Sunday, February 16, 2014

Aweekstweets February 9-16 2014: the week the snowfall was not worth whining about, to be quite honest

Soon will have 3 close-by LA Fitness: Landmark (current), Springfield Town Ctr (new), Hilltop Village Ctr (new). NoVa developmt boom resumes

Trying to decide whether cross-country skiing more boring to watch than a marathon. Events best left edited: beginning -> spills -> finish

In yoga lull. Previous teacher had to drop Sunday mornings. LA Fitness hasn't found replacement. Just did it ourselves in an empty classroom

Already alert. A text alerts you further. Alerts keep coming. #haiku

Artificial intelligence? Frontier now is machine-learning cloud apps of #bigdata for cognitive, affective, sensory, & volitional computing.

Just as we're routinely treated 2 athletes' inspiring stories, US Olympic coverage incomplete w/out fixation on 1 female athlete's sour face

Would they be more aerodynamic if they were literally stripped down to a skeleton?

Wow! Film industry has really changed! Says here "Sound of Music" ended 1st run in December 1969--more than 4 years after it was released!!

Celebritrivia: Jimmy Fallon was an #IBM brat. His old man is a retired technical writer in upstate New York.

@mgershoff You want "truths" about #bigdata? This blog gives U the truths & nothing but the truths ( ). Or so I'm told

I am tired of the fixation on "#bigdata myths." Perhaps Jamie+Adam can bust 'em. Correction: let's get Kari & those other guys. Or just Kari

"Method 4 Predicting Fishing Activty Based on Geospatial Motion Behaviors" (  ) JK--Useful in detecting illegal fishing

Drafted quick-hits for next week. Going on 10-day west coast speaking swing. Drafting next 2 weeks' worth will be an on-the-road challenge

Online retailers feel the love on #ValentinesDay according to #IBM data report  #SmarterCommerce

"Y NYTimes Hired Biology Rsrchr As Chief Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Analyze allnewsfit2print sequence in Grey Lady genome?

"Patterns make my heart go pitter patter!" ( ) JK--#IBM #PureApplication Systems will have U romancing th box this VDay

"Kill switch." Sounds like Tarantino project in the works. Ooops--I let cat out of bag. He probably abandoned that project when he read this

Responded to email interview by Tracey Wallace of WIRED magazine on the topic of "#BigData Awakening."

#Bigdata vision? Modern economy mills new ... p1:  p2:  p3:  Fri #IBM qh

What do customers expect from a #NoSQL #database model? Tweetchat w/ @artkagel & @rkeshavmurthy on Feb 20, 12 ET 

Tweetchat on ‘Why NoSql and why #Informix #NoSql ?’ With me @artkagel & @rkeshavmurthy on 2/20 @12 ET 

@kasiapril Try a Twitter DM.

Join me, @artkagel & @rkeshavmurthy for tweetchat on 'Why #NoSql & why #Informix NoSql Feb 20 12 ET 

It's my Valentine's baby's 24th. Have a happy one, Sonya!

My girl interrupted the Olympics to show me bogus YouTube video of a flatulent figure skater. Ah, the creative potential of streaming media!

"#BigData in Pro Cycling: Winning th ‘Arms Race’" ( ) JK--Multivariate analysis o conjoined performance o cyclist+cycle

False rumor. The cafeteria at that zoo in Denmark is NOT serving barbecued baby-giraffe kebabs. Don't know how this stuff starts.

Interviewed by Elyse Dupre of Direct Marketing News about marketing uses of #bigdata.

Complex evnt procssng? Plucking event graphs from deep dark dynamic Web p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBM q-h

New #IBM jk blogpost: "#BigData drives the daisy chain of value in today's economy" ( ) kumbaya!

Ayoh! Selamat pagi. Ada banyak salju? Ya. Banyak banyak. It's OK. Dunia belum terhenti. Kami baik. Tinggal di rumah, tentu saja. Minum kopi

My adopted state had great tourism slogan years ago. I'm thinking of adapting it for what I do. "#BigData is for lovers"? V-Day approacheth.

How Big Data plays a key role in understanding the mobile Millennial  #IBMmobile @policymic

"Made in #IBM Labs: Scientists Set New Speed Record 4 #BigData" ( ) JK--Transfer data 4x faster than current tech

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Holah by Mazzy Star from She Hangs Brightly JK--1990. Hope Sandoval's levitating vocal on this nails me to the wall.

