Sunday, December 14, 2014

Aweekstweets December 6-14 2014: the week I found the smooth-jazz turnoff switch

Strung the outdoor lights. Departed from tradition. No more hanging on our scrawny shrubs. Now wrapping candycane-like around tree trunks

In terms of revolutionary mottos, I’ve never understood the one about a snake not wanting anyone to tread on him.

Contemplating my year-ahead prediction blog. Actually, I'm not. I'm hoping for a Ouija board under the Christmas tree.

Put up tree & decorations, preceded by extensive pre-test of all lights. Threw away 2 totally dead strings. Have too many junky ornaments

During busy hours, Panera usually has at least one salesperson making a pitch to a prospective customer. Sometimes that pitch is religious.

Has been a quiet day. And thank goodness for that. It's been an eventful-enough week. Whew! Weekend, I eagerly await you!

Drafted latest #IBMDataMag column: "Pushing MapReduce’s Efficiency Envelope"

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Cognitive Computing and the Indelible Role of Human Judgment"

"Internet of Things in science, retail & on th playing fields" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion o IoT application domains

"The Problem with Sentiment Analysis" ( ) JK--Interesting graph segmentation/clustering of like-sentimented individuals

"How One App is Using Machine-Learning to Tackle Credibility on Twitter" ( ) JK--Very interesting project

"We finally know when birds lost teeth" ( ) JK--Bird genome family tree. Ostriches branched off earliest from dinosaurs

"Sentiment Analysis of 11M Tweets" ( ) JK--Dubious biz value in parsing word-cloud nuances of "f*ck" "f*cking" & "sh*t"

"Evolution of Advertising in an Internet of Things World" ( ) JK--Piece doesn't discuss inevitable: ad-saturated things

"Use Data-Driven Segmentation to Find Your Target Audience" ( ) JK--Good overview of segmentation-factor data sources.

"The Emergence of Brain-Inspired Computing" ( ) JK--Recap of recent #IBM Cognitive Systems Colloquium

Smarter cities? The infrastructure silo-busting imperative ( ) Friday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Mitch Miller’s choral singalongs had all the character of your Elks lodge’s stab at the holiday favorites.

"Analysis: Is OLTP and DW on the Same Platform Such a Good Idea?" ( ) JK--Interesting POV from Stephen Swoyer.

"The Coming Era of Egocentric Video Analysis" ( ) JK--Bodycam analytics

I think a big part of Einstein's genius was that he was so incredibly quotable.

Contemplating Alan Turing's theory about the "Halting Problem" ( ). Till my nervous system halted. Needs a reboot.

Mktg campaign optzn? Analytics to drive sustainable food chain p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

New #IBM jk blogpost: " #BigData and the power of positive curation" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Within U Without U by Beatles from Sgt. Pepper's JK--1967. Flipped from my least- to most-fave track on this classic

My Christmas "wishlist"? I just wish for a peaceful present. I live in the present. I don't need presents presented to me.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp PALMS by NAVVI from EP JK--2014. Sounds a bit Portishead. Good one.

There's artificial intelligence & there's intelligent artificiality. Latter is intelligence (sophisticated or basic) in every human artifact

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somebody's Talking by The Preatures frm Blue Planet Eyes JK--2014. Lively '80s feel here. A bit Go-Gos. A bit Benatar

"Made in #IBM Labs: Creating Analytics “Express Lane” 4 Cloud Data" ( ) JK--Enable more timely/efficient app processing

Smarter planet? Remote sensing th globe from every possible viewpoint p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

One of the conference organizers lives in the Florida Keys. That sounds like the perfect telecommute. Except during hurricane season.

For the record, I have still not met anybody who owns a smartwatch, or, if they do, shows it off. For the record, I work in high-tech.

Sitting here writing last batch of quick-hits before Xmas respite. Doing it on the road: manual typewriter & 10-ft roll of teleprinter paper

" #IBM secures patents for 'express lane' cloud data analysis" ( ) JK--Makes cloud svc deploy more cost-eff & efficient

"Webcast: Dynamic Data Masking for Web Applications" ( ) JK--Thurs Dec 18 2pm EST Register: 

"Webcast: Speeding+Simplifyng #BigData Projex" ( ) JK--Tomorrow 12noon EST. Registr:  #IBMDataMag

"Mobility Threats to Business Data" ( ) JK-- #Bigdata in a minute: securing proprietary data in mobile era #IBMDataMag

"Taking a Look at Today’s Security Risks" ( ) JK--Whitepaper: insights from IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence #IBMDataMag

"Filling th #BigData Skills Gap" ( ) JK--Case study vid: #IBM & Babson College team 2 teach big data skills #IBMDataMag

"Accelerating Speed to Insight" ( ) JK--Video: speed innovation with the cloud #IBMDataMag

"Smarter Healthcare for Effective Consumer Engagement" ( ) JK--Whitepaper to download #IBMDataMag

"Fighting Fraud in New Ways" ( ) JK--Whitepaper: anti-fraud in banking with #bigdata analytics #IBMDataMag

"Rising Heroically to the Scalability Challenge" ( ) JK--David Birmingham on #IBM #PureData DW advantages #IBMDataMag

"Platforms Well Suitd 4 Complex Analytics" ( ) JK--T.Eunice on combine DW & OSS 4 specific #bigdata analytx #IBMDataMag

"Real-Time Netwk Analytx 4 Intelligent Infra" ( ) JK--Talbot & Madia on streaming data analytics in telecom #IBMDataMag

IDC speaker notes airlines’ reliance on mainframes. I, as an IBM-er, say “bless their little hearts.”

