Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aweekstweets August 16-24 2014: the week the scenery changed briefly

Just exercised my unfriend and block options in FB and Twitter, respectively. One individual seemed disturbed. The other just obnoxious.

My advice 2 so-called "futurists" is 2 rebrand as "speculationists." You have no magic crystal balls. Not "speculators" unless have $ riding

Glad to be home. Have a thick stack of printed-out #cogcomputing preso slides I'm going to ponder at length. But not on my weekend.

Solid cloud deck. When viewed from an airplane at 30,000 feet, the day isn't overcast. It's undercast.

If there's ever a final episode of "Simpsons," it needs to be Bart racing thru Springfield on his skateboard tying up loose plot threads.

San Jose's streetcars are pretty cool. They give Silicon Valley an urban anchor. Place isn't quite as suburban as it appears at 1st glance.

Jimmy Buffett "Come Monday" ( ) JK--As Labor Day approaches, I feel this way. Yes, my girls, it's been quite a summer.

It's always easier to keep my head straight when I visualize myself as a bobblehead.

Speaking in any number of cities on any number of topics this fall. Pick any number below infinity. That's what I'll be doing & where.

The "ice bucket challenge" is getting kind of boring. What I'd like to see is who steps up for the "molten lead challenge."

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Dredging the Data Lake"

Sitting here in the flats at the far southern end of San Francisco Bay today. Northern Silicon Valley. North San Jose. #IBM office building

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heart of Darkness by Pere Ubu JK--1975. @djkevincole discussed cofounder Peter Laughner contribution & fast flame-out

Data-scientist skillsets? Teaming within open expertise communities p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Uninstalled Facebook Messenger from my smartphone with extreme prejudice. I quite seriously cannot stand it.

Speaker regards jazz as pinnacle of musical achievement. Demeans rock, in this case death metal, as undifferentiated crap. Oh, brother.

Turing test equal parts conversation ("how does other party respond?"), context ("response feel natural?"), cognition ("that human think?")

Culture shift. When someone matter-of-factly mentions her "wife" in prof setting & nobody bats eye, you know 20th century is ancient history

At #CogComputing, I've met vendors o solutions that do algorithmic extract/translate/render o data 2 insights 2 human-relevant narrativ text

Any definition o "cognitive computing" that doesnt reference cognition--i.e., thinking--is non-starter. What thought processes do U compute?

New #IBM jk blog: "Doing something about the weather" ( )

Business travel. What I like most is the change of scenery. It's still work, but with a different backdrop. Sometimes, it makes a difference

Nothing terribly interesting on the Internet this morning, apart from the fact that we live in "interesting times."

Advanced analytics? The converged & accelerated machine learning of ensemble methods ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Speaker has a thick New Zealand accent. Unmistakeably NOT Australian. Short "e" expressed like short "i." Pronounces "express" "ixpriss."

"Introduction 2 Deep Learning: From Perceptrons 2 Deep Netwks" ( ) JK--Good overview. Fundamental 2 cognitive computing

IGNORE ME//An anomalous/anemone insists on/anonymity.

RIP Don Pardo. Near as anybody can tell, he was an incorporeal being: a disembodied voice introducing "Jeopardy," "SNL," & other TV shows

Speaker on neuroscience @ #CogComputing discusses problems recalling 50-year-old memories. I remember the Beatles on Sullivan like yesterday

Listening to Dave Sullivan of Ersatz Labs at #CogComputing blowing my mind with excellent, in-depth tech discussion. All's coming into focus

Enjoying ex-IBMer Chris Welty keynote at #CogComputing San Jose. Cogn sys devel proc: metrics, data, truth, explore, fail, combine, follow.

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "The Larger Stakes Behind #BigData Ethics" ( )

Data-scientist skillsets? Girding 4 commoditization o yr profession p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

"Excuse me, do you speak fraud?" ( ) JK--Good visual overview o network graph analysis & machine learning in anti-fraud

"For #BigData Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights" ( ) JK--Dumb headline. Refers to data preparation.