I'd estimate we got 6-7 inches overnight. Judging by the solid wall of snow I tripped over when I opened the garage door this morning.

Life is like a penis: Simple, relaxed and hanging freely, it's the women who make it hard.
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Bought & downloaded Dum Dum Girls' new LP "Too True." Modern rock with lovely dark strains reminiscent of Chrissie, Siouxsie, & PJ.

"We Built This City on Rock and Roll" is not a metaphor. Starship from San Francisco. Describes San Andreas Fault substrate & seismic motion

Spam has sent me an eviction notice. Interesting, considering we own our place & long ago paid off the mortgage. Maybe I'm sick of myself.

Nor'easter hitting the Nor'east. Nice when Mother Nature colors inside the lines.

RIP Sid Caesar. Ferociously brilliant comedian pioneerd TV ensembl sketch genre. Launched othr comedy greats (Allen Brooks Reiner Simon etc)

RT @BBCWorld: Ex-New Orleans mayor took bribes ( ) JK--Ray Nagin was draining some Katrina liquidity in his direction

A8: #search is morphing into conversations with machines to yield faster time to insight, e.g., #watson #bigdata #bigdatamgmt
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A8: #bigdatamgmt Search already embedded in #BI solutions. As BI moves to #bigdata platforms, search will be predominant user app

A8: #bigdatamgmt All-in-memory lo-latency indexing/search of multistructured petabytes: that's my wishlist. When will it be feasible?

RT @jmancini77: Q7 - linking in-motion to static in real time a big challenge #bigdatamgmt #bigdatamgmt

A7: #bigdatamgmt Challenge of in-motion #bigdata search is feasibility of searching every passing event vs. selected sample

A7: #bigdatamgmt Challenge of #search on in-motion #bigdata stream is avoid letting search introduce latency into the stream

A7: #bigdatamgmt Special challenge of #search on #bigdata in-motion streams is correlating data across dynamic search window

A6: #bigdatamgmt Machine-learning models, on various #bigdata platforms, essential for crawl/index/searching fresh feeds from new sources

A6: #bigdatamgmt #Streamcomputing is essential for ingest of source-data updates & delivery of #search results at low latencies.

A6: #bigdatamgmt Each approach has merits for high-perf #search: #Hadoop for batch indexing, #NoSQL for scale, #in-memory for speed.

A5: #hadoop and #search are closely linked; original uses of hadoop to optimize web search with background processing #bigdata #bigdatamgmt
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A5: IMO, as a batch processing platform #hadoop is not the way to deliver #search to users for #bigdata #bigdatamgmt #bigdatamgmt
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A5: #bigdatamgmt Search is app-level feature set that gets built/optimized on #bigdata platforms, though may not be embedded in them

A5: #bigdatamgmt Have various #bigdata query languages (eg. #Hadoop HiveQL), and open-source search engines (e.g., Lucene).

A4 - Dark data a big problem for legal types – no metadata and can’t look in file means legal exposure. #bigdatamgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt #Search must go deeper into #bigdata video, audio, image, & media streams. Search driven by non-text patterns

A4: #bigdatamgmt #Search adapts to #bigdata variety thru deep metadata; velocity thru stream-cmptg integr; volume via MPP/cloud

A3: #bigdatamgmt Blogpost I did 7 years ago (pre #bigdata) that mentions semantic search: 

A3 Watson/semantics extract and assign meaning without the benefit of link clues #bigdatamgmt
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A3: #bigdatamgmt Recent article I wrote on the role of semantic tech in #bigdata cognitive computing: 

A3: #bigdatamgmt Semantic tech facilitates auto-classification & indexing of unstructured text for flexible search

A3: #bigdatamgmt Semantic tech enables search by concepts, hierarchies, graphs, etc. Frees you from keyword-search limitations

A2: #bigdatamgmt Multli-dimensional relevance ranking of #bigdata search results is important.

A2: #bigdatamgmt Correlation & visualization of search results from struct+unstruct sources: important feature for #bigdata

A2: Useful resource: “Can Enterprise Search Experiences Guide “Big Data” Strategy?”  #bigdatamgmt
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A2: all results must have confidence gauge and users must understand what it means from questions and answering process PoV #BigDataMgmt
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A2: First would be ability to deal with variety: all the applications and formats in w/ data lives #bigdata #bigdatamgmt #search

A2: #bigdatamgmt Visual front-end that auto-contextualizes search results in temporal, geo, & other dimensions is important

A2: Second feature would be elastic scale to grow and utilize resources as-needed, vertical and horizontal #bigdata #bigdatamgmt #search
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A2: #bigdatamgmt Faceted search is important for #bigdata. Explore complex dataset by applying multiple clasifications/filters.

