--Log's also core DB of IoT

"How 'internet of things' will replace the web" ( ) JK--"Pioneer species of the internet of things is the smartphone"

"Data discovery to become the main focus of BI vendors" ( ) JK--Internet of Things will also be focus, per the article.

"Worm may create Internet of Harmful Things" ( ) JK--As Sagan might say, billions & billions o new vulnerability points

When the Mule of Moaning sticks his sorry snout into the Trough of Disillusionment, you just know he's not long for this Wide World of Woe.

"Evolution of ETL" ( ) JK--Good one. Discusses 4 ETL evolutionary trends: pushdown processing, streaming, NoSQL, cloud

"Top 10 Big Ideas in Harvard Stat 110" ( ) JK--Mr Hart U come w/heads full o MUSH & U leav thinkin like DATA SCIENTISTS

"Variety's The Spice Of Life – & Bane Of #BigData" ( ) JK--Discusses how Semantic Web can supplement schema-less #NoSQL

"Myth of 'anonymized' data&rise of 're-identification experts'" ( ) JK--All that re-ID needs R correl8ns & inferences

"Mathematical Modelling the Sensor Network" ( ) JK--Hmm. Interesting. Alludes to an orchestration logic grammar for IoT

"The Internet of things will not arrive in 2014" ( ) JK--Says IoT "too big to manage or secure"

Drafted my latest #IBM #AnalyzingMedia article: "The Aromatic Ambience of Customer Experience"

Drafted my latest #IBM #Dataversity blog: "Open Data Graphs Can Boost the Global Economy"

"#IBM Reveals 5 Innovs That'll Change Our Lives w/in 5 Yrs" ( ) JK--In education, shopping, healthcare, privacy, cities

Letting the days go by, letting the water hold me up. Notice how David Byrne was miming swimming motions. What holds U up is constant effort

NYC. First snowfall I've seen so far this year. Just missed it last week at home & in Turkey. Comfy perch in #IBM office above Madison Ave.

"#BigData Visualization: Just Beginning?" ( ) JK--IDs me as "writer." No one checks bylines ( )

Heading up to La Guardia on a snowy day in NYC. I'm festooned with the usual winter gear. Hope the flights aren't delayed.

WSJ reports Chinese cities tearing down mountains to prep land for economic devel. This is an ecological obscenity.

Drafted next #IBM blog: "What Koby's Tea Leaves Foretell for #BigData in 2014"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Is the Black at the End Good by Th Flaming Lips from Peace Sword JK--2013. Wow! New! My 1st hearing & already classic

IBM Informix #NoSQL Webinar, TUES Dec 17th 11.30 EST. Deep Dive Continues: Hybrid storage & application. Register @ 

A8: #cxo #DecisionMgmt needs constant collab btwn #cem subj matter exprts (svc, mktg, sales, etc) & data scientists who devel decision logic

A8: Collaboration & Transparency between data analysis & customer facing teams allow for better communication & customer responses! #CXO
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A8: #cxo Best practice for #decisionmgmt is to continually reassess optimal mix of decision auto vs. decis support. When human touch/judgmt?

A8: Customer outcomes are one customer at a time. #decisionmgt focuses on making best decision 1:1 using data #cxo
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A8: #cxo Ensuring right #cem outcomes demands continual metrix o customer satis + continual tweaking o data, models, rules 2 deliver results

A7: #cxo Cust satis make-or-break "moments of truth" often come in real-time unanticip8d. #DecisionMgmt risky cuz driven by prebuilt models

A7: #cxo Real-time customer interactions can go sour if auto #decisionmgmt response driven by low-quality cust data & poor-fit stat models

A7: #cxo However, #decisionmgmt can worsen real-time customer interactions if implemented to exclusion of human-touchpoint interactions.

A7: #cxo #DecisionMgmt can improve real-time customer interactions if driven by streaming data that enriches deep interaction history.

