Sunday, December 21, 2014

Aweekstweets December 14-20 2014: the week Hollywood caved to Pyongyang

“Bare metal servers”: usually means the metal was, at the very least, smelted & poured into ingots before being pressed into server shape

“Wannabe”: Gondwanaland species that the wallaby evolved from.

I like shopping districts more than shopping malls. With districts,you walk outdoors, see the sky, and breathe fresh air.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If You Went Away by Daniel Wilson from Boy Who Cried Thunder EP JK--Good moody one from Ypsilanti MI based artist.

“Guaranteed for life”! For the life of what? A fruit fly?

My next original quick-hit will be on Mon Jan 12.

"Industrial Internet of Things Framework Near" ( ) JK--Effort involves ~ 115 members, incl #IBM, AT&T, Cisco, GE, Intel

"Finding Maturity in Your Metadata Strategy" ( ) JK--Essential but mindnumbing element of #bigdata implementations

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse post: "Cognitive Computing: Undecidable Problems & The Limits Of Algorithmic Cognition" ( )

"The Onion’s 10 best re Google" ( ) JK--My fave: "Google Responds To Privacy Concerns w/Unsettlingly Specific Apology"

#IBM cloud announcements: centers ( ), partnership ( ), contracts ( )

" #IBM Research Scientists Investig8 Use o Cognitive Computing-Based Visual Analytics 4 Skin Cancer Image Analysis" ( )

New blogpost: "Kobielus' Quick-Hits in 2014" ( )

Social sentiment? Black swans & concocted controversy p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp i by Kendrick Lamar JK--2014. Great song. A very soulful slice of very musical hiphop.

Why is Washington’s professional hockey team always shouting? Because they’re all Caps.

New JK blog: "Kobielus #bigdata evangelization blogging output in 2014 (not incl LinkedIn qhits, presos, & tweets)" ( )

My #IBM blog: "Patting Down the Pachyderm: My #BigData Prognostications for 2015" will post early in the week prior to New Year's Day.

"Infographic: Data Science 2015 -- What's Hot & What's Not" ( ) JK--Hmm. This aligns beautifully w/my forthcoming blog

"The Future of #BigData is Wearables" ( ) JK--Sources & consumers of data, but not the big honking enchilada of it all

"Why Neural Nets Look Set 2 Thrash Best Human Go Players For 1st Time" ( ) JK--As w/chess, humans best play each other

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Talking Union by Pete Seeger from If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope JK--Seeger goes straight for jugular on this.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Will U Love Me Tomorrow by The Shirelles JK--Goffin's "just a moment's pleasure" lyric was daring for 1960 radio song

So, essentially, Kim Jong Eun can censor what Hollywood product gets shoved at us.

Cogn cmptng? Learning thru associational popul8n o sparse experiential matrices w/fresh clues ( ) Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

New #IBM jk blog: "Machine learning molds the material world" ( )

"Yes, A/B Testing Is Still Necessary" ( ) JK--Don't prejudge the test result before you run the test.

"You Need an Algorithm, Not a Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Really? Who are you going to get to craft & tweak your algorithm?

"Cultural Fault Lines Determine How New Words Spread On Twitter, Say Comp Linguists" ( ) JK--Net anchored in real life

"In #BigData, Shepherding Comes First" ( ) JK--Startups desperately court initial customers & VCs to fund hopes&dreams

"SQL, NoSQL? What's the difference these days?" ( ) JK--I can't believe we're still debating the supposed difference

Diet, exercise, & frame of mind do make a big difference. The older I get, the fitter I get. Stress is simply a headwind that streamlines U

How Big Data is Transforming Design into Something Personal 

Find news & stories on how you can re-imagine work in the #WatsonAnalytics Storybook 

"#IBM #dashDB Exits Beta in a flash!" ( ) JK--IBM's cloud data warehouse on #Bluemix. Get it now 

" #Hadoop and #IBM #PureData System for Analytics." Download new whitepaper: 

"Building intelligent APIs to power your mobile economy". #IBM webcast tomorrow at 11am EST. Register: 

"That Was th Year That Was: Major Data Warehsng Events o '14 (& Predictions for '15)" ( ) JK--Good POV from Mike Schiff

"Why Amazon's Ratings Might Mislead: The Story o Herding Effects" ( ) JK--Yeah, like equity analysts' herding U 2 "buy"

"Can #BigData Machines Analyze Stock Market Sentiment?" ( ) JK--Yeah, duh, but can they do it WELL? Ay, that's the rub!

