Saturday, March 29, 2014

Aweekstweets March 22-28 2014: the week of an early-spring snow

Nice to be home in my basement office. Just enjoying the silence.

Delta's overhead recorded announcement has a speech impediment. By design? That's not an accent. Waiting @ gate @ Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson

I'm Platinum Medallion. Let me through, let me through. I'm the prince of this realm. Let me through!

"#Hadoop is in the Mind of the Beholder" ( ) JK--Gartner @merv @nheudecker highlight fuzzy boundaries of this "space"

"Data Mining Reveals How Conspiracy Theories Emerge on FB" ( ) jK--Hint: all yr so-called friends conspiring against U

"Master the art of #bigdata job scheduling" ( ) JK--Contrasts it with OLTP job scheduling.

"NSA is burning down the web, but what if we....? ( ) JK--Opinion by David Byrne. Title echoes one of his song titles

"Advanced Methods in Marketing Econometrics" ( ) JK--Truth be told, I struggled with basic econometrics in college.

Nirvana. So, again, remind me which one was the mulatto, which the albino, which the mosquito. Grohl actually resembles a three-toed sloth.

Good day in Costa Mesa on an event with #IBM partner #Systech. All about #BigData & #PureData. Customers were present. Product demo.

New #IBM jk blog: "Rules of thumb for identifying and prioritizing #bigdata applications" ( )

Kind of a nice Southern California morning out there. Hooky is not an option, Jim (I tell myself). Don't Jim don't!!!

New #IBM #AnalyzingMedia jk column: "The Irreducibly Human Center of Streaming Music Algorithmics" ( ) #kexp

Cool. PBS SoCal has Steve Martin & Edie Brickell in concert. One of them is married to Paul Simon. I'm unclear on which it is.

"How open climate data can improve community resilience against climate change" ( ) JK--Or at least build consensus

"Free data science courses from Johns Hopkins, Duke, Stanford" ( ) JK--Thanks to Coursera. MOOC MOOC MOOC sis boom bah!

"4 Core Project Types...For Predictive Analytics" (  ) JK--Classification. Forecasting. Time series. Clustering.

Hey, David Bowie, if you could swim like dolphins could swim, you wouldn't be a hero for any number of days. You'd be a Seaworld attraction.

Doing a quick trip to Costa Mesa CA to speak at an #IBM sales event tomorrow. I'll provide the #bigdata & #Watson portion of the program

Bitcoin. I'll start taking it seriously when I see a non-trivial number of Silicon Valley highrollers invest all their liquid assets in it.

John McAfee. Paranoiacs tend to function within a completely self-centered worldview. Sometimes referred to as narcissism.

"From Artificial and Computational Intelligence to Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Good overview of algorithmic approaches

What say u? > #Analytics & #Hadoop: Friends or foes?  Join #bigdatamgmt convo 2day, 12ET ! #bigdata

How the Watson Challenge spurs the next wave of mobile thinking  #IBMMobile @sltrunzo

IBM wants your ideas for Watson  #IBMMobile @sltrunzo

"10 Simple Rules 4 Reproducible Computational Research" ( ) JK--Excellent guidance for Big Science leveraging #BigData

"Power o Sports Data: Visualizing Passes Btwn NBA Players" ( ) JK--Graph analysis of basketball-passing relationships

Fun fact: ever since Billy Beane showed th way, Major League Baseball has switched to balls whose cores are wadded-up money. Twenties R best

"Review: Cassandra lowers the barriers to #bigdata" ( ) JK--Review of v2.0 of this Apache project.

"Government open data proves a treasure trove for savvy businesses" ( ) JK--Public resource for biz data scientists.

