Saturday, March 01, 2014

Aweekstweets February 23 to March 1 2014: the week I was not technically on the road in the way that say hoboes are

Russia imagines that troops can win Ukrainian hearts & minds away from the West? Remember the Cold War? How'd that turn out?

I never do self-service at supermarket checkout. I prefer that they do the work. Also, I always screw up. Asking for help defeats purpose.

It's obvious the girls were cooking with garlic while I was gone. The smell permeates the house. Not bad.

Join #CXO chat Mon 12 ET: The "two left shoes" syndrome w/ yours truly & @jeanniecw  #cxm #custexp #personalization

Regaled my college-grad daughter with the painful tale of how long it took me to get established in my career. I am one tiresome old fart.

Cable surfing. Rather see GFieri devour another superfatty burger than see WBlitzer sink his teeth into anothr world crisis. Nause8s me less

To sum up this 10-day biz trip, I wrote 13 blogs amid speaking, conference-going, customer-meeting, eating, & sleeping. I count qhs as blogs

Using a laptop in economy class. One's own elbows press tightly into one's own ribcage. Not ideal yoga posture, honestly.

Check out @Jay_Henderson 's latest @SmarterPlanet blog on the evolution of mobile marketing #mobility 

Even better than my wake-up call in wee hours was turning on hotel-room TV and being sandblasted with a spot-on rant by the gr8 Lewis Black

Good west coast swing. I am exhausted. Drenching rain in SF on way to airport at 3:40am made me even more tired.

RT @IBMbigdata: Join #CXOchat "Two Left Shoes" w/ @jeanniecw @jameskobielus @tmustacchio. Mon, 3 March, 12 ET 

New #IBM jk blog: "Mobile data traces the contours of urban experience" ( )

RT @IBM_InfoSphere: IBM earns a leader position in Forrester Wave report evaluating #MDM vendors:  #datagovernance

RT @IBM_InfoSphere: New blog: If big data and analytics exist in a silo, does the outcome matter?  #dataintegration

RT @IBM_InfoSphere: From sandbox to massive scale: Getting it right the first time  @paulawilesigmon #dataintegration

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Want to Touch You by Catherine Wheel from Ferment JK--1992. This group had a distinctive full-bodied rock rush.

I've never understood the name "Donkey Kong." Shouldn't the computer game be about getting Eeyore to kick over the Empire State Building?

Wkld-optmzd sys? HPC now mostly #bigdata analytics w/ growing emphasis .....( ) Fri #IBM qh in adv. Fly early tomorrow

Sexy statistics? Distinguishing hidden (but real) patterns from those that R real-seeming (but bogus) ( ) Thurs #IBM qh

Note to self: hotel room coffee much better than conference coffee--avoid temptation to stay in bed all day--sleep would be futile.

"Data Mining Group releases PMML v4.2" ( ) JK--Improved support 4 post-processing, model types, model elements, etc etc

"When #bigdata goes lean" ( ) JK--McKinsey explains how manufacturers can use it to drive lean mean analyzin' machine!

"How Big Should Your Digital Analytics Team Be?" ( ) JK--Really good break-out of the issues & requirements.

Contrary 2 popular belief, Stanford wasnt founded by a dude named Stan Ford. It's not like Bob Jones University. Slightly better academiclly

"Stanford scientists put free text-analysis tool on the web" ( ) JK--Easy Text Classification with Machine Learning.

Suggest renaming #NoSQL "DocKeyValGraph" for the principal approaches. Scratch that thought. It'll get confused with Donkey Kong.

"NOAA wants 2 turn its ocean o data into jobs" ( ) JK--Gr8, just gr8. Prepare 2B swept away in "data tsunami" metaphors

#BigData needs more street cred. Thinking o writing blog calld "Pssst, hey bud, yeah you...hey...big data....there's some bucks in it 4 ya!"

Been a fairly news-packed February for #IBM, wouldn't ya say?