Earth viewed from 30,000 feet? I see patches of green, brown, & blue down there. I'll keep you posted if other colors emerge on the horizon

Request for definition of "big data" in "simple words." Exactly how much simpler than "big" & "data" must these English words be? "A"? "I"?

Chicken? Don't be! Reach right customer w/ right offer--eg dinner-- @ right time/place w/ #IBM Streams & ODM Webcast. 

Cool topics to immerse oneself in. Keeps life & work fun. There are always cool topics, some of which are hot. That's geek-heaven sweetspot

In a zen zone right now. Waiting to fly out to San Jose for Cognitive Computing Forum. I go to speak, but mostly to absorb. Hot topic.

"Visual control o #bigdata" ( ) JK--MIT data-viz tool IDs sources o aberrant results & recomputes visualizns w/out them

"How This Algorithm Detected Ebola Outbreak Before Humans Could" ( ) JK--Mined 1000s o web-based data sources for clues

Outlier analysis. When applied to politicians' tweets, I'd like to see an analysis of how often they're out there, lying.

"Wizard of Oz & new Analytics Fairytale" ( ) JK--Perfect example of cutesy allegorical overreach sabotaging a POV

When someone on LinkedIn says I'm "perfect" to attend some event (at my expense), I'd like them to endorse me: "James Kobielus is perfect."

RT @KirkDBorne: "How common is your birthday?" JK--Mine's annual, Kirk. How about yours?

Data lake. More of an exploratory multistructured data-science archive. Call it that instead. Dredge the muck from that definitional lake

Just saw description of unknown actress as "iconic." Probably one o those never-clicked icons Hollywood requested be purged from its desktop

Those insanely logo-dense #bigdata ecosystem charts. Memorizing those is pointless. This innovative industry defies crisp categories.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Trouble Every Day by Frank Zappa from The Making of Freak Out! Project JK--1966. Great message song. Racial relations

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: InfoSphere Guardium on z/OS" ( ) JK--Wed Aug 27 11:30am EDT #IBMDataMag

"Webinar: Virtual Enzee and Netezza Underground" ( ) JK--Fri Aug 22 11am EDT #IBMDataMag

"IBM Webcast: #IBM Business Tech Trends Report" ( ) JK--Join the entrepreneur huddle Thurs Aug 21 1pm EDT #IBMDataMag

"Apply Open Source to Real-Time App Dev ( ) JK--Podcast: learn about GitHub InfoSphere Streams project #IBMDataMag

"Hail to the Chief Data Officer" ( ) JK--New #IBM website w/comprehensive resources dedicated to CDO role #IBMDataMag

"Insights for Competitive Adv" ( ) JK--IBM redesigns #BigData Analytics website w/Watson Foundations capabs #IBMDataMag

"Take Offensive Against Cyberattacks" ( ) JK--Vid on #IBM InfoSphere Streams 4 hunting elusive black swans #IBMDataMag

"Enterprise-Level Muscle" ( ) JK--Video on #IBM InfoSphere BigInsights #Hadoop #IBMDataMag

"Predict Prevent & Act on Security Threats" ( ) JK--KMadia on stream computing for real-time security intel #IBMDataMag

"Cloud Analytics: A Taxonomy for Service Offerings" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah second of 2-part series. #IBMDataMag

"Explore New Frontiers in Business Analytics" ( ) JK--Polish-surnamed geek splits hairs. Like always #IBMDataMag

#BigData hardcore use cases? Assess when bigger data truly better p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One of These Days by Pink Floyd from Meddle JK--1971. Truly psychedelic jam best played at full mindbending volume.

Explore New Frontiers in #BusinessAnalytics  by James Kobielus

Converging basic and advanced #analytics paves the way for keen #insight and #businessinnovation  by James Kobielus

Why the people who use #advancedanalytics tend to fall under the broad heading of #datascientists  by James Kobielus

How today’s #poweranalysts have tools to do #analysis that used to require a #datascientist  by James Kobielus

Just got email from somebody named "Tony Orlando." Had to resist the urge to reply "Where's Dawn?"

There's misperception of me as "book-smart." Honestly, it took me forever to realize laying them down splayd open tends to break the binding

It sounds truly pathetic when a message states that "A friend wants you to like a page on Facebook." It's come to this? Begging to be liked?