"Facing the new Big Bang: IoT’s ID onslaught" ( ) JK--Good IdM PoV, complements my trust POV ( )

"An Economist’s Guide to Visualizing Data" ( ) JK--Handy downloadable. No--it's more than Econ 101 supply-demand graphs

"How We Decode Visual Information" ( ) JK--Good visualizations of "preattentive attributes used by our working memory"

"How Stephen Wolfram plans to reinvent data science..." ( ) JK--The Wolfram Language ( )

"Open govt: Data of the people, for the people" ( ) JK--Fun fact: Lincoln deleted this tweak from Gettysburg Address

"When to Act on a Correlation & When Not To" ( ) JK--When not to? "If risk of acting and being wrong is extremely high"

"#BigData Analytics Serving Larger Role in Security" ( ) JK--Enabling devel of "top-notch anomaly detection framework"

Catch me today, #BigData Exchange conf, Salamander Resort, Middleburg VA, speaking on bigdata maturity. Former site o Pamela Harriman estate

Need a new word, "metametafication," to describe the postmodern cultural tendency speak of everything in nested layers of ironic airquotes.

Why we need to soften our cynicism when #surveillance promotes #sustainability initiatives  by James Kobielus

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Saving the Planet" ( )

"Facebook’s DB eng team..." ( ) JK--Open-sourced RocksDB (embeddable, persistent key-value store 4 flash+RAM storage).

I still take as badge of honor when my bosses in analyst world told me they thought my approaches to topics were strange. Think strangely.

"Get the Right Data Scientists Asking the 'Wrong' Questions" ( ) JK--Think askance at tough problems. Think oddly.

"Alan Turing Institute to be set up to research #bigdata" ( ) JK--UK govt appropriated £42m over 5 years for project

"How #BigData Is Transforming Drug Development" ( ) JK--Monitor clinical trials in real-time.

Before long, a "selfie" will be somebody sharing a snapshot of their quantified-self metrics at the present moment. My numbers, y'all!

"How to Track Everything in Your Life Without Going Crazy" ( ) JK--Good dissection of quantified-self practices

"What Can GPFS on #Hadoop Do For You?" ( ) JK--Good in-depth discussion of GPFS vs. HDFS.

"#BigData Means Big Pipes" ( ) JK--Discusses interconnect requirements, plus RAM & storage frontiers.

"The Future Fabric of Data Analysis" ( ) JK--In-depth piece on computational "big science."

"White House launches climate data project" ( ) JK--Pair open government data w/private data, tech, & programs

A8: #cxo #HR role in 2020 will B 2 foster employee culture attuned to deliver top-notch #custexp in multichann mobile global social engagemt

A7: #CXO @IBMbigdata for improving #custexp HR must work with functional teams-not be bouncers/rule-makers but provide legal/other support
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A7: Be an org champion to amplify the CEO's/org's mission. Play an active role in building CX culture, from hiring thru to retention #CXO
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A7: HR must integrate with the Ops teams. Communicate the challenges, talk to the floor, know the pulse. Listen, observe, and advise. #CXO
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A7: #CXO #HR should also ensure that each of the customer-facing LOBs adhere to common #CX employee metrics

A7: #CXO The most fundamental step that #HR can take to impact #custexp improvement is define clear #CX employee performance metrics

A6: Engaged 'ees have confidence that drives credibility and trust. #CXO
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A6: High employee engagement = ownership and pride. Create #CX play books & best practice to guide further interactions with customers #CXO
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RT @KirkDBorne: Check out impressive IBM Data Magazine from @IBMBigData (@JamesKobielus, editor):  #BigData #Analytics

A6: #CXO Listening to customers starts with letting them speak their minds & vent. #HR should train employees not to interrupt or pushback

A6: #CXO To improve employee listening skills where customer is concerned, make that a key criterion in hiring, promotions, etc.

A6: #CXO High employee engagement equates to better #custexp only if engagement based on good listening. #HR must assess listening skills

A5: From aggregate positive sentiment data to individual instances of praise, customer feedback is a prime motivator for employees. #cxo
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A5: #CXO Employee engagement is improved when they get regular personalized customer feedback on their ability to satisfy (or otherwise)

A5: #CXO #HR can regularly summarize customer feedback into #custexp "do's and don'ts" that depts (cust svc, etc) distribute to employees

A5: #CXO #HR should use customer feedback to highlight examples of outstanding #custexp, so that all cust-facing employees know "what works"

A4: An enterprise social platform can integrate collaborative networking & knowledge mgmt #cxo #HR
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A4 Use of *team* recognition, cross-functional silo-busting org dev methods for #CX success is weak #cxo

A4: Through identifying partnerships bet. key department leads & formalizing key interactions. HR has a unique vantage point across org #CXO
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A4: #cxo propagating thought leadership media are a great way to tap into peer's expertise..and then incentivizing them
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A4: Enabled support agents (who can effect change) are happy employees. I'veen centers go from "helping" to "complaint" centers. #CXO

A4: #CXO #HR should highlight #custexp "employees of the month" and record video podcasts where they share their guidance with peers

A4: #CXO #HR should define standard training curriculum in #custexp that all depts must take. Common cross-org frame of reference.