Q6: #cxo Customer experience is a complex construct. Needs diverse data & subtle analytics. #DecisionMgmt streamlines real-time processing

Q6: #cxo #DecisionMgmt ensures that operational processes are always driven from best #bigdata analytics relevant to each decision/action

A6: #cxo #DecisionMgmt provides BP-auto plat 2 leverage more data & execute more complex analytics than human touchpnts can directly absorb

A6: #cxo #DecisionMgmt helps companies serve customer better, enable agile response, & automate processes. #BigData analytics drive all that

A5: #cxo #DecisionMgmt ensures orchestration o seamless interaction handoff across mobile, social, portal, call-ctr & bricki/mortar channels

@stephaniethum ALL consumers require a diff response. #decisionmgt means they get one. Micro decisions 1 cust at a time #cxo
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In multi-touch environments decisions need to 'communicate' with each other to ensure consistency and optimization #CXO cc/@jameskobielus
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A5: #cxo #DecisionMgmt tailors specific interactions to each mobile device, app, OS, access channel, geography, etc-& to each social medium

A5: #cxo #DecisionMgmt ensures that auto & human-facilitated responses are tailored to interaction framework of each channel (soc, mob, etc)

A4: #Decisionmgt allows one journey to have many unique treatment decisions> micro decisions  #cxo
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RT @jamet123: #cxo Exaple: Cable coy use #predictiveanalytics 2 predict churn/cross-sell and #decisionmgt to gen custom script for each cust
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A4: #cxo #DecisionMgmt accelerates discovery by human touchpoints (eg call ctr, acct rep) of the right actions at each cust journey step

A4: #cxo #DecisionMgmt helps manage customer journey by ensure right actions at each step (cust acq, renewal, upsell, issue response, etc.)

#decisionmgt ensures more STP and more RFT (Right First Time) customer interactions #cxo
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A3: #cxo #DecisionMgmt supports effective response if powered by #bigdata with full customer transaction/interaction history. Fine targeting

RT @schmarzo @stephaniethum Amen! Don't leave brand-impacting #decisionmgmt decisions to the webmaster and junior marketing personnel #CXO
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A3: #cxo #DecisionMgmt ensures that your first response is the right response, geared to the customer & their circumstance. Reduce mistakes.

A3: #cxo #DecisionMgmt speeds up issue response by automating alerts, notification, & escalation 2 right decision agents in engagemt process

A3: #cxo #DecisionMgmt impacts customer respnsvenss by speeding structured responses & empowering rapid human response w/fast analytics/data

A2: #cxo #DecisionMgmt makes lives o human engagemt touchpoints easier by framing conversationl guidance 2 help them exercise better judgmnt

A2: #Decisionmgt uses data from any sys/channel to improve decision-making for broader, deeper learning #cxo
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@IBMbigdata a2 better decisions help us make timely and sensitive interventions to engage a customer. It should be good discretion mgmt #cxo
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RT @tcrawford: Decision Mgmt provides a vehicle to increase speed and accuracy to customer engagement. #cem #CXO
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A2: #cxo #DecisionMgmt enables automation o structured engage processes & auto-guidance o human #decisionsupport on semi-structurd functions

A2: #cxo #DecisionMgmt improves engage by ensure all human & auto touchpoints (call ctr, portal, etc) driven by same 360-degree cust view

@IBMbigdata @BarryBirkett A1: #cxo "Next best" refers to best action (among alternatives) being executed in the next decision cycle.

@IBMbigdata @jamet123 A1: #cxo Same diff. Event-response & event-decision-action are diff types of processes being executed.

A1: #cxo #DecisionMgmt encapsulates and enforces best practices for #cem within models/rules developed by SMEs and data scientists

A1: #cxo #DecisionMgmt relevant 2 cust exper because ensures consistent, continously personalized & targeted experiences across touchpoints

A1: #cxo #DecisionMgmt enables automation o high-vol o actions driven by best data/models/rules. Supplements human-enabling #decisionsupport

A1: #cxo #DecisionMgmt is next best action: right data, analytic models, and biz rules driving optimal biz process execution.

@IBMbigdata A pleasure to be on this #cxo with @jamet123. Decision management is hugely important for #cxo and business process optimzation

Drafting my 2014 #IBM #bigdata predictions blog. Realizing I've made predictions all year long. Rounding them up. Revisiting them.