New #IBMDataMag jk article: Explore New Frontiers in #BusinessAnalytics ( )

"Sturgeon’s Law, #BigData & the New Literacy" ( ) JK--Actually, Sturgeon's own work violates that. ~90% of it was great

"Photo Editing Future Based on Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Yikes! Will we ever be able 2 trust foto verisimilitude again?

"Machine predicts heart attacks 4 hours before doctors" ( ) JK--Wow! Think of the life-saving potential!

"How Genes Could Predict Who'll Get PTSD" ( ) JK--Even if could, unlikely that militaries would grant combat exemptions

"State Open-Data Policies & Portals" ( ) JK--Very useful detailed state-by-state overview.

"Making Sense o #BigData w/Virtual Reality & Unconscious Mind" ( ) JK--Collective Experience o Empathic Data Sys proj

"On Path to Adv Analytx, Data Silos Still Major Stumbling Block" ( ) JK--Multichan mktg thrives on unified customr data

Siloes. Tech metaphor that always puts me in a "Green Acres" frame of mind. Always curls my lips into a smile, half-expecting Arnold the Pig

Apache ARGUS project ( ) JK--Framework to enable, monitor & manage comprehensive data security across Hadoop ecosystem

My wastebasket. I'm going to reposition it as my repository for curationally deprecated content. Yeah, that's it.

"AMPLab’s Tachyon" ( ) JK--Distrib FS on HDFS lets multi Hdp&Sprk jobs access same data at mem speed without corrupting

"Apache Storm and Spark Streaming Compared" ( ) JK--Good SlideShare 4 compare these stream-computing open-source projex

Mahout algorithms for recommendation engines. Good SlideShare. Heavy-going practical data science: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tall Man, Skinny Lady by Ty Segall from Manipulator JK--2014. Nice crazy chaotic guitar freakout on this one.

"How do I become a data scientist? An evaluation of 3 alternatives" ( ) JK--Good comparative table of alternatives.

"Concepts in Predictive Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Interesting masters thesis. Download: 

"How NYC Fire Dept Uses DataMining" ( ) JK--Pred model assigns each inspectabl bldg a risk score 2 priortze inspections

Facebook's flaky API annoys me. Occasionally it craps out in middle of a Hootsuite session without warning. Sometimes it double-posts. Geez

Service-oriented analytics? #BigData analytics consulting as a service ( ) Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's All in My Mind by Teenage Fanclub from Man-Made JK--2005. I like their harmony singing.

Privacy and social experimentation 

Sitting late in the evening alone listening to music on my laptop at home. Perfect time to finish the wine. Perfect time to be selfish.

Hypertension: high blood pressure. Its cerebral correlate is hypercognition: high thought pressure. Curious if they mutually reinforce.

Challenging myself on the strength machines at LA Fitness. Trying to get to point that I can press at least my body weight in any direction.

Just bought & am downloading St. Vincent's eponymous 4th LP, from earlier this year. Been meaning to spend time with Annie Clark's artistry

I'm generally better informed when I avoid TV news. I'm also calmer. No need to process the sounds of broadcasters' sensationalizing voices

Speaking at #Dataversity Cognitive Computing Forum in San Jose CA this week ( ). Panel discussion Thursday afternoon

Love when people's auto-created "#bigdata personal newspapers" have "stories via @jameskobielus" that R simply music videos I tweeted about

"As one guy at the suicide hotline said: 'Life isn't for everybody." -- Robin Williams to Terry Gross (NPR Fresh Air) in 2006

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog JK--1991. I always thought this was Pearl Jam. Great one, nevertheless.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alive by Pearl Jam from Ten JK--1991. Another Seattle grunge group whose sound grows more classic with age.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Brother by Alice in Chains from Sap JK--1992. Seattle grunge group. Cool sound. Has aged well.

Caught "American Hustle" on DVD. Lots o great performances, especially th ladies. Can't decide if I love Amy Adams or Jennifer Lawrence more

Hollywood films that claim to be "based on a true story." Need disclaimer: "performers better-looking than the people they're portraying."