Thursday, December 05, 2013

Aweekstweets November 23-December 5 2013: the week I gave thanks for another year of sustained productivity

"#Hadoop Performance Tuning - A Pragmatic & Iterative Approach" ( ) JK--Very detailed tech discussion. A keeper.

New #IBM jk blog: "The NoSQL conundrum: Lagged veracity and the double-edged promise of eventual consistency" ( )

"Machine Learning & EEG: Can't Have One Without Other" ( ) JK--Pattern recog from multichannel variable timeseries data

"Celebrating statisticians: Karl Pearson" ( ) JK--Developed many core approaches & terms in #datascientist discipline

"Provocative Questions for Analytics to Answer" ( ) JK--Phrased as outcomes for analytics to drive, by industry. Great!

That was the last quick-hit till Mon Jan 13. Vacation, holidays, & battery-recharging hiatus.

Real-world experiments? Coming era o dirtcheap continuous experimentation p1  p2  Thurs #IBM q-h

"The Eric & Wendy Schmidt Data Science 4 Social Good 2014 Summer Fellowship" ( ) JK--"Summer of Love" for hippie-geeks?

"Rise o #BigData underscores need 4 theory" ( ) JK--"For any sys w/considerable complexity...there's never enough data"

IBM Research: Africa Virtual Recruiting Event ( ). Tomorrow

Good data scientists sweat 4 their living. Is that "sexy"? Well, some people are sexy when they sweat. Most of us just stink to high heaven.

"Uncomfrtbl racial prefs reveald by online dating" ( ) JK--Also reveals tht my marriage (white man Asian woman) typical

Well, I amend that statement. Some people are sexy when they sweat. Most of us just stink to high heaven.

#GreaterIBM: Great chat. I enjoyed (and learned from) it. Thanks everybody for awesomely wide-ranging discussion of #datascientist #careers

A5: #GreaterIBM Last thought on #datascientist #career: it's not "sexy"--it's hard detailed albeit creativ work. Expect 2 sweat. High stakes

@thomasdeutsch #GreaterIBM A5: Hey, Tom: the more functions a #datascientist automates, the more time they have to creative problem solving.

@mirgray #GreaterIBM. Seriously: there are woman leaders in #datascientist profession--eg, Hilary Mason.

A5: #GreaterIBM #Datascientist #career pitfall: avoid regardi self as "artisan." Boost productvty by automate data prep, modeling, scoring

A5 a big #datascience #career pitfall to avoid is thinking too narrowly about tools and data sources. #greaterIBM
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A5: #GreaterIBM #Datascientist #career pitfall: avoid assuming that U (and/or others) need credentials 2 B effective. Self-teaching is key

A5: #GreaterIBM #Datascientist #career pitfall: avoid becoming so narrowfocused in one modeling method that U "hammer" every problem with it

@GrandpaRobot #GreaterIBM @thomasdeutsch A4: Stat/math literacy is essential. You may not be a PhD, but you must be able 2 think numerically

RT @KirkDBorne: #GreaterIBM #DataScience is the direction finder and anchor in the ocean of #BigData. Need scientific process to avoid...
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#GreaterIBM @mirgray A4: SME types with "math anxiety" should explore teaming w/ quant analysts. Or use highly visual slf-svc modeling tools

A4: #GreaterIBM A #datascientist can come out of seemingly "nowhere" if can demonstrate skills/results (e.g. win Kaggle competition)

A4: #GreaterIBM #Datascientists can have wide range of degrees at various levels & disciplines. Motivated auto-didacts can be effective too

A4: #GreaterIBM Education req for #datascientists vary widely. Good to have stat/math for quant modeling. But may also need SME background

A4 Top 3 #datascience skills Problem-Solving, Communications Open-Mindedness. (kinda need math too)  #greaterIBM
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A4. Online course , good starting point to learn about #datascience and if a fit for you. #GreaterIBM
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A Data scientist go to hackathons, gd communicator,curious & passionate! And discovers insights without predetermined questions! #GreaterIBM
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A4: #GreaterIBM A good business-oriented #datascientist needs to be able to collaborate, follow procedures, document work, & adopt standards

A4: #GreaterIBM To be suitable for #datascientist, you need to be a creative problem solver, with a rigorous focus on empirical verification

A4: #GreaterIBM To become a #datascientist, you need to have a love for exploring & modeling data in order to address practical problems.

