Saturday, August 02, 2014

Aweekstweets July 26 to August 2 2014: the week of my continuing skip-ad odyssey

Gr8 Sasha Frere-Jones New Yorker profile o brilliant schizo career of avant musician Arto Lindsay ( ). Noise+Brazilian

Wish @geneweingarten would refrain from putting jokey poetry in his columns. Those usually signal the least funny specimens of his oeuvre

Web browsing, or my Skip-Ad Odyssey.

Having seen/heard almost none of his work, the best way to appreciate Stephen Sondheim is YouTube.

Biggest timewaster on the Web is not Facebook. It's lists of 10-20 cool things that you have to click through one screen at a time to read.

Whacked thru a thicket of falsity today in search of The Truth. Found it. What is The Truth, you ask? Were you out there whacking with me?

In Virginia scandal news, former gov Bob McDonnell reveals that his wife had the hots for some rich guy & the gov lusted for his goodies.

There's fine line between immersing yrself in world events & wallowing in the world's miseries. 24x7 news coverage doesn't observe that line

"Executive summary"? Do we have to write different summaries for each level in th corporate hierarchy? Shop foremen? They get their own too?

Accomplished more or less everything I set out to accomplish this week. Not everything that conceivably could be done. Just what I intended

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective JK--Group specializes in circular grooves that induce virtual vertigo.

"More than economics: The social impact of open data" ( ) JK--Chock full of good info, video, and photos on topic

"Even Data-Drvn Businesses Should Cultivate Intuition" ( ) JK--That advice about as useful as "work smarter not harder"

Hey #kexp @loserboy, my guess is your guilty pleasure is Grand Funk Railroad, "We're an American Band"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sister by Raveonettes frm Pe'ahi JK--2014. Danish duo seem 2 B taking their surf-rock vibe 2 Hawaii wavelngth on l8st

People talk of not having enough "bandwidth." I want to be a smartass & ask whether they're using an inefficient signal-encoding scheme.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tusk by Fleetwood Mac JK--Fun fact: th Mac were singing about walrus tusks on this. People mistakenly assume elephant

"Why We Should All Love Graph Analytics & Stop Worrying" ( ) JK--Good slide preso. Cool slide-navigation UX too!

"Amazon Wants to Ship Your Package Before You Buy It" ( ) JK--They're called "distribution centers." Not a new concept.

Browsing the IT press/blog-o-sphere. Deja-views. Every day, at least a dozen instances of me saying to self: "oh, wait, I already read that"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Graceland by Paul Simon from Graceland JK--1986. Love Simon's simile: "Mississippi delta like a national guitar"

"Gartner gets 'data lake' concept all wrong" ( ) JK--ACOliver defends concept, intros monastery metaphor into the mess

"Analysts Warn o Data Lake 'Fallacy' in Big Data Analytics" ( ) JK--"Data swamp"? What's the pond scum in this analogy?

"Data-Drvn Illusions" ( ) JK--"Illusion-o-truth effect"? "Illusion-o-quality effect"? Just say "unwarranted confidence"

Annoyd by comment re Devo "Whip It" expressng "Jimmy Carter" sentiment. "Whip Inflation Now" was Gerald Ford turkey ( )

#BigData & cliched "3 Vs" explanations. Remind o SJGould exasperation re eohippus size always compared to fox terrier 

"Streaming #analytics, is about looking through the windshield," says @mgualtieri  #bigdata #Forrester

I'm a bit annoyed at people who think all I do is tweet for a living. Same people have never clicked the links I tweet. Many link to my work

Open data? Monetizing your existence as crowdsourced data scientist p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Endorsements on LinkedIn are worth zero. If endorsements come from friends who still haven't responded to your message, they're worth < zero

In future, folks'll make their domain name their legal surname, with kids' given names everything after-slash--eg., …

I'm going to suggest that computer scientists refer to themselves as "algorithmatists." Makes it sound like they can really rock the casbah.