"#IBM Challenges Mobile Developrs 2 Bring Power o #Watson to Palm o Hand" ( ) JK--IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

"#IBM Launches Pay-As-You-Go Model 2 Quickly Get Clients on Cloud Storage" ( ) JK--New IBM Advanced System Placement

"Data modeling for APIs. Part 4: Linked Data and SPARQL" ( ) JK--That Linking Open Data cloud graph is blowin' my mind!

No free lunch? Easy solution: load up on free breakfast & free dinner--and skip lunch. Wish all dilemmas were this easy.

Drafted latest jk #IBMDataMag column: "Using Geospatial Analytics to Save the Planet." Yes, I remain "just another" contributor + EditrInChf

Being famous is asymmetrical experience. Fellow IBM-er just chased me down in hall in SF office, recognizing me. I had to ask his name.

Preso went well @ RSA. Well-attended. Ingrati8d self w/audience @ outset: "Pleasure 2 B here on a rainy day in drought-stricken California"

RT @Akamai: "Everything is interconnected intelligent instrumented in the cloud, creating an Internet of things" - @jameskobielus @IBM #rsac

RT @Akamai: "Is the #IOT too big, diverse, pervasive and dynamic to secure comprehensively?" What do you think? @jameskobielus @IBM #rsac

RT @Akamai: "Everybody recognizes that the first line of #IoT security must be built into the things themselves" -@jameskobielus @IBM #rsac

RT @ThingsExpo: “@Akamai: #BigData repository IDs profiles metadata will prove essential 4 endpoint #IoT security @jameskobielus @IBM#M2M

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Mitigating the Disruption of Real-World Experiments" ( )

@IBMAnalytics Not on this tweetchat. Speaking in just a moment at RSA Conference, San Francisco

@jg21 Thank you Jeremy!

Gamified analytics? Brownie points for consumers who share their brand love ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

My favorite #KEXP DJ is Larry Rose. He knows how to assemble a set of recordings that just absolutely shines from beginning to end. A skill

Over the years, primary university feeders of Peace Corps volunteers: UC-Berkeley, UW-Madison, University of Washington. Sounds about right

Know whose eventual passing I'll mourn? Wm Shatner. Anyone doubt that his public persona these past 20+ years is his best performance ever?

Ummm, how 2 put this tactfully?, SF has shocking number o homeless on streets downtown. I have 2 run a derelict gantlet from hotel 2 Moscone

@KirkDBorne Kirk: an "evangelist" is outward-facing thought-leadership marketing professional. Not every company needs to be thought leader

"#BigData: The Technologies You Need" ( ) JK--Interesting hi-level characterization of diff #NoSQL approach strengths

Trying to think up a pejorative term for printing. "Data deforestation"? Yeah, that's the ticket!

Advice to tech presenters: don't spend lion's share of your time extending dumb metaphors, then breeze thru the substantive literal details

RT @StephenGiles followed @jameskobielus 4 bigdata notes, but really diggin Dum Dum Girls after his reco. Thanks James! #serendipitousfollow

RT @robinbloor: When I’m not in my right mind, my left mind gets pretty crowded.

RT @JimGaffigan: How long is everyone going to act like Swiss cheese doesn’t taste like a pencil eraser?

"IBM Invests $1B to Deliver Unique PaaS Capabs to Connect Enterprise Data & Apps to the Cloud" ( ) JK--BlueMix etc

"#IBM Infuses Power Sys into SoftLayer" ( ) JK--Watson sol'ns/PwrSys; SaaS/PwrSys (DB2/BLU, Cgns); IaaS/PS: bare metal

"#IBM Drives Cloud Adoption Thru Ecosys" ( ) JK--Founding member jQuery. Co-founder Cloud Foundry. Supports OASIS TOSCA

"AT&T & #IBM Simplify Cyber Security Mgmt" ( ) JK--New joint svc combines sec net infra w/adv threat monitor+analytics

Postmodern hype alert: all the things that've "changed everything" have themselves been changed by th other things that "changed everything"

Editor-in-chief role on #IBMDataMag is in addition to my ongoing #IBM roles: #BigData Evangelist & Sr Prog Dir, Prod Mktg, BigData Analytics

Healthcare analytics? Tuning fusion of human physiology & machine physics p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM qh

@MarcioOnTW Thanks. We're looking for YOUR best work. Contributions from data/analytics thought leaders eagerly sought.