A4: #GreaterIBM Core #DataScientist skills: data discovery, prep, modeling, scoring, interactive visualzn. Aptitude: sharp critical thinker

A3: #GreaterIBM A #datascientist who can build real-time stream-computing analytics models is in huge demand.#BigMedia depends on streaming

A3: #GreaterIBM #MachineLearning & #CognitiveComputing are super-hot. Drive model auto-learning from fresh unstructured data. #watson

A3: #GreaterIBM What's "hot" (ie., core #datascientist skillset) are the perennials: multvar stat analysis, data mining, predictive modeling

A3: #GreaterIBM Hot is #datascientist who can develop next best action apps driven by behavioral propensity models & clickstream analytics

A3: #GreaterIBM Hottest #mktg specialties 4 #datascientists involve apps in social media monitoring, influencer segment8n, experience optzn

A3: #GreaterIBM Hottest specialties for data scientists are MapReduce modeling, R modelng, text analytix, sentiment analysis, graph analysis

@Lin_Dolin A2: #GreaterIBM No. Pure scientific exploration needn't be devoid of purpose. "Analysis paralysis" implies lost sight of purpose.

@Lin_Dolin #greateribm A data scientist is doing analytics, among other things. People and communication skills a huge plus.
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A2: #GreaterIBM In a research environment, #datascientist may be entirely free of operational duties.Pure exploratory what-if analysis.

A2: #GreaterIBM #DataScientist profession is often a LOB-focused (e.g., marketing analytics) function. Addressing particular biz problems.

A2: #datascientist communicates informed conclusions & recommendations based on in-depth holistic analysis of the existing data #greateribm
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A2 #datascience: where the real world hands you data but not a model to use to understand the data  #greaterIBM
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A2: #GreaterIBM #Datascience as a biz profession is 1 part stat modeling, 1 part SME, 1 part app dev. Exploratory and/or operational apps

A2: #GreaterIBM #Datascientists build and test data-driven empirical models through statistical analysis & exploratory visualization.

A2: #GreaterIBM #DataScientist profession demands both quant modeling & qualitativ subjectmatter expertise--eg predictive models 4 marketing

A2: #GreaterIBM #Datascientist profession is growing range of established (eg data mining) and young (eg graph analysis) specialties

A1: #GreaterIBM Increasing demand for pros with wide range of #datascience skills, many involving unstructured data/text social analytics

A1: #GreaterIBM #Datascientist is core new developer in era of #bigdata. More biz apps depend on these skills. Hence demand intensifying.

A1 #bigdata #analytics could grow annual GDP in retail and manufacturing by up to $325 billion by 2020.  #GreaterIBM
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A1: #GreaterIBM Key statistical modeling skills require learning curve. #BigData-driven demand for them outstrips supply.

A1: #GreaterIBM #Datascience is the process of exploring, modeling, & mining data sets using stat methods to find non-obvious patterns

A1: #GreaterIBM #Datascience growing rapidly because advanced analytics development/modeling skills are key to unlocking #bigdata biz value

#GreaterIBM I'm #IBM #BigData Evangelist, subject-matter expert, and thought leadership professional. Data science is key focus.

#GreaterIBM Glad to be discussing data science careers with fellow IBM-er @thomasdeutsch & the tweetosphere generally.

#GreaterIBM I've put my data science thinking cap on for size. Hmm. Not bad.Tweetchat starts in 24 minutes.

Drafted next #IBMDataMag article: "#BigData and the Sensitivity of Identity Resolution"

RT @IBMbigdata: Join today chat "Is Data Science Your Next Career?" w/ @jameskobielus @thomasdeutsch. Use #GreaterIBM…

Join me and @thomasdeutsch on #GreaterIBM tweetchat at 12noon (EST). "Is Data Science Your Next Career?"

#GreaterIBM Tweetchat starts 52 minutes from now. Can't wait.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Corporeal by Broadcast from Tender Buttons JK--2005. Delicious virtual "doing it" vibe. "Do that to my anatomy."