New #IBM jk blog: "Empowering athletes with real-time, data-driven decision support" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye JK--Luv how he sings "inflation" as "'flation." Makes consumer price index sound hip

"Tales of Old Santa Fe" ( ) JK--Jack Handey authored this wonderfully dry/wry New Yorker "Shouts & Murmurs" humor piece

Have always found phrase "disabuse you o the notion" mildly alarming. Sounds like you're about 2 whack some fool thought outa someone's head

Peta-governance? Challenges of probabilistic data-matching in IoT p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

"How The Rise Of Th "R" Computer Language Is Bringing Open Source To Science" ( ) JK--"Bringing hacker culture with it"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Earthquake by Deerhunter JK--2010. Odd opening reminds of Pere Ubu "Voice of the Sand" from 1979 "New Picnic Time"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girlfriend Is Better by Talking Heads frm Stop Making Sense JK--Pls explain, DB. Better cuz she'd stoppd makin sense?

"Robots ... might become killer app" ( ) JK--Don't use "robot" & "killer" in same sentence. We've all seen "Terminator"

When I see new tech-industry term synonymous w/ a long-familiar, my brain screams "AKA!" & appends another also-known-as to my mental index

"IoT devices contain high number of vulnerabilities, study finds" ( ) JK--I'll bet. Who suspects their thermostat?

" #IBM acquires CrossIdeas to Expand Security Offerings with Identity Intelligence" ( ) JK--Deepens our I&AM portfolio

Been 8+ years since my career turned the corner to focus on all things data. Didn't see it coming. When it came, I thought: "it's come!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp People Who Died by The Jim Carroll Band JK--1980. Best punk-rock ballad ever. Actually, only one I can think of.

End of July. I thought it would be slow, industry-wise. But it's been the most active month of the year, so far. Never a dull moment.

"Flintstones" full of anachronisms. Dinosaurs? Extinct millions of years before humans evolved. Who was Hanna-Barbera's scientific adviser?

Facebooking is actually scrapbooking. That's how I approach it. The "social" part of the experience is peripheral to my experience.

Tonight while cutting vegetables together, I regaled my daughter with a detailed big-data

Facebook needs a regular leveling prompt: "Does this 'friend' act friendly in person? If not, care to reciprocate? Click here to de-friend."

"ScaleBase Distrib DB Sw now Avail on #IBM Cloud Mktplace" ( ) JK--Enables apps instantly scale out multi MySQL instncs

"Abuse of Larry Ellison continues unabated" ( ) JK--Um, OK. His board's "abusing" him to the tune of continued zillions

What is a data scientist? 14 definitions of a data scientist!

Do you have a blueprint for your integrated #bigdata and #datawarehouse landscape?  #IBMdatawarehouse @IBMDataWH

RT @IBMDataWH Value of #analytics can be undermined if confidence in veracity of information is lost  @rahulag80

RT @IBMDataWH #Insight2014 session on Industry Models: Read @rahulag80 blog to know more  #IBMdatawarehouse

RT @IBMDataWH eHarmony apply #datascience to love with #IBM #PureData System for #Analytics 

Lowering data processing time from hours to minutes with #IBM #PureData System for #Analytics  @IBMDataWH

" #IBM 2 make free supercomptg powr avail 2 sustainblty scientsts" ( ) JK--Max 100K yrs cmptg time per approved project

"Breakthru Elastic Cloud2Cloud Ntwkg Unveild by AT&T, #IBM Research and ACS" ( ) JK--Intlignt cloud data-ctr orchstr8rs

#BigData's optimal deployment model? Core principles of scalability p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Head Underwater by Jenny Lewis from The Voyager JK--2014. Very nice. Jenny's back with a good one.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Working Man by Rush JK--1974. No truth to the rumor Geddy Lee keeps a tank of helium on-stage to keep voice in tune

Alan Partridge "Just Sack Pat" ( ) JK--2014. Steve Coogan. Funny scene o DJ stabbing colleague in back to save own job.

Catch me speaking at Internet of Things Expo Silicon Valley, Nov 4-6, Santa Clara CA ( ). "#BigData to secure IoT"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Radio Free Europe by REM JK--Cold War echo. Back in day Detroit's downtown Ethnic Festivals featurd "Captive Nations"

"IBM+Apple Agreement More About Development than Supply Chain" ( ) JK--Interesting analysis by Daniel Rasmus

Data-scientist skillsets? Polymathic grasp p1  p2  p3  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm on Fire by Low from Dead Man's Town JK--2014. Great Springsteen cover.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm on Fire by Low JK--Great Springsteen cover.

"Why Data Scientists Get Paid So Much" ( ) JK--"Turns out, what they do is really hard."