"Sony's new wearable display transforms any glasses into smartglasses" ( ) JK--Wearing ANY specs makes you LOOK smarter

My personal "meh list" includes "bubble tea." I'd prefer to ingest liquified bubble wrap, if that's what it comes to.

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity blog: "The Evolving #BigData Fabric Of The Travel Experience"

Drafted next #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Using Pervasive Analytics To Drive Sustainable Food Chains"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Marquee Moon by Television JK--Love this lyric: "I remember how the darkness doubled, how lightning struck itself."

"ABCs of Internet of Things Consortiums" ( ) JK--Holy cow! I count 14 groups developing IoT standards.

"Stanford 'high-rise' chip takes on IoT #bigdata" ( ) JK--Stacks mem+CPU, reducing time/energy to move data btwn them

"Big Data Challenge: Patients Withhold Medical Info" ( ) JK--Hence endangering their own lives thru misguided privacy

"Searching For Truths In Big, Enormous, Massive Data" ( ) JK--Truth emerges as you layer more "grande" synonyms on it

"How Hotels Using #BigData 2 Help Guests Feel @ Home" ( ) JK--Interesting overview of IHG's analytic-fueled personalizn

Most tiresome new industry discussion thread of 2014: "data scientist" gentry do it thisaway & mere yeoman "statisticians" do it thataway

"Cloud Computing , Big Data and Mobility in 2015" ( ) JK--Good analysis. Demands deeper reading.

"Watson wannabes: 4 open source projects for machine intelligence" ( ) JK--DARPA DeepDive, Apache UIMA, OpenCog, OAQA

"How Enterprise Performance Mgmt Is Similar to Football" ( ) JK--OK, but a 16-point extended analogy strains patience

Curious why Toyota named "Tacoma" pickup after PacNW city. If were "Seattle," it'd be a coffee-fueled hybrid. If "Portland," a 1-speed bike

Why do app developers need a data refinery?  via @IBMAnalytics

Save the Date: #IIUG is coming up soon: San Diego April 26-30. 

Have you seen our new and improved #YouTube channel yet? Take a look! #Informix #IoT …

#Data security? #dashDB has that covered for cloud #analytics. Read the details from the expert. 

Get the #bigdata ebook free and find out how cloud fits, then get #dashDB. Yep, it is included in the book!  #dba

Making Windows a little more "BLU" for the Holidays...   #ibmblu

BLU is now available on Windows for speed in data reporting and analytics!   #ibmblu

Reading Spiegelman's classic graphic novel "Maus" in small doses. Its lugubrious thick dark cartoon inkmanship underlines the grim history.

Drafted latest #IBM blog: "Patting Down the Pachyderm: My #BigData Prognostications for 2015"

Cogntv computing? Undecidable problems & limits o algorthmc cognition p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

When people say data scientists should B "storytellers," my mind's eye sees Will Rogers sitting whittling statistical models, spinning yarns

Amusing when Facebook calls out my full name in someone's message. Especially when it's family addressing me casually as "James Kobielus"

"20 Ways to Make Those Boring Annual Predictions Not So Boring" ( ) JK--Hmm. Please avoid stupid Xmas carol parodies.

"Crowdsourced Intelligence Tools" ( ) JK--Svc providers can deliver powerful analytics to midmarket, if respect privacy

Hard cider? What's so hard about it? Just pour it down the hatch. Goes down nice & easy. Seamless, intuitive. No instruction manual needed.

One of the delightful threads in the marriage between two people of different countries is how we never stop mocking each other's accents.

1965. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” put “emphasize” into this 7-yr-old’s working vocabulary. “Why do we need a holiday season 2 emphasize it?”

Yule. My brain flashed a dated association: Euell Gibbons. His roughage-munching name was Johnny Carson laughline: 

Business process optimization? Statistics that shape manufacturing p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

Posture is important to productivity. I keep my posterior firmly planted in my chair all day. Otherwise, I'd be doing a half-assed job.