How small businesses can stay ahead of the mobile curve  @shashib #IBMsmb

"Using Chaos Theory 2 Predict/Prevnt Catastrophic ‘Dragon King’ Events" ( ) JK--Wazzat? Scaly firebreathing black swan?

"How is #BigData Transforming Your 80/20 Analytics?" ( ) JK--Michael Schrage on evolving market segmentation criteria

"Choosing the right database: Understanding your options" ( ) JK--Good discuss of eval criteria for RDBMS vs. NoSQL

"Make your Next Best Action Count" ( ) JK--Doesn't explain how "time decisioning" differs from "decision automation"

"Who needs Big Data scientists? Pretty soon, there’ll be an app for that" ( ) JK--Article is breezy, vague, & useless.

They dropped new Yellowbook on our doorstep yesterday. Glad the pages are pre-yellowed. They'd get that way after a year unused in our house

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lorelei by Cocteau Twins from Treasure JK--1984. Multi-tracked-voice Elizabeth Fraser sounds like Enya on acid here.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Vertical Slum by Swell Maps from A Trip to Marineville JK--1979. Early Rough Trade UK artist.

@Lar206 No, thank YOU! Thanks for spinning the great songs, Mr. Mizell. Thanks for keeping it real.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cooky Puss (Censored Version) by Beastie Boys from Cooky Puss EP JK--1983. 1st single. Rapped crank call w/rock beat

What was last major motion picture that literally ended w/"The End" that wasn't essentially homage to earlier cinema? Operators standing by

Open data? The reference graphs of planetary connectedness ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

We're going to Istanbul, not Constantinople. Tour co dropped contract w/Mr Peabody Wayback Machine Inc. Had heart set on side trip:Byzantium

Good WSJ article on how word "innovation" has been over-applied, to brink of meaninglessness, in business world. Mundane product tweaks?

New #IBM jk #ITKE column "The tricky chemistry of a high-performance data-science team" ( )

Catch li'l ol' me on #IBM webinar: "#Hadoop Appliances:...." Thurs Dec 12, 2-3pm (EST). Register here:  .

"How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Excellent advice, especially the bit about drawing pictures.

Recording my #IBM #PureData System for #Hadoop appliance webinar this afternoon. It will play next week, while I'm on vacation.

Back in the 70s, I remember some guy changed his legal name to a number. I wonder if anybody has changed their name to Firstname Lastname.

RT @mountain_goats: Camped out w/fellow grunts at base of Yuletide Hill. Calm before the storm. At dawn we launch preemptive strike on Xmas

Ambient analytics? The experience-immersive cloud of location context ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Desire Lines by Deerhunter from Halcyon Digest JK--"Don't work out to that song." Good advice. Super-blood-pumper.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Goodbye England (Covered in Snow) by Laura Marling from I Speak Because I Can JK--2010. English folkie. A bit Joni.

I actually dread th thought o drones delivering packages, unless it's 2 rescue stranded hikers in mountains. I imagine bomb delivery systems

"Video Search: Hollywood #BigData Dilemma" ( ) JK--Video Genome Proj anlyzs/categs metadata in >7.5M prof-produced vids

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Deep Red Bells by Neko Case from Blacklisted JK--2002. She belts this moody beauty with supreme passion.

"Yahoo SAMOA (Scalabl Adv Massive Online Analysis) ( ) JK--Open src plat for mining #bigdata streams w/distrib ML algos

"Quantum Light Harvesting Hints at Entirely New Form of Computing" ( ) JK--Perfect transfer of light to chemical energy

"Why Our Numbers Are Always Wrong" ( ) JK--Good discuss of Bayesian v Gaussian stats: less wrong over time v more right

"Pred analytics on unbalanced data: classific8n perf" ( ) JK--Avoid model skew from data disproportionate of one class

"Data of Damocles" ( ) JK--Re #bigdata & "specter of permanent memory." I'm more sanguine: it's "historical record"

Dictum often violated of necessity is "don't reinvent th wheel." How many varieties of wheels are there in existence? Each fitted to purpose

"Cyber Monday." As if Internet shopping didn't exist yesterday & will vanish at midnight tonight.