A1: #bigdatamgmt Search is also important for data scientists. Querying, profiling, & exploring #bigdata relies on rich search.

A1: #bigdatamgmt Search is where #bigdata directly benefits the average user. We're all familiar with Google.

A1: data or information that can’t be found and used in all the time narrower time frame is useless #BigDataMgmt
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A1 - #AIIM survey - 65% have disorganized content, 81% limited search capability and 60% only basic BI reporting. #bigdatamgmt
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A1 – Search/findability re #bigcontent often crippled by lack of #metadata #bigdatamgmt
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A1 – semantic tools provide way to infer metadata where none exists – step 1 in extracting meaning #bigdatamgmt
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A1: #bigdatamgmt Many #bigdata deploys for high-powered search. Biz value in sifting thru "3 Vs" that would be otherwise opaque

A1: #bigdatamgmt Search is fundamental to #bigdata promise. Extracting insights demands powerful ad-hoc search, query, indexing

Happy to be tweeting about #bigdata search on today's #bigdatamgmt chat. I'm in good company on this.

Looking forward to chat at 12 noon EST - any data I mention from free #AIIM research – here --  #bigdatamgmt
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"Knocking #BigData Down to Size" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of gamification as "motivating people through data."

"Why Machine Learning & #BigData need Behavioral Econ" ( ) JK--Identify impact of faulty stat knowledge on decisions

Bit tired o LinkedIn discussions that someone tries 2 kickstart w/questions asking "for your thoughts." Gotta give your thoughts to get ours

Meaty metadata? Extracting corpus omniscience from #bigdata p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM quick-hit

"Y Conan Turnd Down MSFT CEO Job" ( ) JK--"Complet lack o respons 2 my flatout rejction o their nonoffer spoke volumes"

Join today #bigdatamgmt chat: #Search meets #bigdata w/ @jmancini77 me et al  CU at noon EST today #bigdata

"#IBM Helps Biz Prtnrs Grow w/Rscrcs 4 Cloud #BigData Analytics" ( ) JK--Powr Dev Plat, FlashSys V840 Ent Perf Soln etc

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Torn Up by St Paul & th Broken Bones from Half th City JK--2014. Brownie points 4 rhyme "Zarathustra" & "used ta"

Hmmm. Looks like tomorrow we'll be waist-deep in the big snowy. Wonder whether the big fool will say to push on.

I try not to respond to queries that are simply "#BigData?" If I do, I respond like Lurch on "Addams Family." "YOU RANGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!"

Thought leadership. In a pinch, I search for something I've already developed--then extend/tweak it 4 the occasion. I've covered most bases

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Can Change by LCD Soundsystem from This Is Happening JK--Delivered defensively. But adaptability is gr8 offense too

Now comes that portion of every work day when the phone calling ceases, I turn the music back on, and write my stuff, undisturbed (I hope)

Want to thank #TDWI @fhalper @datagenius for an excellent webinar. You had 4 vendors & 2 analysts crunching through a lot of gr8 material.

Catch me speaking at Internet of Things North America 2014, May 14-15, Milwaukee WI ( )

Catch me Thurs 2-20 keynote #IBM #Systech Costa Mesa CA. "IBM #PureData System for Analytics: No Assembly Required" ( )

"HPC Roots Feed #BigData Branches" ( ) JK--IDC says 67% of high-performance computing shops perform big data analysis

"Overspecializn throws data sci dreamteams off-balance" ( ) JK--Dont build "sci rsch team w/couple o frustrated extras"

Moneyball. Won't be widespread till big-league hockey does moneypuck, curling moneystone, and badminton moneybirdie. And not a moment before

"#BigData Says Employees Want More Than Money" ( ) JK--You need big data to tell you this? Common sense not enough?

"Path 2 #bigdata mastery" ( ) JK--What, pray tell, does "Access Type 1 smartness" mean? WileECoyote-grade super-genius?

"3 lessons in big data from the Ford Motor Company" ( ) JK--Interesting interview with @mjcavaretta

"Twitter’s data grants & proprietary data conundrum" ( ) JK--Shouldnt that "valuable more open in 1st place?