"Metric Optimization Engine" ( ) JK--Yelp's new open source, machine learning svc 4 optimal A/B test/experiment design

"In 1858, People Said Telegraph 'Too Fast 4 the Truth'" ( ) JK--Well, yeah. It's info. Truth emerges thru info analysis

IT press articles that discuss "10 things you should do." I've never seen even 1 item on any of them that might land on anyone's Bucket List

" #IBM Insight 2014 Registration Super Saver" ( ) JK--Save $600 when you register by July 31 #IBMDataMag

"Turn Challenges into Opportunity" ( ) JK--IBM ebook: Gain insights for the chief data officer role #IBMDataMag

"Optimizing Healthcare Outcomes" ( ) JK-- #IBM IBV study: download the report.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sympathy For Th Devil by Rolling Stones frm Beggars Banquet JK--1968. Surprised Manson didnt cite this as inspiration

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cello Song by Nick Drake from Five Leaves Left JK--1969. Vint Cerf sorry he gave up cello to invent the Internet.

"New Bluemix Solutions Catalog Offering" ( ) JK--Geospatial analytics in #IBM #Bluemix Analytics Warehouse #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do You by Spoon from They Want My Soul JK--2014. Great new song by the veteran Austin indie-rockers

"Jumping onto Analytics Bandwagon" ( ) JK--IBM biz analytx sw helped zoo boost online sales 771% over 2 yrs #IBMDataMag

"Uniting Knowledge Workers in Flexible Trusted Cloud" ( ) JK--IBM Navigator on Cloud enhances team prdctvty #IBMDataMag

"#IBM Recognized for Addressing Key Data Governance Domains" ( ) JK--IBM named a leader in #Forrester Wave #IBMDataMag

"Untangling the Definition of Unstructured Data" ( ) JK--W.H. Inmon gives his POV on the topic #IBMDataMag

"Measuring Confidence in Data" ( ) JK--Paula Wiles Sigmon on IBM-commissioned survey into info govnnce impl #IBMDataMag

Blind Willie Johnson "Nobody's Fault But Mine" ( ) JK--Stubbornly cussedly taking responsibility. Buzzsaw voice. Wow!

Skip James "Hard Times Killin' Floor Blues" ( ) JK--Voice of utter desolation, fighting against all odds to hang on

Robert Johnson "32-20 Blues" ( ) JK--Masterful picking: melody, chords, counterpoint, rhythm. Veritable voice-axe duet

September weather this July eve in northrn VA. No, it's like the shore o Lake Superior in July. Wife sez "cold." I say "no way." Perfection!

"Yahoo CEO's nap inspires jokes on Twitter" ( ) JK--Give the woman a break. CEO job must be utterly exhausting.

"Face Recog Algo That Outperforms Humans" ( ) JK--Should B in wearable prosthetic smartglasses for the memory-impaired

"Oink : Making Pig Self-Service" ( ) JK--Great. Now we need project called "SOOEY!" to round up them li'l critters.

"Apache #Hadoop YARN: Present and Future" ( ) JK--Good discussion. Treats YARN as Hadoop 2.0 operating system

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's Summrtime by Flaming Lips frm Yoshimi Battles... JK--2002. Wayne Coyne: best wistful nerd in rock since JRichman

Interesting blog about Apache Sentry project ( ). "[A]ims to offer fine-graind access control 2 data stored in #Hadoop"

Wish I could hit CTRL+ several times & magnify typeface on hardcopy reading material. Oh mine aging eyes!

"Scientists Question Big Price Tags o #BigData" ( ) JK--Not exactly. Choking on resourc reqs o computationl megascience

"16 analytic disciplines compared to data science" ( ) JK--Pretty good scoping from Vincent Granville

"According 2 US #BigData, We Won Vietnam" ( ) JK--Unh uh. U're confusing historcal analytic w/McNamara predictive model

"With #BigData, Moneyball Will Be on Steroids" ( ) JK--That's OK, but will disqualify money & ball from Cooperstown.

Had analytical discussion w/ my college-educ8d daughter this a.m. I discussd quantified self & suggested she GGL her father's analyses on QS

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Shrine / An Argument by Fleet Foxes from Helplessness Blues JK--2011. Song+video possess shamanistic potency.