A9: #cxo "Segment of one" incomplete without models of how indivs "similar" to others. See my blog ( )

A9: #cxo "Segment of one" = paradox. Every customer is both "like themself" & "like others." Segment = addressabl class of "like-customers"

A8: #cxo Dynamism rules. "Optimizing" segments is like "optimizing" your business strategy. Re-align evolving segments w/evolving strategy

A8: Always listening to your target customers. Close the loop on what you learn & refresh segments+personas accordingly #CXO
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A8: #cxo Optimizing cust segments requires applying decision trees & other stat techs effectively to call out non-obvious affinities

A8: #cxo Optimizing customer segments requires continual revisiting & tweaking of customer personas within "journey" model.

A8: #cxo Optimizing customer segments requires gathering data to assess whether models drove expected results (eg, improve loyalty, satis)

A7: #cxo #BigData supports in-db predictive analytics, built on segmentations, that drive targeted campaigns from 360-degree cust view

A7: #cxo #BigData microsegmentation enables 1:1 personalzn by enabling segm models 2 reflect full customer history, context, & experience

A7: #cxo #BigData provides a comprehensive customer data repository to enable microsegmentation for finely-targeted mktg campaigns.

A6: #cxo Social media analytics can reveal fine-grained behavior, sentiment, and influence segments. Especially among avid social users.

A6: #cxo Social media analytics can be misleading. Some segments avidly use socials, others avoid them. Can skew your segmentation models

A6: #cxo Social media analytics can reveal behavioral or sentiment propensities that either align with or depart from demographic segments

A5: #cxo Demog variables are always useful to include in initial list of indep variables to assess in creating segmentation models.

A5: Demographic data can help put context on other data but need to avoid too common habit of using just that. #CXO
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A5: #cxo Demog variables--such as generation--in segmentation may become stereotype fodder. See my recent blog: 

A5: #cxo Demographic variables always USEFUL in customer #segmentation, but may or may not also be PREDICTIVE of key dependent variables

A4: #cxo If a customer segment rarely responds to particular "influentials," it's clear the latter's recommendations offer little value.

A4: #cxo If sgmt rarely responds to particular offers, prompts, suggestions, etc., or rarely opt into them, it means those dont drive value

A3: #cxo Understand customer drivers by sgmt also reqs in-depth historical data analysis. Cust may be "unreliable narrator" of own drivers

RT @TabithaDunn A3: The best segmentation projects I have been on start w/ qual+quant+qual then we talk w/ customers to validate. #CXO
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A3: #cxo Engaging with customer segments directly to gather driver insights helps avoid downstream stereotyping when build stat models

A3: #cxo Understanding customer drivers by segment requires "primary research": speak with them, structured interviews, focus groups, etc

A2: #cxo Persona-level segmentation helps you ground statistical segmentations in coherent value narrative re customer engagement.

A2. Personas can help companies make informed design decisions. Create shared, vivid pictures of target customers’ needs, behaviors... #cxo
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Personas can help team get shared understanding of customers. Relationships with real customers are even better. #CXO @IBMbigdata
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A2: #cxo Persona-level segmentation provides gist of strategy for 1:1 engagement personalization with each customer segment.

A2: Persona-level segmentation implies granularity that can be valuable at several touch-point settings, inc. #custserv. #CXO
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RT @MarkMyers360: A2: Personas help us to create an experience, not just a transaction #cxo
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A2: #cxo Advantage of persona-level #segmentation is ability to gain intimate insights into customer motivations & decision processes

A1: #cxo Creating the segmentation model requires examining how diff customers cluster with respect to chief dependent & indep variables

A1: #cxo Segmentation requires analysis of profiles, backgrounds, demographics, & propensities of diverse customers.

A1: #cxo Segmenting your customer base requires that you have requirements profiles of chief buyers, users of your products.

A1: #CXO Defining a customer segmentation model starts with identifying scope of addressable market. Who are you trying to reach/serve?

@IBMbigdata A pleasure to tweet this fine CyberMonday on #CXO

Looking forward to #CXO on the art of customer segmentation.

Catch CXO chat Art of Customer Segmentation w/ @TabithaDunn & me @ 12noon EST today #custserv #cem #nps 

30 min until #CXO chat: The Art of Customer #Segmentation  w/ @TabithaDunn
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Draft next week's #IBM blog: "Securing the Internet of Things: Where Do You Start?"