RT @IBMODM: Don't miss today's #CXO chat with @jamet123 @jameskobielus on #decisionmgt & #analytics in age o customer 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Into Your Arms by The Lemonheads from Come On Feel the Lemonheads JK--1993, & sounds it. Never realized it was an era

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac from The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac JK--LBuckingham's songs were my Mac faves

"#IBM Scientists Demo Quantum Phenom for 1st Time Using Plastic Film" ( ) JK--At room temp. Ultrafast optoelectrnc apps

"On Eventually Consistent Data" ( ) JK--Similar POV to my recent blog: . BTW, why the curse word?

RT @IBMbigdata Customer Decision Mgt: @Jamet123 leads #cxo today 12 ET. Join us! #custserv #cxm. JK--I'm on it too 

"Retailers Using #BigData: The Secret Behind Amazon & Nordstrom’s success" ( ) JK--Next best offer, target mkting, #CXO

"Detecting Patterns w/Naked Eye" ( ) JK--Shows how timeseries random walks can trompe l'oeil. Stat analysis shows truth

"Why Cognition-as-a-Service is the next OS battlefield" ( ) JK--Places #IBM #Watson in larger cloud-platform context

"DB whiz MStonebraker on impending battle of DB elephants" ( ) JK--Ignores fact that we've invested in the alternatives

RIP Peter O'Toole. Actually, my favorite Peter O'Toole performance was him playing a Peter O'Toole-ish ham actor in "My Favorite Year."

Turkish raki tastes close to Greek ouzo. Both taste like licorice. Cant help thinking about Good & Plenty candy of my youth--albeit spiked

WashPost put "big data" in quotes in headline. Oh, please! Either drop quotes or use synonym. Quotemarks are typographical distancing tongs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Silver Timothy by Damien Jurado from Brothers and Sisters JK--2014. Due 4 release next year. Totally cool samba/jazz

Thinking of writing a poem about the public toilets and adjacent whorehouse of Ephesus. Sustainable communities sluice sewage efficiently.

Was hard to visit ancient ruins in Turkey without lapsing into mental cliches reminiscent of "Ozymandias." Poetry can B barrier 2 experience

Tony Sheridan "My Bonnie" ( ) JK--1961. That was one kickass backup band he had there, dontcha think?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born on a Day the Sun Didn't Rise by Black Moth Super Rainbow from Eating Us JK--2009. A pure electro-trance song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Omanko by Sky Ferreira from Night Time My Time JK--2013. Gr8/sexy. Should B calld "Japanese Jesus Japanese Christmas"

@mirgray No Xmas theme. Mostly a golfing theme. Not sure why. The DC suburbs aren't Palm Springs.

#GreaterIBM #BigData chat Recap: Data Science Career ( ). JK--Dec 4 session with me and @thomasdeutsch

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Angel by Jimi Hendrix from The Ultimate Experience JK--Soulful number released posthumously in 1971.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Long Time Gone by Billie Joe & Norah from Foreverly JK--Gr8 Everly Bros cover. His voice is Green Day's best asset

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp She by Green Day from Dookie JK--1994. Still my favorite of theirs. Got me listening to rock radio again. RIP WHFS-FM

WashDulles international baggage claim plays annoying slick marketng pitch-loop 4 Northern Virginia. Makes U wanna flee country upon arrival

Currently I'm experiencing the boomerang back-end jetlag from global travel. Home rhythm feels briefly strange.

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Big Identity’s Double-Edged Sword: Wielding It Responsibly" ( )

Nice to see that I've becoming most influential tweetchatter in the #Hadoop-o-sphere. Not a crowded sphere, though.

Nice 2 see that, amid my archaeological touristing, my backlog o drafted #IBM blogs & other tht-ldrshp pieces all posted during my absence.

Great trip 2 Turkey. One o the other fellow tourists brought work 2 do. I thought "I'm not that crazy." Was 100% personal pleasure vacation.

Turkish etiquette guidebook for tourists: "Don't burp or fart loudly in public" "Don't flirt w/other men's wives." OMG--I didn't realize!

I have th most social of wives, in traditional sense o "social." She befriended us w/fellow tourists Mr & Mrs Gill. Now we're couple-buddies

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld article "BigData demands nonstop experimentation" ( )

Me interviewed in e-talks "James Kobielus: #BigData, Cognitive Computing and Future of Product" ( …)

Today's long bus journey from Pamukkale to Antalya was great. The fresh air, snow-clad mountains, & wide plateaus reminded me of Wyoming.