"Data Open to the Masses" ( ) JK--W3C WG aims to establish best practices and vocabularies for an open data ecosystem

Catch me et al on #IBM #Informix tweetchat, Thurs Feb 20, 12noon-1pm (ET): "Why #NoSQL & Why Informix NoSQL?" ( )

Data-scientist skillsets? Psych insights key 2 model customer causation p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM q-h

"Smart home startup advice : User interface design trends" ( ) JK--Quotes me from this: 

Hey #KEXP: your @kexpplaylist Twtr feed crashd on Jan 14 & hasnt yet been restored. Please fix it. I've been forging those tweets since then

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Golden Blunders by The Posies from Dear 23 JK--1990. If there's a category "classic indie rock," this belongs there.

Hey PR people I've never heard of, don't start emails with "How are you? Hope you're doing great?" Feigning acquaintance is a bad start.

Somebody griped about us putting out one #bigdata tweet after another. Some people fail to grasp concept of a tweetchat. Unfollow, already

When you look at pre-Ice Age megafauna, North America indistinguishable from Eurasia: elephants, camels, lions, etc.

Wife saw curling & wondered why it's Olympic sport. Oh boy. Hard 2 explain convincingly. "Well, honey, it's sorta like shuffleboard on ice"

Hey, WSJ, I am so sick of your stock photo symbolizing Detroit dilapidation: abandoned house with RenCen in distance. Give Motown a break.

I wonder if they plan to use Dumb Lawyers to defend their Dumb Stunt against the coffee company's Dumb Copyright Infringement Suit.

RIP Shirley Temple Black. First child star to later serve as US ambassador to Ghana. Who'll be the next?

Tin-eared WFBuckley Beatles '64 review: "Not merely awful, god awful, unbelievably horrible, appallingly unmusical" (

Re "Koby says: “Pay Your Customers What Theyre Worth 2 U” ( ), it's like "Simon Says." If I don't say it, U don't do it

Distressed babies are one thing. Distressed parents R another. Quickest way 2 produce th latter is jeopardiz healthcare coverage 4 th formr

I've never deleted a single email address from my Hotmail directory, which stretches back ~ 20 years. Mindblowing 2 behold who I've forgottn

Have already mapped out next week's quick-hits thematically. Absolutely no idea how I'll address those themes. I'll simply tear through them

Tysons Corner now has an obvious visual focus. Above-ground Metro line. It's a splendid addition 2 th edge-city landscape. Gives it backbone

Wonder how I'm going to sneak out of the house & buy Valentine's cards for my girls. They live here. Always with me. I'm no good at stealth

Ooooh! Heavy snow on the way. If I didn't work at home, day off might be possible. But I have no snow days off. Simply more work (shoveling)

Stupidest move Twitter's made is stripping TweetDeck of access to other socials. I use HootSuite now for Twitter, Facebook, & LinkedIn.

New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia post: "Pay Your Customers What They’re Worth to You" ( )

One last #CXO thought. Daniel Snyder doesn't need #bigdata #analytics to tell him his football team's name is offensive & needs changing NOW

A7: #CXO Step #4 is to institute customer-data privacy protections addressing sensitivities. Don't bombard fans w/offensive solicitations

A7: #CXO Step #3 is for teams to optimize their engage strategies for each customer segment--eg., how to boost loyalty of women fans.

A7: #CXO Step #2 is for teams to segment the customer/fanbase by demographics, interests, engagement patterns.

A7: #CXO Step #1 for sports teams in building #bigdata #analytics strategy is to compile & segment customer/fan data in #DW.

Q6 #cxo already in place in UK Telco - customers vote on business direction or offers as a poll. #RealCustomerEngagement
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RT @SJAbbott: A6 I think orgs can learn more from the pre and post experience engagement than the real time stuff. #cxo
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A6: Great example - @rudysbbq. They break down video of the ordering process to find ways to improve #custexp. Like NFL film review. #CXO
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A6: #CXO Sports is immersively vicarious experience, both real-time & after fact. Data-driven experience-tuning can deepen those impacts.

A5: #CXO Teams need 360-degree athlete data to boost on-field results & flag impairmts/juicing that might impact performance

A5: #CXO Sports is branch of entertainment industry. Teams need to hire creatives who use data in designing 360-degree fun experience.