Drafted latest #InfoWorld blog: "#BigData Fueling a New World of Constant Experimentation"

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange blog "The Tricky Chemistry of a High-Performance Data-Science Team"

Internet of Things? Securing endpoints, engagements, & ecosystems p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM quick-hit

Fun night of partying last night out in Rockville. Actually managed to stay below legal limit for drive home. Took ever ounce of willpower.

Reasonably good selection o Xmas songs on local religious station. By "reasonbly good," I mean few pushy fundamntlist "praise th Lord" songs

RT @acroll: "Accidentally typed 'Internet of Thongs.' Not sure if awkward typo or genius business idea" JK--A "wearable" most should avoid

If you avoided the Black Friday crowds, chances are your inbox was still overrun by a crowd of promo emails. No escaping th commercial crush

Boy Scouts should award merit badges based on courtesy kindness obedience cheerfulnss thriftinss bravery cleanliness & reverence. Obedience?

Glanced at yet another useless set of social media guidelines. Usually, they're the author arrogantly pushing their personal style as gospel

RT @IBMResearch: Catch up on some of #IBMResearch’s most-recent projects: …

RT @HarvardBiz: Technology is speeding up, as these charts demonstrate 

Will write a lookahead #IBM blog about trends in #bigdata et al in 2014. But waiting till mid-month to start on it. No rush. Leisurely mull

WashPost article about sensor-embedded "smart socks." Killer app should ability to find partner in & around the laundry.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Early Days by Paul McCartney from New JK--2013. Excellent folk about the Fabs.

RIP Dick Dodd. Former Mouseketeer. Singer/drummer of Standells ("Dirty Water" "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White"), Bel-Airs ("Mr Moto")

Nonsense article in NYTimes Mag treats "metadata" as if word/concept began with NSA/Snowden. Been a dry hi-tech term of art for many years.

Hey news channels: just because there's cool video of some shocking incident somewhere doesn't mean it's necessarily newsworthy.

"Scary ghost stories"? No Xmas I ever heard of. Andy Williams knew not whereof he sang. And that Dickens tale wasn't terribly frightening.

Completed the residual raking. Late Autumn yard clearing. Inverse operation of early Spring house cleaning.

I'm definitely a romantic. I read the WashPost Magazine's "Date Lab" feature every Sunday. Do they click?

Another Bob Dylan biography? Can the publishing industry hold off on these till the man is croaking with the choir invisible?

Describing WashDC as a city of "transients" misses the mark. Even most politicos who come remain after leaving office. Lobbying etc.

I've acclimated to the subfreezing. Comes a point early in the approach of every winter when your body settles into a lower thermostat. editors thank our #talented and #generous 2013 contributors  by Jeannie Cramer and Terrence O’Donnell
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Feels good to work out. Club's almost deserted. Those of us here have our pick of the machines. Chose not to feast ourselves sick.

Looking forward to our vacation in Turkey. Package tour. Istanbul to the south and east. Historic. Archaeological. Friends recommend.

Pleasant roll downhill this morning from southern PA to DC's Maryland suburbs. Appalachia gives way to Piedmont. You feel the gravity unwind

Blue sky, albeit freezing cold. Winds are light. Yeah, something to give thanks for.

That's a wrap for the work week and month. Have a good 4-day. No aweekstweets this weekend. I'll do a 2-week next Thurs. Then vacation.

Join me et al on Mon’s twitter trending #CXO chat: The Art of Custr #Segmentation w/ @TabithaDunn,  12 ET #cem

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fuzzy by Grant Lee Buffalo from Fuzzy JK--1993. If you were in WashDC area in early 90s, this is a fuzzy WHFS memory.

@asmalldarkcloud I was a fan, record purchaser, & concert-goer. That's about as "thick" as I was with the "post-punk" "scene."

Cool. I'm now "Top Contributor" to LinkedIn "#BigData Integration" discussion group, which has 3,009 members ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Follow You by Melody's Echo Chamber JK--2012. Jangly rich rock sound with layered harmonies & shiny production.

@asmalldarkcloud That was my era/music. I'm the same generation as "punk" & "postpunk" musicians. I know some of them. Still don't get it

"Forrester: Top Tech Trnds 2014+" ( ) JK--Digital-converge experience APIs process #BigData IoT cloud mobile etc

@joemckendrick Hip/unhip. Yet another distinction that makes no difference. Thanks for reminding me, Joe!