New #IBM jk blog "#SAP users now have access to the acceleration benefits of #IBMBLU" ( ) #db2

It remains freakishly cold throughout Turkey, even here on the Mediterranean in Antalya. We chose quite the week to visit.

The portrait of Kamal Ataturk is ubiquitous in Turkey. Many different renderings, not one icon. I reminded self to photograph one at a store

I will post all my own photos of Turkey to my Facebook when I get home. I'm using my digital camera. Can't upload from my tablet.

Fitting in this Xmas season that we're heading tomorrow to St Nicholas' true homeland: Turkey's Antalya province. He hailed from Myra/Demre

Regrets I have no opportunity on this personal vacation to meet #bigdata analytics community in Turkey. Would love to return. Great country

@TheSocialPitt @TonyBaer @thomasdeutsch Surprised that Ovum doesn't comment on 2014 main story in #bigdata: cloud-based virtualization.

Southwestern Anatolia is a pleasantly mountainous landscape with midsized cities, broad valleys, extensive groves, & light industry.

Cold Turkey has new meaning. Numbingly frigid & windy. Today was at Hieropolis ruins & Pamukkale calcified cliffs in central Anatolia.

Ruins of Ephesus are huge, complex, & in reasonably good shape. Can easily visualize community that was. Echoes of Paul letter to Ephesians

Absolutely no truth to the rumor that Jeff Bezos has acquired Santa Claus Inc and replaced ho-ho-ho guy with a jinglebell-equipped drone.

Christmas season & annual obsession with whether retail sales strong. I'm sort o tired o seeing non-purchasing consumers portrayed as Grinch

"Of biblical proportions." Most editions of Holy Bible that I've ever seen are of normal proportions. Did they have it on gigantic scrolls?

"Why I'm Ignoring the Hysteria About the Obamacare Website" ( …) JK--First editorial that nailed right POV on this.

@myontem It will soon be snowing at home too.

Fled the country rather than face ice storm. Yes, I admit to being a coward. A real man would just face up to the the test of slippery roads

@myontem I'm in Turkey on a personal vacation. Package tour. So far, no snow, though Istanbul was cold & windy.

Standing @ Troy highpoint U see why worth holding+fighting over. Controlled access 2 civilizations via Dardanelles Marmara Bosporus BlackSea

Troy archaeological site is amazing. It clearly shows 9 layers of ruins dating back to 3000 BC. I felt presence of Helen, Paris, Agamemnon

Bus tour ferried from Europe 2 Asia. Today we learned WW1/Turkish history at Gallipoli & ancient history @ Troy. Seas Marmara & Aegean shone

Istanbul is a modern city with an ancient heart. Roman Empire remains. Passed under an ancient aqueduct on our way back from dinner.

Made the rounds of historic Istanbul. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace. Dinner across the Bosporus. Cool place. Good Turkish food.

RT @Will___Ferrell: I drink coffee I show my empty mug to the IT guy and tell him I've successfully installed Java. He hates me.

Istanbul. Arrived earlier than scheduled. Tour group friendly. Hotel decent. WiFi and water work. Off to a good start.

If anybody wants an indication of how a post-apartheid South Africa could have gone horribly wrong, I have just one word for you: "Mugabe."

Weird detail from Bob Dylan's early-60s Greenwich Village coffeehouse days. One fellow performer was Tiny Tim ("Tiptoe Thru the Tulips")

RT @RSAConference: #RSAC highlight #IBM @jameskobielus presents #BigData Potential Helping Secure Internet o Things 

In his memoir, Dylan mentions seeing Richard Pryor hanging around Greenwich Village in the early 60s. Curious what those guys discussed.

@BlairReeves Never heard of it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kickin' Our Hearts Around by Buck Owens from On the Bandstand JK--1962. Great twangy example of Bakersfield sound

Reading Bob Dylan's terrific memoir "Chronicles Vol. 1." Makes you feel like you were there with him in Greenwich Village in the early 60s.

RIP Nelson Mandela. The words "heroic" & "iconic" need to be reserved for especially significant historical figures such as him.

Salvation Army stationed a trumpeter in lieu of a bellringer in front of our supermarket. Quiet, stately tunes. Nice.