A4: #CXO #HR drives knowledge share/training across cust-facing depts by encourage "centers of excellence" within cust svc/call centers/etc

A3: #cxo When internal #CX promotions are being processed, #HR depts should ensure managers have access to individuals' #CX track records

@tcrawford That's a mistaken assumption.Everything you publish will be scrutinized by anybody anywhere anytime.

A3: #cxo #HR depts should build statistical profile of companies' high-performing #CX profesisonals, compare candidates against that.

A3: #cxo #HR depts should examine candidates' full range of social-media postings to assess professionalism. Flag warning signs

A2: #cxo #HR should ensure that recruitment of customer-facing employees involves drilling into candidates' #CX aptitudes/backgrounds

A2: #cxo Channel-employee training should include periodic refresher training on product, company, & #CX strategies.

A2: #cxo Recruiting, onboarding, training, & incentives are key #HR tools to ensure employee alignmt w/ prod, company, & #CX strategies

A1: When considering #HR & #CX, ensure that the right balance of tech/ empathy/ personal interaction is kept. #CXO
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A1: #cxo On positive side, do analytics to identify trend impact of loyal/happy channel employees on #custexp.
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Or those not competent for needed role MT @jameskobielus: A1: #cxo Customer experience negatively impacted by disgruntled employees...
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68% of customers leave a company because of poor employee attitudes A1: #CXO #HR
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A1: #cxo Disgruntlement analytics. Look for trends showing sour-channel-employee impacts on #custexp. Remove from channel before too late

A1: #cxo Customer experience negatively impacted by disgruntled employees. #CX & #HR must identify link, mitigate risk.

A1: #cxo Churn is a common concern of #CX & #HR. Those depts should collab on #custexp initiatives looking for neg sentiment driving churn

@IBMbigdata Pleased to be on today's #CXO chat on intersection of #HR and customer experience

How can #HR impact #CustExp? Join me et al on #CXO chat TODAY 12 ET 2 discuss!  w/ @iamlivingston & @BigDataforHR #CX

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Your Silent Face by New Order from Power, Corruption & Lies JK--Electro-pop that achieves a certain airy majesty

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Rules of thumb for identifying and prioritizing #bigdata applications"

#BigData in production? Smoothing workflows necessary 4 production-grade data science ( ) Fri #IBM qh in adv. Travel wk

Social sentiment? Our tweets implicitly encode our personalities ( ) Thurs #IBM q-h in advance. Travel week

Graph analysis? Apache Spark begins to spark .... p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM qh in adv: travel week

Privacy & #bigdata? Dangers of misplaced faith ... p1:  p2:  Tues #IBM qh in adv: travel week

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rattlesnake by St. Vincent from St. Vincent JK--2014. Cool jumpy/nervous beat from her latest.

#BigData hardcore use cases? Prioritizing the potentials when so many present themselves ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Over You by Roxy Music from Flesh + Blood JK--1980. Surprised I hadn't heard this one before. Gr8! Love Ferry & band

Considering donating my organs. But may take my pianos with me into the afterlife.

WashPost confuses data mining with transactional data processing. You don't need statistical analysis to process payroll, just arithmetic

You can be busy all the time without always being busy of mind. Keep details in lists & other physical ticklers so your thoughts can rest.

Saw "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" (1968). Maggie Smith richly deserved her Oscar. Her fascist-loving character resembled Margaret Thatcher

Shawn Colvin "Sunny Came Home" ( ). Classics IV "Sunny" ( ). Caribou "Sun"( )