@timoelliott Modern/postmodern. Another distinction I've never understood. Thanks Timo!

Never understood term "post-punk." Must qualifying artists have once been uniformed cardcarrying punks? The future of "no future"? Gag!

"CalTech: Machine Learning Vid Library: Prof Yaser Abu-Mostafa" ( ) JK--Wow! Deep! Do I earn a PhD if I watch it all?

Looking forward to T-Day. Gonna hang with our girl up in H-burg. Plan to drive back home first thing F-day.

"Is Python really supplanting R for data work?" ( ) JK--Whacks that slithery premise with a nasty stick called "data."

"Data Science: Tale o 2 Books" ( ) JK--"Data science is 4-headed organism w/ foci on biz, data, analytics & narrative"

Online retailers cook up sales gains on Tuesday ahead of #BlackFriday says #IBM  #SmarterCommerce

RT @IBMAnalytics Wbcst w/ @jameskobielus: #Hadoop apliances: key 2 simplicity speed scalability stability in #bigdata 

"Customer activity maps: predicting/preempting cust activity" ( ) JK--Brilliant discussion o predictive behav guidance

"#BigData Discvr Secrets o Sound Sleep" ( ) JK--#EarlySense #IBM Rsch. Submattress sleep-mon sensr 4 home apps. Crwdsrc

Fave "WKRP" episode: station owner ordered rock-DJ "Dr Johnny Fever" to play Gershwin. On-air save-face: "THE DOCTOR DARES TO BE DIFFERENT!"

"ETL, ELT & Data Hub: Where #Hadoop is right fit?" ( ) JK--Gr8 discuss. See also yesterday q-h: 

Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones "Long Time Gone" ( ) JK--2013. Brand new. Unlikely collab. Everly Bros cover. Great!

"Made in #IBM Labs: Unlckng Biz Insights...." ( ) JK--Patented method combines local biz proc data w/cloud-bsd #bigdata

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If I Could Build My Whole World Around U by Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell JK--Thanx DJ Larry Mizell Jr 4 spinning this

Open data? The macroeconomic multiplier effect ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit. Wrap for workweek. Doing the 4-day

Sendak's "Where The Wild Things Are" turns 50. Was my kindergarten year. I have vivid memories of teacher reading from that wonderful book

I agree with the general directions that Pope Francis is charting. A true miracle would be if he prevails against entrenched conservatism.

US Postal Service. Their sole remaining function is as a credit card solicitation delivery system.

"Billy Crystal Finds Fun In Growing Old" ( ) JK--Great NPR Fresh Air interview, especially his Sammy Davis Jr story.

@rosejason An LP is a dozen or so songs under a single packaged release title.

Bought a dozen LPs in the past year. Mostly new, a few old. All downloads. CDs are utterly dead and gone.

Wrote 3 of next week's quick-hits today. Quiet before Thanksgiving. Most outbound emails greeted by out-of-offices. Echo echo echo echo!

"Chance o 'conversational' snow in WashDC Wed pm" ( ) JK--Sez nothing. Even rumor o snow is conversational passion here

Football concussion risks. Curious how many NFL Hall of Famers can actually remember the careers for which they were honored.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waitin' for a Superman by The Flaming Lips from Th Soft Bulletin JK--1999. WCoyne's weak voice somehow makes this gr8

Catch JK #IBM webinar "#Hadoop Appliances: Key 2 Simplicity Speed Scalab & Stabil in #BigData." 12-12 2pm (EST). Reg: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life JK--I imagine Jack Kerouac doing this as beat-jazz riff. "On the Road"

Department stores online sales soar 72% over 2012 in first day of Holiday Shopping Week says @ibm. See  for details.

IBM releases Monday online sales data showing holiday shoppers eager to spend. Get full report at  #smartercommerce

Mobile online sales already up 54% over 2012 on first day of big holiday shopping week says @IBM. Get full report at 

Early online shoppers drive 12% sales growth on Monday over 2013 says @ibm. Get the full report at  #smartercommerce

"Everything You Think About...Childhood Is Wrong" ( ) JK--Play is NOT the work of children. SCHOOL is their work.