A5: #CXO Sporting orgs don't need data "geeks" to be successful. But do need to enrich every role w/respect 4 data-driven results

A5: #CXO The whole "Moneyball" phenomenon shows you always need GMs, field managers, & scouts. These roles need new data-savvy personnel

A4: #CXO Sports illustrate power of seasonal brand refresh: drive fresh demand by rolling out seasonal enhancements ("new players")

A4: #CXO Sports show community + loyalty around brand drive merchandising opportunities galore. Use data to assess those.

A4: Sports fans are harsh critics and passionate advocates. You certainly want the passionate advocacy of your products/services #CXO
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A4: Brands/Sports must embrace/empower/reward/engage the loyal fans as they will be your best advocates & largest revenue generators! #CXO
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A4: #CXO Biz can that learn fun+games are powerfully visceral loyalty magnet. Sports also show allure of community engagement.

A3: #CXO Use aug reality 2 superimpose stats on fan smartphones--in-stadium and away-from-stadium--showing live action visuals

A3: #CXO Equip every seatback in the stadium with embedded/rugged game/scoreboard data in interactive display. Make it fun

A3: #CXO Sports need to put rich data into visual analytics that true fans eat up. Put barroom-wager-worthy stats on every screen

A2: #CXO Sporting orgs need to deepen multi-screen value (TV, laptop, smartphone, kiosks, etc) in building 360-degree fan engagement

A2: #CXO Teams need to focus less on selling event tickets & more on full monetization of fan engagement. Data should drive monetization

A2: #CXO Most fans "at home," or anywhere other than arena on game day. Sport orgs must gather data 4 "anywhere fan" engage optzn

A1: #CXO Sporting orgs can leverage social media data to tune 24x7 experience of fandom--during & between sporting events.

A1 Sports teams should track both in-the-park and remote customer experiences #cxo
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Sporting teams need to give fans info they’re looking for through their preferred channel A1: #cxo
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A1 The "in-the-moment" immediacy of sports fans interacting is a very genuine moment. Again, back to passion #cxo
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A1: #CXO Sporting orgs can leverage data from social & other sources to truly get inside fan experience. Not treat them as faceless crowd

A1: #CXO Social media is where sportsfans connect with each other and deepen the community spirit that's essential to sports value prop.

A1: #CXO Social media lets the micro-niches within the fan base be heard distinctly & not be drowned out by the majority buzz.

A1: #CXO Social media is the multidimensional "roar of the crowd" that tells you whether fans are cheering or jeering the action "on field."

@IBMbigdata Hello sportsfans! I'll try not to fumble the ball on today's #CXO tweetchat.

"NASA Disk Detective – Find Birthplace o Planets" ( ) JK--Crowdsourcing project to find planetary disks in stellar dust

I'm curious if Danish zookeepers plan to liquidate the rest of their menagerie the same way. Have they run out of hapless wildebeest?

"The New Sciences of Networks & Complexity: A Short Introduction" ( ) JK--I want that infographic to pin up on my wall.

"Analytics and engagement: What can your brand learn from sports?" That fun+games are a powerfully visceral loyalty magnet, that's what.

35 mins until #CXO! Can Brands Learn from #Sports? w/ @gusmcnab , @benalamar , JK, et al.  #custserv #custexp

"Pentagon looking 4 'Big Mechanism' to mine health data" ( ) JK--DARPA project: analyze signal pathways 4 cancer cells

Some felt "We Shall Overcome" not imperative enough. In defense: orig title was "Yeah, Sure, We'll Get Around 2 Overcoming One o These Days"

Drafted this wk #IBM blog: "#BigData Drives th Daisy Chain o Value in Today's Economy." Wherein I quote Pete Seeger & get all kumbaya on ya

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Into Your Arms by The Lemonheads from Come On Feel the Lemonheads JK--1993. Definitely reminds you of the early 90s

Ambient analytics? Mobile data traces the contours of urban experience p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

@arnonrgo "More and more of them"? "Them"? Dollars? Storage? Or data?

New #IBMjobs Blog: "THE INDUSTRY EXPERT: James Kobielus — Defining Big Data and “Data Scientist” ( )

I love downhill skiing. My fave event in Winter Olympics. The adrenal speed is utterly gripping. A human rides gravity like a rocket.

Great-great-great grandchildren of Dickens take a selfie with him on his 202nd birthday …

Was that a drone above the snowboarding track? Capturing video feed? Is this tech now a standard for Russian alpine surveillance?

#IBM is a leader in cloud open standards ( ) JK--I chair the CSCC #BigData effort. Nearing completion.