I'm now Editor-In-Chief of #IBMDataMag. 2014 focus topics ( ). Looking for thought leadership (  )

It's been 10 years since I attended an RSA Security conference. Have never spoken at one before. Interesting to be re-immersed in all this.

Metadata. That's how Hollywood would adapt the #bigdata saga if they got Charlie Kaufman to write the screenplay.

Had 2 laugh this a.m when RSA panelist told anecdot o her parent stressing wot's needed 2 "get into Harvard." She was at Stanford at th time

Not a day goes by anymore when I'm not calld on 2 explain wot metadata is & isnt. And why it's nothing new or sinister. Resource descriptors

"Using #BigData & Game Play 2 Improve Mental Fitness" ( ) JK--Use ML algos 2 keep U interested via personalizd feedback

"Why Netflix Never Implemented Algorithm That Won The Netflix $1 Million Challenge" ( ) JK--Too costly 2 productionize

"Qualitative Analytics" ( ) JK--"Analysis o context behavior emotions & other factrs hard 2 digitiz w/out lose meaning"

"Unsupervised learning' and future of analytics" ( ) JK--Seth Grimes discusses its use in machine learning.

Walking SF Mission Street. Equal proportion of people talking to Siri vs. themselves

RT @IBM: Starting now: @IBMcloud live press conference on today's announcements. Watch here:  #IBMPulse

Going 2 B 70-ish in SF today. But chilly in speaker lounge at Moscone West. Glad I brought jacket. Remembering MTwain "coldest winter" crack

"DARPA wants 2 autom8 #BigData findngs 2 solv complic8d probs" ( ) JK--Big Mechanisms: gather/crunch all data on topics

"The mainframe evolves into a new beast in the cloud era" ( ) JK--Platform for big jobs on #bigdata in private clouds

"Integrating Omic Data w/Patient Records 2 Improve Clinical Outcomes" ( ) JK--Interesting graph on "facts per decision"

IBM's trying to get more into the hybrid cloud game with $1 billion. 

Caught "closing security skills gap" panel at RSA. One panelist said should hire nice people. Says people expect security pros 2 B nasty

RIP Harold Ramis. Successful Hollywood comedy director actor writer. SCTV co-founder. Cowrote "Natl Lampoon Animal House." Funny nasal voice

It's predicted to rain here on Wednesday in San Francisco. California badly needs it. I promise not to bitch about running through the rain

RSA has many good sessions this week on #bigdata security. Come to mine, Wed, 920-1020am, MoscWest Rm 3022. "BigData Potential Securing IoT"

"Put simply, we're offering 'IBM as a Service.'"  #IBMcloud #IBMPulse

#ibmbigdata continues its expansive ways with #Cloudant acquisition. More portfolio extension, doubling down on document-store NoSQL.

RT @nuodb: IBM investing billions in the #cloud, where software, the lifeblood of its business, can "move and change faster.”...

Can't believe RSA Security conference is NOT serving breakfast 4 attendees. I've never been to an event that didn't. Need food not backpack

"#IBM to Acquire Cloudant" ( ) JK--Open cloud database service helps orgs simplify mobile, web app & #BigData developmt

Geospatial analytics? Analytic surveillance in cause o resource stewrdshp p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

Drafted next #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia column: "Detecting the Signs of Drama and Drift in Customer Loyalty"

"Think Today's Data Is Big? Wait 10 Years" ( ) JK--"[Big Media] will...hasten arrival of exabyte-level storage systems"

"Google Data Powers Real-Time Deforestation Alarm System" ( ) JK--Remote sensing w/crowdsourced ground-lvl reporting

"How much is #bigdata compressible?" ( ) JK--Hmmm. Thought-provoking theorem. Must study further/deeper. Hmmm.

"2 periodic tables 4 data scientists" ( ) JK--Not as hokey as it sounds. First: visualization methods. 2nd: algorithms

I'm in San Francisco for RSA Security Conference. I speak on Wednesday morning. "Big Data Potential in Securing the Internet of Things."