" #IBM InterConnect 2015" ( ) JK--Feb 22–26 Las Vegas #IBMDataMag Register soon & save: 

"Lifesaving Insight for ICU of Future" ( ) JK--Case study vid: Emory Univ Hospital uses streaming analytics #IBMDataMag

"Dev Healthcare Apps in Cloud" ( ) JK--Case study vid: DataSkill uses #Bluemix 4 flexible healthcare appdev #IBMDataMag

"Mashing Up Analytics for #BigData" ( ) JK--Case study video: infrastructure & analytics in many industries #IBMDataMag

"Cloud-Based Regulatory Compliance" ( ) JK--Case study: OSRAM Licht AG uses cloud to monitor adherence #IBMDataMag

"Game, Set, & Match" ( ) JK--Case study: Wimbledon 2014 applies analytics 2 offer insight behind every shot #IBMDataMag

#IBMDataMag wins Honorable Mention in Folio Eddie Awards: B-to-B - Standalone Digital Magazine Technology/Telecom ( )

"Playing Atari w/ Deep Reinforcement Learning" ( ) JK--Machine-learning algorithm kicks expert human butt on videogame

"OMG approves standard DMN 1.0" ( ) JK--Dissect decisions, relate to input facts, describe detailed decision logic

Germans preserving the ugly Colossus of Prora. Hitler’s fascist vacationland on the Baltic. What’s the point? Tear the eyesore down!

Often my best work comes when my mind is on other things. Distractions are productive when they’re self-inflicted.

The geniuses at Apple Store didn’t comprehend the need for earbud pads to keep the stupid things in your ears. Chalk up one for Radio Shack

Ah, corduroy. Ya know, I'd forgotten how comfortable corduroy can be. Corduroy it is!

Yardbirds "Shapes of Things" ( ) JK--Putting myself into a year-end prognostication frame of mind.

"2014 Highlights: Strategies & Solutions" ( ) JK--Overview of improvements & key content in #IBMDataMag in year gone by

"How Netflix revolutionised television programming with #BigData" ( ) JK--Rich content metadata plays important role

"Hadoop Happenings: Looking to 2015" ( ) JK--Plenty of links to Hadoop-focused predictions.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Tambourine by Beck from Guero JK--2005. Love the Bo Diddley-ish guitar groove that powers this.

"Top 5 #BigData Trends Of 2014" ( ) JK--SQL+Hadoop, platf maturity, educ options, cloud emerges, multi-analytic engines

"How #BigData, and Critical Thinking, Lead to Business Value" ( ) JK--Cites/quotes me at length: 

"6 Predictions for #BigData Analytics Mkt in '15" ( ) JK--Security, IoT, monetzn, skill gap, image analytx, storytellng

"10 data science predictions for 2015" ( ) JK--Would be more meaningful if had metrics that data scientists could model

"Dataset Tracks World’s Open Govt Data" ( ) JK--Crowdsrcd proj ranks govts on data openness (transparency+accntability)

"Data-Mining Twtr 4 Mental Health Insights" ( ) JK--"Users publicly mentiond their diagnosis....cues linkd 2 disorders"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens from Illinois JK--2005. Strikingly beautiful+sad story-song. Literary-grade

"IoT Changing How Food Grown" ( ) JK--Analyze field, predict yield, tailor planting plan, farmer real-time iPad access

"Monitor Shows Exactly How Much Power Each Of Yr Gadgets Sucking From Grid" ( ) JK-- Recogs their electronic signatures

"Researchers build pattern-recog model that acts human" ( ) JK--Case-oriented feature selection & similarity matching

Adv visualiztion? Seeing spaces where numbers & words seamlessly join p1  p2  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Have decided to follow only those who are original, innovative, & disruptive. If they don't say so in their profile, they probably aren't

When somebody flag an article as "great Friday reading," does that imply that its value flatlines over the weekend, resurrects next Friday?

Deciding who to "friend" on social media is a bit like picking petals off a daisy: "I know U" "I know U not" "I know U" "I know U not" ....

Filled an egregious gap in my music collection. I've loved Luna's work for some time. I bought/downloaded their best-of collection.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Look Around by tUnE-yArDs from Nikki Nack JK--2014. Very cool & avant. A bit like Joni Mitchell drunk on electronica