We have an intuitive sense of what childhood is "supposed" to be; but what if we're wrong? 
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#BigData optiml deploy model? Go hybrid but avoid misldng crossplat dichtms p1  p2  Tues #IBM qh

@eric_kavanagh Have you contacted our marketing communications team? They coordinate #IBM-ers' participation in such events.

Tim Conway. I can't recall a single thing he's ever done where he wasn't funniest person on screen. But doing so w/self-effacing efficiency

Caught Carol Burnett Mark Twain Prize broadcast last night. Actually, the highlights were all Tim Conway, including him live on stage there

Wintry mix. A phrase that chills the heart even more than the mix itself. No easy prep for storm that could be mostly rain or mostly snow

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sea of Glass by Shelby Earl from Swift Arrows JK--2013. Self-released. Way too great not to be picked up by label.

Doing #IBM webinar Tues 12-3 3-4pm (EST), "#Hadoop Appliances: Key to Simplicity, Speed Scalability Stability in #BigData." Details to come

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Woman King by Iron & Wine JK--2005. Love the oriental feel of this one.

Drafted latest #IBM jk blog: "The NoSQL Conundrum: Lagged Veracity and the Double-Edged Promise of Eventual Consistency"

A8: #cxo Improving the analytical skillset of the #mktg department requires that they learn how to explore #bigdata sets more avidly

#CXO A8: CMOs create the vision and act as business stakeholder for CX/Analytics innovation and partner w/CIO to execute.
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A8: #cxo I think that #CMO's are the new #CIOs. Customer engagement data is heart of #bigdata. #Mktg pros need to become data scientists

A7: #CXO @Fiserv saw incr of @ least 100% in response rate 2 targeted #mktg initiatives w/ #analytics 
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#CXO A7: Measure ROI across channels in inbound and outbound campaigns. Track response history for each customer across channels (hard!)
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A7: #cxo Customer satis boosts are another metric of #bigdata #mktg value. So is improved word-of-mouth. All can be measured/monetized

A7: #cxo Customer lifetime value is how #mktg teams quantify #bigdata ROI: increase retention, revs, etc; gr8r efficiency, cost reduction

A6: #cxo Banks stay human by ramping up their "personal wealth adviser" activities for customers who need that service.

A6: #cxo Banks stay human by staying vigilant & sensititive to privacy issues. Avoiding the "creepy" factor keeps you human.

A6: #cxo Banks stay human by providing rich data-driven personalization so that customers feel they "own" the relationship.

A6: #cxo Banks stay human by empowering human touchpoints--retail staff, call center, etc.--with data-driven decision-support tools

A5 Banks have hard time keeping up with basic mobile development. Great platform 4 outbound communication missed. #CXO
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@IBMbigdata a5) mobile is flexibility and dynamism of consumers. A bank shld be agile to meet the needs of such customers & preempt too #cxo
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#CXO A5: The concept of PFI(Primary Financial Institution) will be taken over by PFA (Primary Financial App) - @leimer
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RT @bornonjuly4 #CXO A5: Providing capabilities to bank/pay anywhere/anytime is crucial for FIs to win the next-gen customers.
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A:5 Location is a powerful tool in mobile interactions, IF customers opt in.#cxo
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MT @davemitz A4: Banking walks a tight-rope between leveraging individual data to add customer value, and being perceived as creepy #CXO
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#CXO A4: Payment data behavior is a wealth of information a customer provides when they chose a primary FI.
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#CXO A4: Payment data can be used to understand customer life stage which helps to promote relevant products.
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RT @bornonjuly4: #CXO A4: Build a dynamic data modeling platform that observes this behavior proactively and initiates remedial action.
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#CXO A4: Payment behavior can also be analyzed to present offers and loyalty based on context, location and preference.
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A3 #cxo: Acquiring customers requires rich market rsrch data, sales lead data, etc. Fuel for salesforce automation.

A3 #cxo: Mine customer satisfaction data--market surveys, helpdesk logs, post-transaction surveys, etc.--for "inflection" signals

A3: #cxo: "Inflection points" in cust lifecycle may B hard 2 spot: when hav U won or lost their "heart"? Satisfaction crosses thresholds

A2: #cxo: Key to "seamlessly" integr8ng online & offline customer insights is unified "journey" model based on valid customer profile

A2: #cxo: To incorporate "offline" customer insight, you need channel for marketing, sales, service, etc to feed their observations.