Stating that every imperative is “at the end of the day” is bad practice. Do it all the moment you come to the office. Before coffee.

RT @ScienceTrueFact: We can udnretsnad msseed up stneceens as lnog as the lsat and frsit lttrees of wdros are in crrcoet plaecs.

RT @DataScienceCtrl: 3 Must-Ask Questions Before Choosing That ML Algorithm! ( ) JK--Very practical framework

IBM Watson Curator: Transforming Big Data Into Trusted Information For Watson 

Find news & stories on how you can re-imagine work in the #WatsonAnalytics Storybook 

IMDB lists Bob Dylan as a writer on th Jack Benny TV show. Cuz he wrote “Blowin’ In The Wind,” which Peter Paul & Mary performd on that show

Geospatial analytics? Managing the land more effectively to protect the rainforest ( ) Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

"Facial Analysis: Wall Street Nxt #BigData Tool" ( ) JK--Foretell market trends. Good luck. Write home when U find work

Orlando. My first visit was Xmas break 1974, with my dad & bros. Disney World. I remember monorail driver: a then-new geek-species: Trekkie.

"Workshop on the Research Interfaces between Brain Science and Computer Science" ( ) JK--Interesting research agenda.

Some fool commentator says RG3's demise shows football a "what have you done 4 me lately" sport. Wot U suggest? Keep loser on field losing?

"Data Visualisation: Scientfc Treatmt" ( ) JK--One classic lets us vicariously experience Napoleon's army's death march

Right after presenting today on smart mobility & Watson, someone point-blank asks how causation can be verified. Huh? Philosophy of science?

"The Case for Talking to Users in the Age of #BigData " ( ) JK--For building the narrative you're testing statistically

"How data scientists are changing the face of biz intelligence" ( ) JK--Made analytics one of th coolest college majors

RT @sltrunzo: User experience is critical in mobile app economy - I agree w/ @jameskobielus! @Mobility_Forum JK--That's me on stage in photo

"Farm Startup Seeks 2 Profit from Harvesting #BigData" ( ) JK--E-mktplace 4 farmers 2 sell info on planting, yields etc

How could folks misconstrue "Purple Haze" as "kiss this guy"? A few lines l8r, a "girl put a spell on me" (Jimi). Coming-out as bi? Doubtful

"Where The Cloud Meets The Grid" ( ) JK--Kind of a cool geeky figure-laden discussion of doing it yourself.

It's great when people approach me to say they follow my stuff. But could they simply stay & have a pleasant conversation? That'd mean more

A bit chilly & rainy in Orlando. I suppose the warm Florida weather will be brought from cold storage when Xmas vacation blitz begins. Soon.

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Machine learning molds the material world"

Collecting my thoughts in speaker-ready room at #mobilityforum2014. Was losing mind till I found the smooth-jazz-muzak-turnoff switch. Whew!

Crowdsourcing #BigData? Intersection of interest graphs & IoT p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Catching flight to Orlando to speak at Enterprise Mobility Forum re #Watson & mobile app economy. Have prop: my iPhone. #IBM #Apple prtnrshp

Reading Yanofsky's philosophy book, "Th Outer Limits o Reason," footnoting "Parade" magazine. At least he didnt cite a Sunday coupon insert

RT @Gabriele_Corno: First snow @ Amsterdam....

A wet day but not a bad one. LA Fitness did a grand opening shindig. Lots of free food from local eateries. Glad we worked out first.

#IBM is at the #TDWI Orlando Conference from Dec 7-12, 2014  : @IBMDataWH Blog by @amit505 #datamanagement

#TDWI: Modernizing a #DataWarehouse for Business Advantage  @IBMDataWH

Why do small & medium #businesses need analytics? Read this Blog by @rahulag80 to know more  #bigdata @IBMDataWH

Harness the Experience of Industry Knowledge to Accelerate Success in #DataWarehousing  @IBMDataWH #datamodel

#IBM #Industry #Models are the subject of a #paper by #McKnight Associates : Have you read it yet?  @IBMDataWH

#IoT will go nowhere without cloud & big data analytics by @horizonwatching  MT @IBMCloud

#IBMCAI #PTECH intern interviews @IBMSoftware VP @lauren_states on #cloud & more

Collab isn't just for YouTube video artists by @jyam6  #IBMSocialStudy #community

Collab Isn’t Just for YouTube Video Artists. #IBM Social Business Insights blog by Julie Yamamoto 

Wait. Tom Hanks is married to someone named Wilson. So could that volleyball in the movie have gotten the part thanks to nepotism?

"High-resolution image"? Higher than what resolution. It's as vague as "big data." Bigger than what?

"Wozniak calls Apple garage origin ‘a myth’" ( ) JK--Design work happened elsewhere. Where? Bathroom? Doghouse?

Christmas songs. An extraordinarily diverse body of recordings. A genre unto itself, threaded through and illuminating every other genre.