"Scale-free nets" ( ) JK--Some nodes act as highly connected hubs. Describes power grids, stock mkt, comunicbl diseases

"California sees IT shift 2 #IBM-built cloud" ( ) JK--"[T]his sbsrcptn-bsd svc...'significntly cheapr' than alternatvs"

A #bigdataapplication of #onlinebehavior detection is well suited for #antifraud protection  by James Kobielus

How the true power of behavioral fingerprinting is #fraudbusting technology par excellence  by James Kobielus

Why #behavioralpatterns are the core of our personalities and how others sense who we are as people  by James Kobielus

Drafted next #IBMDataMag column: "Exploring New Frontiers in Business Analytics"

New #IBMDataMag jk column: "The Power of Behavioral Fingerprinting" ( )

IoT? The walls have ears, eyes, noses, & every other sense organ p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

"Today marks 100 years since beginning o 1st World War" ( ) JK--Cataclysm originally called "Great War." War aint great

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Famous Blue Raincoat by LCohen from Songs o Love & Hate JK--"Jane came with a lock of your hair"? Yuk! De-loused?

Just saw press release ref to "Governor Sarah Palin." Doesn't make me respect her, not even a smidge. "Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger"? Nah

NYTimes Magazine had a list of things that are "so 90s." My fave was "debating Alanis' definition of 'ironic.'"

Rich irony department: Emails with links to stories bemoaning what a workplace distraction and productivity-killer email is.

Capitalism becomes more equitable, efficient, innovative, & dynamic when the political system protects competition, not competitors.

Workweek begins with me having fixed a "printer problem" from late Friday. It appears I'd re-installed a depleted black-ink cartridge. D'oh!

The Beatles didn't last long enough to record the Shakespeare-themed album they'd long discussed: "A Hard Midsummer Day's Night's Dream."

I'm always amused by historians who note that presidents tend 2 age visibly in office. Have they noticed that presidents R middle-aged & up?

If we use Twitter, we are tweeters. But if we use HootSuite, we are not hooters. Repeat, we are not!

RT @msgbi: Scaling Machine Learning ( ) JK--Interesting discussion.

Jakarta found to be the city with the most tweets ( …). Must be what they're doing while stuck in endless traffic jams.

"Great spirits hav always encountrd violent opposition frm mediocre minds." - Einstein JK--Paraphrase: really said: "I'm a genius, dumbass!"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Last Good Day of the Year by Cousteau from Cousteau JK--2000. Extravagantly luxuriant romantic pop.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'll Sing It by Tweedy from Sukierae JK--2014. Great. New father-son duo: Jeff & Spencer Tweedy. Jeff's Wilco's head

Nice thing about the weekend is my Internet-usage isn't rushed like it is during the work week. I can space out Sat-Sun. M-F: I produce.

Typical NYTimes profile of a poet. Four dense pictureless pages of discussion. Only a few truncated examples of her work.

RT @ibmiot: Superb presentation from @jameskobielus outlining the world of #IoT and addressing the issues of security 

WashPost article about tunnels in warfare. In terms of defensive countermeasures, sounds like a perfect assignment for drones.

Waiting for the Sunday newspaper to arrive with a kerplunk on my driveway. That's sort of like cock-a-doodle-doo for a suburbanite.

Had quiet dinner w/Egidia & Sonya at a little Italian place up on Mount Vernon Avenue. Strolling thru sleepy Delray neighborhood. Alexandria

" @geneweingarten takes ‘corporations = peopl’ idea 2 logcl end" ( ) JK--Briliant! Gem rivals Swift's "Modest Proposal"

Parade Mag continues its sorry slide into idiocy. This week in "Walter Scott's Personality Parade": multiple choice on Mark Twain real name

Enjoying managing #IBMDataMag. Great team. We've been systematically executing my priorities 4 enhancing content, experience, & engagement

Hmm, Facebook. I'm figuring th top block o 9 "friends" portraits chek out my stuff th most & bottom block o 9 R my most recent "new" friends

People who harp on grammatical faux pas as signalling decline+fall of Western civiliz8n. Letters2editor columns would be empty without them

Many real-world acquaintances appear on Facebook for short, revealing periods, then drop off. It's like drive-by reconnection with your past

Most dinosaurs may have had feathers. If so, were feathers adaptive to survive mass extinction? Or did they evolve on some scaled survivors?

"AI identifies the musical progression of the Beatles" ( ) JK--Curious if can also ID Beatle influence on other artists

RT @elainebeare: The Emotional Boundaries You Need at Work