A2: #cxo: Key to integrating online/offline cust insight in marketing is shared #bigdata customer hub.

A1: #cxo: Do A/B test of diff msgs to diff cust segments in real-time. Drive tests with best results into cross-the-board experience

A1: #cxo: Marketers can factor customer real-time behavior (clicks, etc) into real-time rev of inline "next best offer" model.

A1: #cxo: Marketers can refine 1:1 msgs in real-time by incorpor8ng clickstream analytics. Which ads/promos "click" w/ customers?

RT @IBMbigdata: 23 min to #CXO > Improving Accuracy & Response 2 #Mktg Campaigns w/ @bornonjuly4  #custserv #cem

"Taxonomy of Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Clusters the influential data scientists into segments.

Spam delights me. Over weekend, it informd me that I came into 3 substantial inheritances. Total strangers worldwide. So generous. I'm moved

"A Practical Approach to the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Good discussion. Worth pondering further.

"Analytics Lessons from Penises, Professors & Prohibitions" ( ) JK--Adds new dimension to the term "long-tail analysis"

"#BigData Wizards on Kaggle: Who Are They, and What Do They Have in Common?" ( ) JK--Interesting stats on stats wizards

"Gates Foundation #BigData Grants Stress Open Data" ( ) JK--Excellent list that aligns with their philanthropic focus.

"The next big thing in #bigdata: Plug&play analytics" ( ) JK--PMML interchange, but also prepkgd app-embed stat modells

"Location & Analytics: Web-Styl Analytix 4 Phys Store" ( ) JK--Metrics that address on-prem smartphone-ctrc experience

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pyramid Song by Radiohead from Amnesiac JK--Majestically gloomy mood piece. All theirs are mood pieces.

"Gut Bacteria Might Guide Th Workings Of Our Minds" ( ) JK--They're onto something. Calm innards are key to inner peace

"#IBM's Strategy and Direction: Analyst View" ( ) JK--Good Saugatuck dissection of our directions.

List of odd dream cameos grows. Last night it was late Russian poet Joseph Brodsky. Not discussing poetry. Lost his Russian accent.

Join #CXO chat today 12 ET! Improving Accuracy & Response 2 #Mktg w/ yours truly, @bornonjuly4  #custserv #cem

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Smiling Faces Sometimes by East of Underground JK--1971. One of those great soul songs you'd sort of forgotten about.

Data-scientist skillsets? New roles that go beyond statistics and math ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Think I'll check out the Mark Twain Prize for Carol Burnett tonight. Cool comic. Like the funniest lady on your block.

Raw raw raw! Entire day's been below freezing--& windy as all get-out! Been resisting every request by the wife for me to do chores outdoors

Like Lorne Michaels' meditation on the 1970s in October Vanity Fair. "New just shows up sometimes." The decade felt disjointed, transitional

Impossible 2 listen to Vince Guaraldi "Linus & Lucy" without picturing dancing kids ignoring Charlie Brown directions at Xmas play rehearsal

Three-day work week coming, followed by, for me, 4-day work week, then long vacation. Definitely ned it. Use it or lose my marbles.

WashPost retrospective on former DC artfilm theatres. We've been here long enough for me to get misty-eyed remembering the Circle & Biograph

My dreams gettng far less Freudian as I age. Conan O'Brien did cameo appearance last night. I'm going 2 ask my producer 2 book Sofia Vergara

@kriscoverdale I don't want an app. I want the info to be physically displayed for all to see.

Think I'll catch tonight's Comedy Central special with Bill Cosby. Hope he can restrain his lecturing tendencies. Sucking sour pudding pop?

No, I still don't feel the slightest sympathy for Sarah Palin. But thanks for asking.

Retail establishmts that play cool music should hav real-time playlists scrolling prominently. Ever heard something gr8 & wondered who/what?

There ought 2 B an English word "thudden." It's obvious what it might mean. I hereby introduce it into the lexicon.

New #IBM jk #Infoworld blog: "YARN unwinds MapReduce's grip on #Hadoop" ( )